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Hello, Roseclearfield! Welcome to Wikipedia! Thank you for your contributions. You may benefit from following some of the links below, which will help you get the most out of Wikipedia. If you have any questions you can ask me on my talk page, or place {{helpme}} on your talk page and ask your question there. Please remember to sign your name on talk pages by clicking Button sig.png or by typing four tildes "~~~~"; this will automatically produce your name and the date. If you are already loving Wikipedia you might want to consider being "adopted" by a more experienced editor or joining a WikiProject to collaborate with others in creating and improving articles of your interest. Click here for a directory of all the WikiProjects. Finally, please do your best to always fill in the edit summary field. Happy editing! Regards, FM talk to me | show contributions ]  22:08, 20 February 2009 (UTC)
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Having now seen your user page, I am sure there is no freeloading intention. I was concerned that someone had had a bright idea about free space... As to the legitimacy of the work - the user page policy document is ambiguous. (and on for three paragraphs) seems to allow it in the 'what's allowed' paragraph, and to disallow it in the 'what's not allowed' one. If no-one else raises concerns, carry on for me. The work of some of them looks quite impressive - I don't really understand the American education system so I can't tell how old they'll be. Mind you, the better the work, the more suspicious I get. I knocked back a Cub Scout on his bookreader's badge when he produced four pages on the Dewey system. To show what this kid was like, at eight he pointed something out to me one day and said, "That bud's in the process of turning into a blossom" - he was devastated to be knocked back! When he produced his own explanation the next week, he told me that he thought I had been quite right to do it and that he shouldn't have copied the four pages. I don't like copy and paste answers or essays. In another place on the net that I frequent, most posters c&p their answers. I don't - unless it gets put in quotes and is done because it beats any rewording I could do. Please tell your students I wasn't getting at them personally - my target was you! I'll remove the question from their talk pages now it's sorted out. Peridon (talk) 18:48, 31 March 2010 (UTC)

Your students' work[edit]

Hi. I came on the conversation above by chance. Here are some links that may be helpful to you:

Regards, JohnCD (talk) 15:23, 1 April 2010 (UTC)

Hi John. Thanks for putting up these links so I can access them easily. I had seen the first two and will definitely go about this project in a more official way next year. Again, thanks for your help. Best, Roseclearfield (talk) 02:08, 2 April 2010 (UTC)

Ink Exchange[edit]

I think it looks much better. Well done, and thanks for your note. Dr Aaij (talk) 23:25, 25 April 2010 (UTC)

Account creation[edit]

I have replied there. See if that's what you're looking for. OhanaUnitedTalk page 04:24, 7 February 2011 (UTC)

ACC Account Requested[edit]

Roseclearfield requested an account on the ACC account creation interface so that she can create accounts for her high school students to edit YA novel articles and report vandals. Thanks! Roseclearfield (talk) 22:21, 14 February 2011 (UTC)

Hello, Roseclearfield I have approved your request for ACC tool access, disregard a previous message of a decline. Your request has been approved [1]. Please make yourself familiar with the Account Creation guide. Welcome to ACC. Mlpearc powwow 15:22, 15 February 2011 (UTC)
...and I've just revoked that, as you don't need to use that interface to create the accounts - just go to Special:UserLogin/signup while logged in and you'll be able to bypass the creation rate limit. If you enter only a username and email address, and press the "by email" button, the account will be created with a password emailed to the user. Sorry for all the confusion surrounding this, hopefully it's sorted now. If you need any assistance/advice/more info/friendly voice etc, don't hesitate to get in contact with me, either on my talk page, or via email. :) [stwalkerster|talk] 16:28, 15 February 2011 (UTC)
Just for follow-up, we resolved this issue by changing the block. Thanks, Stwalkerster! Roseclearfield (talk) 17:58, 15 February 2011 (UTC)
Apologies for the mix up. Mlpearc powwow 23:02, 15 February 2011 (UTC)


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ANI discussion[edit]

Informational note: this is to let you know that there currently is a discussion at Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents#Something strange going on here regarding an issue with which you may have been involved. Regards, - TexasAndroid (talk) 20:06, 4 March 2011 (UTC)

  • Hello Roseclearfield, thank you for adding Wikipedia to your classroom. However, if you follow the above link, you will see that the edits made by your students have raised some eyebrows. First of all, unverified stubs are likely to get templated or deleted--though not if they're about novels--even if the edit summary says something like "will add content later." It is a much better idea to make sandboxes for your students to work in; when an article looks like an article (incl. references, categories, etc.) they can move it to the article space.

