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Hello, OsamaK, and welcome to Wikipedia! Thank you for your contributions. I hope you like the place and decide to stay. Here are some pages that you might find helpful:

I hope you enjoy editing here and being a Wikipedian! Please sign your name on talk pages using four tildes (~~~~); this will automatically produce your name and the date. If you need help, check out Wikipedia:Questions, ask me on my talk page, or ask your question and then place {{helpme}} before the question on your talk page. Again, welcome!  --Meno25 10:10, 14 May 2007 (UTC)


Double redirects

Hi, just a quick heads up in case you didn't see my reply here. :) Cheers, --Seed 2.0 08:43, 8 June 2007 (UTC)

Re: Unspecified source for Image:Jumpingmonkeys_logo.jpg

  • This image has a specified source - it's an official logo of the Jumping Monkeys podcast, and as such is considered a fair use. All those information are included under "Licensing". Also note that all other TWIT Network Podcast logos have very similar descriptions and license information. Ludwik 12:06, 10 June 2007 (UTC)
  • I made those information more clear on the image's page. Do you consider it ok now? Ludwik 12:16, 10 June 2007 (UTC)


Please go ahead and remove the images. I would do it myself, but I don't know how. I have some more reading to do about image upload guidelines and will try again later in the week or next week! Thank you!

Txcrossbow 13:14, 10 June 2007 (UTC)

Harry Potter 'The rebellion begins' source

added to image, thanks. Libertycookies 15:48, 11 June 2007 (UTC)

Unspecified source for Image:050525-F-0000P-020.jpg

Thanks for uploading Image:050525-F-0000P-020.jpg. I noticed that the file's description page currently doesn't specify who created the content, so the copyright status is unclear. If you did not create this file yourself, then you will need to specify the owner of the copyright. If you obtained it from a website, then a link to the website from which it was taken, together with a restatement of that website's terms of use of its content, is usually sufficient information. However, if the copyright holder is different from the website's publisher, then their copyright should also be acknowledged.

As well as adding the source, please add a proper copyright licensing tag if the file doesn't have one already. If you created/took the picture, audio, or video then the {{GFDL-self}} tag can be used to release it under the GFDL. If you believe the media meets the criteria at Wikipedia:Fair use, use a tag such as {{non-free fair use in|article name}} or one of the other tags listed at Wikipedia:Image copyright tags#Fair use. See Wikipedia:Image copyright tags for the full list of copyright tags that you can use.

If you have uploaded other files, consider checking that you have specified their source and tagged them, too. You can find a list of files you have uploaded by following this link. Unsourced and untagged images may be deleted one week after they have been tagged, as described on criteria for speedy deletion. If the image is copyrighted under a non-free license (per Wikipedia:Fair use) then the image will be deleted 48 hours after 10:29, 12 June 2007 (UTC). If you have any questions please ask them at the Media copyright questions page. Thank you. OsamaK 10:29, 12 June 2007 (UTC)

If you were to examine the file history of the image Image:050525-F-0000P-020.jpg, you would have seen that there were many users who have manipulated the content which I had originally had put on the file. I have since then reverted all changes made after the initial upload of the file, the source is on the United States Air Force website, therefore making it a public domain. Have a nice day. -Signaleer 12:01, 12 June 2007 (UTC)

Unspecified source for Image:Maag_Tartu.png

Hello. I'm sorry, but I was adding the fair use rationale for this logo the moment you added the message. All of the necessary fair use information and source is now included on the page, so I will delete your tag. Please let me know if this is a problem or if you have any questions. Best regards. Jogurney 04:45, 15 June 2007 (UTC)

Source to image

Can you help me out here - things seem to be getting a bit tight regarding images - it's a while since I uploaded any - what have I done wrong this time!? Unspecified source for Image:CormacMcCarthy_BloodMeridian.jpg is specified the source in the fair use statements. :: Kevinalewis : (Talk Page)/(Desk) 11:08, 15 June 2007 (UTC)

If English is a problem, why edit on an English language site! :: Kevinalewis : (Talk Page)/(Desk) 11:31, 15 June 2007 (UTC)

