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Coat of Arms of Orenburg

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Tree of Life Newsletter[edit]

Tree of life by Haeckel.jpg
July 2019—Issue 004

Tree of Life

Welcome to the Tree of Life newsletter!
Newly recognized content

Featured list List of felids by PresN
Featured article Masked booby by Casliber
Good article Letter-winged kite by Casliber, reviewed by Jens Lallensack
Good article Plains zebra by LittleJerry, reviewed by starsandwhales
Good article Ornithogalum umbellatum by Michael Goodyear, reviewed by Jens Lallensack
Good article

Newly nominated content

Featured article candidate Letter-winged kite by Casliber
Featured article candidate Megabat by Enwebb
Featured article candidate Onychopterella by Super Dromaeosaurus
Good article nominee Dvulikiaspis by Super Dromaeosaurus
Good article nominee Kosmoceratops by FunkMonk
Good article nominee Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee by Hunter Kahn
Good article nominee Giant golden-crowned flying fox by Enwebb
Good article nominee Myxomatosis by Rabbit Vet

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