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revision 199982019[edit]

My apologies for not including a summary of the edits made recently. I have updated the demographics section of the article on Kochi with some information released in 2008, with verifiable sources. Please review this information and reconsider your reversion. Shree90 (talk) 20:14, 22 March 2008 (UTC)

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WikiProject Christianity Newsletter[edit]

WikiProject Christianity Newsletter[edit]

Christianity WikiProject Newsletter - July 2008[edit]

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Kochi reverts[edit]

Hello Samuel,

I understand that Kochi page was a FA article, but it lost its status, due to few vested interests. Anyway, my intention is to ensure that the page comes back to FA Status soon.

First of all, I wonder why you revert all transport related matters, when many other cities like Chennai etc have classified into separte heads. Moreover many informations there are outdated. For example, JNNURM Buses and KSRTC Buses have became more popular than private buses since 2010. Hence stating that private buses are only option, its a wrong information

Several industries like FACT, HMT, TCC etc operates in Kochi. You may argue that they are located outside official city limits. But in any metro, be it Chennai, Pune or even Trivandrum, many of industries reported are actually outside official city limits. But their existence is dependent on Kochi city limit, not U/A. For example, Vallarpadom Port is outside official city limit, but its essentially part of Kochi City, which cannot be denied.

See, in Trivandrum, references to Port, Airport, VSSC, TERLS etc are all located outside official city limits. But their existence is simply because of city. Hence must be reported. Likewise for Kochi city too.

Brahmapuram waste management plant belongs to Kochi Corporation, but located in Thrikkara Panchayat. Hence restricting the article only to official limits, can make the city putting a false light.

Hence, I wish, you to assist me in putting up the page more updated and better in light, rather than keeping it in 2006 version, stating that its a stablized version--- Arun

See Samuel, I clearly know about the vested interests. I didn't allege upon you or any single individual. But there was a clear move against Kochi once in Wikipedia, which was observed by several Kochi based netizens and reported in many online forums, which I too have observed many times since 2006.

Well coming to transport, I still wonder, why you wish to stick to 2006 era data as far as transport is concerned. When cities like Chennai or Mumbai or Pune, have different classified head, why you seems to be particular when keeping it cluttered all. Moreover the tone in main page of Kochi-Transport, looks bit negative, as it doesn't talk important areas, say which all Highways touch Kochi, which are the public transport options, importance of railway stations etc. I think, thats not fair. It must be reverted to current data. Okay, you or others may edit it to make more simple or short, which is welcome. But reverting it and keeping the 2006 version, is really not good. I am once again going to revert that transport side again, probably a shorter version. I hope you can help me and others in keeping things short and simple, but I request you, kindly donot revert and maintain 2006 era datas.

Thanks- Arun--Arunvarmaother (talk) 18:12, 2 October 2010 (UTC)