Image License

Hi there - thanks for pointing out I had not set the license to the four images - I've just uploaded four, which I've included the links below (these are to be linked into the Slow-scan_television page to demonstrate interferance, but I've got a bit of confusion over what license should be set. The images where captured by myself (2E0OUZ) but wheret transmitted by a german who I have no contact with - I am unsure which license this should come under - I placed the last two under TV license for the moment. Could you advise if this was a mistake? Mchicago 11:29, 15 June 2007 (UTC) : ignore that, I went and talked to the irc help oeple and they where most helpful. Thanks again Mchicago 12:20, 15 June 2007 (UTC)


That has to be record for quickness. Note I always add the rationale afterwards - I copy and paste it saves me writing it out time and time again. ♦ Sir Blofeld ♦ "Expecting you" Contribs 18:04, 15 June 2007 (UTC)

What did I tell you?? ♦ Sir Blofeld ♦ "Expecting you" Contribs 18:18, 15 June 2007 (UTC)


Thank you for your message, but I think you are mistaken. Both the copyright holder and the source of the image are detailed for the image, and it already has a copyright tag - {{Non-free character}} - and a fair use rationale. Please let me know if you feel that anything else is missing. --Legis (talk - contribs) 18:57, 15 June 2007 (UTC)

Item 1 of fair use rationale. It is a low resolution scan of a collector's card provided as a promotional freebie with the books. Copyright is held by the author and/or the publisher. --Legis (talk - contribs) 19:07, 15 June 2007 (UTC)
Yes, I scanned, as it says in the Fair Use rationale on the summary page. It is no different from 3,000 other scanned images of cartoon characters that have been uploaded onto Wikipedia for the same reason and by the same method. --Legis (talk - contribs) 20:34, 15 June 2007 (UTC)

Re: Unspecified source for Image:Sivaji_firstday.jpg

Thanks for letting me know that. Actually, it's a photo of a poster taken by Universal Hero. I simply forgot to mention that it was taken by him. Thanks for bringing this to my attn. Happy wiki-ing! aJCfreak yAk 06:28, 16 June 2007 (UTC)

Your VandalProof Application

Thank you for your interest in VandalProof, OsamaK. As you may know, VP is a very powerful program, and in fact the just released 1.3 version has even more power. Because of this we must uphold strict protocols before approving a new applicant. Regretfully, I have chosen to decline your application at this time. The reason for this is that, by-and-large, your account has only been editing actively for around fifteen days.

Please note it is nothing personal by any means, and we certainly welcome you to apply again soon. Thank again for your interest in VandalProof. Daniel 06:58, 16 June 2007 (UTC)

Half Cast Prophet

Go ahead and delete the photo, someone deleted the page it was attached to months ago. By the way, Muslims rock!!. Citikiwi 04:18, 18 June 2007 (UTC)


Hi, Osama. Commets in foreign languages are are not allowed here. You must write in English so that other users can understand what you wrote. This is not a template but a magic word. If you would like to request its protection against recreation, you must request this in the appropriate page. If you can't preset the request yourself, tell me ad I will preset it for you. Cheers. --Meno25 13:06, 25 June 2007 (UTC)

WikiProject Saudi Arabia

Hello! We are a group of editors working to improve the quality of Saudi Arabia related articles. You look like someone who might be interested in joining us in the Saudi Arabian WikiProject and so I thought I'd drop you a line and invite you! We'd love to have you in our project :-) Ammar (Talk - Don't Talk) 15:17, 25 June 2007 (UTC)

اقتصار مشاركاتك على النقاشات أو الصور , يمكن أن يفيدنا كثيرا أيضا Ammar (Talk - Don't Talk) 18:03, 25 June 2007 (UTC)

نعم اشارك من وقت الى اخر Ammar (Talk - Don't Talk) 07:26, 26 June 2007 (UTC)


After a hard day fixing double-redirects, a bot like yours needs a refreshing glass of motor oil as a pick-me-up. Enjoy, and thanks for all you do! -- Quadell

a Question

Hi, im new in this, i upload an image of a single music cover, i add the ---Non-free album cover--- tag to this picture, i see in anothers singles covers just this is the only tag in use. What more information i need add for this image will not be delete. you could be so nice and tell me. please. Osbiury 21:10, 28 June 2007 (UTC)

Hi i see some tags in another albums and singles covers, so i change the information for this image, is  there ok????. 
Of course i can tell u where i find this image, the website Mix Kylie, this is the link:

Osbiury 23:05, 29 June 2007 (UTC)

About the Tokka and Rahzar image

Here is the Term of use. I got the picture from youtube, a video, then paste it on Paint and edited it.