    Second, it would be helpful to add a template to the talkpage. {{EducationalAssignment}} would be a start already; I'm sure there's a template around with a parameter so you can link to your project space. Such a template will warn editors that there's something going on; they will be less likely to bring down the hammer.

    Finally, if you need a hand, Wikipedia:School and university projects should have some useful links and the talk page is a good place for questions. Feel free to drop me a line as well. Good luck. Dr Aaij (talk) 20:25, 4 March 2011 (UTC)

And let me apologize for reaching incorrect assumptions about what was going on. - TexasAndroid (talk) 20:29, 4 March 2011 (UTC)
Thanks for your support, everyone. I will take a different approach to article creation next year. All students are making user subpages, we just wanted a place to put the Ed. assignment tag. Roseclearfield (talk) 20:59, 4 March 2011 (UTC)
Can we add sources and do other updates to the stubs? --Guerillero | My Talk 21:20, 4 March 2011 (UTC)
Yes, please! Do add sources. Yes, update away! We will be adding lots of secondary sources next week, but please help us out. It is exciting for students to interact with the community and see that these pages are not stagnant. I will try to do my part this weekend as well to add some sourcing and links to the stubs we created today. Again, I'll take a different route next year, but at least we were being bold. Thank you! Roseclearfield (talk) 21:38, 4 March 2011 (UTC)
Being bold is better then doing nothing --Guerillero | My Talk 06:05, 5 March 2011 (UTC)

Wikipedia Asssignment[edit]

Hey, I saw that you are running a teaching assignment where students improve Wikipedia articles on YA literature. I am a WP:Ambassador and a major contributer at WP:WikiProject Novels. If you want some tools that have been developed for teaching assignments at universities, you might want to check out WP:Ambassadors/Resources. For what your students are working on, the Manual of Style for novels, Wikipedia:MOS_(novels) might be useful. Also, if your students want advice, they are more than welcome to show up at the IRC channels Wikipedia-en-classroom for help from experienced Wikipedians who work with students. If you have any questions or would like some help, feel free to email me and I can help you make the assignment a success! Sadads (talk) 21:22, 4 March 2011 (UTC)

Great! I will monitor some of the pages which your students have tagged for the assignment, and try to give good feedback. One of the biggest problems we have with Novels and YA fiction articles is that contributers focus on plot summaries. If you can make sure the students look at the MOS for novels and try to expand sections other then those directly related to the plot, but more focused on the criticism, themes, style, etc, while still making WP:Verfiable contributions that aren't WP:Original Research, that would be great! Best of luck, and I open to emails and am watching this page! Sadads (talk) 21:32, 4 March 2011 (UTC)
Good I am glad to hear that you already thought that one through, sometimes instructors don't. Like I said, I am watching about 1/2 of the classes pages and hopefully some Wikipedia Ambassadors will watch the others, so you should be getting some great feedback throughout the assignment. And I am very much looking forward to your students' contributions!Sadads (talk) 21:37, 4 March 2011 (UTC)
I noticed that one of your students chose The Hobbit, as much as that is an appropriate book for your cousework, for a Wikipedia assignment, it is going to be really hard for your students to do anything on. Someone already brought the article up to WP:Good article status and currently the article looks like it is nearly a WP:Featured Article, which means your students probably wont be able to add much to the content, or it may require resources your students wont have to do additional research. Other users raised similar concern at Talk:The Hobbit. Is it possible the student can work on another page? Sadads (talk) 11:50, 5 March 2011 (UTC)
Sure. I'll talk to her about it.Roseclearfield (talk) 18:42, 5 March 2011 (UTC)

Related changes[edit]

