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I have some new tasks in this account.

1) create a new page for the "American Spring" which is an American version for 2012 of the Arab Spring of 2011. Now there already is a webpage for a rock group called American Spring, so now what I am proposing is a new page but with the identical name since in order for my concept page to match its orogins in the Arab Spring page I must give it the name of the American Spring and I don't accept calling the page "The American Spring" just to make it different. It must be American Spring just like Arab Spring is only Arab Spring, not "The Arab Spring".

I have some content for this American Spring already posted as a webpage. so may I ask what is the policy at Wikipedia when refering to outside web URLs? is that ever done or never done? It may be possible for me to cut and paste the material from that html file over to the Wiki edit box but in fact there are some control characters in my html file which probably will not format the table correctly under Wiki edits. How are Wiki tables made? probably not by the same txt markup in used inside my html page. So the question is shall I just type out the URL as I did in the first sentence of this paragraph? or is there some other txt formating way to handle URLS? or are they forbidden entirely?

2) create a new page for the "Occupy Amendments" which are a set of Amendments which are a result and direct offshoot from the Occupy Movement. I suppose now that I understand a little more about Wiki edits I suppose I can edit the Occupy Movement page so that it has a link to the Occupy Amendments page now being created. This also lived online already so a link to another URL applies here as well.

3) add to the Liberty Movement page which is called technically a "stub". I read about what stubs are briefly but according to the rule mentioned above I must read that 4 or 5 times after editing page and saving repeatedly before I am going to understand it fully. I did add a comment about the Liberty movement in the USA after the 2012 presidential election but since this is a USA topic then the classification tags about the Liberty Movement being a South American phenomena don't really apply to my comment. So if you can please comment on whether and how those classifications can be or need to be updated that would be great. Are they updated only be the author of new content or is there a "senior" Wiki editor who will come along and check that minor addition and then THEY will know which classifications to change? A URL is listed here actually right now since I already added this.

I will be attempting to perform these three tasks so if you decide to comment to this comment please assist me on how i go about doing 1 and 2 and 3.