In the image, Tokka rahzar.jpg, where would I post these links? Would I have to reupload it?

Your bot - general comments

Hi OsamaK,

I see that you recently been tagging images for missing source or license information. As I've explained to you previously on WP:BOTREQ, it's usually necessary to file a new request for approval with the BAG for new tasks your bot is performing (or go the talk page route, if you prefer). Technically, that goes for fixing double redirects, as well. Fixing double redirects obviously isn't that controversial of an issue but tagging images is an entirely different thing and if you want to use a bot to do that, you should file a separate request. Also, please don't use your bot account to post comments, as you did here. Thank you. --S up? 11:49, 1 July 2007 (UTC)

Hi again and thanks for your quick reply. In that case, I apologize. I thought you were using your bot to tag images which, as you may know, has lead to a bit of an uproar in the past. Using a script under your bot account to semi-manually tag images is fine. I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the requirements in case you had decided to use a bot for that to avoid any potential problems. Hope you have a good Sunday. Cheers S up? 13:31, 1 July 2007 (UTC)


Hi OsamaK. The image source for that file was specified. The confusion may have arisen from an extra tag that did not have content. I have made some minor changes that now clafify the issue. The image is used under Australian Copyright laws. I thank you for your original concern. Ozdaren 06:58, 6 July 2007 (UTC)

Coin image

I have added the comment that the source for the image of the coin was 'A scan of my own coin'. Should the wording be changed to something else, such as "Scan of a coin in my own possession', or something similar? Also, is this enough information? All coins which I have scanned and uploaded have been coins in my possession, which I own. Figaro 02:17, 8 July 2007 (UTC)

Thank you. All the best. Figaro 02:23, 8 July 2007 (UTC)

:Image:Broadvoice.gif Fair Use

Could you please explain to me why this image was not deleted? I tell you this becuase you complained to the editor about it. I would have assumned you would have followed up. I see the editor attempted to fill in the fair use information but it was not done properly, as per the the guidline. I would have assumed you would have corrected the fair use information to conform with the guideline for him (so you don't have to delete it (as I do for others), or deleted it. --akc9000 (talk contribs count) 18:19, 8 July 2007 (UTC)


Your recent bot approvals request has been speedily approved. Please see the request page for details. When the bot flag is set it will show up in this log. --ST47Talk 17:38, 9 July 2007 (UTC)

Muhammad Ali pasha

dear ok, i've added some information on where i got the picture from..tell me if you still have any objections. Shukran --Zak 15:51, 10 July 2007 (UTC)

Sylvia Saint image

I'm not sure why you placed a speedy deletion tag on Image:Sylvia Saint 001.jpg, giving the reason that it was a test page when it clearly isn't. Anyway, I've removed the tag, let me know if you have any objections, or further clarification for tagging the image. Regards, Canley 11:52, 11 July 2007 (UTC)

Are you sure it's a test page? There is no indication in the summary that it's a test, and it's used in two articles (Sylvia Saint and Bomis). What is the reason you think it's a test? --Canley 22:04, 11 July 2007 (UTC)


I have removed the FU tag that you added to this image that said, "The image is used for what the woman looks like", which is not true. As you can read, in the Lenna article, the reason the depicted woman Lena Soderberg is famous (and even deserves a wikipedia article) is because of the particular cropped image, i.e., this is one of those rare, perhaps unique, instance in which the fame of a playboy models derives from the notability of an image itself. To summarize: Lenna.gif is not used to depict what Lena Soderberg looks like; rather the articles Lena Soderberg is used to discuss the person behind the famous image. Hope that settles your doubts about the fair use of the image. Abecedare 15:12, 17 July 2007 (UTC)

