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  • Notes:
  • Oppose 1C-comprehensive. A lot of work has gone into the article, but it is still only a merging of different web sources. Eg: Muse's previous album, Absolution was released in 2003 to critical acclaim. Absolution had brought the band mainstream exposure in the United States for the first time.[6]. Its cut and paste and there is no insight or context that I can see. I dont think its a bad article - far from it- but its not enough along to bring to FAC. Ceoil sláinte 23:22, 14 August 2008 (UTC)
  • Single releases need to be sourced, tidied up, etc.
  • Flesh out lead
  • Fix image of bassist
  • Critical reception needs more work


GA Sweeps[edit]

I'm doing planets and moons.

Planets and moons[edit]

16 Cygni Bb  Done47 Ursae Majoris b47 Ursae Majoris c55 Cancri b55 Cancri c55 Cancri d55 Cancri eAmalthea (moon)Gliese 876 bGliese 876 cGliese 876 dHD 209458 bHD 217107 bHD 217107 cHD 28185 bNeptune  DonePSR B1620-26cTitan (moon)  DoneTransient lunar phenomenonUpsilon Andromedae bUpsilon Andromedae cUpsilon Andromedae dUranus  Done — (23 articles total/19 to go)


silver jews could do with some work, [1] might help