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WordPress Web Development Theme Design Trend for 2013[edit]

With the advancement of technology, new trends are evolving in the global landscape frequently, offering new dimensions to the latest technology. WordPress Web development market is no exception and it has also witnessed innovative looks, themes, and dynamic development trends. These changing and improved features are the essence for the web developers who are always in the look out to offer a trendy look to their web pages.

The most popular features of WordPress Web Design, that are making rounds for 2013 include:

Responsive Themes[edit]

WordPress themes would be highly adaptive and responsive with the potential to adapt to the size of the devices being used. A single layout will run on all systems/devices. In each device the size would adjust automatically. WordPress themes would scroll vertically in devices as it is navigation friendly scrolling. Trendy themes for portfolio page would also be incorporated.

Improved Typography[edit]

In WordPress, typography holds its own significance! It play a great role in the look and feel of the website page layout. Web pages of 2013 would be packed with bold fonts and enhanced readability to the themes to offer website pages compelling and appealing look. A lot of importance would be given to the typography in the coming WordPress web development.

SEO Driven Themes[edit]

WordPress theme for 2013 trends would be packed with SEO adaptive features i.e. mobile search, voice search, social media factors, and humanized ranking to name a few. Last year's popular themes would be a part of mobile friendly versions. The themes would be simple and orderly equipped with fewer buttons to hit.

Graphics of Windows 8[edit]

Windows 8 style of graphics would also get its share of popularity and be a part of WordPress themes 2013. It would offer richer, faster and never before browsing experience when using IE 10. Developer could write interactive, rich, and chrome-free full screen view games facilitating CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5. DirectX, a set of APIs, would exploit the full graphic potentials of contemporary devices.

Business WordPress Themes[edit]

Experts predicts that Business WordPress themes would fly high in 2013 development design because of its simple designs. This theme would be responsive to the online activities of the customers. It would make sharing, searching and shopping easy for the customers. It would aim at offering maximum information to the small and medium businesses, accessible on all devices.

Business Themes[edit]

In addition, some enticing themes for the restaurants would also grace WordPress design trend 2013 with lesser information compared to business themes.

In addition, WordPress themes would also be equipped with lot more features, like mobile friendly versions, HTML5 and CSS3 based, single web page design, social media management, along with modular template layouts.


WordPress is planning to incorporate a full spectrum of innovative and trendy themes for 2013. The web developers will get some really engrossing features for blog and web development to offer them a trendier make over in the coming year. All these trends are just predictions by the experts. WordPress developers will expected to come up with much more interactive features. Keep your fingers crossed for more thrilling trends in 2013.