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RETheUgly, you are invited on a Wikipedia Adventure![edit]

The Wikipedia Adventure guide

Hi RETheUgly!! You're invited to play The Wikipedia Adventure, an interactive game to become a great contributor to Wikipedia. It's a fun interstellar journey--learn how to edit Wikipedia in about an hour. We hope to see you there!

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Welcome to The Wikipedia Adventure![edit]

TWA guide left bottom.png
Hi ! We're so happy you wanted to play to learn, as a friendly and fun way to get into our community and mission. I think these links might be helpful to you as you get started.


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About The Wikipedia Adventure | Hang out in the Interstellar Lounge

Please take a brief survey about The Wikipedia Adventure[edit]

Hi! Thanks for playing The Wikipedia Adventure, or at least considering it. We'd like to hear about your thoughts and feelings on the game, to help us improve it. Please take this brief survey: 10 minute survey.

--thanks and cheers, Ocaasi 20:14, 23 December 2013 (UTC)

Help me![edit]

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Please help me with...

What is the standard policy for time, date, number, etc formatting on Wikipedia?

I use ISO 8601 personally, so YYYY-MM-DD then a T and then HH:MM:SS UTC+-##:##. However, I know that mdy and dmy are more common, and 12-hour time is as well. Is there a standard order and hour-cycle?

On numbers, should they be ### ###,## or ###,###.##? That's spaces between sets of three digits and a comma for parts, versus commas between sets of three digits and a period for parts.

    • Is there a page that lays out all of these policies, **such as if third person non-gendered pronouns (they) should be used instead of gendered (he, she) ones, or even down to whether periods are followed by double spaces or single?

RETheUgly (talk) 16:57, 4 November 2015 (UTC)

Please see the Manual of Style for all of your stylistic questions. Dates are Day Month Year (with no leading zeros for single-digit days). Primefac (talk) 17:14, 4 November 2015 (UTC)