With your project tracking page, here's a tip. A *very* useful link once you have such a page is the "Related changes" link. It's on the left in the "toolbox" area. This will give you a page of recent changes to all pages linked from the current. This is a quick way to peak at what is happening on every one of your student's pages all at one time. Without having to jump to each and every page individually. Obviously you'll need to look at them individually when eventually grading things, but while things are developing, it's an easy way to get an overview of things, and spot any trouble-spots. - TexasAndroid (talk) 21:39, 7 March 2011 (UTC)
Just tried it. Neat! Roseclearfield (talk) 21:53, 7 March 2011 (UTC)
As an example of something to watch out for, take a look a little way down for Tricks (novel)‎. One of the ClueBots reverted a plot summary change from one of your students. In case you are not aware, Bots are automated pieces of software that perform automated tasks. Basically a computer program did this revert. The ClueBots in particular are anti-vandalism bots. But they are not perfect. False positives happen. Something in what your student wrote was flagged by the bot as looking vandalistic, and the bot automatically reverted. I've reverted the bot itself, as I could see that it was not vandalism. In general, the ClueBots will not edit war, or at least they are not supposed to do so. If a ClueBot reverts, then just revert the ClueBot right back, with an edit summary of "reverting the bot" or some such. You're not interacting with a person and, as I said, the bots are specifically programmed not to edit war, so they should not revert a student a second time. - TexasAndroid (talk) 22:27, 7 March 2011 (UTC)
And another example. Recent editing at Monster (Walter Dean Myers novel) by an IP looks to be likely one of your students. You may want to warn them to be careful about being certain to be logged in when editing. 1) It's harder for you to tell exactly which student it was, or if it even was one of your students, if they are not editing from the expected accounts. And 2) IP editing is actually *less* anonymous than account editing. And for young people, it's better to keep their online identity more concealed. When editing logged out, *anyone* can see the IP address, which can potentially be tracked back to the exact computer from which they edited. When editing from accounts, only a very small number of highly trusted editors on the project can get at the IP information. I'm an Admin, for instance, but I do not have what is called CheckUser access to see the IPs below accounts. - TexasAndroid (talk) 22:49, 7 March 2011 (UTC)

Pages not on the Project page[edit]

As an FYI, the following articles that appear to be part of your project do not appear to be listed on your project page (yet). I Am Rembrandt's Daughter, True Believer (novel), Bang! (novel), Beige (novel), and Ask Me No Questions (novel). - TexasAndroid (talk) 21:50, 7 March 2011 (UTC)

Thanks! I'll work on that. (Some kids work faster than others.) By the way, thank you for advocating for our pages to editors watching out for stubs and other deletables. Roseclearfield (talk) 21:52, 7 March 2011 (UTC)

Deletion debate started on one of the new student articles[edit]

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Mexican WhiteBoy. If you or your student can find sources showing that this novel meets the WP:NBOOK criteria, the sooner that it is done the better. Likely the same with any other brand new articles under this school assignment. All shold have their notability shown ASAP. But this one is now specifically under deletion debate. Note. Please do not yourself or your students rush to the debate to "vote" to keep the article. It's a debate, not a vote, and a flood of "Keep" "votes" tends to do more harm than good. As I mentioned above, the best path forward is to show why the article meets the notability criteria, on the article itself. Once that is done, you'll have policy on your side if you go in and try to get a Keep result at the AFD debate. - TexasAndroid (talk) 16:59, 9 March 2011 (UTC)

Thanks. I'll work on that right now. Once again, thank you. Roseclearfield (talk) 18:34, 9 March 2011 (UTC)
Very nice job. I've placed a Keep !vote on the debate, based on your work on referencing it. - TexasAndroid (talk) 14:17, 10 March 2011 (UTC)

More stuff?[edit]

It's not YA literature, but if you or any of your students are interested, I just created two related stubs--The Tiger's Wife and Téa Obreht. Dr Aaij (talk) 19:14, 11 March 2011 (UTC)

Jane Eyre talkback[edit]

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A kitten for you![edit]

Kitten (06) by Ron.jpg


Sullywithsauce (talk) 17:45, 30 March 2012 (UTC)

The Bell Jar edits[edit]

