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Distribution Explorer[edit]

Hi Pabristow, I removed the following link from the few pages you added it too:

Distribution Explorer, is a mixed C++ and C# Windows application that allows you to explore the properties of various statistical distributions, and calculate the Cumulative Distribution Function CDF, Probability Distribution Function PDF, or quantiles/percentiles. Is it written using open-source C++ from the Boost Math Toolkit library.

They all seemed to have enough links already in my opinion (actually Normal Distribution probably has rather too many). Only a few links are generally needed, see WP:External_links, and since this one is to a Windows-only application it seems like platform-independent (especially web-based) information is preferable. If you disagree, the talk page for one of the articles would be a good place to get consensus, I would recommend Talk:Probability distribution as being most central. Quietbritishjim (talk) 23:28, 25 August 2008 (UTC)