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Peace walk[edit]

Of course Satish Kumar and his companion used ships to cross the channel and the atlantic, something I know all about myself; see Pet passport. I have changed the article but I think people can figure out for themselves that Satish did not cross water, no more than Jesus, so please do not vandalise my site--Scuiqui fox 20:52, 25 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Wikipedia is no more "your site" than it is any of ours. And that was a valid question - people have walked on water (with the help of large flotation skis). Zetawoof 22:33, 25 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Kumar could not have walked across water in the sixties on Flotation skis because they had not been invented. Besides which you could have asked not 'did they walk on water?' but 'did they cross water on flotation skis?' If they had done so in the sixties across the Atlantic we would all know about it. At the very least your comment was absurd, and your excuses lame. It is not my wiki, but I have the right to keep it clean--Scuiqui fox 13:41, 26 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Article Licensing[edit]

Hi, I've started a drive to get users to multi-license all of their contributions that they've made to either (1) all U.S. state, county, and city articles or (2) all articles, using the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike (CC-by-sa) v1.0 and v2.0 Licenses or into the public domain if they prefer. The CC-by-sa license is a true free documentation license that is similar to Wikipedia's license, the GFDL, but it allows other projects, such as WikiTravel, to use our articles. Since you are among the top 2000 Wikipedians by edits, I was wondering if you would be willing to multi-license all of your contributions or at minimum those on the geographic articles. Over 90% of people asked have agreed. For More Information:

To allow us to track those users who muli-license their contributions, many users copy and paste the "{{DualLicenseWithCC-BySA-Dual}}" template into their user page, but there are other options at Template messages/User namespace. The following examples could also copied and pasted into your user page:

Option 1
I agree to [[Wikipedia:Multi-licensing|multi-license]] all my contributions, with the exception of my user pages, as described below:


Option 2
I agree to [[Wikipedia:Multi-licensing|multi-license]] all my contributions to any [[U.S. state]], county, or city article as described below:

Or if you wanted to place your work into the public domain, you could replace "{{DualLicenseWithCC-BySA-Dual}}" with "{{MultiLicensePD}}". If you only prefer using the GFDL, I would like to know that too. Please let me know what you think at my talk page. It's important to know either way so no one keeps asking. -- Ram-Man (comment| talk)

Thomas John Barnado[edit]

I just wanted to draw your attention to a matter of style. We don't usually include a person's titles in the article name - so we have Winston Churchill and not Sir Winston Churchill. Therefore we already had an article at Thomas John Barnardo which covers his life and work in some detail. What I've done is made your article Dr Thomas Barnado a redirect, so that anyone who goes to it will automatically be sent to the existing one. (also note the spelling error).

All the best with future edits. DJ Clayworth 15:26, 12 Jan 2005 (UTC)

Talk:Michael Ross[edit]

Why did you move the VfD discussion on Michael Ross to Talk:Michael Ross? RickK 00:21, Jan 30, 2005 (UTC)

I did not move the discussion, merely duplicated, which is not the same thing at all. I did not mean harm.Squiquifox 02:18, 30 Jan 2005 (UTC)


"...hit on the back of the head with a machete..." Wow!! I hope you're doing ok! Meanwhile, I just want to welcome you to Yasser Arafat. It would be nice to get it tidied up. Some have recently begun going through it to pare it down, but so far we've only gotten through the introduction. --MPerel( talk | contrib) 21:47, Feb 8, 2005 (UTC)

Oversize article comments[edit]

Please stop putting these comments on the article pages. Comments go on Talk: pages. Jayjg (talk) 22:23, 8 Feb 2005 (UTC)

RastafarianismRastafari (Religion)[edit]

You realise that you could make that move yourself, right? Guettarda 03:26, 14 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Edit block for Hitler[edit]

There was a revert war shaping up because of some new edits, so I gave it a little time-out and let the things be discussed on talk. GeneralPatton 17:35, 14 Feb 2005 (UTC)

I edited only to fix the photosize (i.e. the cache still showed the bush photo at 200px). BTW, where was I involved in an editorial dispute there? GeneralPatton 17:49, 14 Feb 2005 (UTC)
Er, I didn't get involved with 'editing the article, I just talked about the situation with one of the involved parties. As far as I know its perfectly fine for admins to talk with other users and help them out a bit. GeneralPatton 18:17, 14 Feb 2005 (UTC)
The reason for protection was revert war/vandalism, see for yourself [4]. GeneralPatton 20:47, 14 Feb 2005 (UTC)


FYI - There is an article already at Garifuna. Guettarda 14:29, 16 Feb 2005 (UTC)

User:ALoan & Rastafarianism[edit]

You might want to elevate your request on the Policy page - make it its own subheading so people will see it - and you could always raise the issue at the Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard (actually I think Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents is the proper place to make an open informal complaint over the behaviour of an admin in the event that felt this was serious enough to make a complaint about. Guettarda 16:40, 18 Feb 2005 (UTC)


Oops - my mistake: I must have misread today's date. I apologise profusely: I honestly thought that its 5 days was up. I will move it back to WP:RM immediately. We are all human. On checking WP:RM, I see that my error arose because RastafarianismRastafari was listed under a header which read February 13 whereas the first comment was made on 14 February.

However, I don't think I deserved the remark "outrageous power tripping from a sysop" on Talk:Rastafarianism. I do happen to be an admin, but anyone can cut and paste a debate from WP:RM onto a talk page. Assume good faith.

For the record, I think the debate is pretty evenly divided between maintaining the status quo, with a page at the common usage "Rastafarianism", and changing the article's title to something that Rastafarians will find less offensive. I think the parallel with mormons and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is quite relevant.

However, to avoid any further issues, I will move the discussion back and not move it when its 5 days are up. -- ALoan (Talk) 17:49, 18 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Thanks for the response, and I apologise again for the misunderstanding. Your comment may as well remain in the record. -- ALoan (Talk) 18:03, 18 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Anarion's contribution was signed with his real name, Jordi.

Wikipedia policy is to use most common name. People know it as Rastafarianism. RickK 07:36, Feb 15, 2005 (UTC)

Compare Mormonism: Mormons tend to prefer Latter Day Saint theology for their religion (and Latter Day Saints instead of Mormons), but since Mormon is the better known term the article is there. -- Jordi¿…? 07:45, 15 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Since it is likely to be a disputed point, I asked him to clarify his vote at RM - I suspect that he will vote no, but I think it's best not to end up arguing about who meant what. Anyway, don't let this get to you too much.

I added some links at Wikipedia:Requested moves. Hope they help. Found them by searching for Rastafari AND "ism" using Altavista. The same search with other search engines might yield some more useful results. I think it's lost now, but what bothers me more than that is the quite astonishing attitudes some users have revealed. But there, that is the way it is. Mattley 17:55, 19 Feb 2005 (UTC)
Ok, I think I give up. I think i have made a pretty good case that Rastafari is the more common usage, as well as the one that they would prefer, and I have spoken to most of the opponents, but it seems to me that people have made up their minds. Misconceptions not based on data are the hardest ones to correct (someone said something like that, can't remember whom). You are probably doing a lot more good simply by editing the article. Maybe another day. Guettarda 02:51, 20 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Thanks for dropping by my page. I haven't been following this debate and haven't been a member of the Wiki community long enough to know how things work (I'm just one of thousands of nobody editors, so I haven't paid much attention, frankly, to Wiki processes and procedures). But, as I indicated on the discussion page, I support the use of "Rastafari." Let me know what, if anything, I can do to help bring about the name change. (I read your personal page and was horrified to read of your run-in with a machete-wielding local. If you don't mind my asking, how did you come to live in Guatemala -- and why on earth do you stay?) Are you an activist there? deeceevoice 21:14, 10 Mar 2005 (UTC)


OT question - you mentioned you suffered a concussion after being hit in the head with a machete - I am guessing (hoping!) you were hit with the flat of the blade and not the edge? Anyway, if so, is there a word for that in Honduras? In Trinidad we call it "planass" but I have no idea what the root of the term is. Guettarda 18:31, 18 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Unfortunately it was with the sharp edge, and with the full strength of the attacker behind it. The word here is machetazo, as I quickly learnt (machete being the same in Spanish but with a hard ch). Months earlier my partner's brother had his left hand cut off in a similar incident, and I am very glad I only received the one blow.. My vision was so out I couldn't read for several weeks as I could not see an entire word due to distortion on the right. I am getting a lot better now. Incidentally once of the best sources of Rastafari when I was first interested 80/81 was a magazine from Trinidad for sale in England. --SqueakBox 01:33, Feb 19, 2005 (UTC)


Just some info on the role of admins and the list of admins. It's worth getting to know how the system works. It's also worth knowing that admins are in no way "better" than average users - they just have a few additional powers, and that they are anything but a monolithic group.

The move looks lost for now though - unless you can find some additional support for the idea. Anarion's opinion could be interpreted as being the same as RickK's. Guettarda 18:05, 18 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Second coming[edit]

Thanks for restoring Islam. I know its hard to believe, but they do indeed believe in the second coming of christ,. Their doctrine clearly varies otherwise, but that part is quite similar. Cheers, and good luck w your various battles, beanfield, Honduran and otherwise. Cheers, (Sam Spade | talk | contributions) 16:53, 25 Feb 2005 (UTC)


Thanks for moving the discussion from WP:RM to Talk:Rastafarianism - I would have done it myself, if I hadn't said that I wouldn't. No-one (me included) seems at all motivated to clear up any of the requested moves that have passed their 5 days, but, as you see, you don't need an admin to do the vast majority of wikijanitorial work: thanks for helping out. -- ALoan (Talk) 17:08, 25 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Help contribute to Wikipedia:Consensus[edit]

Thanks for your comments at the pump about consensus decision making. I've noticed that some people have already been working on Wikipedia:Consensus. I think the page needs to be expanded and then linked all over. I hope you can contribute. --Samuel Wantman 04:35, 1 Mar 2005 (UTC)


You can do (and undo) a redirect yourself. Just put #REDIRECT [[Haile Selassie]] (or whatever the destination is). Guettarda 22:54, 1 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Sympathy for the devil?[edit]

Hi there SB. I've been recently reading the problems with the Javier Solana article and I'd like to offer help if that is needed. I know quite a bit about the whole "666 Antichrist" movement within evangelical Christianity simply because I am one myself. Fortunately I don't go in for all that conspiracy theory nonsense and I certainly don't believe that Solana is the antichrist! The article should be purely objective in its intention. If the Solana/antichrist thing becomes big in the next 12-18 months then it might probably be good to actually have a separate article if needed. Anyway, give me a message if you need some help. --One Salient Oversight 08:08, 2 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Hi. I don't know what's going on with Francisco Javier Solana and Francisco Javier Solana Madariaga, but you must have accidentally put them up for VfD in the wrong section. It'd probably be best if you just delete what's there and do the VfD process over. Thanks. Android79 00:12, Mar 5, 2005 (UTC)

  • Er, maybe not. Now that there are actual votes, I don't know what the best thing to do is. :o) Android79 00:18, Mar 5, 2005 (UTC)
  • Looks like you may have repeated your earlier VfD mistake(s) with Barcelona Conference. I removed it from the main VfD listing because I can't figure out how to fix it. I'll take a closer look, if you like. Android79 03:36, Mar 11, 2005 (UTC)
    • I think I fixed it, though it looks like someone else munged up the same page with two more malformed VfDs! Sigh... :o) Android79 03:45, Mar 11, 2005 (UTC)

Solana redirects[edit]

  • I moved the page to Talk:Javier Solana/Solana vandalism and POV, since it belongs in Talk: space.
  • Permanently protecting the redirects isn't necessarily a solution, and in the case of Solana it's not really possible, since I have changed that from a redirect to a disambig page. And the user could always create infinite variations (lowercase, etc), or modify other pages such as the Number of the Beast numerology page to add Solana-related material. Some vigilance is needed. Encouraging people to add pages to their watchlist is one way to go about it (you can use the {{article}} template for that.

-- Curps 01:16, 5 Mar 2005 (UTC)

retrieving comment?[edit]

Which comment are you referring to? It should be in the page history of that page. It seems we had an edit conflict while editing at the same time. -- Curps 01:55, 5 Mar 2005 (UTC)

I think he left his message on the page you originally requested him to leave comments on, namely User_talk:SqueakBox/Solana_vandal. You should copy that into Talk:Javier_Solana/Solana_vandalism_and_POV (into a separate section, perhaps). -- Curps 02:04, 5 Mar 2005 (UTC)


See here for details: Wikipedia:Requests for Comment/user --One Salient Oversight 05:38, 5 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Private conversation[edit]

Dear SqueakBox,

Do you have an email or other link where we can communicate privately? If so, could you please email it to me at Thanks! Yes. i will send it to you. --SqueakBox 20:25, Mar 5, 2005 (UTC)

Thanks! Constance E. Cumbey


I'll try to take a look. -- Curps 01:19, 7 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Sorry for not replying earlier, the site seems very, very slow at the moment. I will be keeping an eye on the page. -- Curps 02:15, 7 Mar 2005 (UTC)

I got your latest message, I see you've been working hard, and I'm still following developments on the page. I guess we'll have to see what happens in the near future. -- Curps 18:05, 7 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Constantine Cumbey statement[edit]

From Constance Cumbey quoting SqueakBox "Went to Nottingham University to study philosophy, didn't like it, could not get to grips with logic, and so dropped out after a year." NOW THAT I COULD BELIEVE!! SPELLING AND GRAMMAR MUST ALSO HAVE BEEN DIFFICULTIES! User:Cumbey. This was put as a vandalism by Cumbey on my home page.--SqueakBox 16:31, Mar 14, 2005 (UTC)


Honduras, huh? I first learned of the Garifuna community when I did some local relief work for hurricane Mitch. Interesting. (I love the Internet!) I speak Spanish, too -- and not too badly. I live in a multicultural community in D.C., and I'm frequently mistaken for a Latina -- even when I speak Spanish, because I do so without a "gringo" accent. But I'm far from fluent, and I really need practice just listening, listening. I'd love to become fluent and have considered spending some time in a Spanish-speaking country; I think it's the only way to really develop fluency. But work is here, so I've put that aspiration on hold for the time being. *sigh* I envy you. But one of these days.... Peace. deeceevoice 22:03, 10 Mar 2005 (UTC)


There is a possible 3RR violation heading your way. Please see and comment to Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/3RR. Thanks -- Chris 73 Talk 11:29, Mar 11, 2005 (UTC)

Please ask for help rather than violate the 3RR. There are enough people in Wikipedia who are impressed enough with the contributions you have made to help you out if you are genuinely fighting POV-pushing/vandalism. If it's as clear-cut as you say it is (I haven't looked at the diff's, but I'll take your word on it) it's far easier to ask around for help. There aren't a lot of people here who would be very happy having Javier Solana described as the anti-christ. Guettarda 16:50, 11 Mar 2005 (UTC)
I'm trying to struggle through the diff's - can you give me a brief explanation of what is going on (not only is the RfC page a mess, I think your RfC is in the wrong place, but since there are two versions of the page I don't know what's going on). Guettarda 17:02, 11 Mar 2005 (UTC)
Looking through the Talk page. Nice mess you found yourself in. It's not apparent from the diff's, actually - her article "looks" OK (to someone pretty ignorant on the details) until you dissect the discussion. That's when it gets interesting. You have on your side her admissions of Original Research and POV. But the RfC needs to be presented properly, and a nice, simple, short description of the issues. I suspect though that you are getting to personally involved in this - it's just Wikipedial it's not real life (granted, I have gotten so angry my hands shook in disputes in WP, but usually I managed not to write until I calmed down a bit - and that was with a lot less provocation). I'll do what I can to help out, but I do need to educate myself a bit. Guettarda 17:28, 11 Mar 2005 (UTC)
(Wrote the last bit as you were replying to me). I'll try to figure out how RfC works...but that page is a real mess. Fun, fun - I'm glad I do most of my edits on Trinidad and Tobago stuff - no one else could care less what I write :) Guettarda 17:33, 11 Mar 2005 (UTC)
Couldn't fix the RfC - the page is "pseudo-protected", whatever that means. Will try again later. Guettarda 17:59, 11 Mar 2005 (UTC)
RfC is Wikipedia:Request for Comment. You have an RfC against Cumbey on record, but it isn't listed in the right place. I tried to fix that, and fix the format, but the page is having some problems or disputes of its own. As for the 3RR, I'd rather saty out of it and let the admins decide. You reverted three times - people have been blocked for reverting 3x even if someone is sticking in factually inaccurate material (it seems that that true "vandalism" is fairly narrowly defined (Wikipedia:Vandalism). What Cumbey is doing is POV-pushing, not vandalism. Trivial difference sometimes - the rules are against you, but some admins might be willing to see things your way. Whatever you do, don't do anything to antagonise an admin, because any of them could ban you. You need a mixture of sympathy and disinterest. Of course, 24 hours off Wikipedia would probably do most of use good :) Guettarda 18:17, 11 Mar 2005 (UTC)
Hi, and sorry for giving you a hard time. If i see it correctly, you have not been blocked for the 3RR, and there seems to be enough support for your case that you either will not be blocked or may be blocked only for a shorter time. I also changed my mind and no longer support a block of yours even though you technically violated the 3RR. I know how frustrating it is to fight a POV pusher/vandal, and hope this won't dampen your spirits. (I have been through similar stressful times, too). If you see Cumbey doing more than 3 reverts in 24hours, feel free to list her on Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/3RR. I'll also keep an eye on Wikipedia:Requests for comment/User:Cumbey. Good luck, and again sorry for the trouble. -- Chris 73 Talk 23:16, Mar 11, 2005 (UTC)
That link you gave me is of an outside mirror of wikipedia. If it would be on Wikipedia, I would love to help, but I do not even have a login there. Also, a clarification of the 3RR rule: You can revert three times. Only the fourth revert gets you in trouble. Again, thanks for your understanding -- Chris 73 Talk 23:23, Mar 12, 2005 (UTC)

Another Cumbey Sockpuppet?[edit]

An apparently legitimate user has come in and reverted many of your changes to the Javier Solana article. In the process of editing, he made some rather disparaging comments about you in the edit history. I have left him a message at User talk:Aris Katsaris explaining that his comments may not go down too well. I have assumed that he has come in and edited the article with no knowledge of what is going on - but I am obviously suspicious of his motives. Despite his rancor, I suggest that you don't respond by calling him names either! I'm hoping he made an innocent mistake based on ignorance, rather than being another sockpuppet. --One Salient Oversight 06:44, 12 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Personal attacks[edit]

I have just now sent him a message reminding him about Wikipedia:No personal attacks and Wikipedia:Remove personal attacks. -- Curps 04:35, 13 Mar 2005 (UTC)

There is an official policy: Wikipedia:No legal threats. You should read it carefully because naturally the policies apply to all users equally including yourself. In general, of course, Wikipedia can't prevent any user from pursuing litigation if they wish, nor can anyone here offer legal advice. -- Curps 01:38, 14 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Cumbey threats[edit]

These threats were received by email. User:Cumbey claims SqueakBox is hacking into the wiki database. She is going to demand the hard discs from Jimbo Wales so she can get me put down for a long time because of my alleged hacking. She accuses me of having a stash of janja (sic) she means ganja, in my possession, and that she is going to tell the Honduran police about it. She is going to write to Jimbo demanding he reinstate her version of this article. She is very unhappy with the new contributors. She thinks they work for me and I work for Solana.--SqueakBox 14:42, Mar 14, 2005 (UTC)

Cumbey-SqueakBox fiasco[edit]

Yes I was involved in the discussion. I am not affiliated with global elite. I was there only to point out that there needs to be recognition of Wikipedia as the source of Wikipedia articles. You can find this even on all those sites that use Wikipedia articles and plaster the site in Google ads, such as SearchSpaniel.

I wasn't urging Cumbey to join Hierarchypedia. I was simply suggesting she might want to. I am going to keep out of this squabble that is going on between you two. Although I would say that it appears you are being victimised and a propaganda campaigned carried out against you. She is an attorney, but doesn't know about basic Wikipedia policies, and is now planning to “publish columns on various popular websites independent of either about these antics and tactic”. I was also accused of threatening the admin at Global Elite, when the message I left was just a polite note about having to give the source of the article.

If you are being victimised I would advise you get an admin involved. I find User:Angela is always very helpful. Also if you would like information about tagging articles you could try contacting User:Davidcannon, although he is busy at the moment.

I hope this can be sorted out soon --Hierarchypedia 18:46, 14 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Javier Solana[edit]

If you are seriously concerned about the threats Cumbey is allegedly making against you and your family, then you really ought to consider reporting that to the police, not just to a wiki page. Other than that, I think you have taken all the correct steps, such as the request for mediation and the request for comment. The issue is also on the admins noticeboard, so a lot of people are aware of the problem. It might be best to take a break from the articles yourself until others see the RfC and help out there. Mediation can be a bit slow to start, but I hope it will be useful to you. Angela. 21:51, Mar 14, 2005 (UTC)

With respect to the Wikipedia allegations, I don't think Cumbey has any grounds, and if she tried to sue anyone it would be Jimbo and not you. I'd worry a little more about the police in Honduras, but again, my guess is that unless she had connections it would be hard for them to take her seriously. Anything about Wikipedia though - rather than get worried, you should pity the level of paranoia. Don't let her get to you. She is getting to you, so she is succeeding in what she is trying to do. You should write a letter to the bar association in Michigan (she is in MI, right?) Keep her emails, Wikipedia has documented what has happened here - she has far more to lose than you - after all, she is engaging in slander. I don't think that is behaviour becoming of an attorney. Guettarda 00:31, 15 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Dude, don't stress about it[edit]

The more that person says things like that, the more ridiculous they seem. This is kinda my last message as a contributor (I'm leaving the project), but don't worry about it. Wikipedia admins are pretty sensible, really. - Ta bu shi da yu 08:30, 15 Mar 2005 (UTC)


Thanks for your support of Hierarchypedia. It takes a long time to get a wiki up and going. You seem to be right about Cumbey. She is the first conspiracy theorist I have come across who actually is paranoid. Contary to the belief that most conspiracy theorist are paranoid, I find they are the exact opposite.

I noticed that you are from Honduras, so I was wandering if you could give me a bit of information. I study the importance of ancestry in the rise to power. This has generally been confined to the US, but recently I have expendade it to Central America. In particular Costa Rica, where almost all of the Presidents and Chiefs of state are descendants of a conquistador called Cristóbal de Alfaro. There are also a few descendants in other countries including Honduras, but I haven't studied them enough to make a judgement. My question is, are the people of central america aware of this? --Hierarchypedia 01:11, 16 Mar 2005 (UTC)


Spiffing work you've been doing on the Guatemalan people and places! Just one comment: I feel sorely tempted to relocate Two Erres to Dos Erres -- part of the name, shouldn't be translated, etc., etc. The untranslated form is a whole lot more common: for instance, take a look at this Googlefight. Any strong feelings on that? Cheers, Hajor 02:19, 18 Mar 2005 (UTC) (I've been watching a bit of the Solana business, too... dude, mis respetos...)

Heh. Sorry if I've given you the impression that I've been following you around, but you've been covering some very interesting stuff. Excellent decision there with Dos Erres. Guatemala -- it's been so long since I was there; must get back one of these days. Cheers, Hajor 04:46, 18 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Machete to the head? That sounds nasty. Yup, Mexico City – which explains my strange obsession with finishing off the list of stations on Mexico City Metro (but not the fact that others have emerged from the nothingness and helped me out with it... this is a special place). Hajor 05:16, 18 Mar 2005 (UTC)


Hi SqueakBox (good name!) - just noticed your two recent articles on places in Guatemala. For further reference if you're planning to do more, you can give places from Guatemala (in fact, anywhere from there to Panama) Template:CentralAm-geo-stub rather than just geo-stub - it makes them just a little easier to find for editors. Cheers - Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 04:52, 18 Mar 2005 (UTC)

:) that explains the name. Perhaps I should have named myself after my cats and been User:Nut&Bolt!


I don't think so many people being descended from Alfaro is a conspiracy theory. It is merely information that can be interpreted in many ways. Thanks for your offer to look up for Cristóbal de Alfaro. There is no biography for him on the internet and a book I have on central america only gives him a passing mention. --Hierarchypedia 20:38, 19 Mar 2005 (UTC)


Thanks for the information. I don't know much Spanish. I will write an article at some point. I liked the Whore of Babylon article. I think I would go for Liz the 2nd out of all the choices. Have you thought about adding why she is thought of as the Whore? I would imagine it would be as she was the Queen of Jamaica. Jamaica has gone from colonial to corporate (FTZ) --Hierarchypedia 21:59, 19 Mar 2005 (UTC)


Vinicio Cerezo -- sorry about that. I wanted to check whether there was a redirect or not; after doing so, I forgot to put it back. Ooops. Oh, another thing: have you seen the "dates" section on Wikipedia:Manual of Style (dates and numbers)? It explains why it's a good idea not to put -th, -nd, -st, etc. after the days of the month (in case you're wondering why I'm following you around and stamping on them). Slds, Hajor 03:52, 20 Mar 2005 (UTC)


Looks like he was just a reincarnation of the autofellatio redirect vandal. This guy is one of the more successful trolls we've seen to date. – ClockworkSoul 04:55, 21 Mar 2005 (UTC)


As per your request, I've unprotected the article about "what's his name". However, I'll be keeping a close eye on it to make sure the revert war doesn't start up again. Good luck with the rewrite. Mgm|(talk) 08:38, Mar 21, 2005 (UTC)

the ugly image[edit]

thanks! It doesn't look like we'll get entirely rid of it anytime soon, but I do encourage you to continue to voice your opposition on the relevant talk pages, and to be on the outlook for deletion votes. I'm really sorry people have to put up with this. regards, dab () 07:02, 22 Mar 2005 (UTC)

PS, it's on VfD again, Wikipedia:Images_and_media_for_deletion#March_22. The vote should be more widely advertised this time. dab () 08:30, 22 Mar 2005 (UTC)
it's gone now, I am glad to say. Thanks for your support. dab () 06:24, 29 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Trey Stone is back[edit]

I'm going to need some help. He doesn't seem to have become any more reasonable. WebLuis 04:59, 25 Mar 2005 (UTC)

User page[edit]

I love the look of your dog too.  ;-) SlimVirgin 18:20, Mar 26, 2005 (UTC)

I'm sorry about Boddhi. They are very human; or perhaps, we are very dog. Whatever it is, there can be a real understanding. SlimVirgin 18:35, Mar 26, 2005 (UTC)

I am sorry[edit]

Hello friend.

Me and Brandy are sorry. ;];

Love, Shazza & Brandy

What possesses these weirdos?[edit]

Why on earth would people who consider themselves Christian even THINK that redirecting pages to Jesus will somehow lead people to seriously consider Christianity???

Idiots! Idiots! Idiots!

I feel better now.

