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Rejection: Blueair[edit]

I've added 3 more sources, please let me know if you need any more.

Rejection of ArKna: Sed de Poder[edit]

Hi Rushbugled13, you recently rejected the article I posted on Arkna, a Chilean Card Game, and I was wondering why. The game is well known enough in Chile to meet the requirements I believe, and making this article was in part to enrich an existing article on IguanaBee, a Chilean mobile games company, where it mentions its games but has no link to an article on Arkna, so I figured I would simply add one.

This is the link to the page of IguanaBee.

This is the link to the article I tried to submit:

Thank you.

Rejected Article[edit]

Hi, you just rejected an article I wrote on Chuuwee, a Hip Hop artist. The article is located here:

However, the article does meet the criteria for notability located here:

In particular, stipulation number 5 for musicians and ensembles: "Has released two or more albums on a major label or on one of the more important indie labels (i.e., an independent label with a history of more than a few years, and with a roster of performers, many of whom are notable)."

As it notes in the article, Chuuwee is currently signed to Amalgam Digital, an independent label which has also signed artists such as Max B, Joe Budden, Lil B, Saigon, and others. All of these artists have their own pages on Wikipedia, respectively. He has released 4 albums (mixtapes in Hip Hop terminology) through the label.

So can we get the article up now?

Rejection of Wikipedia talk:Articles for creation/Cuban Propaganda- A Case Study of the Cuban 5[edit]

Hello Rushbugled 13,

I am trying to figure out specifically why my entry does not meet the qualifications for publication. Could you kindly provide specific examples why my work cannot be considered or perhaps what entry you are finding questionable? There is a Wikipedia page on propaganda that already exists. Please be aware there is a Wikipedia entry titled "Civilization Jihad" that is posted on Wikipedia. I am highlighting one case where propaganda is indeed attempting to persuade the masses to take action on behalf of the so-called Cuban 5. I have used citations throughout my project and used examples that are indeed instances of propaganda. You will note that I did not proclaim my support or disdain for the Cuban 5, I am merely trying to show the readership that many of the approaches used in support of the Cuban 5 meet the accepted definition of propaganda, which result is to persuade the masses to take action on a cause. I have used official sources from the Cuban government and various organizations that are pro-Cuban 5 along with research involving active measures and propaganda. I also incorporated the findings of the US Circuit Court to provide a juxtaposition to the claims of the Cuban 5 and those who support them.

Thank you, very much- Propculture

grannies on a boat fighting zombies[edit]

is the amazon page listing the book and reviews not a 'verifiable' source? what else would be necessary?

rejected article about Mc Sai[edit]

Hi just a few questions about my article which got rejected. Mc Sai is a friend of mine, and everything i wrote was literally what he dictated to me and also info i got from a few other sites ( which i cited). I'm not sure on how else to make my article more reliable, if you do not mind can you point out anything i can do, please? I understand that it is part of your rules to reject a article where there is insufficient sources, so would you like him to personnaly contact you, or maybe i can do something else? And also i am not able to upload a picture of him, why is that?

Thankyou Ahranee

I have unreviewed a page you curated[edit]

Hi, I'm Blanchardb. I wanted to let you know that I saw the page you reviewed, Smbat Margaryan, and have un-reviewed it again. If you've got any questions, please ask me on my talk page. Thanks, Blanchardb


KidWX is a review based website for parents. provides an information portal for parents to post reviews of professionals who provide services for children. Founded by two mothers, Jamie Finch and Linda Nimmo, KidWX has unfiltered reviews and no advertising. Unique in its business plan this website provides instant information for parents whose needs change due to relocation or stage of life. KidWX closely aligns itself with multiple non-profit organizations all who benefit children with an emphasis on special needs.


The whole article on psionics is really bad, I admit my editing in the word "Bollocks" repeatedly is probably not the best way to edit Wikipedia, but deletion of "Psionics as a practice" (no one has ever been proved to "practice psionics") should be deleted, as should the statement that psionics appears in much in fiction as much as magic. The inference is psionics is a legitimate area of study, which it really isn't.

Article Stephane Bancel[edit]

Following should be removed from Stephane Bancle

"Stephane Bancel is named as an inventor on over 630 patent filings in the field of messenger RNA technology. Despite the fact that he has no training in this field, his achievements have led to claims covering a broad range of novel compositions and formulations as well as manufacturing and clinical methods in the fields of human and animal therapeutics, cosmetics, diagnostics and cell processing.

Stéphane Bancel was elected a 2009 Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. He was elected best CEO for investor relations in France in 2009 and was ranked #1 CEO in the Biotech sector according to his friends at the 2011 Thomson Reuters EXTEL Study. "

These are exaggerated claims with absolutely no documents and references. I did USPTO.GOV search and could not find 630 patents assigned to Stephane Bancel. Scientific searches for Stephane Bancel returns absolutely no results to support his claim of contribution for RNA. Most probably this exaggerated profile was written by him, his relative or a friend. Wikipedia should not publish unverified falsified claims, A person with 630 patents on his resume is always a well known scientist. I work in the RNA and Genomics field as a VP President at ZS Gentics, Inc. I literally laughed after reading this profile. I have never heard this name for RNA research, not even dreams or as rumors.

Agenda 21[edit]

Agenda 21 - China - Social Aspects ... These programs offer a systematic introduction to China's Agenda 21 and the concept ... By the end of 1996, 666 cities and 17,770 towns had drawn ... - 42k

Mark Grieb[edit]

You also unfairly removed my site for mark Grieb.

Merry Christmas[edit]

AFA Edit removal[edit]

I'm not sure how my description of the AFA as a 'hate group' in the initial paragraph was not constructive, especially since the page itself details it's status as a hate group thereafter. The AFA being a hate group is part of it's public identity, and can reasonably be listed alongside it's status as a non-profit.

I have revised and updated the references section on the Last Curtain Call-page (Live CD/DVD from the Norwegian band Theatre of Tragedy). ToT has been active since 1994, and has been a significant band in the gothic metal genre. They are already listed with the rest of their discography on Wikipedia, and I find it strange that the Last Curtain Call has been rejected two times. I hope you will have another look at the references, and let me know if something is still missing.

Deletion of Article regarding TIFR Housing Complex, Mumbai[edit]

Hi. Please restore my article. Do not do this to me. Please, it's a humble request. I put a lot off effort into it you see. Please dude, just accept it.