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Joey Lombard
Personal details
Occupation Mayoral Candidate

Joey Lombard, age 22 (DOB November 12, 1986), was a candidate for mayor of Minneapolis in 2009.


From the Northside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Joey went to school in the Minneapolis Public School System, a Catholic Junior high, and went to high school at Patrick Henry High School, where he graduated in 2005. He then served in the U.S. Army and Air Force for several years. His parents, Dave and Cathy also have two other sons, Daniel and Patrick.

Mayoral Race[edit]

Joey originally began to run when his girlfriend said he did too little for the community. However, his girlfriend dumped him. "She said I didn't care enough about hegemony.", he sadi.[1] His party, "Is Awesome", was selected so on the ballot it stated that Joey Lombard (Is Awesome). Later, he regretted the fact he did not register his party as "Is Totally Awesome", after realizing he could used three words to describe his party. [2] Believing that his awesomeness would be boosted by his incorruptibility obtained by never holding office before[3], he also said he would make a great mayor because of his many years of playing Sim City. His run was not advertised as most other candidates do, spread completely by word of mouth.

Race Results[edit]

In the end, he received around 400 votes, enough to take sixth place out of eleven. He and his victory party were seen on an interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Show[1].

Other Aspirations[edit]

Joey also wishes to be the first person to hit a home run in Target Field.


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