Also see this discussion which resulted in a consensus that this and other standard test images do no violate wikipedia's FU policy. I'll add this link to the image page too, to avoid future confusion. Abecedare 15:30, 17 July 2007 (UTC)
I'm pretty deletionist when it comes to fair-use images, but I agree this should be kept. This is an irreplacable image that is very significant for reasons having nothing to do with the woman depicted.—Chowbok 18:59, 17 July 2007 (UTC)

tom seaver

It's already tagged. Mghabmw 22:59, 26 July 2007 (UTC)

It's sourced 2ce. Once in the summary, the other in the licensing. Mghabmw 23:03, 26 July 2007 (UTC)

Image Copyright of Image:CaledoniaFurnace.JPG

I created Image:CaledoniaFurnace.JPG myself. The reason that the summary was left out, is that I was searching for an attribution info table to add.--Whytecypress 01:13, 27 July 2007 (UTC)

Unspecified source for Image:COC_AWS10.jpg

Thanks for your feed back - I would appreciate your advice. The JPG image is my own as I created it It is taken from a cigarette card in a old album. These were given out with cigarette packets in the last century. The manufacturer's name on the card is missing but I suspect it was H & O Wills. The card would have been issued in 1937. Does this constitute fair use?


Very rude. You should of told me on my user page insted of just deleated the images.....


Good afternoon! There's a comment on my talk page regarding to your bot, Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/OsamaKBOT (2). Can you confirm that the bot is only tagging images as own work if they are marked as -self? Thanks, ----ST47Talk·Desk 18:21, 28 July 2007 (UTC)

Due to complaints of users mis-tagging images as -self, can you stop running the bot on that task? You are free to run the bot for your interwiki task and to tag {{nsd}}, however do not add source information. Thanks, --ST47Talk·Desk 12:02, 29 July 2007 (UTC)


thumb|right Can I ask you why you have listed this image for deletion? Is there something wrong with the copyright status? Kelisi 15:13, 5 August 2007 (UTC)


thum|right How about this one? Kelisi 15:19, 5 August 2007 (UTC)

Image:Breitscheid Wappen.gif

Image:Breitscheid Wappen.gif And this one?

Osama, you've tagged this last one since I made that last entry. I know you're online, and yet you haven't responded to my queries. I shall interpret any further silence as an admission on your part that there is really no reason to delete these images, and I shall remove the proposed-deletion tags on that basis, giving that as a justification. Kelisi 17:50, 5 August 2007 (UTC)

Coats of arms

"You know we need a good version from the logo."

I "know" no such thing. As far as I can see, there is no need to change the images in place now. I fail to see what is so "good" or "bad" about any version as long as it follows the heraldic description. Perhaps you don't understand that. A blazon, which is the description of a coat of arms in words, is what defines the arms, not any particular artist's interpretation of the blazon. One coat of arms can appear many different ways depending on the artist's interpretation. I'll admit that I am the creator of the current files at Cölbe and Buchloe, but since those are such simple designs, especially Buchloe, I don't really see that they need "upgrading". They'll do.

Furthermore, Osama, I've had a look at your contributions, and it strikes me that your main purpose here at en:WP is to nominate images for deletion. Forgive me for saying so, but that hardly seems like a worthy purpose. I spend a lot of time creating things here, and it seems to me that you like to destroy things. Kelisi 18:42, 5 August 2007 (UTC)

That's right?

While I understand that you cannot write an article here because you only have en-1, I don't understand how that means you're entitled to go through en:WP nominating images for deletion willy-nilly. I don't do that at ar:WP. Please stop it. Kelisi 19:03, 5 August 2007 (UTC)

No, I use talk pages. I believe that anything worth debating is worth debating publicly. Go ahead. Kelisi 19:14, 5 August 2007 (UTC)

Where am I?

I have a life outside Wikipedia. My niece and nephew came over, if you must know.

