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Arb Election - Opposing All[edit]

Yes, I'm really opposing all. The only hope I can see for changing the Arb system is if we force change by having no one serving. This doesn't affect Arb not up for election, but one year of no one getting 50% would be enough to send a message and maybe to force some changes. I don't blame the individuals, but I do blame the system, and this is the only way to force change. It is less futile that supporting good people who are powerless to fix the system, and watching the system get worse each year, and 2015 definitely ranks as the worst year in recent memory. You don't need to even tell anyone, it isn't any of their business. Even if just some of the seats go unfilled, it will still send a message. I'm tired of being a sheep. If you are, too, and want to vote in a way that actually makes a difference, then oppose all. Dennis Brown -