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Jonathan Hayes
Andrew Taylor (businessman)
Tom Williamson (footballer)
Simon Heslop
Junior Lewis
Darel Russell
Alan Rogers (footballer)
Ian Andrews
With the Marines at Tarawa
João Miguel da Cunha Teixeira
Jack Colback
Will Atkinson
Tom Bradshaw (footballer born 1992)
Mark Oxley
Laurentian Abyss
Stuart Golabek
Chris Tate (footballer)
Louis R. Lowery
Gil Blumstein
Joe Cole
Gerry Taggart
Paul Smith (footballer born 1979)
Trowbridge Town F.C.
Steve Marchant
Malayan Emergency
Add Sources
Arsenal F.C.
Richie Wellens
Bolton Wanderers F.C.
Kate McGregor
Morgan Baker
Phillipa Peak
2000 Football League Cup Final
Leicester Corn Exchange
Nicolas Anelka

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