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Nos dda - I have removed the PSG link - it was not so much tenuous as perhaps too explicit an example! Fascinating topic - n link to the Scottish idea of the Carlin, Witch or 'old hag of winter' - See Corsehill and the reference to the Carlin Stone. Da boch chi. Rosser.


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Sheela na gig[edit]

Hi Pryderi. Not my pic, I just found it in the Wiki commons pages, but it seems to be indisputably a sheela. The pose is like several British examples I have seen illustrations of. SiGarb | Talk 15:00, 3 April 2006 (UTC)


for keeping on the sheela na gig page over the past 5 years! I just returned to wikipedia after a 5 year hiatus, and was deeply gratified to find that the sheela page is still coherent and relatively intact, and I see from the discussion page that you've been paying attention to it on a regular basis, so thank you for your work and attention, I for one very much appreciate it. I'll be around again more often, and so will strive to do my part. I see that you are based in Wales and have first hand knowledge of UK sheelas. I am very curious about this as my experience is exclusively with Irish examples and was under the impression that they were exclusively Irish until reading the content on the wikipedia page. Can you steer me toward sources about UK examples?Fennel (talk) 07:40, 25 November 2010 (UTC)