One Salient Oversight 04:58, 29 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Javier Solana[edit]

On my talk page you wrote:

Why are you reverting to the Beast version and not the correct version of Solana?
  • I just checked the history—I have twice reverted the edits of to what I believe is the correct (non-beast) version of the article. If some of the beast nonsense has snuck through, then we need to revert to an even earlier version. I must be doing OK though because also vandalised my user page. JeremyA 02:46, 30 Mar 2005 (UTC)
  • OK, I think I can see why the revert I made may not be to the version that you like. Earlier this evening there was vandalism by this was reverted by Dcoetzee, who then partially undid their revert because they thought that some of the previous edit was good. I know nothing of Javier Solana so I don't know if the correct information is displayed in the current version of the article but it seems to have been vandal-rv-vandal-rv... since Curps last rv on March 27, so I am happy to take it back to that version if you think that it is the most correct version. JeremyA 03:01, 30 Mar 2005 (UTC)
  • I think that Dcoetzee restored some of the beast version because without the overt beast references the rest of the changes looked kosher to him/her. JeremyA 03:05, 30 Mar 2005 (UTC)


Why did you revert Javier Solana to a beast version. That is not the current or the consensus version. lots of people, most of them not beast believers, have put a lot of edits to create the current version. The old version is riddled with inaccuracies. You had absolutely no right just to revert to a very outdated version. Why did you do it? --SqueakBox 03:06, Mar 30, 2005 (UTC)

See Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents#Javier Solana --SqueakBox 03:18, Mar 30, 2005 (UTC)

I undid my own revert, because I wasn't confident that it was justified and didn't really have time to look at it closely. Is this not acceptable? Feel free to revert it again — I do not favour the version I reverted to in any way. Deco 05:23, 30 Mar 2005 (UTC)
It so happens that at that particular time, I was very busy with some much more important tasks. I am deeply offended that you are angry at me for reverting my own change. I didn't revert to that version because I believed in it, or even read it, just because I was doing some RC patrol and I felt like I might have acted too quickly in reverting it and didn't have the time to look at it more closely, and don't really care about the topic. I don't know what warped kind of etiquette you're operating under where this behaviour is unacceptable, but I am very upset about your reaction. If you just reverted it appropriately that would have been totally okay with me — I never would have even noticed. I don't see why you're angry. Deco 21:01, 30 Mar 2005 (UTC)
Those "more important tasks" you mock are related to my career and the well-being of myself and my family. I did not "make a mistake." I didn't do anything wrong, I don't care about this article you're so possessive of and the ridiculous politics surrounding it. Perhaps I can make this clearer with this diff:
I continue to hold that I had every right to my actions, and don't appreciate being assaulted for two actions whose net effect was to delete an offensive paragraph, as you can see. Now please, stop this mudslinging. Deco 21:48, 30 Mar 2005 (UTC)
Sorry for editing your talk page. I can never figure out where to leave comments anymore, everyone does it differently. I didn't mean to be aggressive, I really just don't understand how you can deny someone the right to undo their own edits. I hope your conflict over that article is resolved — I won't touch it again. Have a good day. Deco 22:18, 30 Mar 2005 (UTC)

No clear consensus on my adminship - so I was removed[edit]

Thanks for your comments and support. One Salient Oversight 08:12, 30 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Óscar Romero[edit]

Hi, care to help out with Óscar Romero? It needs a little work. Gracias. -- Viajero 10:09, 30 Mar 2005 (UTC)


Slow mediation? After 10 days at Wikipedia:Requests for mediation I gave up. I have replaced the demand because Cumbey is still making wild accusations, and blaming me for what I see as her religious persecution of me (what do you expect you are a rasta type remarks, all at User talk:Jimbo Wales). Is there any way to hurry the mediation process, 10 days with no response is taking the mickey. --SqueakBox

Sorry for my delayed response. Have you tried WP:RFC for the Javier Solana problem? That might be the only option if no one is willing to mediate. Otherwise, you could try contacting one of the active mediators listed at WP:MC#Active. Angela. 01:31, Apr 1, 2005 (UTC)


No worries, mate. I see you've been getting a lot of grief from the nutters of late. Anilocra 16:21, 3 Apr 2005 (UTC)


And thank you too. BrokenSegue 17:58, 3 Apr 2005 (UTC)


Much as I'd like to see a Latin American pope, I'm more than a trifle worried about the possibility of a connection between Solana Madariaga and Rodríguez Maradiaga. Cruz, cruz, as they say here to ward off evil. Sleep easily, if you can... Hajor 21:56, 3 Apr 2005 (UTC)

List of political parties in Honduras[edit]

See my reaction on the VfD page. I think we bot stepped over the line. I with reverting and you with deleting after three hours of discussion. Gangulf 06:46, 6 Apr 2005 (UTC)

I still don't think you were right by redirecting it within 3 hours you started the vote on Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/List of political parties in Honduras (the first message was yours at 19:06, Mar 31, 2005 (UTC) and you made the merger at 22:32, Mar 31, 2005 (UTC)). You cannot say that there is a consent within 3.5 hours and only to persons voting next to you. Furthermore, If we had this vote on Honduras, please don't try it again with each other country. Gangulf 18:40, 6 Apr 2005 (UTC)

I do not think either of you stepped over the line; see Talk:List of political parties in Honduras#What happened for my comments. --cesarb 00:32, 7 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Thank you[edit]

Thank you for supporting my adminship — I vow to use my super powers for good not evil. Mel Etitis (Μελ Ετητης) 09:17, 6 Apr 2005 (UTC)


Stop reverting my edits there is no copyrighted text in there, I checked my sources.

And please stop reverting that anecdotal Rastafarian tripe.

Hey SqueakBox, thanks for your work in removing those copyright violations. User: added a more copyright violations, which I explained at Talk:Jamaica. I reverted but lost your edit; feel free to re-add it and I apologize. — Knowledge Seeker 01:17, 7 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Images and media for deletion votes[edit]

  • I am contacting people who previously helped to vote to delete a generally objectionable photograph by a vote of 88 to 21, and who might be unaware that immediately after that image was voted to be deleted someone posted another which was very similar in content. My objections to this, and the previous image that was voted to be deleted might be based upon reasons far different from any that you have, but I do object to it, and consider the posting of such images to be acts of asinine stupidity, which burdens the project and its major educational aims in ways that they should not be burdened, and can be extremely detrimental to the acceptance and growth of WIkipedia's use and influence. Thus far those who I believe to be in the extreme minority of Wikipedians who would like to include these images, many who have been channeled to the voting page from the article with which it is associated have dominated the voting, 23 to 12 (as of the time that I composed this message). I would like to be somewhat instrumental in shedding a bit more light upon the issue, and if possible, helping to turn the tide against its inclusion. It might also be necessary to begin making an effort to establish an explicit Wikipedia policy against explicite photographic depictions of humans engaged in erotic, auto-erotic, or quasi-erotic activities. To my limited knowledge such images have not been accepted as appropriate anywhere else within this project, and frankly I can agree with those who are casually labeled prudes for opposing their inclusion, that they should not be. Vitally important information that might be unwelcome by some is one thing that should never be deleted, but un-needed images that can eventually prevent or impede many thousands or millions of people from gaining access to the great mass of truly important information that Wikipedia provides is quite another matter. There are vitally important distinctions to be made. Whatever your reasons, or final decisions upon the matter, I am appealing for more input on the voting that is occurring at Wikipedia:Images_and_media_for_deletion. ~ Achilles 01:23, 7 Apr 2005 (UTC)


Hi. I wouldn't have thought it meant anything, as they are from different countries. I did notice information on Solana's ancestry on the article, and I will probablycheck his ancestry out one day. There are still quite a lot of heavyweights in Europe that are of royal descent. I have only briefly looked at European figures, I mainly concentrate on the US, and have done a fair bit of research on Central America. From Europe that people who are of royal descent are: Agnelli, Spaak, d'Esting (sp?), Davignon, Bismarck, and a few others. I would very much like to look at others such as the PM's of Italy and other countries, but I don't know where to look for the information.

On the Maradiaga, the Dictionary of American Family Names says it is a chiefly Central America name. I don't recognise it though. The most important is Alfaro, and also Vázquez. --Hierarchypedia 11:05, 8 Apr 2005 (UTC)

PS: I didn't bother contacting Jimbo, as I thought he would have better things to do than to deal with Cumbey.


I took the comment as a joke - I wasn't really concerned about supplying more info to the trolls - they'll probably find it on their own anyway. Guettarda 17:03, 8 Apr 2005 (UTC)


Just wanted to give you something to mark your hard work and to balance all the personal attacks. Thanks for all the hard work. Feel free to fiddle with the format and display it with pride. Guettarda 17:16, 8 Apr 2005 (UTC)

You only copied part of the text. You can alter the right/left command if you want it somewhere else on the page. Guettarda 18:01, 8 Apr 2005 (UTC)

List of notable cardinals[edit]

There is absolutely no reason for the only list of cardinals on Wikipedia to be of living cardinals,or for there not to be a list of distinguished past cardinals.--Louis E./ 18:40, 8 Apr 2005 (UTC)

OK,better have List of deceased cardinals than nothing.However,I don't think it should include every deceased cardinal,only particularly important ones...not sure how best to convey that.The place for a listing of every cardinal ever is in the Cardinals Category,assuming it's added to every cardinal's bio.--Louis E./ 01:59, 11 Apr 2005 (UTC)


Sigh. Maybe it's time to get the admins involved. - Jersyko 01:19, Apr 9, 2005 (UTC) Please stop your pattern of harassment. You have been dogposting me for days. Your most recent violation of Wikipedia was to change my words on a Talk page. He follows me (that is called stalking or cyberstalking) and makes edits solely for the purpose of harassment.

Pointing out violations of the law is not harassment, nor it is threatening. I am a Florida resident, and protected by the laws of my state. SqueakBox my not be in Florida, but his behavior remains in violation, and he is a Cyberstalker.

In Florida Statutes 784.048(1)(d), Florida has now (October 2003) defined the crime of "Cyberstalking".

784.048 Stalking; definitions; penalties.--

(1) As used in this section, the term:

(a) "Harass" means to engage in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that causes substantial emotional distress in such person and serves no legitimate purpose.

(b) "Course of conduct" means a pattern of conduct composed of a series of acts over a period of time, however short, evidencing a continuity of purpose. Constitutionally protected activity is not included within the meaning of "course of conduct." Such constitutionally protected activity includes picketing or other organized protests.

(c) "Credible threat" means a threat made with the intent to cause the person who is the target of the threat to reasonably fear for his or her safety. The threat must be against the life of, or a threat to cause bodily injury to, a person.

(d) "Cyberstalk" means to engage in a course of conduct to communicate, or to cause to be communicated, words, images, or language by or through the use of electronic mail or electronic communication, directed at a specific person, causing substantial emotional distress to that person and serving no legitimate purpose.

(2) Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows, harasses, or cyberstalks another person commits the offense of stalking, a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

(N.B. 775.082 (4) A person who has been convicted of a designated misdemeanor may be sentenced as follows: (a) For a misdemeanor of the first degree, by a definite term of imprisonment not exceeding 1 year;

(3) Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows, harasses, or cyberstalks another person, and makes a credible threat with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear of death or bodily injury of the person, or the person's child, sibling, spouse, parent, or dependent, commits the offense of aggravated stalking, a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

(4) Any person who, after an injunction for protection against repeat violence or dating violence pursuant to s. 784.046, or an injunction for protection against domestic violence pursuant to s. 741.30, or after any other court-imposed prohibition of conduct toward the subject person or that person's property, knowingly, willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows, harasses, or cyberstalks another person commits the offense of aggravated stalking, a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

(5) Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows, harasses, or cyberstalks a minor under 16 years of age commits the offense of aggravated stalking, a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

(6) Any law enforcement officer may arrest, without a warrant, any person he or she has probable cause to believe has violated the provisions of this section.

Signed ==> Agwiii 17:31, Apr 10, 2005 (UTC)

Not that you were particularly worried about it, but Agwiii's claim that you are guilty of any crime is patently ridiculous. I know he (dubiously) claims to be some kind of law student or professor or such, but I'm the real deal, and you certainly haven't done anything illegal. I recommend ignoring his claims as there is no possible way he can substantiate anything. - Jersyko 15:21, Apr 10, 2005 (UTC)

I've never heard of the group, but they appear to be somewhat legitimate. It is difficult to say they are a fully legit organization, however, when half of their leadership team is made up of 20 something "freelance writers." He appears to be one of the group's main leaders. Anyway, it seems our friend has been using Wikipedia not only to advance his abortion agenda, but also to advance the cause of his organization by raising awareness (to put it mildly) of "cyberstalking." - Jersyko 04:20, Apr 11, 2005 (UTC)


Why does none of this surprise me? It was also pretty obvious that few if any of the claims he made about himself on his User page were true. He seems to have disappeared now, at least in that guise. It shouldn't be too difficult to spot him again... Mel Etitis (Μελ Ετητης) 20:39, 11 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Yes, almost no doubt at all. Peculiar that he should use a pseudonym here, then use it on the Net in such a way as to give away his identity. But then he didn't seem any brighter than he was self-controlled. I'm astonished that his qualifications are what he claimed, though — and his employers should be even more worried... Mel Etitis (Μελ Ετητης) 21:07, 11 Apr 2005 (UTC)

RfC page move[edit]

I took the liberty of moving Wikipedia:Requests for comment/User:RexJudicata to Wikipedia:Requests for comment/RexJudicata, since the later follows the naming convention of the other pages on RFC (and this also turned the red link you added on WP:RFC into a blue link). --cesarb 21:45, 11 Apr 2005 (UTC)

you're welcome[edit]

You're welcome! Cute, cute animals by the way. Antandrus 18:10, 9 Apr 2005 (UTC)


Who is trying to intimidate you? Arbitration is a diplomatic approach, something you obviously could care less about. I put that in because I know I'm not going to be able reach a compromise with someone like you. I've given you my sources, lets's see yours. You don't have a right to take out facts that you don't want. Would you like it if someone just randomly deleted information you researched, and adds relevance to the article? probably not, so think about it. LibraryLion

I have not been vandalizing your page. I never engage in that sort of thing, so please don't accuse me of it. Back to the article, what I want is one paragraph that lists specific documented crimes. The MS-13 members were convicted of the rapes, so this isn't some 'word-of-mouth' type crime. The other crimes in the article are police documented. Now if you want to counterbalance the article, you find information perhaps on MS-13 members who say there is bad in every group, and these crimes are indicitive of what MS-13 is about. But you don't delete what is factual. Yes not every little fact of everything needs to be in every article written, sometimes you can be deluged with facts, but I feel these specific crimes give an indication to the reader of how dangerous some (stressing some, not all) MS-13 members can be. So this paragraph I want kept in. I should specify it's the one paragraph that begins "The gang is quite brutal....", (this perhaps should be reworded to "A few gang members are quite brutal....) The paragraph before this I did not write, so I don't know of its accuracy, so it can be left out. On a side note regarding the vandalism of your page, which vandalism is always inexcusable, you need be real careful what you delete, because some people rather than discuss and talk it over, will resort to this. For some, deleting their material is real personal and there is no common ground when dealing with them. I don't have this problem, because I generally want as much information as possible, and I always cite a source if correction something, but you on the other philosophical side, need to be cautious of this. Didn't mean to write this much on your home page, but in short, we can end it here if you agree to the one paragraph I cited to stay in. LibraryLi

My mistake, I meant to put my comments on this page originally. But calling what I wrote by mistake on wrong page "vandalism" is quite hyperbolic. Claims that I'm a vandal are about as reliable as finding WMD's in Iraq. Anyway, back to article, it's the paragraph that includes the rapes of the two teen girls. the bus shootings, and antother crime was listed I believe. I don't think it matters where these crimes were committed per se, and really I don't think further documented crimes are necessary unless one is going to greatly expand this article. I've noticed in your comments you seem to have a real anti-American slant that really shows through. Why does it matter that the crimes were committed in the U.S.?, crime is crime. Not sure what this is about, but it certainly diminishes your viewpoints, and makes your editing have questionable motives. LibraryLion

Stray Dog War[edit]

You might enjoy the article on The Dog Tax War, it's true also. ping 10:50, 10 Apr 2005 (UTC)

rv personal attack

Armenian Genocide[edit]

I am trying to find users who will help me determine a NPOV aproach in the article. Lots of users I asked to join in refused because article was "too contraversial". I alone cannot declare what is POV and what isn't. I need an objective view. --Cool Cat My Talk 05:24, 11 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Copyvio images[edit]

Done. Mel Etitis (Μελ Ετητης) 09:49, 12 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Solana/Cumbey et. al.[edit]

I would be interested in assisting you with your RfC in this matter. Please contact me as shown at my talk page. KC9CQJ 10:50, 12 Apr 2005 (UTC)

No, Cumbey didn't request a reversion. I did because it was premature of me to work on your RfC without your knowledge and I didn't have a grasp of the evidence at hand. Now I do have an accurate picture of what's going on, and your permission, and now I'm willing to help out :-) KC9CQJ 09:03, 13 Apr 2005 (UTC)
In addition, should the RfC fail to gain attention or solve the problem, I'm willing to bet that ArbCom should be our next step. You might want to withdraw the request for mediation at this point in time, until we see what happens. KC9CQJ 09:30, 13 Apr 2005 (UTC)

I trust the above explanation is satisfactory. I was reverting the edits by User:Kc9cqj at User:Kc9cqj's request. I have since explained to that user how to make reversions themselves. - Mark 14:58, 13 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Upon reflection, my edit summary wasn't very good at explaining what I was doing. In future, I'll try to be clearer to avoid such confusion. - Mark 15:06, 13 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Do you have IRC or AOL IM? We need to talk 'face to face'. KC9CQJ 20:45, 13 Apr 2005 (UTC)
You have e-mail at your hotmail(dot)com address. KC9CQJ 21:04, 13 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Please review the RfC. Cumbey has been blocked for 24 hours following her posted comments for personal attacks on you and legal threats. If you have questions, please contact me ASAP. KC9CQJ 06:19, 15 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Let's de-esclate this for the moment. I feel that we are on the brink of solving all issues at hand; ending all the vandalism, the anonymous IP's editing Solana, and the bad blood. Take a break for a few days from worrying about this - my real gut feeling is that this is all a huge misunderstanding, and I need a day or so to follow up on every angle that I've worked in the last 24 hours. KC9CQJ 08:36, 16 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Um, yeah. Well. No real following up on every angle since someone hasn't responded to my queries for information as of yet. How's it going? I was on wikivacation for a few days. KC9CQJ 07:58, 24 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Saudi Arabia[edit]

You reverted a vandal recently. When doing so please don't forget to look at other contributions of the editor. This one turned out to be quite prolific. In addition to vandalizing, he created a bunch of nonsense pages as well (I deleted them already). Mikkalai 18:11, 13 Apr 2005 (UTC)

War of the Stray Dog[edit]

A little to coincidental for my reckoning. You were looking at my past contributions and trying to discredit what else I wrote. Your own words for recommending the article for deletion "is this true?" imply that I somehow made up this article, and didn't do any research on it. This is quite an insult to anyone contributing information. If you would have just taken some time to yourself to verify it yourself, then you wouldn't have recklessly recommended it for deletion, especially given the fact it is a true. If you think it needs deletion because of a lack of information, I can accept, but that wasn't your stated reason. LibraryLion Yes your comments make sense but I think people would have come upon it anyway and made improvements. I don't claim to be good technical writer, I'm just a researcher, so I don't mind how anyone eidts information I add. My impression, maybe incorrect, was the vfd process is more for aricles with dubious facts, or facts that can't be verifed. I actually stumbled on this article reading a book on word and phrase origins. I have no idea why the author of the book put this obscure little piece of history in this type book, because he makes no reference to any new word or phrase that came out of this war. LibraryLion

Don't understand[edit]

The message you left on my talk --Mista-X 17:11, 16 Apr 2005 (UTC)


Well, he's gone now. Because I'd been reverting him y'day -- thus an involved party -- I wasn't sure whether I could block him or not. I need to read up on my 3RR protocols. Hajor 21:49, 16 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Javier Solana vandal[edit]

I think he'll get tired before I do. --Tony Sidaway|Talk 01:25, 17 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Javier Madariaga[edit]

What's the deal with that name? You refer to it as "fictional". --Tony Sidaway|Talk 10:58, 18 Apr 2005 (UTC)


Minor edit. Changed "vandalsie" into "vandalise". Like your dogs. My dog was poisoned in Santa Fe, near Granada, Spain. He too liked living in a van. Keep up the good work.--El.tula 17:31, 20 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Salamanca, Madrid and Universities[edit]

Hi! Somewhere in the Madrid article, you said "Madrid is the largest hub in Spain for university life, though the academic centre is in Salamanca". I have been living in Madrid for all my life (and going to a Madrilenian university for 6 years) and I've never heard about Salamanca being the academic centre of Spanish universities. Are you sure about that? Perhaps I'm wrong and I'm just a bit unculturate :) Sarg 15:45, 23 Apr 2005 (UTC)

  • I think Salamanca is by far the oldest in Spain. It is also one of the oldest of Europe. I have heard several times that Salamanca was the academic centre of Spanish universities when they were controlled by the Church, but nowadays each university has its own politics and rules. As far as I know, there is no organism with power over all of them (well, barring the government!). But, again, I might be utterly wrong :) Let's see if someone with more data posts at the talk page! Sarg 16:51, 23 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Cumbey Returns[edit]

Hi. I just went onto hierarchypedia and checked the recent changes. To my surprise there were a few (there are usualy none). It says that it is User:SqueakBox, but I believe it to be none other than Mrs. Cumbey. On your user page it says "Englishman living in Honduras. 42." On one of the IP's it says "Love that pot" and on another it simply says "Fuck".

I propose that we use this as evidence for another longer ban of Cumbey from Wikipedia if possible, and I will also permenantly ban her from Hierarchypedia. You can view the pages in question here:

She is obviously a crazy mofo. One of those people who go crazy if you don't agree with them.

--Hierarchypedia 21:38, 23 Apr 2005 (UTC)


Because of the growing irrelevance of Wikipedia and the SqueakBox crowd, I haven't bothered coming around here and this time I have read the incredible filth placed above by "Hierarchypedia" (interesting how none of you care to reveal your true identities. The f___ word simply is not and never has been in my vocabulary. I have NEVER posted the "love that pot" message. That type of low class street talk comes from others! I think retractions and apologies to myself are in order! Posted April 6, 2006 by Constance E. Cumbey.


Thanks for signing up. The article is fine. I will upload the wikified one at some point though. The IP is from the US, and since it included the usual accusation of you being a pot lover I think we know who it is. Where should I go to post about continuing Cumbey vandalism and abuse? --Hierarchypedia 21:48, 23 Apr 2005 (UTC)


I think it is best to leave her alone, as you suggested. I have been accused of being a member of Bohemian Grove (she really means Bohemian Club). This is ridiculous, as I have never been to California. --Hierarchypedia 22:55, 25 Apr 2005 (UTC)


Ok. Constance says on her blog that she would like to end the fiasco. I think it would be a good idea not to contact her any more. Here's an interesting connection I just found:

Harry Truman to Tam Dalyell. I have never seen such a close relation between an "American" and a Brit, 6th cousins. The nearest is Bush to Churchill - 9th cousins that I know of. I am also going to look at the Central American Presidents a bit more as well. There is one who has ancestor from America, which may have interesting connections. I would like to look at the Sandistas too, and maybe some drug kingpins, but that would be difficult. What country is it you live in? --Hierarchypedia 01:12, 27 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Per your request[edit]

In addition to contacting me, please cease and desist all editing within the following articles: Javier Solana, Javier Solana Antichrist allegations, Constance E. Cumbey, and any other articles that center around this dispute until you have contacted me and I have given you further instructions and information.

Ok, well, let's see here. I asked you not to post to her blog, you didn't listen to me, I asked you to wait a few days to see what worked out, you didn't listen to me. Are you going to listen? You want to edit the article, and I'm asking for you to stop running around rampant, placing comments here and there, and allow this to cool off for a few days or so. If you're going to run around and accuse me of making the situation worse, that's fine, and I will withdraw. I asked BOTH users, you and Cumbey, to stop editing and baiting each other into arguments, because that's what you're doing right now. You are both right - and you are both wrong. I've generated an entire timeline of this dispute, I've had outside parties read the entire history, and they all mainly agree that this is the case. Will you please just stop long enough for me to explain???? KC9CQJ 15:46, 27 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Abortion 2[edit]

Why do you keep deleting what the Bible says on abortion? User:Big Hurt

Hi SqueakBox, I have left a message at Talk:Abortion relating to the dispute there. Rje 22:29, Apr 27, 2005 (UTC)

Flaky Wiki[edit]

In your defense, I see you removed the rude message from my User:talk page. I think Wikipedia is being flakey, and it may have appeared like I added that obnoxious "Wikipedia is Communism" line that vandal's seem fond of. I have nothing to do with than, but the page history seemed corrupted recently. Lulu of the Lotus-Eaters 22:17, 2005 Apr 29 (UTC)

Pope Benedict XVI[edit]

There is no Pope Benedict XVI. urgent attention please, --SqueakBox 22:21, Apr 29, 2005 (UTC)

Um, he's Pope John Paul II's successor... so he is real... or is that not the point of your statement? Master Thief Garrett 23:49, 29 Apr 2005 (UTC)
  • Squeak, I see you've been vacationing for the last ten days or so.  :) - Lucky 6.9 23:54, 29 Apr 2005 (UTC)
What i meant is that the article had disappeared completely; the work of WC. See my User page. --SqueakBox 23:57, Apr 29, 2005 (UTC) (from Wikipedia:Vandalism in Progress)

(Re: your comments on entry on User:Wikipedia Is Communism! in Wikipedia:Vandalism in progress). There is a Pope Benedict XVI, whose papacy began on Tuesday, April 19, 2005. Pope Benedict XVI is his regnal name; his name is Joseph Ratzinger. Elected by the Papal conclave, 2005, he replaced the late Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla) who died on April 2, 2005. Andrew pmk 23:36, 29 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Your reverts on Alleged Bible discrepancies entry[edit]

Why do you keep removing a link to the post-resurrection chronology? It's VERY relevant. Are you just pushing your POV, again?

Link: Some advocates of Biblical inerrancy have gone to great lengths to harmonize the four accounts,

-- Big Hurt

Reported YOU for 3 Revert Violation[edit]

You don't seem to understand the 3 Revert Violation. Read the Abortion entry carefully. YOU have broken the 3 revert violation!!!! Not me. -- Big Hurt


The dispute tag was there because there was a dispute, and remains a dispute over content. Someone moved part of the text and in the process either removed or moved elsewhere the reason for the dispute. But the article is littered with unsubstantiated POVs. FearÉIREANN 00:11, 2 May 2005 (UTC)

Hey Squeek,

never suggested that you acted in bad faith. Just that you did not know that there was a serious issue with that page. I had left a detailed note explaining the POV issues previously on the page. Basically the page tried to do two things: cover the attempted coup and do it in a page on one of the coup leaders. I pointed out that the page was POV and it was meant to be a biographical page but had two paragraphs on the person and the rest a POV account of the coup. Whomever responded moved the 23F still en bloc to a new page, with the dispute tag, but didn't bring along the talk page stuff outlining the problems. That was their error, not mine. I was rushing out the door when I saw your change and had not time to trace back the talk page stuff at that stage but there was a serious POV error with the page. It was far from the encyclopaedic standard one could expect in an encyclopaedia. FearÉIREANN 03:02, 2 May 2005 (UTC)

Good work, mate. FearÉIREANN 03:26, 2 May 2005 (UTC)

Confusing signature[edit]

Hi. It seems the entire page is somehow fubar. I'm going to delete the duplicate violations section. - Tεxτurε 17:40, 2 May 2005 (UTC)


why do you keep deleteing what I put in for discussion on kofi "oil for food" annan?


I like dogs but I think cats are only good for dogs to chase!

My girlfriend agrees with you, otherwise we would have one, --SqueakBox 03:13, May 5, 2005 (UTC)

Fidel Castro[edit]

Any reason to keep editing my Fidel Castro remarks? You a Castro accolyte? Tell me how Forbes saying he has 500 million dollars is not factual information worthy of being on the guy's bio? Give me a good reason why you keep reverting my xxxx, if you can't do that just please leave it the xxxx alone. Already asked once in the Fidel Castro talk page and nobody had the decency to answer why they keep reverting to that biased bull. Kapil 05:48, 5 May 2005 (UTC)

KapilTagore and obscenities[edit]

I have also asked KapilTagore to apologize, however don't you think that Who do you think you are? might not be the best thing to attach to a comment asking someone who has wronged you for an apology. Its certainly not on the scale of what was said to you, but still. Also what are your objections to the Castro wealth ref? -JCarriker 17:06, May 5, 2005 (UTC)

Let's try to continue to assume good faith until KapilTagore responds, he's apologized for using such language before and I know he responded postiviely to my request after I reverted his assretion that South America was a subcontinent rather than a continent. This may be as simple as case of wikistress and mistaken identiy combined, of course it may not. Either way it's I think it's best to wait for his response before drawing conclusions. -JCarriker 17:50, May 5, 2005 (UTC)


Yep, you certainly do attract interesting characters. Guettarda 20:26, 5 May 2005 (UTC)

Seconded! No problem, by the way, and yes, I have a cocker spaniel, called Jarvis. It made me laugh anyway :) Cheers. Anilocra 20:30, 5 May 2005 (UTC)

Fidel Castro[edit]

I apologise Kapil 00:42, 6 May 2005 (UTC)

Fidel Castro editing[edit]

How is "intense and sometimes brutal political repression" a sentence that doesn't fit? Stop editing other people's stuff, it's an universal truth that Castro's Communist Cuba is politically repressive, and that this is where tensions with the US stem from. So you shouldn't remove it again, rather, explain why you're removing it before doing so. This is exactly the kinda thing I was talking about. Kapil 01:06, 6 May 2005 (UTC) Also, the word "shit" appears below your cat's picture. Don't fret as much about the word cunt, they're both Wikipedia articles.

Alright, sorry about calling you a Castro accolyte. Kapil 03:00, 6 May 2005 (UTC)


I'm out on wikivacation for a few days. If you need anything drop me a line through my g-mail account. Should be back around May 10 or 11. KC9CQJ 05:34, 6 May 2005 (UTC)

Naming convention[edit]

You seem like a pretty knowledgeable user (and have provided some objective edits on Cold War figures I might add -- good job) so I thought I'd point you to the question I asked on Ramon/Ramón Grau. J. Parker Stone 07:50, 10 May 2005 (UTC)


On vandalism, evidence is presented that he vandalized Adolf Hitler. I am pretty much in agreement with you that POV pushing is not the problem. He's rude, but (although my politics are very different from his) he's a pretty good editor most of the time. --Tony Sidaway|Talk 18:44, 10 May 2005 (UTC)

There's a problem at the Nicaragua article... (not vandalism)[edit]

The problem is an anon. user. While not a vandal, it appears that this anon. user is making changes to the article that include non-English text, and in one case I had to revert the article because the edits by the anon. user had resulted in a major drop in the quality of the article. The first two times, I assumed that it could be vandalism or what it actually turned out to be: someone who appears to not to be native to the English language. I've already done two reverts, but the user keeps editing. The first two times I didn't know for certain what I was dealing with, but since it isn't vandalism, I don't think I can deal with the situation properly. There's a very good chance that there may be a language barrier problem, and I'm not very good when it comes to understanding Spanish. I've got some experience... but not enough. What I'm worried about is that this user will end up ruining the article in what they think is actually their attempts to fix it. I've already had one incident where I mistook somebody like this for a vandal (and I've kept the rebuke for another user on my talk page to remind me of this) and I'm afraid that somebody else might make the same mistake. --Chanting Fox 01:21, 12 May 2005 (UTC)

  • Read your message about this guy. Thanks for the info. --Chanting Fox 01:32, 12 May 2005 (UTC)

Trying to sign peace[edit]

Why have you deleted the piece of information I included yesterday to help you with your mistake (you know, that thing of It's or Its)? Everybody makes mistakes. Why cannot you have a more collaborative behavior? You cannot remove a contribution to your talk page only because you do not like it, specially if it can help other people with your same problem.

