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April 2010[edit]

Information.svg Welcome to Wikipedia. Although everyone is welcome to contribute to the encyclopedia, one or more of the external links you added to the page Sherlock Holmes do not comply with our guidelines for external links and have been removed. Wikipedia is not a collection of links; nor should it be used as a platform for advertising or promotion, and doing so is contrary to the goals of this project. Because Wikipedia uses nofollow tags, external links do not alter search engine rankings. If you feel the link should be added to the article, please discuss it on the article's talk page before reinserting it. Please take a look at the welcome page to learn more about contributing to this encyclopedia. Thank you. Old Moonraker (talk) 05:48, 28 April 2010 (UTC)

You have reinstated the material, claiming that it "is not spam". However it contravenes the external links policy item four—"Links mainly intended to promote a website...external link spamming"—and has no place on Wikipedia. Continued spamming can result in a block. --Old Moonraker (talk) 06:34, 29 April 2010 (UTC)