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YouTube linking[edit]

Hi. If you believe there is a justification for adding links to YouTube videos in an article, it is a good idea to - at a bare minimum - ask first on the talk page, and give an explanation that includes evidence that the link does not run contrary to the WP:COPYVIOCITE policy (e.g., show that YOU are the person who produced the video, and hold copyright yourself, or some notice within the video that says it is not copyrighted material); WP policy specifically warns editors against adding links to YouTube. If everything checks out, and other editors support the inclusion, that's when you should go ahead - but not before. Peace,

October 2018 at Women in Red[edit]

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Please join us... We have four new topics for Women in Red's worldwide online editathons in October!

New: Clubs Science fiction + fantasy STEM The Mediterranean

Continuing: #1day1woman Global Initiative

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Facto Post – Issue 16 – 30 September 2018[edit]

Facto Post – Issue 16 – 30 September 2018
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The science publishing landscape
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In an ideal world ... no, bear with your editor for just a minute ... there would be a format for scientific publishing online that was as much a standard as SI units are for the content. Likewise cataloguing publications would not be onerous, because part of the process would be to generate uniform metadata. Without claiming it could be the mythical free lunch, it might be reasonably be argued that sandwiches can be packaged much alike and have barcodes, whatever the fillings.

The best on offer, to stretch the metaphor, is the meal kit option, in the form of XML. Where scientific papers are delivered as XML downloads, you get all the ingredients ready to cook. But have to prepare the actual meal of slow food yourself. See Scholarly HTML for a recent pass at heading off XML with HTML, in other words in the native language of the Web.

The argument from real life is a traditional mixture of frictional forces, vested interests, and the classic irony of the principle of unripe time. On the other hand, discoverability actually diminishes with the prolific progress of science publishing. No, it really doesn't scale. Wikimedia as movement can do something in such cases. We know from open access, we grok the Web, we have our own horse in the HTML race, we have Wikidata and WikiJournal, and we have the chops to act.

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This Month in GLAM: September 2018[edit]

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  • Albania report: Collections of Museums in Albania
  • Armenia report: GLAM+Wikidata
  • Australia report: WikiTour AU
  • Brazil report: Developing tGLAM: a landing-page generator for GLAM initiatives
  • France report: European Heritage Days; Linked data for archaeology; Paris: Edit-a-thon at Mobilier National
  • Germany report: History of Women and Democracy, Wikipedia-Culture-Ambassadors and two GLAM-on-Tour-stations in just four weeks
  • Macedonia report: Wiki camps in Macedonia
  • Malaysia report: Wikipedia for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museum
  • Mexico report: Open GLAM Mexico 2018
  • Netherlands report: >20,000 press photographs 1940-1990 uploaded, GLAM Wiki Meeting, Aerial Photographs, GLAM-Wiki Manual & Wikipedia Course for Historical Societies
  • Norway report: Women in Red; Researhers Days 2018; The 2019 edition of #wikinobel
  • Poland report: Archival photographs and literary knowledge enrich Polish Wikipedia
  • Serbia report: Impact of GLAM seminars: Decentralization of GLAM activities
  • Sweden report: Wikidata P3595 Biografiskt lexikon för Finland; Student Project at the Nordic Museum; Learning about sources on Swedish Wikipedia
  • UK report: Botanical illustrations and Wiki Loves Monuments in Scotland
  • USA report: Back to school
  • Wikipedia Library report: Books & Bytes–Issue 30, August–September 2018
  • Wikidata report: Wikidata Tour Down Under
  • Calendar: October's GLAM events
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Get ready for November with Women in Red![edit]

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Three new topics for WiR's online editathons in November, two of them supporting other initiatives

New: Religion Deceased politicians Asia

Continuing: #1day1woman Global Initiative

Latest headlines, news, and views on the Women in Red talkpage (Join the conversation!):

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