Let's give peace a chance. I can forgive you, but you must make an effort.

Warmest regards. Zapatancas 08:58, 13 May 2005 (UTC)

OK, let's start again. Zapatancas 08:11, 14 May 2005 (UTC)

I think...[edit]

you're right. We should talk, because I found more evidence outside the current RfC. I think we ought to reinstate it. I'll give you a Skype when I get back from Chicago. KC9CQJ 21:17, 15 May 2005 (UTC)

My latest comment at Javier Solana was not intended nor directed towards you, it was directed towards the other disputant. Sorry for the confusion. KC9CQJ 03:39, 16 May 2005 (UTC)
I'm back. Let me know when a Skype session would be appropriate. I'm available tomorrow morning and Wednesday all day. KC9CQJ 22:31, 16 May 2005 (UTC)
Hi, Squeak. I'm leaving my current company for greener pastures on the 8th, so I'm kind of riding softly on the Wiki for now. Please keep me informed of any major developments on CEC or the affiliated documentation and I'll be sure to add it to my list. Cheers and greets, KC9CQJ 08:50, 4 Jun 2005 (UTC)


Thank you for certifying the RfC. -- Viajero 01:18, 17 May 2005 (UTC)

Thanks again, I added it. I feel strongly that this kind of behaviour is completely unacceptable on Wikipedia; it poisons the atmosphere and should not be tolerated. If Kapil doesn't quickly shape up, I will bring him to the ArbCom. Anyway, now back to more creative and satisfying things, like writing articles. -- Viajero 01:34, 17 May 2005 (UTC)


thought you might like to see that. Nateji77 13:01, 17 May 2005 (UTC)

Your attacks[edit]

Squeackbox - you can duplicate link spam as much as you like, I don't care, I DID notice the problem is unavoidable on articles like abortion. No productive work is possible on these articles as I have said noumerous times before, that is why I do not work on promotion articles like this any more. As for the removal of the links - that wasn't me. I have moved them to where they belong before, approximately two weeks ago, I think, that is true and probably your reason for bothering me with this. And at the time no one _NO ONE_ opposed. Calling me a vandal for this is a personal attack. Have a look at wikipedia policy and leave me alone.--Fenice 04:28, 18 May 2005 (UTC)

I have not attacked you in any way. Please explain your accusing me of having done so? --SqueakBox 04:48, May 18, 2005 (UTC)

See the talk page of abortion, you call this vandalism, and you mean me. And there is something else that just illustrates my point: Calling me "he" on the discussion page of abortion...Have a look at Wikipedia:WikiProject Countering systemic bias, that might just widen your horizon a little. And do leave me alone with this issue. As I said, as far as I am concerned, all these pages are open to whoever wants to promote their views there, I will not be there to oppose. --Fenice 04:52, 18 May 2005 (UTC)

I don't know what you're talking about.[edit]

You wrote: "You apologised to me for your ridiculous assertion that I am a Cumbey sockpuppet. will you please also apologise to Cumbey, and take a look at Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Cumbey. Can you also tell me why you highlighted my contribs in your edit summary at Constamce Cumbey. Why are you continuing this senseless and aggressive campaign towards me?"

What? I don't know what you're talking about! I've had nothing to do with that article lately except to revert one or two edits. I think I reverted one of your edits because I disagreed with the removal of her published books (as I explained on the talk page); apart from that, I've had nothing to do with it. I did NOT "highlight your contribs" in my edit summary; I hit the revert button and DIDN'T MAKE an edit summary. I've said absolutely nothing on the Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Cumbey since my original comments, for which I apologized. I apologized to you; I saw no need to apologize to Cumbey as the allegation was made against you, not her. I realized my mistake and apologized to you. If you think I should apologize to Cumbey also, I have no ill feelings about doing so - it just hasn't occurred to me as necessary until now. As to your claim that I'm continuing "a senseless and aggressive campaign" towards you, I honestly dont know what you're talking about. Maybe someone has stolen my identity? I haven't looked yet - I'll do so now. David Cannon 20:11, 18 May 2005 (UTC)

Odd behaviour[edit]

By removing your name from Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Cumbey (with an explanation that's difficult to follow, to say the least) you've left all those who supported you in a difficult position. By adding your support to the wholly spurious Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Whig, with no explanaion for your action, and despite all the comments made by others, you've divested yourself of yet another layer of credibility. What's going on? Mel Etitis (Μελ Ετητης) 21:33, 18 May 2005 (UTC)

Fidel Castro and NPOV[edit]

To prevent a revert war going on, I was trying to include a more NPOV version. Seeing as how Grace Note keeps reverting to his/her version, I disputed the article's neutrality, seeing as how there's no data or reliable, neutral outside sources that call the literacy increase as "great" (and Grace Note hasn't provided one yet). What do you think? He/she's probably just gonna remove the NPOV tag, as it happened the first time. Kapil 01:11, 19 May 2005 (UTC)

I just wrote in the discussion page the reasons why I think the article is biased. Am I completely oblivious to something or is this the proper procedure? Kapil 01:23, 19 May 2005 (UTC)

Haile Selassie[edit]

I'm writing in regards to your withdrawn endorsement of the RfC and your comment that you agree with my styles generally but not how I am going about them. I'm not in favor of using styles. I don't think we should prefix "His Imperial Majesty" to the Haile Selassie article, though I do believe that this style should be contextualized within the page. HIM is a very important style to Rastafari, and deserves appropriate and neutral treatment. I would like to know, however, what it is that you disagree with as to my "going about" things, in order that perhaps we might work constructively together to make the coverage of Rastafarianism, Haile Selassie, Jah, etc. more complete and NPOV. Whig 01:47, 19 May 2005 (UTC)


When is a decision taken on the RfC? I'm getting tired of Mothperson's constant personal attacks against me and his false claims about my behaviour, and really will not have any of it if the RfC is merely a window in which users can attack me with impunity, with no users stepping in to give a neutral point of view. Your thoughts? Kapil 00:45, 21 May 2005 (UTC)

Assume good faith[edit]

It's not helping that you support trolls -- who are not having a "consensus-building" discussion but it's clear to see are simply badmouthing anyone who disagrees with them and reverting their edits on sight -- and call decent editors "vandals". Perhaps you could try a more constructive approach to getting your POV represented? Grace Note 01:36, 21 May 2005 (UTC)

I am absolutely mystified that you are supporting Trey Stone's version of the page. Disgusted, in fact. He has opposed the consensus at every point, included his own POV, completely unsourced, and you support that? Why? Grace Note 01:44, 21 May 2005 (UTC)

I didn't realize known facts like the Cuban-American population and Castro's Sovietization needed to be sourced while items of disputable quality like literacy and healthcare don't. J. Parker Stone 06:43, 21 May 2005 (UTC)

Then revert to the version I am supporting, but take out the smoking photo, okay? But don't replace it with the one of Castro that says "I am a nasty commie". And don't revert to Trey's POV, please. Grace Note 01:46, 21 May 2005 (UTC)

The neutrality of the article was agreed upon in the discussion, if you have any objections discuss them before reverting the version we reached by consensus. Also, you're approaching your third revert. Lastly, any references to us as "rightwing trolls" or "rightwing povistas" don't help your case. Kapil 01:47, 21 May 2005 (UTC)

To SqueakBox: Please note how my answer was directed at Grace Note. The problem is I thought I was in the Fidel Castro discussion page and not your own talk page, this is where the confusion stemmed from. But do relax, I feel there's some kind of witch hunt at every single comment I make and I will not stand for it. Kapil 06:37, 21 May 2005 (UTC)


I just noticed that the Zapatero was listed on RfC and I took a look at it. Whew. It needs a lot of work. I just copyedited the first two sections; I'll have a look at the rest later on. Reading the talk page, I saw that you have been having problems with Zapatancas. If he continues to be a PITA, an RfC might be in order. I realize preparing an RfC is time all of us would rather spend on more gratifying tasks, but I have done it now a few times and I can help you. An RfC obviously has no binding force to it, but sometimes it can be effective. All the best, -- Viajero | Talk 11:35, 22 May 2005 (UTC)


Damn. They got one past us. And I thought everyone knew the new Antichrist is Zapatero. Heightened vigilance in future. Hajor 19:48, 22 May 2005 (UTC)

Sorry :-([edit]

SqueakBox, all I can say is sorry for that Dalek edit. I appreciate you not making a large comment about irresponsible actions, etc, because as I'm sure you know I've been told quite a few times. I've since withdrawn my request for adminship. I'm now sending a personal apology to all those who've opposed the adminship because of my actions. - Ta bu shi da yu 02:28, 24 May 2005 (UTC)


I commented on this with the redirect. The article was basically an orphan that had almost no information. By moving it to the main city article, it should get more notice and has a better chance to get someone to provide more information so that it can become a better article. This also avoids another editor putting a VfD tag in there again and having another discussion about keeping the article or not. If you have more information feel free to add it. If you get it into better shape and move the text back, add a {{cleanup-school}} tag at the top so that others can help finish the cleanup. Vegaswikian 19:26, 27 May 2005 (UTC)

Ríos Montt article[edit]

Please don't get bent out of shape about Ríos Montt; it isn't worth it. Complaints about "reverting my material" aren't so helpful even though I understand your reaction. The best course is not to revert immediately, but simply to correct obvious errors and sort out the rest on the Talk page. There were, IMO, only a couple of major differences between the two versions, and I am sure we can iron those out. 172 knows a lot of about general history and political movements, and you are well-informed about contemporary politics, so the end result should be a great article. Cuídate, -- Viajero | Talk 12:37, 28 May 2005 (UTC)

Once again, I think you are taking the wrong attitude. Once you hit the "Submit" button, your edits are fair game for anyone. There is no point in taking a propreitary attitude about an article. It doesn't work here. And comments about 172's personality and ArbCom stuff are equally counterproductive. Anyone could have come along and edited that page; 172 or a newcomer. As I said above, the best (and IMO only) strategy is to fix the obvious errors and take the rest to the Talk page.
When I laid out the diffs several days ago, I thought you responded to all the points that concerned you, particuarly with regard to the intro, and that the changes were merged. If not, our only recourse is to repeat the process. I am going to archive the Talk page in a moment; let's start over with a clean slate. If you still have issues with the content, copy the text to the Talk page and we will discuss it, clause by clause if need be. This is the only way forward. Thanks, -- Viajero | Talk 10:50, 30 May 2005 (UTC)

Automated Message?[edit]

I believe I received an automated(?) message from you. Perhaps you (SqueakBox) are a part of a Wikipedia welcoming committee?

If so, thank you for the welcome!

Also, I would like to note that it would have been nice for the message to have explained itself (i.e. where it came from). Thanks, Djbaniel 01:56, Jun 2, 2005 (UTC)

I got this welcoming message too -- I didn't have any problem with it. Thanks! WLight 04:21, 6 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Roberto Weiss[edit]

Image Tagging Image:Roberto weiss in rome with his sister.jpg[edit]

Warning sign
This media may be deleted.

Thanks for uploading Image:Roberto weiss in rome with his sister.jpg. I notice the 'image' page currently doesn't specify who created the content, so the copyright status is unclear. If you have not created this media yourself then there needs to be an argument why we have the right to use the media on Wikipedia (see copyright tagging below). If you have not created the media yourself then it needs to be specified where it was found, i.e., in most cases link to the website where it was taken from, and the terms of use for content from that page.

If the media also doesn't have a copyright tag then one should be added. If you created/took the picture, audio, or video then the {{GFDL-self}} tag can be used to release it under the GFDL. If you believe the media qualifies as fair use, consider reading fair use, and then use a tag such as {{Non-free fair use in|article name}} or one of the other tags listed at Wikipedia:Image copyright tags#Fair_use. See Wikipedia:Image copyright tags for the full list of copyright tags that you can use.

If you have uploaded other media, consider checking that you have specified their source and copyright tagged them, too. You can find a list of 'image' pages you have edited by clicking on the "my contributions" link (it is located at the very top of any Wikipedia page when you are logged in), and then selecting "Image" from the dropdown box. Note that any unsourced and untagged images will be deleted one week after they have been uploaded, as described on criteria for speedy deletion. If you have any questions please ask them at the Media copyright questions page. Thank you.

My RFA[edit]

SqueakBox, thank you for your vote of confidence on my recent successful RFA, it was much appreciated. I will work to demonstrate that your trust was well-placed. Fawcett5 19:45, 7 Jun 2005 (UTC)


Thank you for such a warm welcome message! And for the links also. ;) I'll, for sure, have a great time here.

Crawling to the bed.... --Zogg 00:24, 9 Jun 2005 (UTC)


Ta for the welcome. See you round. Nigosh 22:22, 11 Jun 2005 (UTC)


Hey, I only just saw your comment of May 21 to me on Fidel Castro. Look, I'm sorry we had a few words that verged on the harsh. You didn't deserve that. I appreciate that you were working for the good, as I think you do around Wikipedia. Your point about Castro's smoking was entirely compelling. I thought the smoking picture was cool, but if the guy doesn't even smoke...! Happy editing and hope next time our paths cross, we do it with smiles. Grace Note 12:38, 14 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Cyberstalker and CyberHarasser[edit]

You are not a deletionist, you are a Wikipedia obsessionist and vandal. You are writing lies about me and anything/one that I support. In your distorted view of the world, you think I have multiple identities. This is simply one of your lies. You are absolutely and completely not a notable person, although I am sure your sockpupets and sycophants will fly to your aid. Proudly and accurately written by Rex Judicata 13:02, Jun 14, 2005 (UTC)

It was CesarB and not me who pointed out your sockpuppetry. Being not notable is just how I want it. I don't write articles about myself or my activities at wikipedia. I have written no lies. Please don't remove my comments from now on or accuse me of vandalism or libel. It was you who impersonated me and threatened to see me deported to Florida, SqueakBox 15:24, Jun 14, 2005 (UTC)

Practically everything Squeakbox has written anywhere is a blatant lie and I am happy to see that others here see it! I proudly sign my name as CONSTANCE E. CUMBEY.

User pages[edit]

Hi, I noticed on the now-deleted Grayson Walker article that you had linked from that page to a couple of user: pages. We don't link to user: pages from articles (in part because many people who take database copies only take the article space, but in general it's also just Not A Good Idea). Noel (talk) 05:40, 15 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Request for Administrator mediation[edit]

There is an ongoing problem in the Mizrahi_Jew article (see Talk:Mizrahi_Jew) with user Jayjg (an Administrator) refusing to include elements into the article which have been proven with sources he had earlier demanded. This lead to nothing, as he doesn't care for the countless sources and evidence I provided, which can be seen by his continuing to dismiss the other side (which needs to be represented) as still being irrelevant. The fact that after sources and evidence he still finds it irrelevant is his POV. The article, as Jayjg edits it, removes any mention that some Mizrahim from Arab countries (whether many or few) espouse and promote "Arab Jewish" identity.

I have already asked for mediation from other administrators, but they say they haven't the time. I asked for mediation from one administrator that even blocked me (because of Jayjg and the problem at Mizrahi Jew) but when I wrote to the administrator asking him that he read the talk page to see why there was a problem, he said he had no time. I am begging an administrator to find the time!

Jayjg is unwilling to include the fact that some Mizrahim espouse "Arab Jewish" identity (which would ensure the article’s neutrality), noting that it does include references relating to Mizrahim that oppose “Arab Jewish” identity and discourse. He is intent on only presenting one side of the “Arab Jewish” discourse, while utterly discounting the other side, and at times outright inferring the other Mizrahim that are pro-“Arab Jewish” identity are wrong (which is not for him to decide and constitutes a POV) and in his utter bias also labels those other Mizrahim as a “phenomenon” for being Jews that identify as Arabs (which is his POV).

It has been made known to him, that despite many Mizrahim today not identifying as “Arab Jews” or espousing a revival of "Arab Jewish" identity, there are (as has been quoted to him in sources) a growing number of Mizrahi scholars and non-Mizrahi members of Israeli academia (and laymen) that support do, but because of modern Arab (ie. Palestinian) and Israeli (ie. Ashkenazi Jewry) political relations (stemming from the creation of the state of Israel) the idea is that it is impossible to be both Jewish and Arab at once (which is a European Jewry understanding, and as such a POV). Both sides must be addressed for neutrality.

To quote Yehudith Harel, an Israeli scholar, writer and peace activist. These are the phases I see Arab Jews as having gone through: First, coming to Israel, being discriminated against, looked down upon and humiliated because they were "Arab Jews" -- ie belonging to Arab culture and yet practicing Jews; trying their best to integrate in many ways, among others by "forgetting" and repressing and denying their Arab cultural roots, sometimes even turning against them by adopting "Ashkenazi" (quasi-Western and secular) ways of life and strong anti-Arab positions in order to differentiate themselves from the despised and feared "enemy".

This sentiment is shared by a growing minority, and as such must represented, or how can we say the article is neutral? I myself don’t mind indicating that they are in fact a minority within the Mizrahi community (for ethno-political reasons, espoused by the Ashkenazi institution running Israel, already mentioned above), but Jayjg opposes even this, which is the very reason this school of though is growing. And it's not a recent "phenomenon" as he insesitevely indicates and which I have also shown him;

To quote Prof. Sasson Somekh, Author, translator and researcher of Arabic literature. "We are Arabic Jews just as there are American Jews - it's a historical fact. But people did not use that definition, because the Israeli society didn't like it. I am not afraid to use it, and there are others like me, such as the author Shimon Balas or Prof. Yehuda Shenhav."

Al-Andalus 07:01, 15 Jun 2005 (UTC).

Rules that condone unethical behavior[edit]

If you review the recent behavior of SqueakBox, you will see he has stalked Rexjudicata on Wikipedia, and made changes to any page edited by Rexjudicata. He has claimed that Agwiii and Rexjudicata are the same person. They are not.

SqueakBox has written on the Parents Without Rights page that Grayson Walker has had his parental rights taken away by the court. This is not true. Beyond that, it would be impossible for SqueakBox -- in Honduras -- to have access to private records of a Florida family law case. The fact that he would write such a libel shows his intent is to harass and not contribute.

It is important to note that SqueakBox knows nothing of these topics, and the sole purpose of his changes have been to harass Rexjudicata. As SqueakBox is an "old" member of your clique (aka Wikipedia community), he rallied his friends for support and they joined him.

Your code of conduct notwithstanding, the fact remains that the behavior of SqueakBox is a violation of the Cyberstalking Laws of Florida, many other states, and a growing number of other countries. Your Wikipedia S.O.P. is in conflict with these laws, and that should give you pause. Why are your members allowed or even encouraged to break the laws in a growing area of International regulation?

If you can get past the fact that SqueakBox is "allowed" to make edits -- as are all Wikipedians -- and examine why and what he has been editing in his attack on Rexjudicata, you see that he has used your rules as a vehicle to harass Rexjudicata. The choice is yours -- ignore the stalking and harassing by claiming the rules permit SqueakBox's behavior -- or look at the unethical behavior of his stalking.

Consider what we call the ethics transparency test. Ask, "Could I give a clear explanation for the action, including an honest and transparent account of my motives, that would satisfy a fair and dispassionate moral judge?" SqueakBox's behavior fails this test.

Consider what we call the ethics Golden Rule test. Ask, "Would I like to be on the receiving end of this action and its potential consequences? Am I treating others the way I’d want to be treated?" Again, SqueakBox's behavior fails this test. If Rexjudicata had behaved as SqueakBox did, he would have gone to all of the substantive pages that SqueakBox edited, and made changes to them -- this did not happen. Instead, he posted his complaint about being cyberstalked and erased harassing comments made by SqueakBox on his page.

The choice is very clear. You may intervene and stop the unethical, stalking behavior of SqueakBox, or you can stand behind a technical interpretation of your rules, ignoring the fact that they permit unethical and illegal behavior. This is not about suggesting that SqueakBox or any other Wikipedian stalker be prosecuted, but about the fact that your rules are increasingly out of step with both ethics and laws. Philanthropists and investors are very careful about such issues.


Rex Judicata 08:00, Jun 16, 2005 (UTC)

trolls and nuts[edit]

How do you manage to attract these sorts?  :) I won't criticise you for "feeding" them, but I wonder if in some cases it mightn't be better to just raise your "ignore" threshold a tad. Not that I can speak from personal experience - I have a habit of falling for trolls myself. Anyway, hope all is well with you in the world that really matters, and congrats on the job. Guettarda 15:36, 16 Jun 2005 (UTC)

trolls and nuts II[edit]

I was just going to say - you seem to attract all kinds of strange people. It might be helpful if you just delete my section on your talk-page ("your attacks"). It's been the second time someone tried to build on that in order to heat up a conflict.--Fenice 16:17, 16 Jun 2005 (UTC)

User Welcome[edit]

Thank you for that. Goodness me, you seem to get into all kinds of unusual scrapes... I think I will strenusouly try to avoid editing "weird" or "potentially weird" articles, you never know who you'll attract if you do! Cheers for the New User Greeting, anyway. --TheGrappler 21:39, 16 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Thanks too for the welcome you sent to me - much appreciated. I'm a big fan of cult British TV, so it seems we may have some things in common! HowardBerry 09:06, 17 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Thanks for the invite--Sara22 23:44, 24 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Thank you very much for the friendly welcome, what drew me to your attention? Winckle 14:23, 19 July 2005 (UTC)

My RFA[edit]

Thank you for supporting my RFA. Guettarda 23:36, 20 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Bot vandalism in progress[edit]

According to "a ghost", IP is being used by a bot program. He asked me to report this because he needed to take care of the vandalism the bot was doing. --Chanting Fox 20:45, 21 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Whoops! Wrong IP address. I'll get you the correct information in a moment. --Chanting Fox 20:47, 21 Jun 2005 (UTC)

  • It's I can definitely see why.... all the edits are related to Creationism in one way or another... and I should have read more carefully... ghost told me that I reverted the bot on the Creationism article.
  • Ugh, mistakes ALL around. Ghost made the assumption it was a vandalbot, and he left a note on my talkpage asking me to report it, but another user checked it out and figured that it was more of an NPOV problem than vandalism, and told ghost that on his talkpage. I did my own investigating and discovered that the IP was registered to the University of Northern Iowa, and that seems to be a further suggestion that this wasn't a bot. I've added a shared IP template to the talkpage for that IP to prevent something like this from happening again. --Chanting Fox 21:17, 21 Jun 2005 (UTC)


VANDALISM??? Why did you delete the box out of the schubert article??--CanadianPride 19:21, 21 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Ahem, that was editing not vandalising, SqueakBox 21:03, Jun 21, 2005 (UTC)

So editing means deleting half of the page and not substituting it with anything... Well, if that's editing then O.K. --CanadianPride 02:41, 22 Jun 2005 (UTC)

There is nothing to replace. Schubert had no family, so the whole thing is an elaborate hoax, SqueakBox 02:44, Jun 22, 2005 (UTC)

How is there no Schubert Family??? There is Schubert wine, Von Schubert Wine, and even Rafal Olaf von Schubert. I know you like you stupid american google so look up "Von Schubert Wine" and you'll see it exists.--CanadianPride 03:00, 22 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Who are you calling American. Apologise immediately, SqueakBox 03:01, Jun 22, 2005 (UTC)

I called google American, while i dont car what you are. Stop deleting the information on "Schubert Family" site.--CanadianPride 16:30, 22 Jun 2005 (UTC)

I will if you stop using sockpuppets and stop deleting Vfd notices, SqueakBox 17:35, Jun 22, 2005 (UTC)

What are sockpuppets?--CanadianPride 00:04, 24 Jun 2005 (UTC)

I am not sockpuppeting the Schubert Article, if thats what you mean. Thanks for the definition. I only work on the "Schubert Family" site because I want to help with a creation of a article (better than some others, like digimon articles).--CanadianPride 00:55, 24 Jun 2005 (UTC)

  • re:I think you are using sockpuppets. We could ask for a sockpuppet check, and any not from Toronto would then be considered accounts in their own right, SqueakBox 01:46, Jun 24, 2005 (UTC) "What do you mean by any not from Toronto would then be considered accounts in their own right? Why toronto? are you insisting I'm from toronto? I don't get it--CanadianPride 23:41, 24 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Get a Life sqeakbax-- 19:19, 26 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Whois link[edit]

The whois link you added to User:SqueakBox does not work. It would be better if instead you said what to search for (so it can for instance be searched with the command line whois command on Unix). --cesarb 22:08, 21 Jun 2005 (UTC)


Hi, Please DONT revert my edits, Thank You user:CJ2005B


Maybe this? [5] I have no idea, but it's a possibility. Guettarda 00:16, 26 Jun 2005 (UTC)

words fail me[edit]

I was referring to nothing as awful as what I have just read. I am somewhat speechless now. Uh, I need some time to think. Small can of nightcrawlers just turned into "Jeff" (List of fictional worms). By the way, you have gorgeous kids, very nearly almost as gorgeous as mine. Especially Boddhi, who must be semi-closely related to at least three of mine. --Mothperson 16:39, 26 Jun 2005 (UTC)


On List of places in Buckinghamshire, if you read the top bit, it says that places that used to be in Buckinghamshire are listed in italics. Slough is one such place, which was moved from Bucks to Berks in 1974, hence why it is listed on the list in italics. -- Francs2000 | Talk 18:23, 26 Jun 2005 (UTC)

re: Threats[edit]

I am just quoting what's been said. See [6] for the log entry. Inter\Echo 21:46, 26 Jun 2005 (UTC)


Hi, im user:CJ2005B. I dont go round trying to make enemys with anyone! all i asked is that you and other wikipedia users be fair. so far you have not been! all i ask is that be fair when editing/deleting my post. thanks you.