As for the two edits, they were reversions of needless edits. Kelisi 02:46, 6 August 2007 (UTC)

Bot spam

My talk page is being automatically bot spammed after your nomination for speedy deletion, because I categorized Wikimedia Commons pages on Wikipedia. Was this wrong to do? It seems to me that when Commons images are also categorized in Wikipedia, it makes them easier to browse images by topic on English Wikipedia, including both the Commons images and the fair use etc. images not on Commons. - Gilgamesh 07:36, 6 August 2007 (UTC)


Hello, I'm curious why you added the speedy deletion categories to Template:Image talk commons? When you did this, you made every page on which that template is used become tagged for speedy deletion. Is there a reason that you make this edit? Thanks, Metros 11:58, 6 August 2007 (UTC)

Hello, I will second Metros' question - I'm curious about what prompted you to to change the included category of the template such that it contradicted the text of the template. Thanks. --User:Ceyockey (talk to me) 17:15, 6 August 2007 (UTC)

Image:Portuguese Empire 20th century.PNG

Hello OsamaK. Thank you for taging Image:Portuguese Empire 20th century.PNG. I thought the wikipedia page had already been deleted since the exact same image is already at the Commons. I'll tag it for deletion. See you around. The Ogre 12:27, 6 August 2007 (UTC)

Your incorrect tagging of PD images

Since when is stating the origins of an image and who created it (myself) qualify as having no source? I CANNOT believe you (along with people who think like you) would try to rid wikipedia of even legitimate public domain images. This is bordering on going too far. - Diceman 14:35, 8 August 2007 (UTC)

Image:Abraham Dharma.png

Hi. Concerning your deletion request:

The image is already on the commons. You may have missed this on the image description page on wikipedia: "This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons. The description on its description page there is shown below." The image is not also stored on wikipedia. The image is transcluded into the wikipedia image description page.--Timeshifter 15:23, 8 August 2007 (UTC)

Each of the wikipedia sites in various languages has their own category system. They usually prioritize their categories to mainly include images labeled in the language of that wikipedia. If the images have text on them. So people using English wikipedia categories do not have to wade through the many maps labeled in other languages on the commons. Also, non-English wikipedias use their own language to name their categories. So it is usually easier to find images in the category system set up for each other-language wikipedia. Hope this helps. :) --Timeshifter 14:04, 10 August 2007 (UTC)

MfD nomination of Image:Islam by country.svg

I've nominated Image:Islam by country.svg, a page you created, for deletion. Your opinions on the matter are welcome; please participate in the discussion by adding your comments at Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion/Image:Islam by country.svg and please be sure to sign your comments with four tildes (~~~~). You are free to edit the content of Image:Islam by country.svg during the discussion but should not remove the miscellany for deletion template from the top of the page; such removal will not end the deletion discussion. Thank you. OsamaK 15:47, 8 August 2007 (UTC)

I moved this discussion back to your talk page here in order to keep the thread in one location. Please reply here. I have this talk page on my watchlist.
I did not upload the image. See also my comment in the previous talk section.--Timeshifter 15:56, 8 August 2007 (UTC)
I have closed this MFD. MFDs are not for images. Images for deletion is the proper forum for the discussion of the deletion of images. Metros 16:01, 8 August 2007 (UTC)

Welcome to VandalProof!

Thank you for your interest in VandalProof, OsamaK! You have now been added to the list of authorized users, so if you haven't already, simply download and install VandalProof from our main page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any other moderator, or you can post a message on the discussion page. Daniel→♦ 05:25, 10 August 2007 (UTC)

Soxrock's images

Hey, OsamaK. Soxrock is currently blocked, and he asked me to put the fair use rationale on the image pages that require them, if he gets any warnings. The fair use rationale I have put are word-by-word what Soxrock told me to put. So, if any of Soxrock's images require attention, such as fair use rationale, etc., please bring them to my attention so I can edit them. Thanks. Ksy92003(talk) 18:25, 12 August 2007 (UTC)

Logos used in MCA Records article

By your request, I've added the formal fair use rationales for the MCA logos used in the MCA Records article. Steelbeard1 19:44, 12 August 2007 (UTC)

Okay, where do I say that I inserted statements saying that Universal Music Group is the owner of the various MCA Records logos? Steelbeard1 12:05, 30 August 2007 (UTC)


Don't understand why you tagged that image--it's got an appropriate fair use rationale, and clearly identifies that it is the station's logo. Blueboy96 21:20, 12 August 2007 (UTC)


This is a radio station's logo. It's sourced and explained, and is clearly suited for fair use. OlYeller 16:19, 13 August 2007 (UTC)

What do you mean there is no source information? It's not just simply sourced, but there is a tag on it explaining the source.

