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Good morning from the UK passengerpidgeon.

You are absolutely right about the comments on Ewan McGregor, only in my mode of ranting rather than the factual basis of my comments. His high public profile and open support for UNICEF fundraising has had the effect of removing tens of millions of dollars from the Syrian, South Sudanese and Iraqi refugees by channeling it to the UN who take 35% before sub-contracting the NGO's to do the actual work and take the risks. I know this as I have worked for the UN for over 10 years and have seen the greed and corruption first hand. His acceptance of his OBE was a very good career move for taking no risks whatsoever. It has furthered his career greatly. I feel sorry for the real aid workers wo die in hundreds every year and get no recognition whatsoever.

Don't get me started on "Dame" Angelina Jolie.

However, again you were right, apologies and I will look for a different avenue to challenge these injustices...

Murray Wilson Bristol, UK

Maisamtabarraiee's message (posted in the archives by mistake)[edit]

Hi.I have changed sources thank u for reading out my writing

i am never what u mean .

i am from iran and our great clerci has just passed away. i only want to have his biography on wikipedia i have been waiting