See this, and all in the defence of this. What's your game, mate, SqueakBox 01:19, Jun 27, 2005 (UTC)


I would rather wait for Theresa or someone else to delete it. It isn't doing any damage for the moment, and I don't want to turn into a "rouge admin" just yet. One block and two page protects, all yesterday, are enough for my first week as an admin. I would rather wait a while amd hope someone else will delete. Or do you think it is doing harm as is? Guettarda 01:14, 27 Jun 2005 (UTC)


Hello, thanks for the welcome message after reading through your message i found you posted on another bored that you think im someone else. im not this person! i would like to say that i intend to be a good Wikipedia user who gets on well with other users and i do not intend to vandalise pages! if i find that this other user vadalises my pages what sort of action should i take? once again, Thank you for the welcome and i look forward to enjoying the wikipedia experience. User:Agent003

Hi again, I’ve left a friendly warning on CJ2005B's talk page asking him to leave me and my pages alone. I hope this doesn’t make more trouble for you or me! I really don’t want other users vandalism to affect me, so do you think this will help keep this user from bothering me? -- User:Agent003

Category:UK Wikipedians[edit]

Hi, just to let you know that the list of UK participants at the UK notice board was getting rather long, so I have replaced it with the above category which I have added to your user page. -- Francs2000 | Talk 30 June 2005 20:55 (UTC)

PS I didn't realise you were from just down the road from me... -- Francs2000 | Talk 30 June 2005 22:46 (UTC)

pagina de usuario[edit]

De nada! ?Cuando vemos ver User:Lolwtf3, User:Lolwtf4, ..., User Lolwtf324, ....? :-) FreplySpang (talk) 3 July 2005 17:53 (UTC)


I think he misunderstood what was going on. Guettarda 9 July 2005 00:19 (UTC)


Ok, After a chance meeting with agent03 at a bwfc party yesterday, he was telling me what a nice user you are! so im going to say Sorry to you for being a jerk and Sorry for vandelising your user page. i've also apologised to agent03 for the inconvienience i caused him. user:CJ2005B

Hi again thanks for forgiving me i think the best thing to do is just edit a page if it needs imporving not to promot my websites. thanks and sorry again - user:CJ2005B


No he doesn't. Thanks for drawing this to my attention. Adam 02:08, 10 July 2005 (UTC)

Images for speedy deletion[edit]

Hi SqueakBox, I notice you've put some CSD requests on Image:Marijuana male.jpg and Image:Wild cannabis.jpg. I'll happily delete them, but is there a reason? Stewart Adcock 19:11, 11 July 2005 (UTC)

Okay. They are deleted... Stewart Adcock 19:19, 11 July 2005 (UTC)

Revert Vandalism[edit]

Hi again SpueakBox, Can you please revert edits to Leeds United F.C., the page has been vary badly vandalised! Thanks Agent003


Ok, i'll have a look there. Thanks alot for your help Agent003

Town stubs[edit]

I agree that towns and cities deserve articles. Heck, I just wrote about two vacant California ghost towns, specifically Rice, California and Eagle Mountain, California. However, your article as it stands isn't much more than an opening sentence that someone researching the subject might already know which is why I thought a redirect was a good idea. Is there any more info you can add? Best, Lucky 6.9 19:08, 13 July 2005 (UTC)

Yeah, I noticed that after I left my last message. I figured that's what you had in mind. Sorry to trouble you.  :) - Lucky 6.9 19:21, 13 July 2005 (UTC)


You're adding short, one sentence stub articles to Wikipedia. Why not instead create something like List of Nicaraguan Presidents, and create redirects to that list, and put the same information you're putting into many seperate articles into one article. Then, if more information is later added to Wikipedia, those redirects can then be upgraded to full articles, instead of being one sentence stubs. EvilPhoenix talk 09:17, July 14, 2005 (UTC)

All that is in the President of Nicaragua article is a list of Nicaraguan Presidents, with the dates of their terms, and nothing more. All you are doing is copying this information and pasting it into myriad stubs that do not give any additional information than what is already in the President article. I am all for adding information about other countries, which I believe contributes to Countering systemic bias, but I object to adding stub after stub after stub. I think that you should instead make each article a Redirect to President of Nicaragua, and then if you have enough information and content to expand the article, do so, but I dislike the adding of all these stubs. EvilPhoenix talk 15:57, July 14, 2005 (UTC)

I disagree with redirecting those pages to the list of presidents of whatever country. However, perhaps instead of writing so many stubs on South American leaders, you should write more detailed articles after researching more infformation on them. In the mean time, I have been addingg more infformation to a few off them, at least their birth and death dates and party affiliations, and will continue to do so. Academic Challenger 05:34, 16 July 2005 (UTC)

Thank you[edit]

Thank you for your comment. There are some crazy problems on the wiki regarding cliques, personality conflicts, article quality and edit wars... What I have discovered is that while I can usually handle a single rude anon or new user, a united team of users or an admin is pretty much insurmountable, and I'm forced to move on. Probably not the best thing for the article quality, but there is only so much hassle I can tolerate. Thanks for lending a hand, ¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸ 02:18, 17 July 2005 (UTC)


ive been reverting vandalism to Bolton Wanderers all week. thanks for giving us a helping hand. if the person that i keep catching continues to vandalise this page, can i refer the problem to you? so you can take the appropriate action.

Thanks for the link! Agent003

Thanks for the welcome[edit]

I much appreciate the welcome and info from you. I'd been trying to remember how to sign my name, but hadn't gotten around to searching much for it yet. You know, it's funny, but I'll be in La Ceiba in a couple weeks. How random is that? I don't even live in Honduras.

Brbigam 03:26, July 20, 2005 (UTC)[edit]

Hi, SqueakBox. sorry to bother you but this i.p will not accept that a player has signed for bolton & that Liverpool are part of the top 4 not everton. can you keep an eye on him please? - Agent003

i have a random question[edit]

are you a rastafarian, because that's the impression i got from your userpage. J. Parker Stone 03:31, 24 July 2005 (UTC)


Hi, I'm having a problem with a user over Grand Theft Auto IV, can you please tell me whos in the right? - Thanks, Agent003


Good catch, I nearly popped you one : P. I thinking about making a petition in my user space to ask sam spade and felonius monk to settle their greivances outside of wikipedia. You intrested in helping? 18:02, 26 July 2005 (UTC)

FM left a charming comment there. You may want to take a look at it.--Tznkai 19:30, 26 July 2005 (UTC)


Thank you for the welcome. I'll do my best at being a "good" Wikipedian. I initially put my "thank you" on your talk page proper, but now see it's better to put it in here. Kind regards, (Twisturbed Tachyon 13:55, 28 July 2005 (UTC))

Adminship long overdue[edit]

SqueakBox, the title says it all. You definitely have done more of your share of vandalism fighting. Please let me know if you are interested in a nomination. Apologies if the edit to the archive format at the top of the page was unwelcome — feel free to revert. Fawcett5 01:17, 29 July 2005 (UTC)

Allright, it has been setup — please complete the nomination here. Cheers, Fawcett5 01:49, 29 July 2005 (UTC)

SqueakBox, please accept my apologies for unintentionally dragging you into that unfortunate situation. I think that the treatment you received was unjust. You have frequently dealt with the worst sort of trolls, POV pushers, and users with bizarre agendas. Under such circumstances anybody with an 8000 edit history will have one or two moments of which they are not too proud. And I simply couldn't believe the whole Batpedia thing and the ridiculous accusations of racism. In any case, I'm sincerely sorry. Fawcett5 05:11, 30 July 2005 (UTC)


I apologise if my response to you on the above page was a little terse. -- Francs2000 | Talk 19:45, 29 July 2005 (UTC)


with your moves on departments you are creating double redirects. doon't do this in the future Tobias Conradi (Talk) 21:33, 29 July 2005 (UTC)

don't do what
as said above : creating double redirects
breaking WP = breaking the ability of a reader to read without further clicking an aricle when clicking on a link that finally ends up in double redirect.

Talk:Departments of Honduras Cortes now has double redirects again. Tobias Conradi (Talk) 22:11, 29 July 2005 (UTC)

if creating entries such as "El Porvenir" it might be usefull to check Special:Whatlinkshere/El_Porvenir Yielding that there is also El Porvenir in Chiapas and in Panama. Spanish placenames are very likely to produce disambiguation pages. I seconded your request for "Honduras-geo-stub". I think in the future every country will get a <countryname>-geo-stub. I would also support to create more of this stub-cats in advance, to avoid restubbing needs. Tobias Conradi (Talk) 09:15, 31 July 2005 (UTC)

How many municipalities of Honduras do exist? You can answer it there if you know. Tobias Conradi (Talk) 09:18, 31 July 2005 (UTC)

Holy S**t Batman![edit]

Hi! I have the task of going through Category:Geography stubs once a week, taking out the ten or so new stubs that haven't been correctly stubbed and putting them in their appropriate places. Ten a week, normally. Only in the last 24 hours 212 new ones have arrives, all of which should be stubbed with {{CentralAm-geo-stub}}. Are you trying to give me a hernia? I mean, good work on the stub creation, but... Grutness...wha? 23:18, 30 July 2005 (UTC)

S'alright - it was just a bit of a shock... leave it for a day or two - I'm trying to push through a separate Honduras-geo-stub at WP:WSS. With about 250 stubs for that country now there should be no real problem with it, and it will save re-stubbing them if it does. Grutness...wha? 23:25, 30 July 2005 (UTC)
Thanks. As I said above, a new Honduras-geo-stub is likely to be made as a result of the suddent population increase in that category. I'll let you know when it gets made, so you cannuse it on any new articles you make! :) Grutness...wha? 00:55, 31 July 2005 (UTC)

IP address[edit]

Perhaps some reasonably useful collection of websites could be established when the page is protected and then enforced. I am finding it bit absurd such page is /so much/ spammed - it cannot THAT financially atrractive to sell IP lookup. (Of my 2,500 pages on watch this got spammed most.) Pavel Vozenilek 01:36, 2 August 2005 (UTC)

You wrote: [7] are mostly wiki mirrors
I am out of context for this link. Pavel Vozenilek 17:28, 2 August 2005 (UTC)
I see but this effect is possibly only imaginary. If I remember correctly Wikipedia implemented nofollow atttribute to eliminate this effect. Pavel Vozenilek 20:23, 2 August 2005 (UTC)


How well do you know Guatemala? I'm asking because of your proposed move. Picking Escuintla as an example, it's currently at Escuintla Department. You said it should be moved to "Escuintla department". I have a question - is it better to move it to that, or to "Escuintla"? Please let me know on my talk page, I'm trying to get this as accurate as possible. Thanks! --Golbez 03:19, August 3, 2005 (UTC)

Edit summary[edit]

Hello. Please remember to always provide an edit summary. Thanks and happy edits. Alphax τεχ 16:01, 6 August 2005 (UTC)

Bot flag?[edit]

Are you adding those Central American places using a bot? If so, how about requesting a bot flag? I currently feel you are flooding the new pages list a bit. --IByte 22:33, 6 August 2005 (UTC)

No I am not. I am just using tabs and organisation. Much as I would like to learn about bots I don't know how to use them, SqueakBox 22:36, August 6, 2005 (UTC)


Hi - there are now separate stub templates for Honduras and Guatemala: {{Honduras-geo-stub}} and {{Guatemala-geo-stub}}. The speed with which you're making Central American stubs, we'll probably need some for other coutries in the region soon, too! Grutness...wha? 02:16, 7 August 2005 (UTC)


why do I have phreaks obsessed with me? Its really very creepy. This never happens in real life, only on the disgusting internet... People need to find a way to kill each onther online, it would solve so many problems. Sorry for the rant, and thanks for your input, let me know if I can help you sometime. Cheers, ¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸ 05:35, 7 August 2005 (UTC)

Bot discussion[edit]

Having read the bot page link you sent me it may be that my editing style brings up similar issues to those of bot users; server strain, unchecked results (ie I don't check everyone), and perhaps this issue should be brought up somewhere, as I know 16 edits a min is fast even for just 2 or 3 mins. Some of the Colombia departments contain 120+ municipalities, and the way I do it (for efficiency) I set everything up and then push the edit buttons as the final task. So you may want to flag this somewhere, SqueakBox 16:49, August 9, 2005 (UTC)

In response to your message, I suggest discussing concerns about the bot-like impacts of your edits at Wikipedia talk:Bots. (I cannot set flags for you as I am not myself an admin or steward.) If you want help with bot development/usage, Wikipedia:Bot requests appears to be the right place to ask.

Func's RfA :)[edit]

SqueakBox, thank you for your support in my adminship, greatly appreciated! :)

Please never hesitate to let me know if you have concerns with any administrative action I may make.

Functce,  ) 19:14, 11 August 2005 (UTC)

Re LCA article[edit]

I am seeing some nice work in Legalise Cannabis Alliance. It is looking now like a much improved article. Laurel Bush 17:53, 12 August 2005 (UTC).

Yooo! Squeak![edit]

Great job on the cannabis related articles man. That thing is correct to a T, and in part thanks to you. I'm pretty baked righ now as you may be able to tell Lol. Tell me, when was your first experience with weed like? I do quite a few edits myself, satisfying yet tough is improving wikipedia...less' your a walking encyclopedia yourself, heheh. Peace out! - User:D-Katana

Wow so you smoked with the earl of Beaconsfield, thats many stoners can say they've done that!? Well..all the earl's mates i suppose o_O- User:D-Katana

honduras dept talk[edit]

I would like to delete our talk in the beginning of Talk:Departments of Honduras - it's not important for the departments itself. But maybe you want to preserve it. saludos Tobias Conradi (Talk) 15:35, 13 August 2005 (UTC)

Re: WP:AN/3RR[edit]

As you saw, my only answer was on Beltch's page. I have apologized. It was a regretable but recoverable mistake--Tznkai 15:55, 13 August 2005 (UTC)

I withdrew for the reasons I stated, and for no other. Withdrawing in face of legitimate crititicsm is a sign that you can't take the criticism, not that you're aware ofit.
As for this mistake, I explained it, and wanted that editor to restore it. Maybe he/she changed minds, reconsidered, wanted to do it themselves, etc. I don't like taking a choice out of someone else's hands. You may disagree with how I handled it, and that may be correct, but understand I did it because I thought it was best he/she handled it themselves.--Tznkai 16:05, 13 August 2005 (UTC)
I should've left a note asking if Beltch wanted me to restore it, or to do it himself, yes. Atleast thats how I think I could've handled the situation better. still, when mistakes do happen, other person's "restorations" can sometimes cause accidental screw ups, atleast in my opinion.--Tznkai 16:27, 13 August 2005 (UTC)

redirect to your user page[edit]

dear SqueakBox, the current redirect to your user page is in my opinion confusing. The only page linking to him is Janko group and obviously it intends to link to a non-existing page about mathematician (who knows, perhaps you and he are the same person?). If you do not mind I will remove the redirect so that the invitation to write an article on the mathematician will be up at that page again. (i am not qualified to write anything about him). kind regards, --Lenthe 11:44, 15 August 2005 (UTC)

Actually, the redirect has to be deleted because it violates Wikipedia policy (See Wikipedia:Redirects for deletion#When_should_we_delete_a_redirect?, rule 5). Such redirects do not belong in the main namespace. --IByte 14:59, 15 August 2005 (UTC)


You have contributed to Buckinghamshire in the past, so may I invite you to contribute to a dispute that is breaking out. Some guy who is obsessing about the traditional counties has plonked a great big infobox in the article. It's not useless stuff, but in my view it belongs in History of Buckinghamshire, not in the current main article. But I'll leave you to make your own mind up. Have a look and contribute to talk:Buckinghamshire, please. --Concrete Cowboy 23:07, 17 August 2005 (UTC)


Re: your response on my talk page. I am currently attempting to gather Wikipedia community input on how to develop a proposed wiki-stalking policy in light of a recent Arbcom decision making this a bannable offense. In order to get community input I simply did a search of user pages to find places where wiki-stalking is mentioned. The message I posted is a generic notice for participation that is identical to the one I sent to dozens of other editors and was made without taking any side in existing or previous disputes about stalking, so no - this isn't an attempt to stir up any of your old enemies. It's just a notice about the proposal. I apologize if you construed it as something else, but it was not intended to be. Please review Wikipedia:Assume good faith. Rangerdude 19:37, 19 August 2005 (UTC)

I just removed it from Agwiii's page. Rangerdude 19:46, 19 August 2005 (UTC)


SqueakBox - I appreciate your contributions on the Stalking proposal, however for reasons stated on the talk page I believe I am on solid ground in stating that Uninvited Company's addition of the "rejected" tag was severely premature. According to the provisions accompanying this tag, a demonstrated lack of consensus occurs when an impass is reached involving three editors. While there has certainly been opposition voiced on this article's talk page to portions of the proposal, I have seen no evidence of an editing impass and indeed several editors who have stated objections to the proposal (yourself included) have made agreeable edits and substantial contributions toward fixing the portions of the proposal that are objectionable. It would be highly premature to declare the policy "rejected" after only 4 days time for consideration and while edits and discussions of the sort described are still ongoing, and I believe that in the case of Uninvited Company's decision to add this tag his purpose was nothing more than to "kill" the proposal for personal reasons while it was still under consideration. I am not a fan of revert warring unless absolutely necessary, but I strongly feel that additional work remains to be done on this proposal. If you will agree and restore the proposal listing until a time arises when either consensus is reached or a genuine impass prevents further work, I will not hold any 3RR complaints and will not revert war on that subject. Otherwise I will consider filing an RfC against Uninvited Company for user behavior regarding the inappropriate application of this tag. I appreciate your contributions to date and consider them generally beneficial even though we both originally viewed the issue from very different perspectives, and hope this can continue. Regards. Rangerdude 23:07, 19 August 2005 (UTC)

Thanks for doing this the proper way by poll. I've also given some thought to possible alternatives for a guideline and wanted to get your input. Rather than having an existing guideline that spells everything out (which seems to be the source of most of the disputes) I posted an alternative bare-bones version that starts only with the Arbcom's official definition of wikistalking at Wikipedia_talk:Stalking/Revision1 and links to the cases. Two possible alternatives on approaching this type of revision also seem to exist. (1) We could simply make the Arbcom definition itself the only guideline material and then say nothing more interpreting it or applying it. (2)We could start from the definition and build any interpretation of it from the ground up, rather than starting with a full proposal. Please take a look and post your thoughts on the revision talk page. Thanks. Rangerdude 23:40, 19 August 2005 (UTC)

Spanish speakers[edit]

Hi, SqueakBox. Look, let's not waste our lives in a sterile edit war over the Spanish language article. Your POV is that it's upsetting to leave out, I presume, Honduras from a list of Spanish-speaking countries, while including the States. However, the States is a leading hispanophone nation, and your edits give the appearance of supporting the rather jingoistic Americans who don't like Spanish programmes, or the notion of Spanish's one day becoming a national language of the US. That's not company you belong in.

Look, your rationale for changing the list is thin. If you want Honduras in, why not simply extend my list until it includes Honduras? I don't have any problem with that. But I do have a problem with purposely excluding the States. Can't we both be accommodated by my solution? Clair de Lune 03:33, 21 August 2005 (UTC)

Cumbey's user page[edit]

I don't want to make a big thing about this and I hesitate to bring the matter up because I know I've made errors of judgement in the past. This is a policy issue, however. I notice that you've made a series of edits to User:Cumbey's user page, deleting personal attacks against you. I fully sympathize; I remember once asking her to remove her personal attacks from her page, with no response from her.

Cumbey is wrong to use her user page to make personal attacks. One former well-known Wikipedian was asked to leave, partly because of the same issue. However, it is also against policy to make alterations to another user's user page without their consent. Corrections (for spelling, punctuation, etc.) are considered in order, barnstars are okay, but content changes are questionable. What you're supposed to do is call in the mediation committee. You can call their attention to the fact that she has ignored requests to remove her personal attacks. They will attempt to persuade her, and if she proves uncooperative, you can then call on the arbitration committee, which is empowered to make decisions and enforce them. I have no doubt that they would rule eventually in your favour, as Cumbey's attacks defy Wikipedia policy and rules. But I don't think it is proper to unilaterally touch another user's page, however good our reasons for doing so may be. David Cannon 21:21, 21 August 2005 (UTC)

Thanks for your prompt explanation. That satisfies me. If she comes back, however, taking the matter further with the mediation and arbitration committees will probably be in order. Have a great day. David Cannon 21:51, 21 August 2005 (UTC)

Don't always want a notice when I have new messages[edit]

I have disabled my yellow message, and wish I could do so in a more straightforward manner than creating a separate account to redirect my talk page to. It irritates me no end, affects the page layout when it comes up while editing as you can't reach the bold text etc horizontal line without scrolling, doesn't switch off if you access your talk page through diffs (from the watchlist, which I always do after somebody redirected my talk page to an obscene picture). Does noone else feel the same way? Is there an easier way to disable it? If not could one be added to preferences, SqueakBox 02:47, August 19, 2005 (UTC)
You can simply change your user stylesheet (if you are using the Monobook skin, it's at User:SqueakBox/monobook.css) and add a rule to not display these messages. I believe the correct rule to do so is ".usermessage { display: none }" (without the quotes). See Help:User styles for more information. --cesarb 17:58, 19 August 2005 (UTC)


hey thanks man. i'm not gonna be around cuz 1, i spent far too much time here this last year, and 2 i'm gonna be adjusting and focusing on more important things in college and i don't want to be distracted by something like this.

good talkin' to ya though. J. Parker Stone 10:12, 22 August 2005 (UTC)

Edit summary[edit]

Hello. Please remember to always provide an edit summary. Thanks and happy edits. --Ryan Delaney talk 18:16, 22 August 2005 (UTC)

On stubs and welcomes[edit]

Thanks! Your help is greatly appreciated. Long story short, by the time I realized the full efect of my edit, I tried to ammend by recreating (had a copy open) - only to see it disappear again for lack of content. Lesson learned.

Hopefully my stay at Wiki will cause more good than harm, and as time goes by I should be able to avoid messing up at all. This will be one of my last posts with an IP number as I am moving to a login account.

By the way, I am looking for the correct guideline/format/template/infobox for a ship's career - I may have got Huáscar (ship) wrong (inserted a second flag in the box to represent service with second navy), but cannot find the right guideline to confirm this.

"Echando a perder se aprende," Cheers, 09:40, 23 August 2005 (UTC)

My talk page[edit]

Stop reverting my talk page. I control what goes there, I can clear things out periodically. You are being obnoxious, and the same actions I did just once on User talk:SlimVirgin caused her to threaten to block me... Do you agree with her that those actions should cause someone to be blocked (if so, please go get her to block you) or do you agree that she was abusing her power? Or do you think admins can make their own rules and do whatever they want? DreamGuy 17:47, August 23, 2005 (UTC)

Taken from User talk:DreamGuy, as Dreamguy keeps on blanking it, SqueakBox 18:38, August 23, 2005 (UTC)


Please let an admin make the decision. I fyou are right it will not be deleted but you are heading to break the 3RR rule, SqueakBox 22:31, August 22, 2005 (UTC)

No, I won't break the 3RR rule, you can count on that, but I'm sure lots of other people will start removing the speedy delete tag if you keep putting it there. DreamGuy 23:45, August 22, 2005 (UTC)

You admiot the Rfc was in bad faith. It does not have 2 endorsers. What are you doing exactly, SqueakBox 00:34, August 23, 2005 (UTC)

It does have endorsers, where do you come of claiming that it doesn't? I wrote an outside view saying that it was in bad faith but that doesn't mean I want someone to come along and delete it outright on a false claim that it wasn't endorsed. You yourself removed two names from the page, so you know it was certified. They had the endorsers so deserve to have the issue discussed to whatever end it comes to, not just have it be deleted by someone not following the rules. DreamGuy 00:37, August 23, 2005 (UTC)

Those 2 sigs weren't legitimate in that place as they had been imported from somewhere else and were from 4 days before the Rfc. If they had been legit sigs the individuals would have re-signed. 2 people did then endorse but the second more than 48 hours after the Rfc began. All I am trying to do is help and enforcing policy. Please stop stating I am making false claims, esp as you could not prove this with diffs. Nor did I delete the article. I asked an admin to do so, SqueakBox 00:43, August 23, 2005 (UTC)

It has been deleted now. please stop giving me or others a hard time for janotorial work at wikipedia, SqueakBox 00:46, August 23, 2005 (UTC)

If they had been legit sigs the individuals would have re-signed. Did it ever occur to you that they may not even know or think about the concept that they had to resign it? Or that maybe you should have contacted them about it and given them the opportunity to do so instead of just erasing it? I am not giving you a hard time for doing janitorial work, I am giving you a hard time for blatantly violated the rules in the process. That RfC was signed, and even if I am personally opposed to the particular RfC, I am still not going to sit by while someone erases signatures. The fact that you got an admin to go along with you, especially one who has been frequently stepping into anything I am dealing with and basically doing just the opposite of what i am arguing solely out of bad faith, does not mean that you were correct to do so. I will take this up with other admins if I have to, but you started off with a mistake and then compounded it by ignoring what a neutral outside observer was telling you and by invalidating signatures for no good reason. This is exactly why so many people think admins here are making up their own rules on a whim. You can't just kill off an RfC that had four signatures. DreamGuy 00:59, August 23, 2005 (UTC)
Well this has left a sour taste in my mouth, whatever our views on other matters this is pretty rotten and I'll support you if you wish to take it further, I honestly can't fathom what SqueakBox's problem but I'm off to bed now, night.--ElvisThePrince 01:16, 23 August 2005 (UTC)

Did it never occur to you to inform Vinylgirl of the Rfc. You could also have informed the other editors yourself. There is no onus on me to do so. There is no policy about Rfc's being able to be validated on a talk page, so what you are saying about doctored signatures doesn't stand up to scrutiny. What you are saying would grind wikipedia to a halt with other editors being forced to chase up entirely spurious claims. No editor should have an rfc if they only done 20 edits, let alone one they don't know about, but you seem unaware of Vinylgirl, and that she has the same rights as other editors. I can assure I too have a nasty taste in my mouth after the shennanigans of today, and spouting rubbish about me breaking wikipedia rules simply not true. In future please check with whom you are edit warring before jumping to the conclusion that maybe they are a sockpuppet, as the information is available, starting in the user page. If Slim has been intervening around you I am sure it is for good reasons, especially after how you have behaved today. I am left questioning what your real motivation is SqueakBox 04:12, August 23, 2005 (UTC)

Yeah, and there you are breaking even more policies. Wikipedia:Assume good faith for one, probably Wikipedia:Civility as well. I don;t know who all you are talking to, as you seem to be replying to two people at once without specifying, but USer:SlimVirgin's harassment of me by breaking policy and outright taking sides encouraging an extreme problem editor who should have been banned months ago and encouraging him to use sockpuppet accounts, not blocking him for periods she agreed to do so, and treating me as if I were the one being disciplined instead of him are just some of the nonsense she is pulling, not to mention her protecting articles the way the soon-to-be-blocked editor wants them, instigating his revenge RfAr against me instead of following normal conflict resolution steps, and so forth. There are some bad, bad admins here who are loose cannons, and from your actions on this RfC it looks like you are one of them too, as you simply were not following policy, and your rationalizations that the process would grind to a halt if you took a teensy bit of responsibility and did not remove valid signatures for not reason simply do not wash. DreamGuy 14:05, August 23, 2005 (UTC)

PLease explaion how signatures from Talk:Encyclopedia Dramatica are valid on an Rfc; ie quote the policy to me. Otherwise leave it be or I will start to think you are trolling, SqueakBox 15:58, August 23, 2005 (UTC)

Please don't blank this conversation. Archiving is fine. As you spend so much time telling others to follow policy perhapsd it would be a good idea to do so yourself, SqueakBox 17:41, August 23, 2005 (UTC)

when he cant win[edit]

he gets angry, and pouty , and starts getting progressivly ruder. please note that this sort of behaviour has gotten him so fr three accept votes for an RFAr, and it seems like there will be more. feel free to add this incident to the evidance.Gavin the Chosen 18:42, 23 August 2005 (UTC)

Vague threats[edit]

I see from your talk page that you're in the habit of making vague threats about people "getting into trouble", as you now have to me in your latest (unsigned) comment on my talk page, Please do take this to Wikipedia:Resolving disputes if you wish; as I understand this, rather than making vague threats of "trouble' is the WP process for resolving disputes. Regards Tonywalton  | Talk 18:00, 23 August 2005 (UTC)


I hereby give you this Barnstar for extreme patience with other Wikipedians.

Original Barnstar.png

Take care, D. J. Bracey (talk) 23:14, 23 August 2005 (UTC)


Just out of interest did Andy Mabbett ever say that one had to be born in brum to be a brummie? please note User:G-Man/POTW RFC in preperation. Nick Boulevard 00:47, 24 August 2005 (UTC)

Withdraw nomination club[edit]

Yah thnx... :P --Cool Cat My Talk 02:20, 24 August 2005 (UTC)


Yeah, I'm back.

OK, I see what you've been up to with the Guatemala articles... excellent effort. One question: Is it worthwhile at this stage in WP's evolution to have separate articles for (eg) Rabinal (the town) and Rabinal, Baja Verapaz (the municipality)? Most cases, the headtown shares a name with the municipality. I'd be inclined to merge the two articles, saying something along the lines that "XXX serves as the administrative centre for the surrounding municipality of the same name" (done that a lot on Mexico-geo-stubs, where the same situation applies). Or maybe you just created them bang-bang-bang one after another, without realising the overlap was there? (Machine-gun editing, yeah? loads of fun).

(As a general rule, too, I think "cities" are a bit more interesting than "municipalities". Changing the focus of the municips' articles to the headtowns would also help fill out the Category:Cities in Guatemala.)

Of course, while doing all that, you seem to have established a de facto standard for the naming of Guatemalan geographical articles, using the "city-comma-department" format. Well done, that man! If you're feeling really bold, you could include it on the naming conventions page.