Please clarify for me what exactly is missing, and Use Common Sense when posting threats on users pages. Thanks!

Furthermore, I shall have to threaten you to turn off your bot, or change it severely, else I will bring it up with someone. I am trying to Assume Good Faith, but according to your large-scale discussion list of people who defend their clame solidly, I will have to use the "WikiPolice" against you. Spam Bots don't help Wikipedia. —Shanesan (contribs) (Talk) 05:07, 15 August 2007 (UTC)

Your bot request

Hi OsamaK I wanted to let you know that Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/OsamaKBOT 3 is labeled as needing your comment. Please visit the above link to reply to the requests. Thanks! --BAGBotTalk 06:00, 17 August 2007 (UTC)


Hi there. I've completed the rationale for Image:Rangerrick.jpg, is there anything else you can see that I need to add for the use? Cheers, --DBishop1984 12:06, 17 August 2007 (UTC)


I got a note on my userpage saying that I didn't list a fair-use rationale for Image:GCRTA.svg, but I did include a fully-explained Template:Non-free use rationale. I'm not sure why it got tagged. I've removed the tag because I believe its rationale is sufficiently explained. Gus 18:39, 17 August 2007 (UTC)

Unspecified sources for images

Hi. You gave me a warning for some images (which i fixed). In my talk page you gave me 48 hours (two days) to tag the images. In the summary to the files you write: Image is missing source information and will be deleted in seven days if it is not added. Maybe you have to correct your bot to avoid confusions in the future. -- Magioladitis 17:11, 19 August 2007 (UTC)

Fair use rationale for Image:Nike(c).svg

Nuvola apps important.svg

Thanks for uploading or contributing to Image:Nike(c).svg. I notice the image page specifies that the image is being used under fair use but there is not a suitable explanation or rationale as to why each specific use in Wikipedia constitutes fair use. Please go to the image description page and edit it to include a fair use rationale.

If you have uploaded other fair use media, consider checking that you have specified the fair use rationale on those pages too. You can find a list of 'image' pages you have edited by clicking on the "my contributions" link (it is located at the very top of any Wikipedia page when you are logged in), and then selecting "Image" from the dropdown box. Note that any non-free media lacking such an explanation will be deleted one week after they have been uploaded, as described on criteria for speedy deletion. If you have any questions please ask them at the Media copyright questions page. Thank you. Alx 91 01:12, 21 August 2007 (UTC)

Haha. I find this ironic. —Shanesan (contribs) (Talk) 23:08, 27 August 2007 (UTC)

Edit Box toolbar in AWB

rev 1607

Its been added by Mets Reedy Boy 23:01, 23 August 2007 (UTC)


hello, can you help solving an AWB problem? look in here, I didn't get an answer what's wrong with the \n for new line, so maybe you can check at least if you have the same error with that, lot of my regexes include \n so i must do something to get this to work -- 11:50, 30 August 2007 (UTC)


Hey Osama, Update your AWB SVN copy, and IRCM now logs in ;)

Reedy Boy 11:36, 2 September 2007 (UTC)


Hey. I have created a source for you.
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Text;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
using System.Collections;
using System.Xml;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.Threading;
using DotNetWikiBot;

class MyBot : Bot
    /// The entry point function. Start coding here.
    static Site enWP = new Site("", "OsamaKBOT", "***********************");
    public static void Main()
        PageList pl = new PageList(enWP);
        PageList plSave = new PageList(enWP);
        pl.FillFromCustomLog("upload", "", "", 25);
        foreach (Page i in pl)
            if (i.text.Trim() == "")
                i.text = "{{Di-no source|date={{SUBST:CURRENTDAY}} {{SUBST:CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{SUBST:CURRENTYEAR}}}}";
                TellUser(i.lastUser, i.title);

        plSave.SaveSmoothly(5, "Tagging image with no source", false);

    private static void TellUser(string user, string title)
        Page p = new Page(enWP, "User talk:" + user);
        p.text += @"
{{subst:User:OsamaK/Images|1=" + title.Replace("Image:", "") + "}} ~~~~";
        p.Save("Notifying user of image with no source", false);
Just remember to replace the *********** with your password, and remember to compile it. ~ Wikihermit 16:04, 4 September 2007 (UTC)

