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Your contributions are very welcome, but are you quite certain that it is St Henry and not St Olaf the cathedral is dedicated to? And if so, what is the source of this? The information in the cathedral states its original name as 'St Eriks, St Olofs och St Lars metropolitkyrka i Norden'. Each saint had traditionally been associated with one of the cathedral's three portals, but the statues of the saints that were once located there are now kept in a side chapel. These statues are labelled St Eric, St Olaf and St Lawrence. (One of them has lost its head, but humorously, it is not St Eric.) A statue of Saint Henry, however, is nowhere to be found.

You also deleted or revised the following sentences:

'During the renovation work carried out in the 1970s, many of the medieval frescoes which had been whitewashed over after the Reformation were uncovered and restored.'

'High spires were added later, but after a fire in 1702, they were adorned with low helmets by Carl Hårleman in 1735.'

I don't know anything about the frescoes, but the 17th century spires (preceding Hårleman's helmets) are a fact. What is the reason for omitting them?