Is this coherent? Did you at least enjoy reading it? Cheers, Hajor 02:58, 24 August 2005 (UTC)


If you find DreamGuys behaviour to be rude or unsavoury, feel free to visit the requests for arbitration page and add evidance to the charges aboutr his incivil nature. hes only one vote away from arbitration.Gavin the Chosen 10:17, 24 August 2005 (UTC)

Pto Quetzal[edit]

Thanks for the message. Do the locals think of Quetzal as a separate town from Puerto San José, or is it just the name of the port complex (à la Seaforth container terminal, Tilbury docks, etc)? I kind of assumed it deserved its own article (even a lousy stub) for no other reason than both are marked on our standard Guatemala CIA map. Cheers, Hajor 16:15, 27 August 2005 (UTC)

And thanks for the clarification. I'll remove the "cities" cat, then. Hajor 16:34, 27 August 2005 (UTC)

IP address[edit]

I've recomended that 0waldo take this to the talk page; until he does, I'm happy to keep reverting. I thought I'd let you know, as, if he does, you might be interested in the discussion. Thanks for your work on the 'pedia! JesseW 19:24, 27 August 2005 (UTC)

I've blocked 0waldo for two hours, long enough to chat with him. I would have considered longer, but I feel your tone and actions in this were provoking him. Dispute resolution means a lot more than reverting until you get the outcome you like. Dragons flight 01:05, August 28, 2005 (UTC)

Mexico vandalism...[edit]

Sorry about that revert, went to the wrong version. If you look at the history you'll see I was reverting the insulting vandalism by Siegfried Waldgrave (talk · contribs). (who is also enjoying commenting on my talk) Thanks for catching it. Wikibofh 17:32, August 31, 2005 (UTC)


I have a question, though - Why is your specific objection to If it were added by someone other than 0waldo, would your objection fade, since it seems to be predicated on the fact that it's HIS site? Or is it simply on principle that he thinks that because he donated, he has the right to use Wikipedia as advertising (A site without any income method, I note)? --Golbez 17:49, August 31, 2005 (UTC)

"Dear Sir, you obviously mistook my humor and a 'threat' of legal action as serious. It was a joke (I added their names to the site to show the total insanity of the entire issue ) for my two friends JesseW and SqueakBox :) Promise." I just got this email from 0waldo. He's probably serious, his original statement was not a typical threat, but the point had to be made. --Golbez 18:04, August 31, 2005 (UTC)
Would it be okay if I added the link to the end of the list (It is useful, it mentions us, and it has no ads, after all - and it's gotta be useful to some people (It got the right country for me, at least)? Iff he removes the mention of you and Jesse, since that's obviously false. This just seems the best option all around - it stops the war, and it puts up a vaguely useful site that, while it may be spam, isn't getting him any recognition or income. --Golbez 18:11, August 31, 2005 (UTC)

Greets SqueakBox :) I left you a suprise gift over at the talk IP_address ;) 0waldo 22:34, 31 August 2005 (UTC)

You know that this is rather ironic that I would ask you this - How do I stop from deleting the link? thanks pal. 0waldo 12:41, 1 September 2005 (UTC)

Hi SqueakBox :) I've been removing useless ext links over at ip address. It's appears that I'm being chastised by [[User:JesseW/sig|JesseW, the juggling janitor] for doing so. Any feedback?

Greets SqueakBox: what's up with ex.t links at IP address? You promised not to delete the link to! Alas, all is well: I'm willing to forgive and forget because I just added it back ;) 0waldo 22:40, 9 September 2005 (UTC)

Hi SqueakBox: I'm not quite sure that I understand what you mean.... 0waldo 00:21, 10 September 2005 (UTC)

Well, I'm feeling like burnt spam right now, pardon the pun and I just don't feel like messing around with it at all to be honest with you. I really meant it when I just wanted to put the link ( there to supplement the article. I did not really have any objections to the other links you and I kept reverting back too ( the five or so links ). Anyway, there you have it ;) have a nice weekend! 0waldo 00:35, 10 September 2005 (UTC)

SqueakBox, my friend, what's up on deleting the new link that I placed on IP address? It's not a service like JesseW whines about, it's pure information concerning IP address, no advertising, no links, just detailed infor concerning IP address... I'm assuming that you did not even look at the page? 0waldo 02:26, 13 September 2005 (UTC)

SqueakBox, my friend: at least you're not giving me hell (that I know of) 0waldo 21:59, 13 September 2005 (UTC)


An encylopedia is written from a historical perspective. In the birth and death lists, you would have to put "former" in front of everyone's description except the people who are still active in whatever they do or did and then change it when they retire or die. That is the reason that I think it should never be there. Instead, you list the thing for which the person is most known, with the understanding that they may no longer be doing it. Ksnow 15:24, 2 September 2005 (UTC)Ksnow

My RFA[edit]

Hi, just wanted to say thanks for supporting my RFA nomination and to let you know I've accepted and answered the questions. --Angr/tɔk tə mi 15:43, 3 September 2005 (UTC)

Top Gear Links[edit]

Hi I see you keep deleting both Jabbasworld where i am a moderator and finalgear another site with fans of Top Gear and Fifth gear. I don't fully understand your reasons for doing so, we were not even aware of out listing there until recently when a member pointed us to a topic on where in typical fashion they were leaving sad little comments and persistantly removing our link. I feel myself and some other members acted within the spirit of wiki in editing them back in, i've been checking back as have some others and simply editing it back in. Don't want to get in to the politics of it but theres some bad blood between the two sites for some stupid reasons.

Anyway hope you understand we are not trying to advertise our site as such just if we can be useful to top gear fans I feel we should stay there, just recently we added dedicated sections as a result of one guy from from wikipedia removing the site as not relevant as items were harder to find mixed in with all the other topics. Anyway while i respect that you feel right to edit out our and the other sites link i feel you are doing it for the wrong reasons, we are not commercial, there is no advertising and certainly the owner of the site has put in a great deal of money for no return, check around and see the cars he's owns and you'll see he's not in it for the money! Your comment of "2 sites not connected to th prog asnd owned by same US co rm)" is even more confusing, they are merely registered though go daddy, you can pay extra to conceal your details i believe so that you don't have some random person knocking on your door. I can tell you for sure registrant of those domains/ owners of the servers are in no way related and are even on different continants, hope this clears everything up.

Kind Regards


AL123 22:21, 6 September 2005 (UTC)

Paisa for Antioqueño[edit]

Paisa (short for "paisano"=fellow contryman), refered to culturally Antioqueño, is by no way offensive to them. See es:Paisa for an article in Spanish language wikipedia.
Carlos Th (talk) 03:24, 8 September 2005 (UTC)

Joolz's RFA[edit]

Hey SqueakBox, thanks for your vote on my recent RFA, your support was appreciated :) -- Joolz 11:24, 9 September 2005 (UTC)

My RFA[edit]

Hi, thanks for voting for me in my RFA. I was really touched at how many people voted for me! --Angr/tɔk tə mi 22:49, 10 September 2005 (UTC)

cannabis cultivation[edit]

an enthusiastic user has [8] edited the page, and it desperately needs a copyedit. i'm fresh outta time between school and work; do you think you could do it? it would make me just squish with joy. Avriette 03:38, 16 September 2005 (UTC)

Chav, Charva and Charver[edit]

Hello - I noticed you reverted someone trying to edit Charva post-vfd. I just caught someone trying to put the same content into the older Charver redirect. I thought I'd bring it to your attention. Apologies if you're not interested. -- Jon Dowland 15:36, 16 September 2005 (UTC)

Hi, thanks for jumping in there. There has (finally) been a discussion opened regarding this disagreement, at Talk:Charver#Why_the_constant_reverts.3F. -- Jon Dowland 13:08, 22 September 2005 (UTC)


Have this Working Man's Barnstar for hard work on Wikipedia.

Working Man's Barnstar.png

Take care, Molotov (talk) California state flag.png 20:14, 16 September 2005 (UTC)

Cannabis cultivation article[edit]

Hey Squeak! I was just perusing the cannabis cultivation article, which seems to be a fairly popular page for editing lately (as indicated by Avriette), with many adding in little facts and figures from time to time. I read through the whole thing, but overall at the close of the article I was somewhat miffed with regards to the actual cultivation of the plant, and various parts appeared somewhat vague. Now, I found this little gem of an article a couple years back which in my view totally wipes the floor with the Wikipedia article and is very useful overall. We could align Wikipedia's article to that somewhat, to improve the overall depth of the article, as its pretty easy to imagine some potential growers wish to use the article.

I propose, we map out the entire growth cycle of the plant in two new sections : Vegetative Growth & Flowering starting after the "Overview" and prior to the "Botany" sections. We could mirror the external article by including useful information regarding pruning, feeding solutions and general techniques here rather than later in the article as is currently the case. Further, we could add in a "Growing techniques" section, and simply transfer "Sea of green, Hydroponic, Outdoor, Indoor growing" to that, as it seems said methods are less revelant to the botany of the plant, and would serve better within a section of their own.

After this, it would be wise to grant "Detection" its own section, as it's currently only relevant to rural outdoor areas, as opposed to indoor grow-ops which are generally very common nowadays. Extending it by covering light leaks/smell detection etc would add a lot to the article, possibly making it more relevant and informative to the readership as a whole. "CO2 enrichment" could be transferred to the proposed "Growing techniques" section. This would increase its relevance somewhat, as it is a complimentary method to ones growing.

I suggest putting "Curing, Drying, Extraction and Hashish" into a new "Post-harvest" section - As it is probably better that than one very large umbrella-type section (the current Extraction, Curing, and Other Harvest Processes). Lastly, simply merging the info on "CBD and CBN" with the proposed new "Flowering" section would be practical, as it is pretty much out of place at the end of the article.

I wanted to inform you of these proposals as you modify cannabis-related articles on a regular basis, more than any other dude i'm aware of :). Could you inform me of whether you approve of these proposals? If so, I could go about putting them in place thereby making the article more useful for everybody! If not, we could discuss the whole shebang further. -- D-Katana 19:28, 17 September 2005 (UTC)

I think the information is very useful, but lacks structure. YOu're probably right on this one. I just don't have the time to do it. Avriette 02:49, 19 September 2005 (UTC)
Okay, I managed to put in the place the majority of the changes to the article, its a pretty good guide now and much less jumbled up than it was. All that remains to be done is a moderate expansion of the "Detection and the law" section. -- D-Katana 19:43, 19 September 2005 (UTC)

Hey, I'd just like to thank you for the PM you sent me :) You've got a great page and I enjoyed reading it. I'm totally new to here, I only realised you could edit articles on here yesterday without registering!! Hope to talk to you soon! Rach 21:03, 19 September 2005 (UTC)user:XYaAsehShalomX

My RfA[edit]

WikiThanks.png Thanks for participating and supporting me in my RfA, I hope I will not let you down. Molotov (talk) California state flag.png 18:04, 20 September 2005 (UTC)

Requested source[edit]

See Talk:Malvinas. Ejrrjs | What? 21:12, 21 September 2005 (UTC)

Image Tagging[edit]

Before you go complaining about the annoying watchlist warning, make sure you're not part of the reason for it: I've noticed that Image:Haile selassie 13.GIF, and possibly other images you've uploaded, do not have source and copyright information. They may be tagged as having {{no source}} or being of {{unknown}} copyright status. Images given those tags can be deleted 7 days later without further warning. To prevent this, provide accurate copyright tags for all your images and provide their sources. For a list, see your upload log. If you have questions or need help, post to my talk page. Thank you for your cooperation. Superm401 | Talk 05:00, 25 September 2005 (UTC)

Please place one of the copyright tags on each image description page. Superm401 | Talk 06:34, 25 September 2005 (UTC)

You ned![edit]

Only joking! This is realy just a quick note to let you know that I don't want any bad feelings to develop between us over this issue. Taking it back to AfD was probably the best solution and I'll abide by whatever consensus develops there. --GraemeL (talk) 17:20, 25 September 2005 (UTC)

Thank you SqueakBox[edit]

I'll try my best, dude. SamEV 17:22, 25 September 2005 (UTC)

Re: Spammy notice[edit]

I just added a span id to the notice on MediaWiki:Watchdetails, so now you can hide it by adding:

#watchlist_notice { display: none; } 

to your monobook.css (or respective one for the other skins) file. (Copied from the VP) JesseW, the juggling janitor 23:01, 25 September 2005 (UTC)

How did I attract your notice?[edit]

I've (stillnotelf) been lurking around for a while, I'm wondering what I did such that you noticed me? I did poke around some of the Haile Selassie pages clarifiying links to Judah; was that it? Stillnotelf 04:00, 26 September 2005 (UTC)



I want to thank you very much for your vote on my RFA. Greatly apperciated, I owe you one! Journalist | huh? 23 July 2017

Well, Ive finally learned to cope with it, and Im looking forward to tackling it a few months from now. Journalist | huh? 23 July 2017


I know it's just a technicality but it's something that I beat my head against a brick wall over with other users on a regular basis. Officially settlements in the UK are defined thus:

  1. If it has a Royal charter it's a city
  2. If it doesn't have a Royal charter but has a charter of incorporation (a traditional permit to hold a market or fair) then it's a town
  3. If it doesn't have any form of charter at all but it has a parish council then it's a village
  4. If it doesn't have any of the above it's a hamlet

I couldn't say about Naphill because I don't know the place at all well (though I do know someone that lives there) however the idea that a settlement's size defines its status is an American principle that has no place in British officialdom. Milton Keynes is still a town no matter how big it gets; likewise there are some places that are very very large hamlets. Why am I telling you all this? I don't know. Just thought I'd get on me soapbox randomly... -- Francs2000 22:34, 27 September 2005 (UTC)

Intro to health issues... of cannabis[edit]

Hey. I'm very interested in your comments about the draft introduction I put up at health issues and the effects of cannabis, especially since you can provide a perspective from outside the States. Hope all is well. Drop you comments on the article's talk page at the bottom. Thanks. --Howrealisreal 23:07, 27 September 2005 (UTC)

Thanks for the Help[edit]

I appreciate it! --Beth Wellington 01:04, 28 September 2005 (UTC)

Validity of the Claim[edit]


I moved this out of WP:ANI because it was getting off-topic.

It really is immaterial who rules what. Under that rule, Israel has more valid claims over the West Bank than the Palestinians. We both know that's not quite true, especially in the international view.

I agree that the issue should be resolved in the Sovereignity of the Falkand Islands page, but discrediting a claim just because the country doesn't have territorial ruling is naive, especially since the territorial ruling IS the basis for the claim. If Argentina had sovereignity over the islands, there would be no claim to speak of.

--Sebastian Kessel Talk 19:57, 29 September 2005 (UTC)

Yeah, saw that an answered there.... One of the reasons I left Argentina is because of the culture us Argies have. Political corruption, thinking we're smarter than everybody, etc... I wouldn't wish that on the Falklanders, they have enough to deal with as it is. I am a proponent of: "Let them decide", and they already made plenty clear what they want. But aside from that, the fact that the islands are currently British, Japanese or Norwegian shouldn't bear in the discussion other than to explain the status quo.
--Sebastian Kessel Talk 20:14, 29 September 2005 (UTC)

Who's RfA[edit]

Thank you for supporting my masters RfA. He appreciates your support and comments and looks forward to better serving Wikipedia the best he can. Of course I will be doing all of the real work. He would have responded to you directly, but he is currently out of town, and wanted to thank you asap. Thanks again. --Who's mop?¿? 20:57, 30 September 2005 (UTC)


Saw you there on my watchlist; splendid work. Don't think twice about dropping us a note if you need any help with admin-only moves, etc. Hajor 18:43, 1 October 2005 (UTC)

Recent comments[edit]

You've made some recent comments that were rather flattering to myself, and I'd like you to know that your support is now, and has been appreciated. Perhaps more importantly, I have consistantly found your edits to be of high quality. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with, or if there is an article you feel is in need of my attentions, Sam Spade 11:30, 2 October 2005 (UTC)

Buju Banton Article[edit]

I've reposted the addition, once again (as the last time) with a source cited. The source is the Jamaica Observer. The link is Jamaica Observer

My RfA[edit]

Squeaks-- Thank you for your support on my RfA. I don't have much time to write a long thank you note, but I hope you know of my gratitude. Thanks. --Lord Voldemort (Dark Mark)|My RfA 14:02, 3 October 2005 (UTC)

Re: Buju Banton[edit]

Glad it's all cleared up. Yes, as I suspected I failed to include the source. I appreciate your catching it, and apologize for the menacing tone I originally took. You're obviously a valuable asset here, and I wish you all the best!

- Reason.


For the several wonderful things you have done for me on Wikipedia. I'll start back contributing, but I have a pretty crammed schedule, so it can't be much anyway. You are a true friend.

Barnstar of Diligence.png

Working Man's Barnstar.png

Truly take care (I left you a note on the Spanish site, by the way) See you around Molotov (talk) California state flag.png 21:44, 3 October 2005 (UTC)


The UDA is proscribed as a terrorist group in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Jim Gray was a brigade leader of the UDA. That's what a terrorist is.

Ronnie Corbett[edit]

Tnx for deleting my changes of that article. You beat me to it by a few seconds when I realised I edited the wrong person.  :) Garion96 16:59, 5 October 2005 (UTC)

Thanks for the Welcome[edit]

I just noticed how to use this thing. thanks for the welcome! do let me know if I make any mistakes! :)

Mailyn 13:06, 7 October 2005 (UTC)


How do I send a message to another wiki user? (Cornellrockey 16:06, 7 October 2005 (UTC))


Well, I wrote about 8 paragraphs offline until I noticed [9] and [10] -- I think these speak for themselves :-) Let's enjoy the rest of 2005 as we welcome 2006! --HappyCamper 22:37, 31 December 2005 (UTC)

Newbie help[edit]

Thats for that informative little post... I've already started to integrated myself into the wiki community

--Mikesan230 00:17, 1 January 2006 (UTC)

Nice pooch[edit]

Hey, i like your dog! Woof woof. Spum 20:11, 1 January 2006 (UTC)

The Poll[edit]

Hi, would you like the honour of closing the poll? It's easy - you add a "this poll is closed, please don't edit it" sign and pronounce the result. Izehar 20:30, 1 January 2006 (UTC)

Voluntary Simplicity[edit]

Thank you sir, for your patience over at voluntary simplicity. You showed good grace and reason with this discussion and although I was annoyed at the original NPOV concern, it is definitely a better article for your help and efforts. Happy New Year! Rorybowman 02:25, 2 January 2006 (UTC)

Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Ed Poor[edit]

  • Why are you suggesting it should be deleted? He has been renominated as was suggested could be done at the RFA that was brought against him. What basis do you have for deletion?Gateman1997 21:30, 2 January 2006 (UTC)
    • Actually no voting should be taking place yet since he hasn't accepted yet. But beyond that there is little wrong with him being renominated. And obviously he has a good number of supporters when he does accept it.Gateman1997 21:54, 2 January 2006 (UTC)

Hi squeek box[edit]

From waldo ! Hope you have a great 2006! 0waldo 01:24, 5 January 2006 (UTC)

Costa Rica[edit]

From alf, thanks for the support on making the San José more objective. I'm new to wikipedia and i'm unsure about when to edit, crop, change or delete other people's contributions. The Climate section of the article says the province is blessed. Is that neutral? Should it only say the region posses a mild weather. Some people might actually find this weather overly humid and hot most of the year though. Blessed just doesn't sound encyclopedic to me. Should I edit it? alf 15:21, 6 January 2006 (UTC)


Who is this Doire (talk • contribs • deleted contribs • nuke contribs • logs • filter log • block user • block log)? I blocked him for a 3RRvio, but after going through his contributions I have been getting more and more bewildered. Is he anti-English or something? Izehar 19:46, 6 January 2006 (UTC)


I give you seven days from now to ask for a mediation process. If you don't and you don't recognize explicitly that your behavior has been unjustifiable then I will be forced to use every mechanism to have you blocked. Zapatancas 17:36, 9 January 2006 (UTC)

SqueakBox, everything that happens in the Wikipedia is registered. Never forget that. You have destroyed articles unjustifiably, you have started edit wars by introducing spelling and grammar mistakes you recovered as soon as they were deleted (remember how scared you got when Katefan0 protected the article), you have insulted other users, you have introduced NPOV tags without reporting a single disputed passage no matter how many times you were asked, you have not respected the result of an AfD, etc. I could go on but it is too tiring.
It is you who must start the mediation process because you have never explained why you attack the article and those editing it. I could not start it myself. Why do you want me to say? To improve the article on Zapatero is impossible as the User SqueakBox deletes things, destroys extended articles or introduces mistakes on purpose. He also likes to insult those working in the article. He has been asked why he behaves like that. No answer. Please, help is needed to reach an agreement about a conflict whose cause nobody knows.
Furthermore, I must remind you that in spite of your four million edits you are not an administrator because the community does not believe you should have that responsability. Don't forget everybody always leaves you alone. It has happened recently, during the AfD. Tell that thing about how much respected you are to other. I know you.
Regarding my opinion about your mental health, I can only say that I cannot lie. If a person says in his user page that other user wants to attack him, and that other Wikipedians must warn the police if something happens to him (how can wikipedians who live thousands of kilometers away know if something has happened to that user? as usual, no answer), I think what everybody else would think in that situation.
To end, I want to make clear that I am simply giving you the last opportunity to justify your behavior (1), apologize (2) or face the consequences of your actions (3). Nothing else. Zapatancas 18:30, 9 January 2006 (UTC)

I don't want ot be an administartor, the community has not, for the record, made a judgement on the matter. But save it for mediation or the arbcom as your are, IMO, giving a very distorted, one sided view of the process. Mediation has been initiated, now I suggest we wait for that. I am very aware that everything anyone does here is recorded, SqueakBox 18:35, 9 January 2006 (UTC)

And if you want to defend User:RexJudicata be aware he has been permanently blocked for death threats. SPAA also made deathb threats against me, and both he and SPAA are also permanently blocked, and that if it is dioscovered you were behind SPAA's death threats it is not difficult to guess what will happen, SqueakBox 18:41, 9 January 2006 (UTC)

I should also point out that I am only willing to proceed with mediation on the basis that a sockpuppet check is done for User:SquealingPig and User:SquealingPigAttacksAgain, SqueakBox 18:57, 9 January 2006 (UTC)

If you want my advice (sorry for butting in like this BTW), do NOT request Arbitration as you both could end up with unfavourable sancitons. Come to WP:MEDCAB, I do some work there, we'll fix you up with someone - or you could go to WP:M. Izehar 19:01, 9 January 2006 (UTC)

I agree arbcom is not the ideal answer. Have made a request at WP:M, if you could fix us up wiuth somebody I think mediation would be a hugely good idea in this case, SqueakBox 19:50, 9 January 2006 (UTC)

I'm a WP:MEDCAB mediator - I could oversee a mediation, that is assuming Zapatancas doesn't object. My mediations are usually quite bureaucratic (I'm already involved in two cases), but a result is guarranteed quicker. If you don't want me, there are many other mediators as well - I can ask. Izehar 22:55, 9 January 2006 (UTC)

Thank you[edit]

Francs2000's Bureaucratship

Thanks for your support on my request for bureaucratship.

The final outcome was (70/5/0), so I am now a bureaucrat. I seriously didn't expect so many good comments from everybody and I appreciated the constructive criticism from those that gave it. If you have any queries, suggestions or problems with any of my actions as a bureaucrat then please leave me a note. -- Francs2000 22:12, 9 January 2006 (UTC)

Football war[edit]

[11]. You managed to get mixed up with some vandalism by --Nick Boalch ?!? 19:49, 10 January 2006 (UTC)


Hi, about the suspected sockpuppets. I know that an IP check probably wouldn't help, but there is a notice board: WP:RFCU, where you can report suspected sockpuppets. It's worth a shot. About mediation, have you decided yet? Izehar 23:26, 10 January 2006 (UTC)

Thanks for the link, SqueakBox 23:45, 10 January 2006 (UTC)

Dish Network[edit]

I reverted your edit of Dish Network today, since the article had been replaced with contents of ABC Family. I'm guessing you did an external edit of the ABC Family article and then cut-and-pasted it into an open editing session of Dish Network by mistake. --QuicksilverT @ 01:51, 11 January 2006 (UTC)

Let's give ourselves a second opportunity (well, perhaps it is the fourth or the fifth)[edit]

SqueakBox, I am going to do one thing: I am going to remember that there is a Wikipedia Policy called Assume Good Faith. It is very difficult for me to believe you are acting in good faith but I will try. Because of that, I will give you a last chance to solve the problem through dialog. If you do not like mediation, as it has become evident, choose the method you prefer.

But, please, explain your behavior for once. To help you, I propose these points of your behavior I think you have to explain if an agreement is to be reached:

  • Why you have accused the article of being non-NPOV and myself of being a POV warrior if you have never reported a single disputed passage.
  • Why you started an edit war by introducing the same mistakes no matter how many times they were corrected.
  • Why you substituted the articles with redirects even after your request for deletion was archived.
  • Why you do not apologize for all your personal attacks against the people working in the article (you know, this is a pile of cr*p, this is a disgrace and all that).
  • Why you slander me accusing me of vandalizing your page when I have told you it was not me (remember Assume Good faith) and there is no evidence supporting that (if there was, you would have given it to an administrator long ago).

If you cannot explain any of those things, I will accept an apology. But you cannot continue the current situation.

Give yourself another opportunity. Zapatancas 15:21, 16 January 2006 (UTC)


Hi. You put a deletion notice on Image:Federal.gif. I believe I have now licenced it as {{logo}}, I certainly recognise the motif and it is genuine. Can you make sure everything is okay and either dispute my licence (and let me know) or remove the deletion notice. Cheers, SqueakBox 14:02, 17 January 2006 (UTC)

Thanks for tagging that, I thought it might be a sports logo but wasn't sure. It's fine too, we are allowed to use logos :D - cohesiontalk 19:06, 17 January 2006 (UTC)

Peace treaty[edit]

SqueakBox, I am not against a peace treaty and I also think that perhaps all the problems between us come from a bad start. But I believe that signing peace for the third time is not a solution by itself. I think we both must recognize our mistakes. In my opinion, the solution is that we express explicitely the behavior we have disliked in the other and we check if we really can work together by accepting that our behavior was not correct (because maybe I believe something is not correct but you think it is valid and vice versa). On my part, I have disliked mainly:

  • Your accusations that the article was NPOV without reporting disputed passages (I think everybody has the right to claim an article is not neutral if he/she explains why but not to repeat again and again that it is not neutral without explaining why).
  • Your introduction of mistakes repeatedly before Katefan0 protected the article.
  • Your removal of passages without taking them to the talk page as the Wikipedia rules recommend.
  • I have also disliked your accusations of me vandalizing your user page and your unpleasent comments about my English, but I believe that what you have posted in my talk page is enough.

So, I expect you to recognize that your behavior was not correct in regard to these points. That is, I don't want you to recognize you acted on bad faith or anything like that, simply that you accept that that behavior is not right and that you are not going to repeat it again.

Besides, I want you to recognize explicitely that I have never behaved like a POV warrior (at least, until now).

On my part, to be honest, I don't believe my behavior is objectionable as a whole but I recognize that I have been harder than necessary too many times. Regarding my "critics" of your English I must tell that it was never my intention to offend you but I am sorry if I did. If you have any other complaint I will apologize if necessary.

For the rest, if you accept these conditions I believe we can forget the past. Zapatancas 15:12, 20 January 2006 (UTC)

Zapatero article protection[edit]

I did not know you were done edit warring with User:Zapatancas. The easiest thing to do would have been to request unprotection. Although I see no evidence of having come to any sort of consensus on any of the respective talk pages, I've unprotected them for you. howcheng {chat} 16:44, 20 January 2006 (UTC)

And really, you need to assume good faith. Throwing out accusations that I'm keeping them protected out of spite or in defiance of policy or any such nonsense does not make me want to help you. howcheng {chat} 17:55, 20 January 2006 (UTC)

The fate of the kulak[edit] Fred Bauder 22:02, 25 January 2006 (UTC)

Please weigh in on request for semi-protection for Cannabis[edit]

The request is meeting resistance, and I am arguing special circumstances. -SM 13:27, 27 January 2006 (UTC)

Need some help![edit]

See my page, StrangerInParadise 05:49, 31 January 2006 (UTC)

Mark Oaten[edit]

Hi again, in my opinion calling him disgraced is endorsing the idea that what he did was disgraceful, which is a value judgement and violates WP:NPOV imo. Are we going to put perverted at the top of gay peoples articles or idiotic at the top of George Bush's article just because that is what a lot of people think? I changed the wording to "suffered public humiliation" which is a factual statement rather than a value judgement. Arniep 02:50, 1 February 2006 (UTC)

I'm confused[edit]

On the Chase thing, do you not believe that the merge is already done? I wasn't sure how to interpret your comment. Friday (talk) 14:41, 3 February 2006 (UTC)

You continue your disruptive behavior[edit]

SqueakBox, please, stop. This time will be no more warnings. You have shown a disruptive behavior for long enough. Zapatancas 15:11, 3 February 2006 (UTC)

SqueakBox, remember that you must be civil and nice. Be more polite to other users. Zapatancas 15:17, 3 February 2006 (UTC)
SqueakBox, stop this. Why aren't you more civil and take a look at the information I have given in the talk page, in the copyright problem page, and now, thanks to you, in the bulletin board? I said that I accepted your peace proposal if you apologize for your past, unjustifiable behavior. You have not done that. Now, you have insulted me again. Apologize for this, although I cannot believe you have not realized before starting this attack that there were not copyright problems. If not, I will have to seek the help of the Wikipedia community to stop your disruptions. Zapatancas 15:35, 3 February 2006 (UTC)

SqueakBox, please, apologize. You will feel better. You cannot spend all your life accusing other people without reasons. Zapatancas 15:57, 3 February 2006 (UTC)


I noticed your post on the Administrators' noticeboard. Actually, the article is not a copyvio- the site that you referenced copied it from us (legally). Ral315 (talk) 15:41, 3 February 2006 (UTC)

You ask why I let him remove an obviously incorrect notice, without "authority". I ask: why not? The notice should not be there. Anyone can remove it, unless the notice actually belongs there. fuddlemark (fuddle me!) 15:59, 3 February 2006 (UTC)

Agreed. There's nothing wrong with someone removing a notice like that as long as they have reason to. In this case, it was wrongfully added. Ral315 (talk) 16:15, 3 February 2006 (UTC)

I only had Zapatancas' word for it, which is not enough as I assumed he could have been lying (if we don't assume people can lie about copyvios we will quickly gertn infected). Zapatancas made no attemopt top prove it wasn't a copyvio and I asked him to get someone else to cjheck it ouit. According to him that is beijng disruptibve but his poor explanation was not. Do you 2 want copyvio's on wikipedia. If so I hope you are the first in line to be sued, SqueakBox 16:21, 3 February 2006 (UTC)

Please try to stay civil. The source that was marked as copyvio was clearly marked as "Wikipedia encyclopedia". Remember that it's important not to blindly revert- make sure that the original copyvio notice was correct first. Ral315 (talk) 18:56, 3 February 2006 (UTC)

SqueakBox, if you had remembered WP:AGF and you had taken a look at the "supposed" source this problem would habe been avoided. If you had simply exposed your doubts in a civilized manner the problem would have been solved very quickly and you would not feel now as you do. Thank you. Zapatancas 16:56, 3 February 2006 (UTC)

Hello again, SqueakBox, and thanks for your latest epistle. It's not as civil as I'd have liked it to be, but hey, you're the one writing it, not I. Mate, I never said — or came even remotely close to implying — that you had added the copyvio notice. I simply said that the website in question had copied from us, not the other way 'round. You and User:Zapatancas obviously have a history here on Wikipedia, but you must not allow that to colour your perception of other users. Because if you can't stop yourself being rude to other users simply because of your dislike of Zapatancas...(censored attack fuddlemark (fuddle me!) 11:39, 4 February 2006 (UTC)

Actually, I referred to it as "The article SqueakBox linked to", which is a pretty strong implication that you did add the notice. My apologies for that comment; it was wrong. 'Course, the bit about civility stands. fuddlemark (fuddle me!) 11:46, 4 February 2006 (UTC)

Hi little help[edit]

Hello SqueakBox I was wondering if you might be nice enough (not that you haven't been nice) to help me sort out problems with some of the pictures I've uploaded. I was also wondering which images I've uploaded are allowed. Many thanks...(Chupu 23:33, 2 February 2006 (UTC))


I never stated that you were the first to put it on. All I said was that it was wrongfully added; I never said that you were the first to add it. Ral315 (talk) 20:25, 4 February 2006 (UTC)

Request for Mediation[edit]

You recently filed a Request for Mediation; your case has been acccepted. You can find more information on the mediation subpage, Wikipedia:Requests for mediation/José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

For the Mediation Committee, Essjay TalkContact, Chairman, 11:57, 11 February 2006 (UTC)
(This message delivered by Celestianpower (talk) on behalf of Essjay.)