I clicked that letter

just because you asked me to :P. now...don't block me please. --TheEgyptian 13:24, 5 September 2007 (UTC)

DO have source

You just tagged a bunch of images as not having sources that do have sources.Rlevse 10:47, 6 September 2007 (UTC)

When a standard template is used on an image and the Source is filled in and then you tag it as not having a source, you've made an error. Pls fix your bot.Rlevse 10:55, 6 September 2007 (UTC)

In response to:

Image source problem with Image:4kids updated.gif

It is a copyrighted logo, that is "fair-used" to represent the company on wikipidia, since no free alternative can be obtained.(Ke5crz 01:10, 7 September 2007 (UTC))

Image:Aggie Band Logo.jpeg

I am not sure your bot is functioning properly. This image already had a tag (now it has 2). While this is a fair use image and a rationale WAS specified, it was not explicit. I have altered the description page accordingly. That the image is trademarked was CLEARLY stated, but it is NOT copyrighted. As for the source of the image, I fail to see why that is a problem. — BQZip01 — talk 15:34, 7 September 2007 (UTC)

Image:AmericanMotors-logo 1970-1987.jpg

The image description page had a description of how I created the content with the appropriate tag; therefore, the copyright status should have been clear. In any case, I have now added more information to explain it and provided the appropriate verbiage. Please let me now if this is enough. — CZmarlin 20:47, 7 September 2007 (UTC)

One other item regarding the AMC logo: this image was uploaded 20 July 2006. It is not a recent addition. Please turn off your BOT. Thank you! — CZmarlin 03:58, 8 September 2007 (UTC)

Image:Alpha Phi Alpha shield.jpg

Can you explain what your message means by "recently" uploaded. That file was uploaded January 9, 2006, 1 day short of 21 months ago. How would I recall the specific web site almost 2 years ago? thank you.--Ccson 02:40, 8 September 2007 (UTC)

Image:ACVR Logo.gif

The image does describe who created the content, the copyright is acknowledged and it's fair use. Please fix your bot.Kgrr 03:33, 8 September 2007 (UTC)

Courtesy notice

Hello; your bot is currently being discussed at Wikipedia:Administrator's noticeboard#BOT shut off. Please comment there. Thank you. Chick Bowen 03:44, 8 September 2007 (UTC)

see Wikipedia talk:Non-free content#Another bot problem, it's not just a few, it's more like 900. Take a reality check.Rlevse 16:51, 8 September 2007 (UTC)

Image tagging help required

Image:Aprod-t.png is a photo of a t-shirt owned by me to illustrate the logo/artwork of the band AntiProduct - just how exactly should this be tagged for licencing purposes? The photo was taken by someone else of me wearing the t-shirt, using my camera. The image/artwork is of unknown copyright status because there is no (c) on the garment itself, and although the band is professional, they have a very low-key commercial side.  — MapsMan talk | cont ] — 11:41, 8 September 2007 (UTC)

Attribution of logo ownership

Hi OsamaK. The organizations name that owns the image was in the summary on image APDF02.png. Is there a better way of being more explicit? CApitol3 18:46, 9 September 2007 (UTC)


Hi. Don't use templates in your signature as you did here and here. See this. --Meno25 14:37, 10 September 2007 (UTC)


Hello. I have recently received messages from you about logos I have uploaded (requiring indication of source). In general I think that logos, created by the respective companies, should have a more "flexible" handling and fair use logic is clear - especially when they are included in articles about the companies themselves. Anyway, the logos I upload are taken from my own book cited in some of my articles. Please tell me whether there is any problem. Regards, Skartsis 15:29, 12 September 2007 (UTC)