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Your claims of copyright infringement[edit]

On November 4, 2005 you made a claim that several images had been copied from your website. The uploader has responded that these are public domain images. Therefore, without further proof, the images you noted will not be removed at this time. Here is your original posting on Wikipedia:Copyright problems and the response from the uploader.

All of these images were lifted from my website without permission! There are many more, how can I clear this up? Who is this Husnok?(Rokats)

All of those images were obtained from a very large image database on file at the National Personnel Records Center. I don't know where they came from before that, but some have been available since at least 2001. Also, as most of the badge are graphics and pictures of military badges, they shouldn't really be copyrighted. So, anyway, to answer the original question, I uploaded them but they were not lifted off of a website. They were obtained through various military history resources available at NPRC, Randolph Air Force Base, the Institute of Heraldry, and the Military Personnel Records Center. -Husnock 23:54, 14 November 2005 (UTC)