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Obscene username policy, anyone? Say it out loud a few times. -- John Owens 22:12 Apr 15, 2003 (UTC)

"Is making fun of my name something you get off on, or is it just plain ignorance." -- "Olga" on User talk:JohnOwens. Google Websearch for "Bityerkokoff" - no hits. Usenet search - same. --Infrogmation 23:05 Apr 15, 2003 (UTC)

Are you the user formerly known as DW? If not, are you the user formerly known as Black Widow? If not, are you the user formerly known as Wei Chin Ho? If not, then my apologies, and welcome to the Wikipedia. --Camembert

Is making fun of my name something you get off on, or is it just plain ignorance. As a supposed Wikipedia contributor, perhaps you should be more concerned with article titles called Fuck instead of my heritage that I am very proud of despite people like you. Olga Bityerkokoff

I'm sorry Olga but I think you'd better do what is the subject of the article instead of spendind your time and wasting our time on Wikipedia. But, well you know I'm French and the French are hmmmm.... strange peoples.... Our best dictionnary "Le petit Robert" has a definition for words like F... and Sh...
Ericd 20:53 Apr 17, 2003 (UTC)
Почему ты не в Википедий, тогда? -- John Owens

No, I'm not making fun of you. I don't know how to phrase my question any clearer, but I'll try: have you ever edited here under any of the usernames "DW", "Black Widow" or "Wei Chin Ho"? --Camembert

As a matter of interest: which now banned user went on and on and on and on about the word Fuck? Let me give everyone a clue? Their initials were BW. 'nuff said! ÉÍREman

Wikipedia:No offensive usernames -- Zoe

Please do not make fun of my name. It is harassment and illegal conduct that I am not willing to tolerate. Thank you.Olga Bityerkokoff - BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! -- Zoe

To User:Zoe Your derogatory comments are inappropriate and libelous. Any further comment of this nature by you directed at me stated herein or elsewhere will result in my proceding immediately with all legal remedies available to me in accordance with the laws of the United States. AND DO GOVERN YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY. User:Olga Bityerkokoff - Cool. I'd love to see the lawyer who takes your case trying to pronounce your pseudonym with a straight face in a courtroom. -- Zoe

Mendelsohn, Rosentzveig, Shacter are bankruptcy attorneys. -- Zoe

That's bankrupted 'her' argument! (OK. Bad joke. I'll go to bed now!) ÉÍREman 04:54 Apr 17, 2003 (UTC)

Are they moral bankruptcy attorneys or the regular kind? Koyaanis Qatsi

With respect to your comment concerning my Canadian attorneys, please contact them personally through Would you like the name, address, and web site for my New York attorneys as well? Olga Bityerkokoff - I have already sent them an email, we'll see what they have to say. And no thanks, I don't need the name of some New York attorney you pulled out of the phone book. -- Zoe

Hey, Ron, Stairs, Dillenbeck are probate attorneys.  :-) But they don't seem to have a website. Can you give me an email address? -- Zoe

By the way, Ron, are you planning on doing any contributions to this site, or just cause trouble? -- Zoe

So Bye bye Ron Sleep well under whichever personality you feel most confortable with tonight. For we here on wiki want to feel comfortable with your multiple personalities, help you discover what is within you, that inner child, that Black Widow fixation, the moments when Olga seems . . . well, almost like real person. (We can almost see her in that special balaclava you knitted for her last Christmas from all that disgarded barbed wire, that knuckleduster you produced out of old sardine tins and chewing gum, the warm and vibrant personality she developed from that 100 Best Speeches of Adolf Hitler box set you got her for her birthday (or is it test-tube mixing day?)

Tomorrow, a new day, could well see a whole new personality slide from the DW cocoon and present itself to the world as the saviour of mankind and of encyclopædic standards. BTW (that means By The Way in wiki language, I don't think you or any of your friends have been around long enough to learn things like that!): I have been meaning to ask: What nationality should we regard you as? (Or do nationalities exist in your dimension?)

? ÉÍREman 06:01 Apr 17, 2003 (UTC)

My apologies. In adding myself to the list of bigots, I mistook your user page for your user talk page, DK. Please revert that previous edit of mine if you wish. (But you may still confidently count me amongst the "bigots", of course, so perhaps it's better just to leave it there.) Tannin

You asked for help from an administrator? Here I am. How may I help you? -- John Owens 08:03 Apr 17, 2003 (UTC)

Olga, you've chosen a username with a last name that violates our name policy. Wikipedia is very community-like, and we work with a spirit of co-operation (I'm starting to sound like Jimbo!), and part of that means that we don't make threats against other people. You aren't fooling anybody with legal threats or an ethnic-sounding offensive name. If you have major disagreements with certain users or policies, there are forums where they can be discussed. If you'd like to contribute to Wikipedia and stick around, check out Wikipedia:Policies_and_guidelines. Otherwise, it's likely that you'll be banned in the near future. --cprompt

I'm feeling left out :( User:JohnOwens gets to be the top of the list of bigots? no fair! he's only been around a few months! to be blunt, he's a n00b! I've been around for way longer than he has. *sulks* ;-) ROTFL -- Tarquin 11:52 Apr 17, 2003 (UTC)

Well, to be fair, I've been around since at least October 8, 2002 (plus maybe a week or so of anon contribution before then), so more than seven months, which, while I would hardly call it "a long time" or even "a while", I would call more than "a few months". ;) -- John Owens, still #1 in Olga's book!

Hey Olga, do you know Morris? He's one of your lawyers at MRS? Alex756

Olga Bityerkokoff should also be deleted because not only is he a troll, but his name violates the obscene user name dictum. -- Zoe

PLEASE NOTE: I have twice, politely asked User:Zoe to remove this unwarranted attack on me and my name. She has ignored both of these requests. Olga Bityerkokoff
PLEASE NOTE: I have never asked for the deletion of Olga Bityerkokoff, but I am asking now, politely. Kingturtle 03:53 Apr 17, 2003 (UTC)
Yes, please. -- Zoe
Seconded. Tannin 03:59 Apr 17, 2003 (UTC)
Or at least a name change, and an attitude change. As for User:RachelCorrie, I posted this before on the mailing list. The taste is debatable and the content of the user page is just a bunch of pictures and links to articles, but other than that, they aren't really violating any policy.
Agree with above jimfbleak 12:51 Apr 17, 2003 (UTC)
Agree with above Peter Chamberlain
I think my agreement should be obvious. -- John Owens 19:54 Apr 17, 2003 (UTC)