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Dear Roger,

Need your help.... Talk:Linac Need to make Linac which stands for Linear Accelerator to Linear particle accelerator

Thanks for all your help! Scott Fisher, A newbie! -- Scottfisher 04:27, 2005 July 19 Hi Roger, Leaving for California, See you in two weeks! Long drive, vacation be back August 3..... Again, thanks for your help.

  • [1]. KFOG plays the hits! [2]

Steve Winwood

Roger, Me again....Sorry What does Wikipedia do with people that complain about someone? I notice I'm not the only one..... User talk:Pigsonthewing Caio~ scottfisher

  • You don't make it easy for me. I assume your question was "please comment on a recent edit to Steve Winwood by Pigsonthewing in which he removed a link to [3]. The edit summary says "rm. cut'n'paste fan site". I assume the flying pig means that he considers the site to have little original content, merely material cut and pasted from elsewhere. I would reject linking to this site on the grounds that its design is apalling: it includes enormous pictures - remember that some browsers do not automatically scale pictures. It contains too wide a variety of font sizes, mostly too big. It contains too much in capitals.
The best procedure is to put the link in Talk:Steve Winwood and ask other editors to vote on whether it should be in the main article. -- RHaworth 13:57, 2005 July 20 (UTC)


Are now a confusion of local ones and country ones, eg. …

Crown dependency stubs

Hi Roger - just thought you'd like to know that - although it won't quite get to the usually required number of stubs - there's now a separate {{UK-crown-geo-stub}} and Category:Crown Dependency geography stubs for the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. Sadly there were nowhere near enough stubs for two separate categories - even with me creating about ten new Isle of Man stubs! - but at least they're separated from the UK stubs now. Grutness...wha? 08:07, 23 August 2005 (UTC)

SPN, etc.


Made it to California...Five days driving... Through the southern USA.

Interesting sites through the desert. Do a search on wikipedia on Meteor Crater.... Cool place in Arizona! Added new page from here in San Jose, Paleoparadoxia I took the picture... Also, saw your talk on SNS, and I did take the aerial pictures with a collegue of mine Paul Holik he is a pilot, But will explain, and chat more when I get back to Tennesssee, I fly back Sunday, and my wife and 13 Year old son stay here for two more weeks visiting her elderly parents. Charlie Horack works at SNS and I'm surprised she just deleted all the work we've done.

Caio, Scott

PS: You need to help me copyright or whatever all my contributed pictures, next week or week after.

  • Please add new stuff at the end of this talk page, not the top. I did a double-take when I saw you writing up fossils - then I read on and saw the connection. I was amused, surprised and relieved to find that you know the person who vandalised SNS. I will leave the two of you to fight it out. Likewise, amused and surprised that you really did go up in a plane. Image tagging is not difficult - just copy and paste {{PD-user|Scottfisher}} into each image description - I would do it for you but it looks more credible if the tag matches the edit history! -- RHaworth 04:14:14, 2005-07-28 (UTC)

Hello again Roger, With all your wisdom I need your help as I see an Error that needs correcting on the bottom of ,Appalachian Mountains. Seems like there was a problem there before as I studied the history... Maybe to many characters or something? Hope you are doing fine, as I am back home. Weather in the bay area of Northern California is the best! Regards... User:Scottfisher

DISREGARD ABOVE OLD FRIEND, I guess I magically fixed it! Still learning...Hope I made someone happy..

Albert - ouch

Roger, me again.... when you become an Admin, Please get rid of this one, Thanks in advance. X Warning. -- Scotty 23:15 EST. 8/10/05.

  • Yes. Makes me feel uncomfortable just looking at it. How did you find it - or perhaps I better not ask. But it does have a PD-self tag on it placed there by the uploader (unlike [4]) - so why should I touch it?
  • >In response: I noticed at the bottom of User:Scottfisher, [Category:User-created public domain images] has been added to the page and I was most curious last night to see what this was. As I reviewed the pictures I saw it. Must be european? I understand your feelings.

Especially while there are backlogs on WP:PUI and WP:CP (which includes one of yours in case you had not noticed). -- RHaworth 04:08:33, 2005-08-11 (UTC)

  • I see now that you have tagged at least one image - well done.
  • >In response:Yes only because this image is a non-corrected size, and I'm still wondering how to label the others without too much work of correcting the size. I guess I'll have to put into the uploaded Image then reload them to the pages, and resize accordingly so not to screw up the page.
    • >See below.

Except that since Image:SNS RF ion Source.jpg was taken by a Govt employee inside a Govt installation, should not the tag be PD-USGov-DOE ?

  • >In response: I would think so....I'll mention it to Miss Charlie, but I know she is busy.

I dunno what has happened with Image:Spheres.jpg and Image:Repo von Guericke hemispheres.jpg.

  • >In response: Yes I tried loading them yesterday, and for some reason they did not come out. I tried it again and same thing, I will try it later and attempt to load them up. Not sure why it did this.