Please check your WP:NA entry[edit]

Greetings, editor! Your name appears on Wikipedia:List of non-admins with high edit counts. If you have not done so lately, please take a look at that page and check your listing to be sure that following the particulars are correct:

  1. If you are an admin, please remove your name from the list.
  2. If you are currently interested in being considered for adminship, please be sure your name is in bold; if you are opposed to being considered for adminship, please cross out your name (but do not delete it, as it will automatically be re-added in the next page update).
  3. Please check to see if you are in the right category for classification by number of edits.

Thank you, and have a wiki wiki day! BD2412 T 02:45, 17 February 2006 (UTC)

Selassie I[edit]

Yeah, must apologise for the confusion. You did right by adding info about the TIME article itself into the article, I just didn't notice it. Oops! - Ta bu shi da yu 17:22, 18 February 2006 (UTC)

Sam Spade's RfA[edit]

I vehemently object to being called a troll, and your removal of my perfectly legitimate question is inappropriate, and I will restore it. People who disagree with the objections are allowed to comment on other people's comments, I have a perfectly legitimate right to comment on the comments of those voting support. Do not remove my comments again, doing so is a blocking offense. User:Zoe|(talk) 00:24, 20 February 2006 (UTC)

An RfA is a discussion of a nominee's qualifications. I was commenting upon Sam Spade's qualifications, which is an entirely appropriate thing to do on an RfA. User:Zoe|(talk) 16:18, 20 February 2006 (UTC)

I just wanted to add that I think you're being a bit oversensitive here. If I (for example) thought someone was too immature to be an admin, and they were up for RFA, it's likely I would say something like, "oppose, too immature". Saying that they're immature in this context is not a personal attack! We should all be adults here - we can criticize people's behavior without it being a personal attack. Friday (talk) 15:58, 22 February 2006 (UTC)

Yes well I tend to stay away from Rfa because I think the process is fundamentally flawed because of this. For a teenager to tell a mature adult (which Sam isn't by age) they are immature would be a rather silly attack but a personal attack in the real world all the same and I cannot see how this kind of negative comment is in any way constructive. How about the people who have left after a negative Rfa, and thus don't contribute further. And because other people are not willing to be civil, SqueakBox 16:24, 22 February 2006 (UTC)

It sounds like you see any negative statement as a personal attack. Would you prefer people oppose and not explain why? I don't see how any rfa-like process can work if we can't make critical comments. In my book, there's a big difference between criticizing someone's behavior ("This editor makes biased edits") and a personal attack ("This editor is ugly and smells bad."). One is constructive, one is not. Friday (talk) 17:02, 22 February 2006 (UTC)

Well that's why I mostly stay away from Rfa, SqueakBox 03:11, 23 February 2006 (UTC)

hashish article quality[edit]

Hiya, Squeak. I was wondering if you'd like to work together to tighten up the hashish articles. They have a very jocular tone that I'd like to tighten up some, add links where appropriate, and as somebody hinted at, "bring them up to sync with the rest of the cannabis articles." What say you? ... aa:talk 07:57, 23 February 2006 (UTC)

War on Drugs article improvement[edit]

Hey there. Just letting you know that the War on Drugs article has been nominated for improvement. Perhaps you may want to add your supporting vote or a comment on the process. Thank you and take care. --Howrealisreal 18:14, 25 February 2006 (UTC)

Please look at this page[edit]

If you are a supporter of Don Bosco, take a look at this page.

Cannabians of the world, unite! Shed the bonds of prohibitionist incarceration![edit]

New userbox, check it out: Template:User pro-cannabis StrangerInParadise 15:34, 1 March 2006 (UTC)

Hmm. Please don't engage in reverts over my page, I suggest people leave it as it is the way I left it. Thanks, SqueakBox 14:06, 2 March 2006 (UTC)

I did leave it as you left it, the rogue admin who subst'd the template was trying to delete Category:pro-cannabis Wikipedians. He got blocked, BTW. If someone else vandalizes your page, should I leave it? StrangerInParadise 20:28, 3 March 2006 (UTC)

No, SqueakBox 21:12, 3 March 2006 (UTC)

User talk:Alerante/RFC[edit]

From what I can tell, the message was from a user who'd been spamming Panama complaining about my recent revert. The page got deleted (I recreated it with a short notice, since it's linked from my talk page); was there anything more serious that you could see? æle 00:52, 5 March 2006 (UTC)

All right. Thanks for giving me the heads up. æle 02:09, 5 March 2006 (UTC)

request for mediation[edit]

I saw that you and Zapatancas requested mediation a few weeks ago [12], and I was just wondering if you are still interested or if you have gotten mediation already. If it's not needed anymore, let me know so the request be removed, otherwise I'm offering to mediate the discussion. -- ( drini's page ) 04:01, 7 March 2006 (UTC)

ok, let's start then, I've cleaned the request page so we can work there. Please read my inroduction and write what you think are the core issues that need to be mediated -- ( drini's page ) 01:16, 9 March 2006 (UTC)

Jah article[edit]

I made a comment on the discussion page a while back for the Jah article. (Regarding possible influence of Freemasonry on Rastafarianism) You responded that it was a credible idea but needed to be cited. I've just added a bit to the main article and since this kind of editing is new to me, I was wondering if you could check it out to see if I've done it justice. My addition is at the bottom of the page. Thanks! --Adkins 12:38, 17 March 2006 (UTC)

Thanks for the assistance....I'm starting to get a little more adventurous with my edits....gingerly.... :) --Adkins 09:50, 18 March 2006 (UTC)


I haven't interacted with you in a long time, so when you popped up on my watchlist today I thought I'd swing by and see how you are doing. Hope all is well with you, here and in the real world. Guettarda 15:27, 21 March 2006 (UTC)

Eerie, I had the same thought[edit]

How've you been, etc.? I had two questions: One, where did your Spanish userboxes go? Two, what do you think of the whole userbox imbroglio (UPP, etc)? StrangerInParadise 23:29, 24 March 2006 (UTC)

Just so you know[edit]

Although I don't support user:IP Address's statements, you shouldn't say things like "desist with your disgusting behavior". Please try to remain cordial in future. Thanks. DS 17:47, 30 March 2006 (UTC)

crown prince, coke, & aids[edit]

So, SqueakBox, I was glad to see you added the info about Dennis & his coke use & succumbing to AIDS. I wanted to add it when I first read this article, but I knew that people would cut it out and I was surprised to see that I could not find any other sources. I was supposed to DJ with him at the UCLA Jazz/reggae festival a few days before he passed. He was a no-show, and all we were told was that his visa had been denied when trying to leave South America. Now, it is not usually a surprise when a reggae musician misses a show, but I was very surprised at how seriously Freddie McGregor and the other artists reacted. I had long heard rumors that he was HIV positive, but within Jamaicen reggae cirlces it was quite well known as fact—it always came with acknowledgements for his wife who stayed with him through out. As far as his coke use, unfortunately many successful reggae artists went that route during the 80's, and although he was not known as the heaviest user he was certainly known as a user. I do not think that he was a crack cocaine user, as that method of cocaine use did not really infiltrate the reggae world as much as powder and freebase, nor do I think that it quid pro quo led to his HIV status (certainly most of his peers who were using still live, and many still tour!). I do, however, think that this is important information to acknowledge in the article. And I am aware that what I just typed is "original research," but I think that often wikipedia's reliance on citations leaves articles in areas traditionally ignored by academics somewhat lacking (sadly, this is most noticeable in articles that involve people of African descent or other products of the African diaspora). Reggaedelgado 07:14, 1 April 2006 (UTC)

Gibraltarian (not Gibraltan) spelling[edit]

Hi SqueakBox,

I don't know if Gibraltarian answered your query, but Gibraltar definitely does use British snd not American spelling. (Although some spell in a way that bears no resemblance to either!) The education system is based on that of England and Wales, more or less following the English national curriculum. British cultural influence is much stronger in Gibraltar than it is in overseas territories like the Cayman Islands, which are more influenced by the US. Quiensabe 16:02, 3 April 2006 (UTC)

nice one?[edit]

Sorry. People telling me I've done something, but not telling me what just confuses me. Care to explain? 17:52, 5 April 2006 (UTC)

Arbitration process[edit]

SqueakBox, I hope you will understand that this is the time of solving the problem once and for all. I will not deny I have made mistakes, but I have not acted in bad faith like you, I have harassed nobody and I have not damaged an article quality to hurt other user's feelings.

In regard to your "proof of vandalism", the fact is that I can only be blamed for enforcing the WP:NPA. You are insulting other users calling them "strange", and this is not allowed even if in that ocassion you were successful in expelling them from the Wikipedia. All user pages can be edited by everybody for reasons like that.

(what you mean a reason like, I don't like your medal, how can someone like you deserve a medal), it was as clear a case of vandalism as I have ever seen and crucial eveidence that you are SP and SPAA. Who is going to see your side of that one, user page vandalsim is treated with the contempt it deserves and your trying to justigfy your vandalsim is a sign that you haven't changed. Don't touch my user page again even to revert someone else's vandalism, SqueakBox 14:33, 6 April 2006 (UTC)

But I want the community, represented by the Arbitration Committee, to decide. I have spent a lot of time trying to write good articles and I deserve to have your behavior and mine judged. Zapatancas 09:21, 6 April 2006 (UTC)

You haven't actually edited that much, a good 60-70% of your "work" here has been pursuing your vendetta against me, SqueakBox 14:33, 6 April 2006 (UTC)

[ This is enforcing WP:NPA? SqueakBox 13:38, 6 April 2006 (UTC)

You have also spent a lot of time making false accusations, vandalisng people's user pages, etc./ You are wasting your time and mine. I donm't have any time for a vandal, vandalism is not justified by WP:NPA, how exactly is having a medal on my user page aWP:NPA violation? SqueakBox 13:45, 6 April 2006 (UTC)

it is simply not true you didn't harrass me, the evidence of your harrassment with diffs is in front of the arbcom. How is telling me tio fuck my dead dog not harrassment? Accusing my wife of having affairs not harrassment. Threatening to erase me not a death threewat. I have no doubt in my own mind that you are not coming from a good space and that your only objective is to cause me harm. You have already harmed my real life so please just stop the bullshit, stop faking being a nice person when you only have the intention to be as nasty as you can to me por tu imaginaria ajuste de cuentas, o sea que le motiva la venganza y nada mas. Estoy harto de usted siempre molestandome y sembrando tantas mentiras. Como se puede vivir con si mismo? Pues, asi es, pero habra un dia en que la justicia va a funcionar y luego ya veremos, SqueakBox 14:04, 6 April 2006 (UTC)

SqueakBox, whenever you accuse me of being the real user behind those sockpuppets that vandalized your page a year ago, you are only breaking WP:AGF and WP:NPA for accusing with no proofs. And you have spent a year doing that. Zapatancas 14:58, 7 April 2006 (UTC)

No, you are guilty and the evidence is abundant, partly that you forgot you were Zapatancas one time you vandalised my user page. So calling you Vandal:Zapatancas isn't an attack it is the truth based on real diffs. Your lowdown accusation that I would vandalise my user page is so absurd no one will take it aseruiously whereas the fact that you and SP used the same style, he admitted being in Madrid (and we know you are Spanish) and he came onto the scene within minutes of you and I arguing with his first edit to Talk:Zapatero (so it wasn't a coincidence) are stacks of evidenceall of which I will lay out clearly with the arbcom tomorrow. Have a nice weekend, SqueakBox 15:10, 7 April 2006 (UTC)

All that is very beautiful but your user pages is being vandalized all the time. Whenever you get in problems with a user, you have enough recent attacks to accuse him. You'll have to explain why you have insulted me so many times with those accusations when you have been unable to demonstrate them in one year!!! I am not very intelligent, but I would never create a sockpuppet (that is, I would never try to hide my real identity) to start an attack in an article I had worked on. You are simply offering circumstantial evidence and that is not enough to justify one year of insults. Zapatancas 15:45, 7 April 2006 (UTC)

Your assertions are not credible. I haven't insulted you more than once, maybe twice as telling the truth about your sockpuupets is not an insult./ Remeber that SP is connected to the case as his/her first edit was at Talk:Zapatero so you cannot claim SP was a coincidence. You were very angry at me for editing your work and then SP is calling me a piece of shit, etc. Then later on you vandalsie my user page in the same style. Claiming it was an invention of mine is a pathetic excuse you are using to try and get away with your sockpuppet vandalism. People have been convicted of sockpuppetry on far less than that and this whole case hinges around SP. If you hadn't created SP none of this would be happening, I am sure, so please just take some responsibility for your past actions and stop attacking me currently, eg false claims of vandalism for an edit that nobody else thinks is vandalism, just you. Wonder why? SqueakBox 17:20, 7 April 2006 (UTC)

Could you weigh in on the infobox at Cannabis (drug)[edit]

I say it is inapropriate and inaccurate, Rory069 insists it should be there, and reverts my attempts to remove it. Discussion is here. Could you please weigh in. -SM 11:40, 7 April 2006 (UTC)

Tim Tolkien[edit]

SqueakBox, I don't mean to be rude, but can please I ask you why you blanked the entire Tim Tolkien page (excluding its links) on March 5th? Avador 03:53, 8 April 2006 (UTC)

Well spotted. I did it completely by accident and didn't know I had till you pointed it out today. Whoops indeed. I was in the same class as Tolkien at school for four years so I am a bit gutted at what I did as basically I am very pleased to see his article here and indeed was trying to improve it (with a link to a pic of him as I wanted to see how 27 years had changed him and he was unrecognizable) when this accidental deletion occurred. Thanks for pointing it out to me, SqueakBox 14:56, 8 April 2006 (UTC)

NP, I figured it was probably something like that. Avador

Sock puppet[edit]

It has been identified that User:Burgas00 is the puppet master of sock puppet User:Cassius80. The sock puppet has been used primarily to persistently reintroduce content previously proposed by Burgas00’s which had already been opposed and deleted by the community. The account also serves as a re-reverter of articles that have already been un-reverted by other users of Burgas00’s reverts. The sock puppet’s sole vote for deletion was made in the same vote for deletion attended to by Burgas00. You’ll notice on the history of Cassius80’s contributions that almost every one of his less than 200 edits have been in the shadow of user Burgas00. All talk page contributions made by Cassius80 have been in the form of quick sentences of agreement to Burgas00’s arguments. Cassius80 does not actually actively engaging in discussions, and appears in talk only to agree with Burgas00’s when no one else will.

Hoping you can do something soon. Al-Andalus

I noticed you haven't seen to the sock puppet concern. Wishing to know if you will look into it or if there is another way of reporting it so it can be looked into. Thanks. Al-Andalus 18:55, 17 April 2006 (UTC).

Be reasonable, please[edit]

When there is no consensus, the rules must be followed. Please read the MoS careful. It says nothing about "first spellings". The real rules are, summarized by me: respect the spelling you find if it is predominant (you found American English see here). That simply proves you have gone against the rules all the time. And not only that, if there is no predominant spelling (what is not the case) the spelling of the first major (not only the first) contributor must be used. The first major contributor used American Spelling (if you don't believe it see this diff).

You should not try to impose your wishes no matter what. Zapatancas 08:41, 11 April 2006 (UTC)

Nor should you, SqueakBox 14:47, 11 April 2006 (UTC)


Thank you for the invite but i will decline the offer, feel free to use the txt of the discussion though in your proceedinges unless it is used detremental or aginst me in any form. --Boothy443 | trácht ar 02:48, 13 April 2006 (UTC)

Well iets just say i am not a fan of arbcom, among other things but thats an entierly different issue. My dealings with the user in question were a while ago, so i dont recall what exactly happened, but i think that he stopped not long after that msg . --Boothy443 | trácht ar 03:42, 13 April 2006 (UTC)

Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/SqueakBox and Zapatancas[edit]


An Arbitration case involving you has been opened: Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/SqueakBox and Zapatancas. Please add evidence to the evidence sub-page, Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/SqueakBox and Zapatancas/Evidence. You may also contribute to the case on the workshop sub-page, Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/SqueakBox and Zapatancas/Workshop.

On behalf of the Arbitration Committee,

Timeline of Guatemalan history[edit]

Hi. You have indicated that this article should be speedily deleted. You have not however supplied a reason other than 'copyvio'. Please give a reference as to where the article was copied from. Also please do not blank articles when you add a deletion tag. Thank you. DJ Clayworth 18:48, 15 April 2006 (UTC)

OK I've checked out the history and that seems to be fine. It would be helpful in future if you added a reason for CSD markers - "recreation of previously deleted material" would probably be best here. DJ Clayworth 18:58, 15 April 2006 (UTC)

Indeed I will, SqueakBox 19:09, 15 April 2006 (UTC)

Hey there. Can you provide the source from which this article is a copyvio? I doubt it can be deleted without this information. Thanks. --Icarus 19:39, 15 April 2006 (UTC)


Personally, I don't think that template space is an appropriate place for your personal welcome message. I have moved it to User:SqueakBox/welcome. Regards, Mike Rosoft 17:45, 16 April 2006 (UTC)

Google Video[edit]

What did you mean when you said "If you can source the info the answer is definitely"? hobbie 04:33, 17 April 2006 (UTC)

Google Video[edit]

Hi, and thanks for your welcome notice. :-)

I just realized you changed "videos" to "video clips" in the first paragraph and linked it to and Do you mind if I set a common link to

"clips" currently points to clips of ammunition. I think a link to or a combined link to would be more intuitive.

I hadn't used "video clips" myself, because Google Video doesn't restrict the length of files and "video clips" might suggest that one can only upload rather short movie snippets.

Sorry for bothering you about this minor change, but it's a nice opportunity to get to know the talk features. ;-)

(Wi(c)ki 02:44, 21 April 2006 (UTC))


Unfortunately, I don't have time to deal with Roblefko (talk · contribs) right now. You might drop a note on WP:AN/I asking someone else to look into it. I'm going to be busy for the next couple of days, and I can't keep on top of the situation. Unfortunately, I don't think that blocking disables the user email feature—and anon IPs can email anyway. If he won't quit, someone might have to contact his ISP. TenOfAllTrades(talk) 02:49, 21 April 2006 (UTC)

Headline Quotation[edit]

Hi Squeak, I was randomly browsing when I came across your userpage. It looks cooler now than that of months ago, those new pics have done a lot for the page. However I have a small gripe with your headline quote... Inspiring though it is, what with racism and such being a despicable phenomena - how can one's race ever be declared as of the same significance as one's eye colour when we frequently observe racial characteristics in many important fields in life. Take athletics, where some black persons show a great prowess - exceeding contenders of other races in some events. I would think of other examples...but the hour is late and weariness has set in.

Anyhow, is it really impossible for athletics coaches to not at least acknowledge this particular characteristic in a profession towards this particular race, and as such be inclined to conduct their selection and/or training differently? Selassie's quote, to my cranky self, seems vain and quite hastily uttered when one truly gets to the reality of life - that the diversity of genetics across all races means that race will always be considered more important than eye colour, in a professional atmosphere if nothing more. -- D-Katana 02:31, 24 April 2006 (UTC)

Hmm. I find there is much less awareness of skin colour here in Latin America than in the UK and, I am pretty sure, the United States. I think I believe if all the races can mix we can make a world where race really doesn't matter. Re the sport I just watched a major boxing match with the white East European beating the Afro American and breaking that tradition that black people make the better boxers. Of course race does make a difference in this world and it being more important than eye colour is a fact that I fully accept (living amongst black Hondurans but very connected to the white middle class English people with whom I am daily in touch I move in both worlds). I am not religious but I like the Rastafari movement and indeed its incredibility (unbelievability) is what makes it a religion, I prefer it to the Christian faith I grew up with, SqueakBox 03:00, 24 April 2006 (UTC)

Indeed, the US is still possessive of shades of racism, probably more so than the UK. It was only 40 years ago that African Americans were fighting for their civil rights after all, and less than 30 years from when the Rainbow coalition was set up. It certainly seems however, as racial minorities in the US slowly gain more and more of a foothold in terms of social class that future generations of Americans will grow up thinking in less discriminate manners.
On a related note, I recall watching a Louis Theroux documentary a couple of years back, in which he went to California to interview various groups of neo-nazi racists. Near the conclusion of the film, he visited what at first seemed a perfectly normal family. Even a few minutes into the interview with the mother, you wouldn't really sense there was anything wrong - until he began questioning her about other races, and her attitude towards them. It was here we found out that she basically fed her kids propaganda regarding the superiority of whites/inferiority of everyone else, and even giving them computer games in which one basically roves through suburbs of Los Angeles shooting black people while avoiding killing the whites. It was striking how zealous these people were - it was almost like a fanatical belief in one's football team's ability to triumph, except much more morbid, and altogether more sickening. What is also disturbing is that there are people worldwide who share this viewpoint. Until the system of dysfunction is broken, there will always be these fringes of soceity.
Racism is mostly a sociological phenomena originating from fear. Groups like the BNP thrive on people's fear of immigrants taking all the jobs away. So much so that they pledge to deport as many immigrants as they can - despite the fact there are so many skill shortages that we in Britain actively need employees from abroad. Again, with the "cocainized nigger" moral panic of the early 20th century - a trumped up total falsehood. And again with the traditionalist view of segregation and subjugation which still lingers on amongst some of the more reactionary right in America. So too with the neo-nazi idealogies active in Germany. The day governments/press/politicians stop playing up fear from false pretences will be a great one for all humanity. Note that, in Latin America fear-phenomena tied to race has been nonexistant, only in countries where it is/was prevalent do we see significant racist movements and opinions. -- D-Katana 13:24, 24 April 2006 (UTC)

Revertin a revert[edit]

My reversion was not inexplicable, since I clearly explained it. The posting was made by the sockpuppet of a user who has been blocked for making personal attacks. Revert if you think it will do some good, but do not call my reversion inexplicable. User:Zoe|(talk) 03:40, 15 July 2006 (UTC)

It was inexplicable to me at the time but I then had the bright idea of looking at your contribs and then I did indeed understand your action as may be clear from my edit (if you saw it) to the afd on Tramper. I have removed my comment and this socks too, SqueakBox 03:48, 15 July 2006 (UTC)

Thank you. User:Zoe|(talk) 03:49, 15 July 2006 (UTC)

Talk:Jeremy Clarkson[edit]

SqueakBox, The point about the Jeremy Clarkson page is that Jeremy has said two things that are untrue and very offensive to Americans. 1. That it MACHINE GUNS are legal and 2. That you have to obtain and carry a passport if you want to buy alcoholic drinks. This is untrue. ID would have been correct, needing a passport sounds ridiculous as it is supposed to and it is a lie.

Jeremy's false quotes were included on his Wiki page but they left it open so that anyone reading it would be mislead by the misinformation. Myself and a few other editors had edited the comments out as they were UNTRUE and MISLEADING. The JC supporters kept putting them back in.. so we ammended it by adding: "In Actuality, you do not need a passport to buy a drink in the USA and "Machine Guns" have never been legal."

So they kept removing it and leaving the MISLEADING version. Yes, The administrators are leaving the page misleading on purpose. After changing it countless times to RELFLECT the truth, the administrator named 'The JPS' left the mis-information intact, locked the page indefinitely and then started to go after all of my edits and contributions and just undid everything that I've ever done and marked 2 articles for deletion. Another ADMINISTRATOR, Zoe did the same... just followe me around deleteing everything...

I typed in 'The JPS' on google to see if anyone else had had similar experiences with this crooked administrator only to be direct to his ebay listings where the ads all point to wikipedia articles that he has spiced up... check the dates, check the ads... its true... they all refer to wikpedia pages that he has spiced up to sell more ebay stuff.

I have NO idea who to complain to about being stalked by this person as the ADMINISTRATORS dont seem to take it very seriously... Is it such a crazy idea that a guy whose trail proves that he is using the pages for his own political purposes, his own ebay and for revenge on people that alter his misinformation campaigns.

I agree with you SqueakBox, there is NOTHING wrong with being anti-American, but when you have to mislead, lie and delete stuff to further your cause, then what the hell is your cause?

I wasn't that bothered that they deleted the two pages I had contributed last night. I really didn't care much. I was just desperately trying to point out that the person that had marked them for deletion is the same person that I had a dispute with about a totally different page and discussion a week before... the chances of the same administrator finding MY 2 pages in a sea of millions of pages and marking them for deletion is to big a coincidence... it is an admin bullying someone who disagrees with his politics...

Please respond before they delete!

Thanks - Repmart/ J.Smith-- 16:16, 15 July 2006 (UTC)

Well without an identity card a passport is identity, as I know being an ex pat. Clarkson isn't believeable, he makes stuff up to make us laugh, that is how he is, 18:07, 15 July 2006 (UTC)

Am i not being concise?

Look... the page has misinformation on it and when people try to put the truth on there it is removed by 2 or 3 editors who have now locked the page. You want to debate how funny Jeremy Clarkson is... guess I've come to the wrong guy. I just saw that you had a concern last night that my REASONABLE question on the JEREMY CLARKSON discussion page was removed... it was NOT removed because I am a sock puppet or whatever... it was removed becuase they don't want the mis-information to be corrected.,.. look how many times they took away the statement that clarified the truth.

If Hitler's page said that he hosted the 1936 Olympics but didn't mention that he as a genocicdial maniac... I would add it. Then if crooked editors/administrators didn't want people to know the truth, they would remove bits they didnt like leaving mis-information... then lock the page. This is what they've done.


Oh dear... never mind. and the machine gun quote? jeremy being cute... I see I'll have to take this to the US administrators.

By the way, since you are the first Administrator to have the simple courtesy to reply to me, COULD YOU PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO REPORT AN ADMINISTRATOR WHO IS STALKING ME ON WIKIPEDIA AS NOBODY SEEMS TO KNOW.

I will see these crooked bullies taken down one way or another.

Thanks for the reply.

