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Where are these numbers from[edit]

So, where are you getting the 27 gigaton figure from?

And how do you account for the fact that Mars is also warming up? Increased Martian agriculture? Have they upped their factory output? Or could it be that the real source for all this heat is the solar systems #1 source for heat, the sun. It has been noted, of course that the sun is in an irregular period right now, which means increased gamma radiation, which means less cloud cover here and warmer temperatures. Or the fact that the world got COLDER during the Industrial Revolution, when we first started pumping large quantities of C02 into the air? Ditto for WWII, when we again pumped out huge quantities in the course of the war?

The thing you have to realize is that "man-made" global warming is a political cause, nothing else. If it was actually meant to do ANYTHING than Kyoto would have cracked down on China and India (the two largest polluters) as well as the Third World. Lots of extremely dirty coal plants in all of those. America and Western Europe, which are the cleanest industrialized countries in the world, would have been relatively untouched by Kyoto. But that isn't how it happened. Because it's all politics. SpudHawg948 (talk) 14:54, 8 July 2008 (UTC)