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                     DIMENSIONALITY >>>> 4D EFFECT

... Dimensionality is a Cut of the Matter Moving in a Space of the Time and Captured by Artist ... <<>>moving Pictures .... <<<< 4D EFFECT >>>>

…any action produces energy interaction with the surrounding space and thus leaves some traces (flashbacks) in space and time, which can be registered accordingly. Thus the movement of the ball to another ball and contact with the latter gives the effect of this ball as such «traces» as cleave the ambient air/ water, the impact on the surface on which it moves, and finally setting in motion the second ball which first passes the rest has energy, which in turn was the result of another energy interaction appears before earlier and thus left its mark in space and time and which can be called «residual effect»...

...and not all of these interactions visible to the naked eye or possible to detect at this time. There will cite two examples from my own experience:

1. In October 2006, I painted a picture that is quite strange for themselves on images, namely, I painted a praying angel and the theme was for me then still new. Also and name the picture «St. Irakli biding a bead » which suddenly came to me in the head perplex me. The fact is that, being a man is not religious at that time, I had no idea about the sacred, his biography and similar things.Since then took a couple of months and meeting with my friend introduced me to a man who just called Irakli that I got a puzzle. But more surprisingly, I experienced after some time when the year is already talking with Irakli, told him about this match. He asked me to show the picture that I made a few days later. What was my surprise when he told me that in this picture, I conveyed his mental state at the time. Already divining as described, I asked where was this gap, which he said that is the fall of 2006, exactly then I drew this picture.Thus, we can see, I somehow captured state of mind of the man and expressed it on canvas, as not even familiar with it because emanations his mental condition had left their traces in space and time that I was able to catch.

2. This happened in spring 2007, when I communication with girl which at the time the parents left the dog - puppy Yorkshire.One day in evening I unexpectedly painted a portrait of a dog not intending to do it before.The next morning I met my friend and the first thing she told me about the unusual behavior of her dog yesterday evening. Already, as a dormant sleep at night, the dog suddenly woke up, starting bark, run on the flat, growl, to molest owner and behave very heatedly that it was unnatural for her behavior especially given the time in which it is usually already tight slept. When I asked where it happened an hour, she replied that the hours of 11 pm, that is, at the same time, I painted her portrait.As we have seen in this case the situation repeats itself - there was an exchange of information between me and the dog, which she felt and reflected in his unusual behavior, and I handed it in the painting.

These two cases provide us with the processes occurring in not yet known physical science phenomena that she could not fix and determine with the help of existing scientific method. In this case, these processes cantion be described as the transfer of certain files of energy/information with which these files are transferred. These information energy packages can freely transferable in space as the electromagnetic interactions that produce, for example, radio and television and also in a time granting Conservation Law of Energy... Or as phylosophical expressed it by Japanese master former days Reyro Xu, in his treatise “Clear Sounding of Stone”: “As the body acts as a barrier, people can not enter into domestic sanctuary, but the mind can communicate so that dwells inside, just as thoughts are penetrating through Silver Mountain or Iron Wall. Ordinary people are unlikely to be able to understand this mystery.” / Publishing: Takuan Soho “ Letters from Zen Master to Fencing Master” edition of “Eurasia” St.Petersburg 1998 /...

...thus, painter, author of paintings can serve as a medium, the conductor of this energy and information... >>>>

July 2008

Sergey Vedernikov



CROSS as a simbol of Fourth |compary ‘Forth| >GODLIKE DIMENSION< JUST We gonna start to come in IT ….