REPMART-- 18:26, 15 July 2006 (UTC)

Well I am not an admin nor even a popular user. Try Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents. I am a fan of Clarkson though as a humorist not an ideologist. For me being from britain and being in Honduras is 2 reasons to dislike the US establishment though as I have US cousins and my wife's Honduran family have family in the US I am certainly not against the people of the US. If the US stopped the illicit cocaine trade I would personally have a lot more sympathy for the country but while they refuse to do so, preferring to pursue businessman like the NatWest Three (an article I began) and invade countries like Iraq my own feelings also harden (lots of "businessmen" with their machine guns here purely thanks top US dollars). Instead of striving for a united Americas the US build a wall to divide the continent. In terms of the article the only thing that counts is whether it is NPOV and accurate, SqueakBox 15:27, 16 July 2006 (UTC)

I have edited a bit to try to make it clearer he is a humourist, certain editors who hate him take him much too seriously which is what creates the problem of people actually think everything he says is true and 100% serious. This problem has been going for a long time, look at the history and my previous involvemnt in the article. As a beardy, sandal wearing cyclist who doesnt own a car (apparently a group who resents having the piss taken by him according to some) I find him always entertaining, SqueakBox 15:40, 16 July 2006 (UTC)

I think the only solution is to make it clear overall that outside of cars (a subject in which I have neither knowledge nor interest) Clarkson isn't to be taken seriously, i have tried to do that a bit but he arouses a lot of anger in people (obviously including yourself) so this article is alwaysd controversial, SqueakBox 22:48, 16 July 2006 (UTC)

Your edit to Talk:David Irving[edit]

I'm interested in what you found offensive about the material you deleted; I'm going to let your deletion stand as it was probably not encyclopedic. But offensive? --Guinnog 02:34, 28 July 2006 (UTC)

With its slur on mixed race children and comparison of Rastas with apes it seemed deeply offensive in a rascist way to me. Especially given this poem was written by a holocaust denier. What was so good about his book? Thanks for not restoring it. SqueakBox 13:53, 28 July 2006 (UTC)

I see you spent years in Botswana. perhaps I am missing something, SqueakBox 22:46, 28 July 2006 (UTC)

I thought that the exposure of Irving's slur on mixed-race children was one of the most revealing aspects of his trial. It showed him to be a dyed-in-the-wool racist. I enjoyed his book though (I bought it for 50p in an Oxfam shop out of curiousity); as I said, it seemed well-written and well researched. That kind of racism wasn't as unfashionable when Irving was growing up as it is now, and I suppose he let his perception of his own fame and (perhaps) persecution complex lead him to believe he was untouchable by the laws of society. It was very clear from his trial that he believed he was standing up for truth and free speech.
I find the whole case fascinating as the idea of truth interests me. Should, for example, Irving's undoubted bad attitude be allowed to discredit the idea of properly and scientifically examining facts about the Holocaust? Or is it proper that left-of-centre liberals (like, I suppose, me) should rejoice in the imprisonment of someone for speaking their mind, even when what they were saying was a vile lie?
It's a can of worms.
How fo you like Honduras? I've never been to Central America and would love to go some day. --Guinnog 15:27, 29 July 2006 (UTC)

I am not entirely comfortable with Irving having been imprisoned for his beliefs and indeed found the poem revealing myself. I certainly understand what you are saying about beliefs having been different when he grew up and I tend to have quite right wing beliefs myself in terms of personal responsibility etc (I'd probably vote Tory). I guess denigrating Rastas is distasteful to me, and my partner is black which isn't an issue here but I feel would be were I to take her to Britain as rascist attitudes are held by many more people than here and Irving's poem seemed to symbolize all that I dislike about white UK rascists. Honduras is great, just bought a house here on thursday so after nearly 3 years outside the UK I am really committing myself to being here, and given the close connections I have with family and the UK media (news, radio etc) I dont want to go back. Dont think I could have been happy here in the pre-broadband age, though. SqueakBox 16:07, 29 July 2006 (UTC)


Thanks for your welcoming message! Cheers! AdoniCtistai 15:15, 29 July 2006 (UTC)

Thanks from me as well. (Snaggles 21:17, 29 July 2006 (UTC))

Raul and Fidel[edit]

Hi SqueakBox, Raul hasn't become temporary President of Cuba. He is "assuming the duties" of head of the council of state as per Cuban constitution. Fidel is still President of Cuba.--Zleitzen 15:56, 1 August 2006 (UTC)

I agree with the former more than the latter. According to the BBC he has given up all positions, "Fidel Castro cedió todos sus cargos" [13]

Arbitration case[edit]

After reading your arbitration case more closely, it states that if any user, either you or Zapatancas, edit José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero-related articles, either using their own account or a sockpuppet, users may be blocked. You have violated this agreement by using User:Skanking as a sockpuppet account. Repeat violations may result in another block, if not longer. Think more closely next time. Iolakana|T 18:44, 1 August 2006 (UTC)

What, like this you mean? If you believe Skanking shouldn't have made this edit perhaps you would care to revert it, though if you do I will go to the Spanish press as wikipedia has a bad reputation for insulting living people, this edit had been in place for an hour and twenty one minutes and this man is the President of Spain so if you insult him you insult Spain as a sovereign country. Maybe you would like to think of the implications of this before denigrating Skanking, SqueakBox 19:54, 1 August 2006 (UTC)

Sockpuppets are not allowed to edit Wikipedia, and all of the edits have been reverted. Why are you referring Skanking in the third person? The edit has not been in place for one hour and twenty minutes, but 29 days ago.

Is this a legal threat? Stop editorializing people. Iolakana|T 21:45, 2 August 2006 (UTC)

How can going to the press with a piece of vandalism be a legal threat? I dont editorialise people and dont have a clue what you are on about. I note you didnt revert the Zapatero edit, perhaps because Skanking was revertrting some vandalism as calling the President Robber of the Dead is offensive to a living person and to Spain and after one hour and 21 minutes there were no wikipeida editors willing or bothered to remove such offensiveness. My simple question was what is more important, the integrity of wikipedia or the arbcom, and you have clearly answered. Why would I not refer to Skanking in the third person? he is some black guy from Belize from what he said (which I believe is the real reason why he was blocked given the general air of elitism and rascism prevalent in all aspects of wiki[pedia). I hope you enjoyed your little game, I was actually just minding my own business and you came along to ruin my day, SqueakBox 22:06, 2 August 2006 (UTC)

You should also remember that what the arbcom decides is not legally binding and indeed if the wikipedia system of justice were to be used in any country in the world it would be assumed that every case was a miscarriage of justice. Neither you or I have been shown any evidence that I am Skanking so please dont ask me why I would refer to him in the third person. Anyway, part of my job is to find out what young net savvy English speakers are thinking, and you are a fine example of the American spirit. It would have been nice to have been informed when and why I was blocked and for how long as is your responsibility as an admin. If you want to add blocks please inform me here, otherwise I would rather you didnt make any comments because I am no longer interested in any opinions you have and your duty is to be sensitive when blocking or dealing with a blocked person. All I want to do is make constructive edits to wikipedia in a peaceful manner. Thanks, SqueakBox 00:33, 3 August 2006 (UTC)

I have had to unblock you prematurely, due to way too much collateral damage and too much autoblocks. I hope you can now contribute to Wikipedia in a normal, correct and calm manner. Do not create any more sock puppet accounts, as you will be blocked again, and it will be longer than five days. Iolakana|T 19:59, 5 August 2006 (UTC)
That was the now banned Google Accelerator, SqueakBox 18:14, 7 April 2007 (UTC)

I am not surprised. Wikipedia located me about 3,000 miles from where I live according to the IP address that came up on my blocked message, somewhere in California. I am still getting the block message sometimes when I edit on a block not related to me but if I reload the page a couple of times it always clears itself. And for the record I was contributing in a normal, correct and calm manner when you decidded to block me. Whatever you may think of Skanking re-introducing errors into the encyclopedia is not acceptable practice [14], I am someone who thinks that kind of thing matters as our primary and really only goal is to create a good, accurate encyclopedia, SqueakBox 00:44, 6 August 2006 (UTC)

Requested move of United Provinces of Central America[edit]

I noticed you have contributed to the discussion at United Provinces of Central America and thought you might be interested in an move request there. -  AjaxSmack  01:28, 4 August 2006 (UTC)

Reverting referenced content[edit]

Removed aggressive template to what is a POV dispute, SqueakBox 00:38, 12 August 2006 (UTC)

Edit warring on Pedro Carmona[edit]

Please refrain from undoing other people's edits repeatedly on the page Pedro Carmona. If you continue, you may be blocked from editing Wikipedia under the three-revert rule. Please stop the warring, the POV disputes and all of this hassle. Please just accept that Pedro Carmona was president for a day, even if you don't think this is so; this is the introduction of false information and should be removed immediately. Please just stop; if you continue to do this, you will be blocked—again. Iolakana|T 13:06, 12 August 2006 (UTC)

You appear not to know the first thing about Venezuela. Pursuing your whatever with me and making that more important than the encyclopedia will only have one result, SqueakBox 17:58, 12 August 2006 (UTC)


I am ten steps ahead of you, because and I am aware of the "conflict of interest", but I am not involved in the wars as such, so if I were to block you, it would fall under the blocking policy. Iolakana|T 19:12, 12 August 2006 (UTC)

Ten steps ahead of me in what? In knowing who was President of Venezuela. Please dont leave nonsensical statements on my talk page as the fact that I cant understand your messages may cause me some distress, SqueakBox 19:14, 12 August 2006 (UTC)

They are not going to cause you distress, unless you can't understand them. Pedro Carmona is listed as a president on List of Presidents of Venezuela and on a template, VEpresidents; why can you not just accept this? You are the one adding in POV and false facts when all of references, like the BBC, here, state otherwise. To quote:

It may have been a short time, but he certainly was president. Iolakana|T 19:23, 12 August 2006 (UTC)

A number of people disagee with this, not just me. You have one dated ref proving it and you are using that to rewrite history, which probably makes you a Carmona supporter and your claim that you arent really involved in this dispute is self-evidently not true. If you think I haver added in false information please provide diffs or dont claim such a thing, SqueakBox 19:27, 12 August 2006 (UTC)

This isn't even a dispute; it's the difference between a fact and a lie. And you source is wrong: count how many "presidents" it thinks VE has. I counted 50, but {{VEpresidents}} gets 61? Hmm... I wonder who's wrong? We have more sources to prove me and Sandy are correct than you have to prove us wrong. Iolakana|T 19:31, 12 August 2006 (UTC)

Yes but you shoul;dn't be editing and being the admin. The fact that you claim the Chavez viewpoint is a lie shows you are a Carmona supporter. Why only allow the cCarmona viewpoint and suppress the viewpoint of the Venezuelan government and its supporters. of course there is a dispute and I am not alone either in thinking that or in believing that you are using wikipedia to rewrite history, SqueakBox 20:24, 12 August 2006 (UTC)

POV on Daniel Brandt[edit]

Well done on picking up that POV. I hadn't noticed it. But you are right. Whether or not Brian Chase committed libel against John Seigenthaler Sr. is conjecture. In my opinion he did not. Legally, he did not, since he has not been prosecuted and has not been found guilty, and indeed Seigenthaler has stated that he will not prosecute him. I think that it is very much debatable whether saying that "someone once thought" can ever be classed as libel, since most likely someone did at one point think that - or anything else for that matter. And libel isn't just about saying something that is untrue - it has to lower someone's reputation. It also has to cause financial loss. Given that nobody noticed it, I think he'd have a mighty hard time suggesting it was libel. We can perhaps say "libellous" to suggest something that is potentially libel and may hypothetically have led to a conviction of libel, but its not actually libel. We can, however, state that it was reported in the New York Times as libel. Very good point.

I think that its been written elsewhere as libel as well, when its not. Do you want to check through those and fix that up too? Zordrac (talk) Wishy Washy Darwikinian Eventualist 13:36, 14 December 2005 (UTC)

Wait on. Why do you think that Brandt is against internet freedom? He is one of the world's leading campaigners FOR internet freedom. Its basically his life's work. I think you must be a bit confused. The criticism made by some is that he is hypocritical, but his stated aim is very clearly FOR internet freedom. He argues that Wikipedia exploits vulnerabilities and hurts people. That's the whole point to his Wikipedia Watch web site. If you personally believe that its all a ruse, then that's fine. But he's certainly been doing this kind of thing for a pretty darn long time, and the press seems to think that he is a fighter for freedom, not against it. Zordrac (talk) Wishy Washy Darwikinian Eventualist 16:07, 14 December 2005 (UTC)

Missing Wikipedians[edit]

I find this extraordinary.

Removing me from Missing Wikipedians in the first place was rash in itself and bad enough. I reinstated myself, and that's where the matter should have ended. But you then proceeded to remove me again, claiming I had made something like three edits in total. Based on this, how the hell did you arrive at that conclusion? I'd appreciate a reply either on my talk page or, if you prefer, on your own. --HighHopes 23:10, 9 December 2005 (UTC)

After leaving this message I saw your conversation with Tantalum - he/she is spot on, I feel, and I've left a message on their talk page that you might want to look at. I didn't return as a troll; upon returning, I got going as usual before becoming fed up with everything. --HighHopes 23:18, 9 December 2005 (UTC)
You left me that message when I hit Show Preview for leaving the message above. I'm trying to leave, I was just signing off, as it were. To be honest, I saw the removal of my entry as a form of censorship, which annoyed me deeply, so I 'returned' just to make sure it was there before leaving properly. Once I've been included on that list and I've said what I'd like to say (and note my comments on Tantalum's page), I'll leave and not edit under this name again. --HighHopes 23:22, 9 December 2005 (UTC)

Okay, read the other comment. Go well, SqueakBox 23:23, 9 December 2005 (UTC)

THC metabolites and withdrawal[edit]

I reverted your edit here. The original was consistent with both studies and annecdote. If you remain concerned, I can find where the non-psychoactive metabolites are discussed. The mechanism is discussed here, which is actually, as they say, where I came in. =) -SM 18:15, 10 December 2005 (UTC)

International Masters Publishers[edit]

Please do not remove AFD notices from pages unless you are closing it as an admin. Please also consider not marking edits other than typos and the like as minor. Thanks! Stifle 00:18, 12 December 2005 (UTC)

I removed it because it wasn't a legitimate Afd as it hadn't been logged, and nor had any reason been given and IMO the person who put it on 3 articles was trolling, one of which was drawn to my attention when someone else beat me to reverting it. Whatever it was not a legit Afd. My revert was made using a rollback, so it was automatically marked as minor by wikipedia not me. I am not quite sure what your point is? I also made the effort to leave a note on the editors talk page explaining the situation, so really you have nothing to censor me for, SqueakBox 03:53, 12 December 2005 (UTC)
Usually, when someone nominates a page for deletion and does not log it, Crypticbot or someone else adds it to the AFD page later that day. If a nomination has been made in bad faith, the AFD votes will usually have dominating keeps and it will often be changed to a speedy keep. In any case, I don't always agree today with what I wrote yesterday (or early this morning :)) and I would have been quite likely to do the same or a similar thing myself.
As for the minor edit issue, I was not aware of that Wikipedia feature and apologise for picking you up on it. Indeed my intention was not to censure you, simply to let you know that I slightly disagreed with you :) Stifle 11:43, 12 December 2005 (UTC)

Thanks for the page clean-up[edit]

I know SWD316 from Wikipedia:List of drug-free Wikipedians, SqueakBox 00:06, 13 December 2005 (UTC)

Happy to help - if there's any kind of vandalism on Wikipedia I particularly loathe, it's that of user pages! Cheers. --PeruvianLlama(spit) 00:09, 13 December 2005 (UTC)

User SqueakBox/Alex Weiss[edit]

I moved User SqueakBox/Alex Weiss to User:SqueakBox/Alex Weiss. User:Thue 21:36, 13 December 2005 (UTC)

The Black List[edit]

You know, I'm in a bad mood, I'm on the . I really is like being a celebrity. The only problem's he's got my name wrong. My name isn't John Doe, it's ***** ******. Izehar (talk) 19:02, 16 December 2005 (UTC)

My userpage doesn't have anything of use to them THANK G-D. If he' smart, he may be able to pick out that I'm from the UK. Izehar (talk) 19:25, 16 December 2005 (UTC)

World Citizen userbox, {{User world}}[edit]

Hi, I noticed the message saying you're a World Citizen, I would like to invite you to add {{User world}} to your user page if you wish to proclaim it in a more effective way, and this template will also add you automatically to the Wikipedians with World Citizenship category. :) --Mistress Selina Kyle 23:54, 17 December 2005 (UTC)

Thanks for the welcome![edit]

I feel at home already! - Impulse 360 03:58, 20 December 2005 (UTC)


We don't use Afd to decide on merges. Afd is about deletion. Nobody is deleting the article, and no information is being lost. Do you have a reason related to content why the merge is a bad idea? Afds are not meant to "bind our hands" on how to edit the article after the Afd is over. Friday (talk) 16:35, 21 December 2005 (UTC)

Merry Christmas[edit]

I'm not expecting to be online as much over the next few days so...


-- Francs2000 09:30, 22 December 2005 (UTC)

Merry Christmas[edit]

I would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. Guettarda 17:23, 22 December 2005 (UTC)


I'm sorry about adding HighHopes to Wikipedia:Missing Wikipedians. I saw that he had approximately 700 edits, but I didn't realize that several of them are from this week. Thanks for correcting my mistake. --TantalumTelluride 19:36, 8 December 2005 (UTC)

I just looked at some of his recent edits. It seems he has returned as a troll. :-( --TantalumTelluride 19:41, 8 December 2005 (UTC)
Wait. I'm confused. He hasn't really returned since he added himslef to the missing list. If he doesn't want to come back, why should he be taken off the list? He certainly has anti-wiki feelings, but isn't the purpose of the page to remind us why other users have left? I think he should be on the list. --TantalumTelluride 19:48, 8 December 2005 (UTC)
Yes but he has been editing lately and so we should wait a month IMO, and even then not include his long statement, SqueakBox 20:21, 8 December 2005 (UTC)
I suppose you're right about waiting a month. He might decide to come back. Still, when he is listed, we should probably include at least part of his statement. You and I both disagree with him, and it does reek of trollism. But it still is his final statement as a frustrated Wikipedian. It's his reason for leaving. --TantalumTelluride 22:57, 8 December 2005 (UTC)

My vandalism?[edit]

You've accused me of vandalism in my talk page, but you didn't say what it was about. I use Wikipedia with the intention of contributing to it, and I wouldn't post anything I felt was vandalism. Could you please point out what I did that you consider vandalism? Thanks. Some guy 18:26, 20 November 2005 (UTC)

It took me a long time to piece together what happened, but I figured it out. After User: erased the old entry for Thumbshots when he added some information to the Democracy and Nature section, I was following his edits through his contribution list to see if he vandalised/accidentally deleted anything else from the page. It appears that when I finished checking his edits, I decided to nominate thumbshots again, but I forgot to switch from his last edit to the most recent version of the page. The version I edited can be found here. As you probably know, making changes to an old version of a page erases all changes since then. You can see that the parts of the page that were removed or moved around during my edit are all of the parts moved or added after the version I've linked above. I'm extremely sorry about this mistake on my part - it was an accident, but it was stupid and it shouldn't have happened. My apologies. Some guy 05:36, 21 November 2005 (UTC)


Thanks much for the Zamora help. Weird, yesterday I decided I was going to put on my user page a similar assortment of flags of countries visited, listed in descending order of time spent there, if only I could find the template. Mind if I borrow your template for this? And your idea? The really odd thing is, Honduras is the country I have spent the least amount of time in, of all those I have gone through, about an hour. Bruxism 04:08, 22 November 2005 (UTC)


Hi there SqueakBox, Im Moe Epsilon. I saw your name to the list of drug-free Wikipedians. I created a template and category for it at Template:Drug-free. You can add it to your babel if you want. Hope you use it! — Moe ε 23:22, 26 November 2005 (UTC)

I am missing...[edit]

You removed me from the list of missing Wikipedians on the basis that there was no message. An ever-so-quick glance at my history would have shown a clear notice why I have left this disastrous project (more the shame as it's a very good idea). I've reinstated myself on the list. I hope that's OK with you. --HighHopes 22:43, 4 December 2005 (UTC)

Re: Anti-Semitism on Stalin Talk Page[edit]

Thanks for your note. I actually just logged on to self-censor my note, as, while I don't take back what I said, I agree with the anonymous poster that my "language" was not acceptable. But maybe it's better to do as you did and just remove the whole thing.

Gracias... Flag of Ireland.svgCamillusFlag of Scotland.svgtalk|contribs 18:40, 6 December 2005 (UTC)

My thoughts[edit]

Hi there SqueakBox, it's Moe Epsilon. I saw the edits to my talk page. Cognition does make a good point about you being "Pro Pot" and all. Hey just look at the picture on your user page.....just kidding. :-) On a side note, Cognition shouldn't make edits to other contributors edits though. Im not taking a side here, I think it is something you two need to fix between yourself and Cognition. Thanks to coming to me though! Cheers! — Moe ε 22:15, 7 December 2005 (UTC)

More of my thoughts have been added to the Wikipedia talk:List of drug-free Wikipedians page. — Moe ε 22:39, 7 December 2005 (UTC)

Buju Banton vandalism[edit]

It didn't fit with the other 2 edits from the IP address, which I assume were you. I am not an admin, but I have reported it at the vandalism page. I wouldn't normally bother but this kind of vandalism is particularly nasty, and brings wikipedia into disrepute. See [1]. Cheers, SqueakBox 20:36, 18 November 2005 (UTC)

  • SqueakBox,
It's totally understandible (and I'm sure at first glance my edits at Talk:Mass racial violence in the United States and Talk:Lynching in the United States may not have helped my case). I'll be sure to keep an eye of the IP's at this end. Thanks again for letting me know. MadMax 21:16, 8 December 2005 (UTC)

Okay, this is my personal "original research" if you like, insight in to Daniel Brandt.

Daniel Brandt was fighting for various causes, as he always did, mostly about war and injustice and stuff like that, and he protested the war in Iraq, talked about government-controlled media and all of the rest, and was generally a bit of a conspiracy theorist who nobody paid much attention to.

Then when Google came out, and everyone was worried about how closely linked they were to the CIA and such, Daniel Brandt went a lot further than anyone else, and he first protested that his web site was listed on Google without him asking them to list it. See, he was so paranoid about people spying on him that he had refused to allow his web sites to be listed on Yahoo or any other search engines, but when Google came along, they forced his company to be listed. He was worried that the CIA might be trying to spy on him.

So Daniel Brandt wrote a letter to Google asking them to take his web site off their list. They refused to. So he then got out a court order to force them to remove his web site. They still refused, and his legal action failed.

So then he decided to set up Scroogle, which was a version of Google that doesn't use cookies. It has been modified over time, and at one point it was Scroogle news as well. But yeah.

And of course then Google sued him over brand name infringement. And they lost. So then Brandt set up Google-Watch. Again Google sued him for brand name infringement, and again they lost. See, the name "Google" isn't owned by Google - it is actually a real world that means 1 with 100 zeroes after it - its a number. So there was no brand name infringement.

So after various attempts to sue him, all of which failed (they also tried to sue him for libel, but that failed too), they then set up Google-watch-watch, to try to protest his activities.

When Yahoo was bought out, Brandt decided that Yahoo was no good either, and he set up Yahoo-watch, as a similar kind of thing.

Brandt is well known in the activist community and in the conspiracy theoriest community. Some people think he's a kook, others think he is a great campaigner for rights and an exposer of truth.

He was using Wikipedia to document various conspiracy theories, when it turned out that someone had up and written a page about him. Now, considering how upset he was about Google listing his page on their search engine, you can imagine how upset he was at having someone write a page about him. And of course, the page was an attack page. Still is. Its always been an attack page.

And of course the whole reason why the page was set up was because there are certain segments of the community that think that he is irrationally paranoid and making people upset about things that are not important.

Go and look on his web page, particularly the massive which has a conspiracy theory for basically every single thing in the history of the universe.

One of his most serious causes is privacy. He believes that big brother is spying on us. But thanks to Google, everyone knows his name, so he says his real name everywhere now - he never used to.

Some people see his writing on Wikipedia Watch as hypocritical, since he is trying to find out the real names of people. Others see it as very good, and very consistent with his aims.

He is somewhat underground, or at least he was before his Wikipedia entry was written. Only people in certain circles knew about him.

If you want to talk to him, send him an e-mail. He'll write you back and tell you more about himself for himself. As for the real reasons for why he was treated so badly on Wikipedia, that's something that we might never know. He was treated like a king on livejournal, and has been well respected in other internet communities he has been a part of. Why they didn't like him here I don't know. He claims its because of Wikipedia's link with Google, but I am not convinced. I think it was more a bunch of people who thought he was a crackpot and wanted to smear his name. Slashdot and Cruel and the like are always attacking him for being a crackpot. His article, of course, is about as biased an article as you will find here. But don't worry about that. His web pages are also biased. Look at both and you will see something in between, which is likely what is really going on.

As for my personal opinion, well, I am not a big fan of conspiracy theories. I think that conspiracy theories are pushed by the government themselves so as to distract us from what's really going on. I think that what's really going on is 90% truth, but just with a tiny bit of something else. And sometimes that tiny bit flips things over the other way. But I think that what's really going on is usually pretty obvious. So in short I think that Brandt is a bit naive. But maybe I am wrong and maybe Big Brother really is everywhere! Oh no! Better not use Google again! Zordrac (talk) Wishy Washy Darwikinian Eventualist 16:45, 14 December 2005 (UTC)

Revertin a revert[edit]

My reversion was not inexplicable, since I clearly explained it. The posting was made by the sockpuppet of a user who has been blocked for making personal attacks. Revert if you think it will do some good, but do not call my reversion inexplicable. User:Zoe|(talk) 03:40, 15 July 2006 (UTC)

It was inexplicable to me at the time but I then had the bright idea of looking at your contribs and then I did indeed understand your action as may be clear from my edit (if you saw it) to the afd on Tramper. I have removed my comment and this socks too, SqueakBox 03:48, 15 July 2006 (UTC)

Thank you. User:Zoe|(talk) 03:49, 15 July 2006 (UTC)

Talk:Jeremy Clarkson[edit]

SqueakBox, The point about the Jeremy Clarkson page is that Jeremy has said two things that are untrue and very offensive to Americans. 1. That it MACHINE GUNS are legal and 2. That you have to obtain and carry a passport if you want to buy alcoholic drinks. This is untrue. ID would have been correct, needing a passport sounds ridiculous as it is supposed to and it is a lie.

Jeremy's false quotes were included on his Wiki page but they left it open so that anyone reading it would be mislead by the misinformation. Myself and a few other editors had edited the comments out as they were UNTRUE and MISLEADING. The JC supporters kept putting them back in.. so we ammended it by adding: "In Actuality, you do not need a passport to buy a drink in the USA and "Machine Guns" have never been legal."

So they kept removing it and leaving the MISLEADING version. Yes, The administrators are leaving the page misleading on purpose. After changing it countless times to RELFLECT the truth, the administrator named 'The JPS' left the mis-information intact, locked the page indefinitely and then started to go after all of my edits and contributions and just undid everything that I've ever done and marked 2 articles for deletion. Another ADMINISTRATOR, Zoe did the same... just followe me around deleteing everything...

I typed in 'The JPS' on google to see if anyone else had had similar experiences with this crooked administrator only to be direct to his ebay listings where the ads all point to wikipedia articles that he has spiced up... check the dates, check the ads... its true... they all refer to wikpedia pages that he has spiced up to sell more ebay stuff.

I have NO idea who to complain to about being stalked by this person as the ADMINISTRATORS dont seem to take it very seriously... Is it such a crazy idea that a guy whose trail proves that he is using the pages for his own political purposes, his own ebay and for revenge on people that alter his misinformation campaigns.

I agree with you SqueakBox, there is NOTHING wrong with being anti-American, but when you have to mislead, lie and delete stuff to further your cause, then what the hell is your cause?

I wasn't that bothered that they deleted the two pages I had contributed last night. I really didn't care much. I was just desperately trying to point out that the person that had marked them for deletion is the same person that I had a dispute with about a totally different page and discussion a week before... the chances of the same administrator finding MY 2 pages in a sea of millions of pages and marking them for deletion is to big a coincidence... it is an admin bullying someone who disagrees with his politics...

Please respond before they delete!

Thanks - Repmart/ J.Smith-- 16:16, 15 July 2006 (UTC)

Well without an identity card a passport is identity, as I know being an ex pat. Clarkson isn't believeable, he makes stuff up to make us laugh, that is how he is, 18:07, 15 July 2006 (UTC)

Am i not being concise?

Look... the page has misinformation on it and when people try to put the truth on there it is removed by 2 or 3 editors who have now locked the page. You want to debate how funny Jeremy Clarkson is... guess I've come to the wrong guy. I just saw that you had a concern last night that my REASONABLE question on the JEREMY CLARKSON discussion page was removed... it was NOT removed because I am a sock puppet or whatever... it was removed becuase they don't want the mis-information to be corrected.,.. look how many times they took away the statement that clarified the truth.

If Hitler's page said that he hosted the 1936 Olympics but didn't mention that he as a genocicdial maniac... I would add it. Then if crooked editors/administrators didn't want people to know the truth, they would remove bits they didnt like leaving mis-information... then lock the page. This is what they've done.


Oh dear... never mind. and the machine gun quote? jeremy being cute... I see I'll have to take this to the US administrators.

By the way, since you are the first Administrator to have the simple courtesy to reply to me, COULD YOU PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO REPORT AN ADMINISTRATOR WHO IS STALKING ME ON WIKIPEDIA AS NOBODY SEEMS TO KNOW.

I will see these crooked bullies taken down one way or another.

Thanks for the reply.

