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July 2014[edit]

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August 2014[edit]

Information icon Hello, I'm BilCat. I noticed that you removed topically-relevant content from Beechcraft Super King Air. However, Wikipedia is not censored to remove content that might be considered objectionable. Please do not remove or censor information that directly relates to the subject of the article. If the content in question involves images, you have the option to configure Wikipedia to hide images that you may find offensive. Take a look at the welcome page to learn more about contributing to this encyclopedia. If you think I made a mistake, or if you have any questions, you may leave a message on my talk page.Thank you. - BilCat (talk) 15:52, 12 August 2014 (UTC)

Hi BilCat, if the RAF no longer used the King Air350ERs I would have no problem with all the information about them being available. As they are currently being used on operations it is best that there numbers and ability is kept quiet until their role in Afghan is over. I know 99% of people out there just want to satisfy their curiosity and then will forget all about it. Unfortunately 1% will keep digging up more information and the wrong people will get hold of it and use it in a way that could lead to actions that harm others. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Saxerpi (talkcontribs)
It's already published information that is publicly available, as it's in the FlightGlobal article used as a source. While I assume you mean well, I honestly doubt knowing how many King Air350ERs the RAF has in service is a danger to anyone. If it were, the info would be classified and not released to the public in the first place. If you really feel this is dangerous, contact the RAF and ask if they would classify such info in the future. - BilCat (talk) 14:15, 13 August 2014 (UTC)