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Template:Double image and Template:Triple image[edit]

A TfD discussion you closed from 2013 (Wikipedia:Templates for discussion/Log/2013 November 7) resulted in a merge of {{Double image}} and {{Triple image}} into {{Multiple image}}, but instead of being merged, were turned into wrappers without documentation and tagged with a deprecation template. Is this really the intended result? --Gonnym (talk) 13:33, 6 February 2019 (UTC)

Checking the template history, it looks like the code was merged, but the two deprecated templates were converted to wrappers were kept to avoid editing thousands of articles. Feel free to substitute the wrappers if you hate them. Thanks! Plastikspork ―Œ(talk) 00:22, 20 February 2019 (UTC)


Hello. Isn't AutoEd compatible with old toolbar? My toolbar dissapeard after I installed script. Btw. do you know if it is possible to mark with different colour articles in category that I not follows yet? Eurohunter (talk) 19:19, 10 February 2019 (UTC)

I'm not sure. I will have to take a look, but I don't know how helpful I will be since I don't use it anymore. Thanks! Plastikspork ―Œ(talk) 00:22, 20 February 2019 (UTC)


Hiya! Do you recall why this template was deleted? Hard to parse from the summary of your deletion. czar 01:53, 21 February 2019 (UTC)

Czar, see this thread. Frietjes (talk) 17:21, 21 February 2019 (UTC)