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I've edited on Wikipedia for approximately 5 years, although much of that I barely did more than fix a few typos. In 2008 I began to more seriously work on content, starting with ip, and ip I joined as Ocaasi in May 2010. Between May and September I sometimes edited the same page logged in and not, manually linking the ip to the main account. Other editors suggested I only edit when logged in. Since September 2010, all edits, besides an occasional accident, have been under this account.

In April 2011 I created User:OcaasiTesting to help trouble-shoot javascript problems without disabling all of my settings and preferences each time I needed to fix something. It's a legitimate alternate account not used in article-space for substantive edits of any kind.

In May 2011 I created User:OcaasiNew to see what it looks like for new editors. This is to aid in producing help documentation. I do not use it for anything except tutorial development and occasionally non-Wikipedian reading.

In June 2011 I created User:OcaasiCOI as a demonstration of transparent COI editing. I haven't done any COI or paid editing; it's just a mock-up which other editors in that area could use or learn from.

In March, 2012 I created User:Huparu for my sister to teach her how to edit. I should have been logged out when I created it but wasn't so it shows that I created the account. I live with her but we have totally different interests and our accounts are not related. Hopefully she'll like the site as much as I do. If there are questions about the separation of our accounts, I'd be happy to privately identify to the Foundation to clear up the confusion. (note: she hasn't touched this account, for shame).

In April, 2012 I created User:OcaasiPR to make a screencast for a presentation I was giving to the Philadelphia Public Relations Society of America. There is no OcaasiPR, I am not a freelance public relations professional, and I have no conflict of interest.