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Peabody Hotel[edit]

While we appreciate your contributions to Wikipedia, I must inform you that the recent additions you made to the Peabody Hotel article are highly likely to be reverted outright. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a place to advertise your hotel. Many of the changes you've made that describe the hotel as "luxurious", or "lavish", along with any other advertising type copy, are unacceptable. I have not reverted your changes because I realize that you are new to Wikipedia, and so I want to give you a chance to go back and clean it up before somebody else does.

Also, be aware that, since you are a first party source, you may be blocked from editing Wikipedia for adding this sort of material. What you have done, even though I'm sure you have the best of intentions, is basically considered to be spamming. Generally speaking, sources are not allowed to edit articles about themselves except in minor, fact-based ways. This is because you have a built-in bias, and are inherently an untrustworthy source of information on the topic. Again, not judging your intentions, just saying that that is how it is.

Wikipedia is first and foremost and encyclopedia. All articles should read as if they were articles in an encyclopedia. Keep this in mind.

Also, try reading these links:

And again, I tell you this only to warn you that your changes will very soon disappear. You should edit them into acceptable ones before that happens.

-- Otto (talk) 23:20, 25 October 2010 (UTC)