My tools tell me that they are perfectly valid JPEG files - they just happen to be nothing but white pixels! Check them on your machine and try yet again. -- RHaworth 04:36:04, 2005-08-11 (UTC)

Image tags

[From above] - non-corrected size, work of correcting the size, etc. What on earth are you talking about? I will say this very slowly:

  • Image copyright tags such as {{PD}} are placed as text in an image descriptor page such as this or this. The copyright tag does not appear in the article where the image is used.
  • Images can be uploaded any size you like - Wiki (not your browser) will scale them to the required size without you having to do anything - like this: 24px 36px 48px 72px

Are you beginning to understand? I am not going to tag any more of your pictues - tags should be placed by the uploader so that the history shows that the uploader was also the tagger. -- RHaworth 18:31:24, 2005-08-11 (UTC)

>Understand and I beleive most are tagged now. Thanks for the template or whatever its called.

Amarna letters

To be honest, I'm not at all sure what that fellow's on about. I don't know if it's original research or a translation (or, if it was his translation, would that be original research?) User:Llywrch seems pretty knowledgable about this stuff, maybe he can help sort it out? --Briangotts (talk) 13:41, 11 August 2005 (UTC)

Hi Roger, I saw your note about that article. I just noticed this contributor's work yesterday, but didn't add to your comments about Amarna Letters Dictionary Global, No. 1 for the simple reason I thought you argued your case very clearly & persuasively: these contributions belong either at Wikibooks or Wikisource. (ISTR seeing at Wikisource transcriptions of Hittite texts, which is why I mention it.) If this fellow would log in & use his account here on Wikipedia, we could explain this point & educate him there; but his practice of editting anonymously prevents that.
As the quality of his work, I really can't offer a solid opinion about it, except that it doesn't obviously betray itself as the work of a crank. (Although I am surprised at his lack of skill with computers in this day & age.)
While I'm not happy with this solution, maybe the best thing to do would be to go ahead & move these articles over to Wikibooks or Wikisource, & leave a note what was done, & that the original material will be deleted. (See Wikipedia:Transwiki log, which appears to indicate that this is the policy. If that seems too harsh, tell him what's going to happen first -- & that he can continue to work on these articles over there just as before. I'm going to be out of town (& away from Wikipedia) for the weekend starting tomorrow, so if you'd like my support or help I probably won't be available until Monday. -- llywrch 20:39, 11 August 2005 (UTC)
Update: some of his related work has been listed on VfD. See Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Amarna Letters EA 19(Tushratta). And no, I wasn't the one who started this ball rolling. -- llywrch 23:35, 15 August 2005 (UTC)

Rob Vincent

Why did you remove the speedy tag from Rob Vincent? I do not see anything in that article as it stands that looks like a claim of notability to me. Also it appears that you used the admin rollback tool. As I understand it, this is only supposed to be for vandalism. My addition of the speedy tag was in good faith, and in no way vandalism, even if you disagree with it. I have been fairly active on new page patrol and on VfD, and I was active in the debates on the creation of WP:CSD criterion A7. I created {{nn-bio}}. I have also been consistant in advocating strict application of the CSD, not favoring speedy tags on undesireable articles that do not quite meet the criteria. I have made this point several times on VfU and VfD. So I don't think my speedy tags should be looked on as vandalism, although there is always room to debate any edit. DES (talk) 15:51, 24 August 2005 (UTC)

  • Sorry about using rollback - I agree - I should have reverted with an edit summary. I think (and point me at the appropriate bit of the manual if I am wrong) that an article under VfD consideration should not be also tagged for speedy. As a non-sysop you can still:
    • close the VfD debate with {{vfd top}} and {{vfd bottom}} at top and bottom
    • replace the VfD tag on the article with {{db|see [[WP:votes for deletion/...]]}}.
If Rob Vincent had been thus I would have deleted it willingly. -- RHaworth 16:11:05, 2005-08-24 (UTC)
  • I belive you are incorrect. I have rather frequently added speedy tags to articles on VfD, and fairly often experienced admins have reacted to such articles by speedying them. OTOH, I have been strongly advised by several admins, at least one a beauracrat, not to close any VfD as a non-admin unless the result was a clear keep. I am going to re-add the tag to the article DES (talk) 16:17, 24 August 2005 (UTC)
  • OK. I shall watch what experienced admins are doing. -- RHaworth 16:22:39, 2005-08-24 (UTC)

A minor template problem

Maybe you can help me. Its a template problem. This one has been bugging me for a while now. If you go to Pottsville, Pennsylvania On the right you will see a template with no flag. Really there is no flag for this city, Is it possible to eliminate it and center the seal? Oh well....Have to run and look at the Flux capacitor

Much Thanks.... Scotty

  • Options:
    • Find a flag somewhere - since you do copyvios so happily, this should be no problem
    • Find a template that does not include a flag. Template:US City infobox is only used by 110 cities - how do other cities do things
    • Create a new template - and use it in at least three cities straight away - just to 'fix' it in place
    • Change the Pottsville article to {{subst:US City infobox}} , save the article - edit the result. I do not recommend this - templates are a good idea.
-- RHaworth 19:03:01, 2005-08-25 (UTC)

