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Dear Wikipedia

I would like to request that the block for spam / advertising / sockpuppeteering be lifted against Sarina Russo.

A previous person uploaded information on Sarina Russo early in 2010 and obviously did the wrong thing in terms of sockpuppeteering.

As a leading female business identity in Australia I believe users of Wikipedia would benefit from factual background on her and her business.

Please see my suggested entry below - I hope it meets with your satisfaction and I would be happy to take your advice if any changes need to be made

regards Brenden Brien

SARINA RUSSO Sarina Russo (born 1951, Castiglione, Sicily, Italy) is an Australian entrepreneur who founded the education, training and recruitment business – Sarina Russo™.

EARLY LIFE Born in Castiglione, Sicily, Italy, Sarina Russo is the youngest daughter of Antonino and Maria.

Russo’s father emigrated to Australia in 1952 and was followed by the rest of the family in 1956. They all settled in the Brisbane suburb of Spring Hill.

Russo was enrolled at St Stephen's Primary School and later All Hallows School, in Fortitude Valley.

Her first job was with Dalgety Australia Limited and over the years, she worked in various legal secretary roles and as a part-time typing teacher before starting her own business.

BUSINESS CAREER Sarina Russo’s first business venture was ‘The Office Academy’ in 1979 which provided secretarial training and free student job placement. The first enrolment consisted of nine students.

Today, Sarina Russo™ operates education, recruitment and training business including:

• Sarina Russo Job Access (Australia) provides recruitment services for unemployed jobseekers and employers • Sarina Russo Job Access (Great Britain) provides employment services and work placements in the West Midlands, London and Brighton. • Sarina Russo Schools | Australia offers a range of short, certificate, diploma and advance diploma level courses in Tourism, Hospitality and Business as well as pathways to University and English language courses for international students. • James Cook University Brisbane is a partnership between Russo Higher Education and James Cook University offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees for domestic students and international students. • Sarina Russo Institute | Skills for Industry trains unemployed people with job-ready skills and qualifications. • Sarina Russo Apprenticeship Services offers assists employers, job seekers, trainees and apprentices in over 600 skills and occupation areas • Russo Recruitment provides executive appointment, permanent, contract and temporary staff services; • VOICE – Psychologists & Allied Professionals conduct clinical assessments to support disadvantaged jobseekers overcome vocational and non-vocational return to work barriers e.g. workplace injury, depression, anxiety • Sarina Russo Global Initiative (not for profit) undertakes social inclusion and economic sustainability projects for disadvantage groups and individuals; • Sarina Investments is the property arm of the business.

Sarina Russo™ celebrated 31 years in business on 17 September 2010.

MEET ME AT THE TOP “Meet Me At The Top” (2002) is an autobiography, business and motivational book written by Sarina Russo and co-authored by Ross Gleeson. The book follows Russo’s personal and business growth from childhood through to her selection as one of 40 Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™ in 2002.

HOW TO GET THAT JOB For over 25 years Sarina Russo has hosted the interview style format, television infomercial - ‘How to Get That Job’. Sarina interviews individual who have succeed in their chosen field – often against the odds.

DRAGONS’ DEN Sarina Russo was a judge on the Australian version of venture capital television show Dragons' Den, broadcast on the Seven Network in 2005. Russo was one of five Australian “Dragons”, which included Peter Higgins, Simon Reynolds, Darryn Lyons and Suzi Dafnis. In December 2008, Russo appeared on the BBC episode Dragons’ Den Around the World .

COMMUNITY SERVICES / PHILANTHROPIC ENDEAVOURS • Clinton Global Initiative since 2008. Sarina Russo provided scholarships for a 5-day Global Business Executive Seminar at James Cook University Brisbane to help nine Nepalese leaders improve their capacity so they can better serve their local Nepalese communities

• Chairman and Trustee of the Jupiter’s Casino Community Benefit Fund since 1995 which has funded nearly 3000 not-for-profit groups with grants for community beneficial projects .

• Member of the Queensland Premier’s Advisory Board since 2000 – roundtable of business leaders offering industry based advice to the Premier, key Ministers and advisors

BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS • Listed in Who’ Who Australia, since 2002. • Graduate of the Harvard Business School Owner/President Management Program


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