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Information.svg Thank you for making a report on Wikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism. Reporting and removing vandalism is vital to the functioning of Wikipedia and all users are encouraged to revert, warn, and report vandalism. However, it appears that the editor you reported may not have engaged in vandalism, or the user was not sufficiently or appropriately warned. Please note there is a difference between vandalism and unhelpful or misguided edits made in good faith. If they continue to vandalise after a recent final warning, please re-report it. Thank you! لennavecia 19:49, 27 October 2008 (UTC)

I fail to see the problem with my report. This template warning seems vague : appears...may...or...sufficiently.... There was a comment: "Stale report. - nothing for three hours or so." - that I understand. The above template notice is so vague, however, that I think Template:Uw-AIV should not be used; it does not indicate the recipient did anything wrong.--Psrq (talk) 20:10, 27 October 2008 (UTC)

Rockstar article[edit]

Try using the "compare these revisions" button on the "History" page so that you can try just one or two edits instead of reverting stuff multiple times. Spitfire19 (Talk) 15:44, 18 May 2010 (UTC)

Thanks. I was trying to separate the wheat from the chaff; there were some good edits since my last edit. Also, I thought the undos might help to flag the activity. This page could use permanent semi-protection status, though the level of vandalism is probably too low to get a request granted, IIRC. But yeah, I'll try to create less work for the CVU. --Psrq (talk) 16:23, 18 May 2010 (UTC)

Cite error on Rockstar (drink)[edit]

Please check your citation under "Boycott" there is an error. Cheers Jim1138 (talk) 09:22, 16 November 2012 (UTC)

I can't easily fix it - I'd like to add the closing </ref> and |archiveurl2= but I need admin help to do it. -Psrq (talk) 10:17, 16 November 2012 (UTC)