Hello, I noticed that a few of your students are contributing to The Bell Jar. While they're making good progress, could you please advise them to include specific page numbers with their citations, rather than page ranges? This would be a good time to instruct them in the use of short citations, so they can list full bibliographic information under a "References" or "Sources" section, then refer to such works in a shortened format as footnotes. Specific page numbers are useful to researchers because it helps them pinpoint exactly what part of the source is being referred to, which makes the article far more verifiable. If you have any questions, let me know. María (yllosubmarine) 19:13, 30 March 2012 (UTC)

Yes, page ranges are useful, and perhaps I shouldn't have said "rather than" above. Sorry for the confusion! It's just that, as I noted above, the inclusion of exact page numbers allow for better verifiability. When I posted my initial comment, only ranges were included in the article, which is irksome. When short citations are utilized, ranges can be included with the full bibliographic information under "References"/"Sources". See the reference structure of articles like The Sun Also Rises and The Red Badge of Courage for a better idea of how this looks. María (yllosubmarine) 20:04, 30 March 2012 (UTC)

Temporary Insanity?[edit]

With the new knowledge you have bestowed upon me- namely, the knowledge that there exists an extremely large and incredibly typo-riddled body of information that can be freely nitpicked by compulsive perfectionists such as myself- I feel that I may have crossed a kind of Wikipedia event horizon. I made my first non-school-related edit a handful of minutes ago and I have since been struck with feelings of simultaneous triumph and a creeping sense of defeat: the feeling one gets when one knows one will be drawn to quibble over grammar when one is supposed to be working on a Biology project at three in the morning. Your student, Slice-of-insanity (talk) 02:30, 22 April 2012 (UTC)

IRC message[edit]

Hi! I'm sorry nobody responded to your message on #wikipedia-en-classroom on IRC. If you look at the article quality/importance matrix for the Children's literature WikiProject (ie. this) you can see the overlap in quality and importance by pressing the figure in the cell you want. For instance, here are the articles that are both high importance and stubs. Hope this helps, Rock drum Ba-dumCrash 16:12, 16 November 2012 (UTC)

That's perfect! Thank you! Roseclearfield (talk) 20:44, 16 November 2012 (UTC)

Wiki in education[edit]

Hi Rose. I just noticed your project Wikipedia:School and university projects/Grafton High School: YA Novel Improvement and thought you might be interested in the Wikimedia in Higher Education symposium at The University of Sydney. I realize it's on a schoolday, so it might be a longshot, but if you're able to make it, I think your experiences and thoughts would be a fantastic addition. --99of9 (talk) 03:36, 5 March 2013 (UTC)

Hi! While I'm delighted to be asked, it would be quite a trek for me. Best wishes and I look forward to reading about the symposium! --Roseclearfield (talk) 02:20, 6 March 2013 (UTC)


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Mdann52 (talk) 11:03, 8 March 2013 (UTC)

User:Kaylee.jonnes/sandbox essay on The Great Gatsby[edit]

Hi, Roseclearfield. I believe User:Kaylee.jonnes created User:Kaylee.jonnes/sandbox about The Great Gatsby as part of Wikipedia:School and university projects/Grafton High School: YA Novel Improvement but she isn't represented on that page. I'm not sure to which of the categories (1A, 1B, etc.) she belongs so I can't add her. I'm going to remove the educational assignment tag from Talk:The_Great_Gatsby because the assignment didn't seem to introduce any edits into the article itself from the student and move it to her essay. Jason Quinn (talk) 15:36, 22 October 2013 (UTC)

Please do! Thank you. She didn't make any edits. Roseclearfield (talk) 22:15, 31 October 2013 (UTC)

Disambiguation link notification for November 18[edit]

Hi. Thank you for your recent edits. Wikipedia appreciates your help. We noticed though that when you edited Great Expectations, you added a link pointing to the disambiguation page Peter Brooks. Such links are almost always unintended, since a disambiguation page is merely a list of "Did you mean..." article titles. Read the FAQ • Join us at the DPL WikiProject.

It's OK to remove this message. Also, to stop receiving these messages, follow these opt-out instructions. Thanks, DPL bot (talk) 11:33, 18 November 2014 (UTC)