Note, mainly to self: Bridgeman Art Library v. Corel Corp. suggests that Scotties uploads of old postcards are not copyvios. Use {{PD-art}}. -- RHaworth 19:03:01, 2005-08-25 (UTC)

Interesting about Corel Scott 15:47:20, 2005-08-27 (UTC)
      • I chose number two above, with the template example link you provided. It'll have to be later though. Looks like it may take some time to substitute, and make sure it works correctly. Going to make it a weekend project.
      • Cool...
      • As for the copyvios they really are old post cards I use to get years ago in the five and dime when I was a kid. Not sure if you know what that is by five and dime...Holy cow, I can not believe wikipedia, They had the link to five and dime, Wikipedia amazes me. LOL
      • You don't see five and dimes around anymore. They use to be in all the downtowns. Most have gone out of business due to the malls. That is why I feel it is important to capture the moment here on Wikipedia, If you know what I mean.
      • Catch up with you later...and I'll get on that. Much Thanks again for your time.... Scotty
  • Good Saturday Morning Roger,

Well I attempted to substitute a new template and no luck. Better leave it alone for now. Those {{ }} symbols really scare me. LOL Scares me

It's not hurting anything just bugging me, LOL I'll go back at another time and attempt it again. Thanks Scott 15:47:20, 2005-08-27 (UTC)

Franciszek Honiok

Fair enough, I wasn't really sure what to do with it. A redirect can't hurt. --qviri 06:14, 27 August 2005 (UTC)

Scarface references in south park

Could you close the vfd and delete this page? The VFD technically has two more days but all users have voted to delete. Thanks. freestylefrappe 04:43, August 28, 2005 (UTC)

Thanks again. freestylefrappe 01:31, August 29, 2005 (UTC)

Category:Women composers

Not sure how I missed this, I must have been out of town or something. To answer your question posted on the recently closed cfd, yes this category was discussed here and the following listings, as part of a gender specific topic on Cfd. The result was to merge back to their prespective specialty categories. I am writing this to you, because you showed interest in the deletion/recreation and Radiant!'s attempt to get it re-deleted. Whether or not someone feels it should be recreated, should not out weigh the consensus of the community. I do personally believe that it is biased to seperate men and women in non-gender specific job roles, however it has no bearing on my feelings about users recreating items after the community has decided to delete them, especially if they had knowledge of such and ignored it. I am not speaking of you, I am just letting you know the history, as like I said you showed an interest. I am closing the current Cfd as no consensus (no change)/keep. However I think it will the topic will be raised again. Please do not take this in the wrong manner, I am just informing you. Thanks. Who?¿? 00:42, 29 August 2005 (UTC)

Michael McAnnis and the Armarna letters

Hey, dunno how you spotted Michael and contacted him. But thanks, great. He's left some excited stuff on my page, all full of the discoveries he's made. I've said thanks but we want you to get your stuff downloaded if you need it. I've told him I'll delete it after seven days so he has to pull his socks up. Thanks again. --Tony SidawayTalk 03:58, 1 September 2005 (UTC)


when were category:user dzl and category:user dzl-N deleted? they were/are linked to templates whose deletion vote that hasn't closed yet. thankz, McVonn 03:54, 3 September 2005 (UTC)

about Cross-Strait Relations

hi, roger. Cross-Taiwan-Strait relation is not a usually used name, there are two hyphens, and the plural word "relations" should be used, i do not think english users would try this name, and chinese (or any other language) users can follow the interwiki from that version of wikipedia, so i do not feel that we should keep this page, even though it is now just a redirect. --roc (talk) 10:55:17, 2005-09-03 (UTC)

  • I have no feelings. Re-instate the speedy tag if you want - I will not touch it. But see below. -- RHaworth 18:02:36, 2005-09-03 (UTC)

Weissenburg im Bayern

You removed the delete tag and claim it a "totally valid" redirect.

I don't see the point in having redirects for every imaginable spelling or grammar error. -- 13:18:44, 2005-09-03 (UTC)

  • I don't see the point …. I agree - I could have created a redirect from Weißenburg im Bayern but did not. (Weißenburg in Bayern exists already.) But when a redirect has been created by a move, it is far less effort to leave the redirect than waste effort (as we are doing now) on removing it. In this case the version with im scores a few Google hits so I say keep. But as for "Cross-Strait Relations" above - do what you like. (I saw that the "in Bayern" one allegedly links back to the "im Bayern" title. I assume this is a database glitch.) -- RHaworth 18:09:56, 2005-09-03 (UTC)

Mark Wingett and other odd vandalism

Hi. I see you've spotted the odd vandal I've been dealing with. He first came to my attention through Families (TV series), but also makes incorrect edits to various Simpsons articles. At least hi sedit of Familes lets me know his latest IP, and I can sift through User contributions checking his edits: see this one! [5], particularly where Murray Lindsay takes you! The JPS 17:36, 7 September 2005 (UTC)