REPMART-- 18:26, 15 July 2006 (UTC)

Well I am not an admin nor even a popular user. Try Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents. I am a fan of Clarkson though as a humorist not an ideologist. For me being from britain and being in Honduras is 2 reasons to dislike the US establishment though as I have US cousins and my wife's Honduran family have family in the US I am certainly not against the people of the US. If the US stopped the illicit cocaine trade I would personally have a lot more sympathy for the country but while they refuse to do so, preferring to pursue businessman like the NatWest Three (an article I began) and invade countries like Iraq my own feelings also harden (lots of "businessmen" with their machine guns here purely thanks top US dollars). Instead of striving for a united Americas the US build a wall to divide the continent. In terms of the article the only thing that counts is whether it is NPOV and accurate, SqueakBox 15:27, 16 July 2006 (UTC)

I have edited a bit to try to make it clearer he is a humourist, certain editors who hate him take him much too seriously which is what creates the problem of people actually think everything he says is true and 100% serious. This problem has been going for a long time, look at the history and my previous involvemnt in the article. As a beardy, sandal wearing cyclist who doesnt own a car (apparently a group who resents having the piss taken by him according to some) I find him always entertaining, SqueakBox 15:40, 16 July 2006 (UTC)

I think the only solution is to make it clear overall that outside of cars (a subject in which I have neither knowledge nor interest) Clarkson isn't to be taken seriously, i have tried to do that a bit but he arouses a lot of anger in people (obviously including yourself) so this article is alwaysd controversial, SqueakBox 22:48, 16 July 2006 (UTC)

Your edit to Talk:David Irving[edit]

I'm interested in what you found offensive about the material you deleted; I'm going to let your deletion stand as it was probably not encyclopedic. But offensive? --Guinnog 02:34, 28 July 2006 (UTC)

With its slur on mixed race children and comparison of Rastas with apes it seemed deeply offensive in a rascist way to me. Especially given this poem was written by a holocaust denier. What was so good about his book? Thanks for not restoring it. SqueakBox 13:53, 28 July 2006 (UTC)

I see you spent years in Botswana. perhaps I am missing something, SqueakBox 22:46, 28 July 2006 (UTC)

I thought that the exposure of Irving's slur on mixed-race children was one of the most revealing aspects of his trial. It showed him to be a dyed-in-the-wool racist. I enjoyed his book though (I bought it for 50p in an Oxfam shop out of curiousity); as I said, it seemed well-written and well researched. That kind of racism wasn't as unfashionable when Irving was growing up as it is now, and I suppose he let his perception of his own fame and (perhaps) persecution complex lead him to believe he was untouchable by the laws of society. It was very clear from his trial that he believed he was standing up for truth and free speech.
I find the whole case fascinating as the idea of truth interests me. Should, for example, Irving's undoubted bad attitude be allowed to discredit the idea of properly and scientifically examining facts about the Holocaust? Or is it proper that left-of-centre liberals (like, I suppose, me) should rejoice in the imprisonment of someone for speaking their mind, even when what they were saying was a vile lie?
It's a can of worms.
How fo you like Honduras? I've never been to Central America and would love to go some day. --Guinnog 15:27, 29 July 2006 (UTC)

I am not entirely comfortable with Irving having been imprisoned for his beliefs and indeed found the poem revealing myself. I certainly understand what you are saying about beliefs having been different when he grew up and I tend to have quite right wing beliefs myself in terms of personal responsibility etc (I'd probably vote Tory). I guess denigrating Rastas is distasteful to me, and my partner is black which isn't an issue here but I feel would be were I to take her to Britain as rascist attitudes are held by many more people than here and Irving's poem seemed to symbolize all that I dislike about white UK rascists. Honduras is great, just bought a house here on thursday so after nearly 3 years outside the UK I am really committing myself to being here, and given the close connections I have with family and the UK media (news, radio etc) I dont want to go back. Dont think I could have been happy here in the pre-broadband age, though. SqueakBox 16:07, 29 July 2006 (UTC)


Thanks for your welcoming message! Cheers! AdoniCtistai 15:15, 29 July 2006 (UTC)

Thanks from me as well. (Snaggles 21:17, 29 July 2006 (UTC))

Raul and Fidel[edit]

Hi SqueakBox, Raul hasn't become temporary President of Cuba. He is "assuming the duties" of head of the council of state as per Cuban constitution. Fidel is still President of Cuba.--Zleitzen 15:56, 1 August 2006 (UTC)

I agree with the former more than the latter. According to the BBC he has given up all positions, "Fidel Castro cedió todos sus cargos" [15]

Arbitration case[edit]

After reading your arbitration case more closely, it states that if any user, either you or Zapatancas, edit José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero-related articles, either using their own account or a sockpuppet, users may be blocked. You have violated this agreement by using User:Skanking as a sockpuppet account. Repeat violations may result in another block, if not longer. Think more closely next time. Iolakana|T 18:44, 1 August 2006 (UTC)

What, like this you mean? If you believe Skanking shouldn't have made this edit perhaps you would care to revert it, though if you do I will go to the Spanish press as wikipedia has a bad reputation for insulting living people, this edit had been in place for an hour and twenty one minutes and this man is the President of Spain so if you insult him you insult Spain as a sovereign country. Maybe you would like to think of the implications of this before denigrating Skanking, SqueakBox 19:54, 1 August 2006 (UTC)== Re: Range block ==

Okay, I unblocked the user for now. Sorry if it messed you up. Thunderbrand 04:24, 14 August 2006 (UTC)


Please do not make personal attacks on other people. Wikipedia has a policy against personal attacks. In some cases, users who engage in personal attacks may be blocked from editing by admins or banned by the arbitration committee. Comment on content, not on other contributors or people. Please resolve disputes appropriately. Thank you. Please don't call me a rogue admin; some admins may take this as humorous, others do not. Consider what you are saying before you make such judgments. Iolakana|T 11:52, 14 August 2006 (UTC)

Well I am sure people can judge for themselves whether locking a page and then editing it is exclusively is the sign of a rogue admin or not, as they can look at this edit and draw their own conclusions. Please dont presume I dont think before I speak, you sound like somebody inauthority whereas the reality is you are just a kid and as I made clear before I have no interest in anything you have to say. It just goes to show what happens when you give someone without experience power, this is a net issue that clearly needs addressing. Please stop being patronising and grow up a bit if you wish to be effective but fair in the position of (relative) power in which you find yourself. BTW I use the am not an admin box to let people know, you would be surprised how many people ,assume I am one and it helps avoid misunderstandings, SqueakBox 17:21, 15 August 2006 (UTC)

Sockpuppetry case[edit]

Puppeter template.gif

You have been accused of sockpuppetry. Please refer to Wikipedia:Suspected sock puppets/SqueakBox (2nd) for evidence. Please make sure you make yourself familiar with notes for the suspect before editing the evidence page.Hagiographer 08:47, 16 August 2006 (UTC)

Nothing to do with me as the case clearly shows. You on the other hand changed my signature to that of Pura Paja here showing you are not a credible user or willing to abide by the rules of the wikipedia, SqueakBox 03:50, 19 August 2006 (UTC)

Personal attacks again[edit]

You've been blocked for another week under your personal attack parole, for this attack on another editor. --Tony Sidaway 13:35, 21 August 2006 (UTC)

Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/SqueakBox and Zapatancas[edit]

Adopting a commonsense approach to identification, the administrators of Wikipedia have decided to enforce the provisions of this case against anyone who exhibits behavior similar to that of SqueakBox and Zapatancas, to wit: Hagiographer and Pura Paja, and anyone else who engages in warring, tendentious edits, personal attacks and harassment related to José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and related articles.

Pura Paja has been blocked indefinitely because of his username.

The ban on editing José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and related articles will now be applied to Hagiographer, as will the personal attack parole, because his involvement in the mutual harassment campaign closely resembles that of Zapatancas and it is reasonable to treat him, for the purposes of this dispute, as if he were one and the same person. For good reason, any administrator may extend the article ban to other editors exhibiting substantially similar behavior.

It has also been established that you, SqueakBox, evaded an arbitration committee ban of one month using the sock Skanking (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · page moves · block user · block log). Accordingly, the one month ban is hereby reset and this will be added to your current one week block. --Tony Sidaway 10:34, 22 August 2006 (UTC)

Okay. Please can you get Hagiographer, who has forged my signature, to stop editing my user page. I would prefer to see the page locked. If you would like me to remove anything from that page please ask here and I can get one of my workers, who are not banned, to do so. If Hagiographer wants peace he needs to leave my user page alone as IMO it was his vandalisation of that page that started this. If he stops editing Zapatero and harrassing me this situation will be sorted, all I want is fairness. Thanks, SqueakBox 15:18, 22 August 2006 (UTC)

Let me know (by email, I'm really not around these days) if you want your user page unprotected. Guettarda 20:57, 22 August 2006 (UTC)

Thanks a lot. I'll write to you when my ban is over (late September) and I can try and put all this behind me. Que le vaya bien, SqueakBox 21:05, 22 August 2006 (UTC)

Culture (band)[edit]

It appears you added a link, "2003 article, ic stand against crack" ... I'm not sure what you mean by "ic", nor how to correct it properly. [[User talk:Dragon Dave|Dragon Dave] when I can be bothered to sign in.

Hill just died. I just found out. Gutted! One of my favourite artists. those were the days back in 1980 chilling out in the Red Cross knight listening to Hill chanting Jah Rastafari and how he took a spliff this morning of the international herb, SqueakBox 01:33, 25 August 2006 (UTC)

Welcome back.[edit]

Glad to see you're back. It's been a while since we've talked. How are things in your neck of the woods? CQJ 04:13, 19 September 2006 (UTC)

Thanks + Question[edit]

Thank you for welcoming me to Wiki. Since you invite me to ask questions, here is one: Why does my name still appear in red?--dunnhaupt 15:45, 1 October 2006 (UTC)

Football War[edit]

Clarification needed on your recent edit: see Talk:Football War#Date. - Jmabel | Talk 23:33, 10 October 2006 (UTC)


Can you take your comments off the Tela page? they've been there for about 6 months. I didn't steal anything from a tour guide; I just put in a bunch of specific stuff about where to eat and stay because there is a fairly steady, if small, flow of gringos through town, and I thought they could maybe use the information when they go there. If it really offends you, then take it out. But it isn't a copyright violation; I wrote it myself, based on my own time in Tela.

Zarzamora 13:17, 13 October 2006 (UTC)zarzamora Thanks much. Zarzamorazarzamora

List of search engines: Is not really a search engine?[edit]

Hello SqueakBox. I've had List of search engines on my watchlist. The service DOES have an article, though its notability may be uncertain. Lately the creator of the page added a link to it back onto List of search engines. At [16] you had removed it. We could remove it again, but what is the rationale? Did you mean in your comment that it's not really a search engine? I notice a sparsity of mentions of in paper publications, though it does show up here and there on the web. In 2004 the company was said to have 10 employees. EdJohnston 20:03, 16 October 2006 (UTC)


I notice you moniter Cannabis related pages. You may be interested in the popular use section of 840 an anon keeps adding it and I cannot revert without violating the three revert rule. ReverendG 23:10, 27 October 2006 (UTC)

About having many windows open[edit]

I just added an image to Corinto, Morazán Department and saw your response to my Talk-page comment, "There's a line in Spanish I need to come back and remove ... will do so as soon as I finish this minute's project of adding stub tags. (Have 31 windows open at the moment!)" You replied, "31 windows? Shouldn't you be using tabs?" The answer is — I really wouldn't know. If you mean that I should use Mozilla, I'm still getting the hang of how to get tabs there rather than new windows. (I also don't get how to get it to do like IE does and give me a copy of the current page when I open a new window/tab.) If that's not what you meant, now I'm really confused.

On the bright side, I'm getting the hang of a lot of Wikipedia and trying some new things... just uploaded my first three images to the Wikipedia Commons, I've created a couple of templates/navigation boxes, I'm learning how to do multiple references, etc., etc., etc. Check out my user page and talk page and see for yourself. And just think: You were the one to welcome me first! :) Lawikitejana 10:57, 4 November 2006 (UTC)

Image:P001.jpg listed for deletion[edit]

An image or media file that you uploaded or altered, Image:P001.jpg, has been listed at Wikipedia:Images and media for deletion. Please look there to see why this is (you may have to search for the title of the image to find its entry), if you are interested in its not being deleted. Thank you. -- Nv8200p talk 03:31, 7 November 2006 (UTC)

Image:P008.jpg listed for deletion[edit]

An image or media file that you uploaded or altered, Image:P008.jpg, has been listed at Wikipedia:Images and media for deletion. Please look there to see why this is (you may have to search for the title of the image to find its entry), if you are interested in its not being deleted. Thank you. -- Nv8200p talk 03:31, 7 November 2006 (UTC)

Image:P012.jpg listed for deletion[edit]

An image or media file that you uploaded or altered, Image:P012.jpg, has been listed at Wikipedia:Images and media for deletion. Please look there to see why this is (you may have to search for the title of the image to find its entry), if you are interested in its not being deleted. Thank you. -- Nv8200p talk 03:35, 7 November 2006 (UTC)

Thanks for the compliment[edit]

I appreciate your note which you left in my talk area.

I was interested to read your user page and noted that we have a lot of parallels such as

  • english natives living in Latin America
  • ability to function in Spanish
  • citizens of the world
  • interest in Wikis
  • support of libertarian ideas

and probably others.

Nice to make your acquaintance --JAXHERE | Prevaricate at me 14:57, 11 November 2006 (UTC)

for some "in" people[edit]

Hehe, I assure you that was a mistake[17]. I don't even talk like that outside of wikipedia. HighInBC (Need help? Ask me) 04:47, 14 November 2006 (UTC)

Thanks and a Question[edit]

Hi SqueakBox; thank you for welcoming me to Wikipedia. I noticed a vandal on the Education reform page; I reverted it once, but the vandal did it again. What can be done? Thanks for your help! --Kearnsdm 15:20, 15 November 2006 (UTC)

Why do you keep deleting that[edit]

What is wrong with you? You told me to cite it, and I did. The New York Times is credible, if you want a different cite, than tell me, but don't just take things down that are the truth, you just don't want them up there. This is a site that is supposed to convey what IS going on in the world, not what you want the world to see. I like George Bush, and this statement isn't the least bit defamatory, but rather what he actually said. You are biasing the article to what you want to see, and that is not what Wikipedia is about! Stop removing him from the list, he should be on there. --PTPete25 14:41, 20 November 2006 (MST)

Thanks for the signature. George W. Bush isn't a notable cannabis smoker is why I delete it, SqueakBox 21:45, 20 November 2006 (UTC)

George Bush Smoker[edit]

You're wrong, he is a famous cannabis smoker. He is famous, and he was a cannabis smoker, those are the two qualifications for being a famous cannabis smoker. Just because that is not what he is best known for is not a reason to keep him off of the list. None of those people on the list are famous for the sole reason of smoking cannabis, is Bob Dylan a notable cannabis smoker? He's a notable folk singer, who also smoked cannabis. Are The Beatles, notable cannabis smokers? They are notable artists, who also smoked cannabis. Is Prince Harry a notable cannabis smoker? He's a notable member of the British Royal Family, who also smoked cannabis. All of these people are notably famous, and also smoked cannabis. George Bush, a notable cannabis smoker? He's a notable President, who also smoked cannabis. He belongs on the list. --PTPete25 14:59, 20 November 2006 (MST)

They have all been famous for smoking cannabis, eg Clinton's didnt inhale quip became world famous as did Harry's antics. Bush isn't in the same class, perhaps a famous cocaine user but not famous even for a day as a cannabis smoker, SqueakBox 15:29, 24 November 2006 (UTC)


For reverting that revenge warning[18] from that anon who was reverted at 840. Appreciate that, you got it before I even saw it. I have never recieved a warning(legitimatly) and I do not remove even bad faith warnings in the knowledge that another editor will, I appreciate not having to ask. HighInBC (Need help? Ask me) 00:01, 21 November 2006 (UTC)

Central America[edit]

I find it hilarious that you would say "What English speakers think is irrelevant". The last time I checked, my country, Belize, is an English' speaking country. We are part of the Central American subcontinent and so is Mexico, regardless of what the The EU or UN's definition is. This is a geographical fact, just look at the map people!!! 20 November 2006 07:07 (UTC)

marijuana CO[edit]

As pertains to marijuana page comment, anything containing carbon, when burnt, gives off carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. More of the latter in cases of inadequate oxygen supply since carbon dioxide is energetically more favorable to form.--Loodog 22:05, 24 November 2006 (UTC)

I think it should then be explained in the context that all living organisms give off Carbon Monoxide when burnt SqueakBox 22:16, 24 November 2006 (UTC)

I am curious, which article is this about? HighInBC (Need help? Ask me) 22:12, 24 November 2006 (UTC)

This one, the right one as smoking cannabis is definitely about it as a drug, SqueakBox 22:16, 24 November 2006 (UTC)

Well, certainly it's not particular to marijuana smoke. In general, people inhaling smoke = not good.--Loodog 02:04, 25 November 2006 (UTC)

Your talk page[edit]

I made a minor change on your talk page, moving the table of contents down so it was flush with the page. I hope this was not out of line, if so please revert the change with my apologies. HighInBC (Need help? Ask me) 22:17, 24 November 2006 (UTC)

I noticed and it was fine. Have a nice weekend high in British Columbia, SqueakBox 22:20, 24 November 2006 (UTC)

Marijuana Strains[edit]

Where would you suggest marijuana strains be at? Calicheese23 05:17, 25 November 2006 (UTC)

Thanks for the help :)

Calicheese23 23:40, 26 November 2006 (UTC)

Excuse me[edit]

I have every right to request that the user stop altering content in order to provoke edit wars. Plain and simple I have asked him to stay out of other articles I am at work on. If you problems with the policy take up on the discussion page at WP:HA (Simonapro 21:01, 25 November 2006 (UTC))

Aah. I thought that might happen. Making lots of enemies of a group of users wont hellp your argument but perhaps clarifying it would. I am wikipedia experienced enough to know you cant go demanding other users dont work on articles you are working on. My experienced and well intentioned advice is dont go down this path, SqueakBox 21:45, 25 November 2006 (UTC)

To the British ex-pat living on the edge of a Caribbean city in Honduras with the photos on the profile page and all that. If you really want to go about letting users attributed copyright statements and sources incorrectly while blaming users who point it out as not being helpful then I suggest you explain why. Because wikipolicy has never supported such a thing. You solve it then if your so good at editing and working here. Explain why a cite is being moved to answer source who never made the statement and why the main source's article page is being vandalised by the same user. (Simonapro 07:33, 26 November 2006 (UTC))

Well since you have reverted it is up to Green I guess to find out why Small is cited for Green's copyright text now. (Simonapro 07:35, 26 November 2006 (UTC))

Please explain what you are talking about as I dont have a clue. Your threats against chondrite make me think not very highly opf you as a user so pleaser change your behaviour, SqueakBox 07:37, 26 November 2006 (UTC)

Project: Marijuana[edit]

Hey, thanks for the message! There are exactly 1,335 links to marijuana currently. All of them are listed here:

It's not going to be easy, but we'll have to try. Thanks for helping out!

About Macca/McCartney (thanks for your work) He grew plants on his farm in Scotland, and he was caught by the Police! Bugger... --andreasegde 00:38, 28 November 2006 (UTC)

Joke: I'll bet Lady Mucca never had a spliff. (Doh!) :)) (People in glass houses shouldn't throw.... whatever it is.... :) --andreasegde 00:50, 28 November 2006 (UTC)


P.S. You gotta archive your talk page! Floaterfluss 18:00, 26 November 2006 (UTC)

Definitely not. Not only can I search through it much easier with it all in one place but it lets people know I have been here a while, SqueakBox 18:17, 26 November 2006 (UTC)


This user is a sockpuppet of blocked user User:The hobgoblin, identical user page and interest in Mulatto, SqueakBox 22:47, 29 November 2006 (UTC)

You should tell William M. Connelley since he just gave The hobgoblin a short block for 3RR. He might be interested to hear about the sockpuppetry. —Wknight94 (talk) 22:50, 29 November 2006 (UTC)
Ran across this via WP:PAIN, saw some discussion about it on IRC, later. I've indefblocked hobgoblin, per investigation and checkuser results. Let me know if you have any further problems with this person. Luna Santin 00:37, 30 November 2006 (UTC)

Mulatto Article:Images[edit]

Just to let you know, I'm changing the celebrity picks on this article to unfamous people. According to Wikipedia Editors, famous pictures are only allowed on that individuals article and are not permitted on articles that aren't soley about them. I'm surprised they haven't commented on it yet, but I made them aware of their own policy.Americanbeauty415 02:14, 30 November 2006 (UTC)

The new portal of El Salvador[edit]

Dearest SqueakBox,

I have recently created a portal of El Salvador. I was hoping, because of your Salvadoran-related contributions, that you could help me make the Portal better by adding something I have not already posted. You see, I myself had lived there, but I have not been in the country for a while, so I am writing to you in hopes that you could expand some of the sections (particularly Quotes and News), and others if you wish. I am confident you will make a good decision, so we can bring knowledge of El Salvador to wikipedia, and the world. I am confident you will make a good decision. BashmentBoy

They are on the watchlist. Only spent a week there but have known various Salvadoreans here and in Guate, SqueakBox 04:19, 30 November 2006 (UTC)

Thank you very much.BashmentBoy 14:28, 30 November 2006 (UTC)BashmentBoy

The Sock Vandalizing Your Page...[edit]

Hello SqueakBox, I reported that sock (User:SqueakBoxx) that was vandalizing your page to an administrator. Hope this helps.¤~Persian Poet Gal (talk) 00:38, 1 December 2006 (UTC)

  • Update: Sock was blocked by an admin, hopefully that will ward off the troll :P.¤~Persian Poet Gal (talk) 00:40, 1 December 2006 (UTC)


I had no idea. I thought I was engaging some kid who felt he needed to "prove himself"... Damn. I'm sorry. --Mhking 03:47, 1 December 2006 (UTC)

Our little troll problem[edit]

It's unfortunate that it's come to this, but I've been forced to give their entire ISP a soft block for three days. No anon editing, no new accounts; hopefully this doesn't cause too much collateral damage, and I've included instructions on registering an account for the legitimate editors in there. If this doesn't solve the problem, we'll try something else; no matter what happens, though, I won't tolerate this sort of trolling directed at anyone, so do let me know if you continue to have problems. Thanks for your time, don't let this guy get to you. Luna Santin 06:44, 1 December 2006 (UTC)

I've also sprotected your user and user talk pages, following another attack. This means that all anonymous users and new accounts will be unable to edit those pages at all. In the case of your user talk page, this can cause a problem, especially if you find yourself needing to communicate with new users on any frequent basis. Let me know if you'd like me to remove protection, or if you'd prefer that I take any other course of action. Thanks. Luna Santin 17:01, 1 December 2006 (UTC)
Will do. I check fairly often, since my talk page has pretty high traffic. Luna Santin 18:59, 1 December 2006 (UTC)

Search engine[edit]

Just curious . . . why is web crawler a better choice than Google (regarding your change to Search_Engine)? It seems kind of arbitrary. I think Google is the most familiar search engine and fits well because of its clarity due to the uncluttered main page; if you have a problem with Google maybe you could replace it with the very first internet search engine? Nobody mentioned Google in relation to NPOV on the discussion page; it would be good for you to make a post there. --Whiteknox 14:11, 1 December 2006 (UTC)


Finally done listing my sources. Please check it out here and send me any more you may have.  :) Thanks. CL8 16:58, 6 December 2006 (UTC)


You're better off motivating your edits with something other than hasted assumptions of intention. A summation of slang terms, a de-capitalization and a very practical link to Wikisaurus doesn't constitute a provocation.

Peter Isotalo 22:38, 6 December 2006 (UTC)

See the history of the article. Cannabis is not grass, SqueakBox 22:40, 6 December 2006 (UTC)
Slang synonyms are fairly common on Wikipedia, I'd say. I was trying to improve the lead, not screw around with short-tempered wikicolleagues. You don't seem to be overly keen on assuming good faith.
Peter Isotalo 23:03, 6 December 2006 (UTC)
I was referring to the edit not the editor (who wasnt even you anyway) and this type of edit has proven highly contentious in the past. We are not writing a US encyclopedia so adding US centric terms that only describe marijuana can indeed be described as contentious, SqueakBox 23:51, 6 December 2006 (UTC)

Augusto Pinochet[edit]

Hello!. This information it must go more down... (sorry i'm en-1 ;)--Yakoo 23:30, 10 December 2006 (UTC)

Pues habala mi en espanol, y digame porque? y por favor deja la gente escribirte si queres continuar aqui, si no es injusto lo que haces, SqueakBox 23:37, 10 December 2006 (UTC)

Thanks/Gracias ;)... Una observación, quienes contribuimos en diferentes proyectos, tratamos de centralizar la llegada de mensajes en uno solo. Ello no es injusto, y no produce inconvenientes... De hecho es bastante habitual...
Respecto a Pinochet, creo que la información de los juicios y el arresto en Londres no debe ir en la introducción, pues en esta se coloca lo más relevante, la fecha y lugar de nacimiento y muerte, profesión/actividad y su relevancia, en este caso, los cargos o funciones que desempeñó.
Lo demás debiera ir más abajo, en las secciones correspondientes... --Yakoo 23:45, 10 December 2006 (UTC)
No veo inconvenientes en indicar, en un mensaje en es:wikipedia, que existe algún conflicto con una edición hecha en en:wikipedia respecto a alguna política de en:wikipedia ;)...
Por otro lado, te agradecería que el punto en discusión lo plantearas en Talk:Augusto Pinochet, para que más pudieran opinar...
De todos modos no fueron tres reversiones, pues no revertí tu contribución, tan solo la ubiqué más abajo (a lo más fue una o dos veces despues de ello)...
Saludos, --Yakoo 00:06, 11 December 2006 (UTC)
No estoy incumpliendo ninguna política al redirigir mi "User talk" a la página de discusión que tengo wikipedia en español... Si existe una política al respecto en esta wikipedia (en inglés), te agrdecería me lo informaras, de lo contrario, por favor, no reviertas mi cambio......
Gracias... Saludos, --Yakoo 02:07, 11 December 2006 (UTC)

Re: Hi[edit]

Done. :) I've unprotected your user and user talk pages. If you run into any problems like this, in the future, don't hesitate to let me know. Cheers! Luna Santin 01:22, 11 December 2006 (UTC)

Would you like to look out for me?[edit]

I'm the one being mobbed by wild dogs. Rhode Islander 23:13, 11 December 2006 (UTC)

You are not helping things. Mind your own business. Rhode Islander 23:19, 11 December 2006 (UTC)

I'm talking about the etiquette. Keep it to a discussion of the subject, rather than ad hominem nonsense. My statement, that you objected to, was to maka an example of what their position sounded like to me and my concept of our heritage. Their stances are mobbish and insulting at the same time. I don't need you to chide me, but to bring helpful information into the topic. Rhode Islander 23:25, 11 December 2006 (UTC)

I think I agree with the other users that you are trolling, so I warn you to keep my family out of it, SqueakBox 00:09, 13 December 2006 (UTC)

Speedy template[edit]

Please see my talk page. --Iamunknown 23:19, 11 December 2006 (UTC)

The speedy has perfect validity. It falls directly under WP:CSD I6. --Iamunknown 23:26, 11 December 2006 (UTC)

my bad.[edit]

I was comparing two numbers in regards to the honduras edit and misread the honduras GDP as ten times the GDP of Chile when it was really the other way around and corrected it before double checking. Sorry about that. 00:00, 12 December 2006 (UTC)


Manthro I find hard to believe is an editor. I had to teach him how to post comments on a users page. If he was an editor, I wouldn't have had to do that. Secondly, even if he is, which I doubt he is...he can still be reported for harassment and vandalism. Thank YouAmericanbeauty415 05:02, 14 December 2006 (UTC)

Please stop making silly claims, SqueakBox 16:27, 14 December 2006 (UTC)

Cannabis (drug) Edits[edit]

Love what you're doing with the article, m8. :)  E. Sn0 =31337Talk 21:13, 15 December 2006 (UTC)


I can appreciate your hard work, but a couple of points. I never said "cannabis is exclusively marijuana", I said "cannabis is a plant genus". I said that "cannabis (drug)" is quite awkward, and may not be ideal according to Wikipedia naming conventions. I called for a discussion, and am quite astounded by the arrogance and cavallier attitudes of you and others who a) removed the merge tag, b) were hostile to a DISCUSSION of the issue, etc. Much of what Wikipedia is has to do with discussion, persusaion, and consensus building. I was met with "I am opposed to debate", and "please don't get in the way". Thanks for pointing out that "marijuana" is a predominantly American term. If I might also point that Wikipedia does not belong to you, and you should be open to a discussion, and not meet other Wikipedia members with overt hostility. --Bill Huston (talk) 14:35, 16 December 2006 (UTC)

Well I didnt remove the merge tag and I did engage in debate with you, making my reasons very clear, and hopefully persuaded you (a) that cannabis is considered a drug and (b) that marijuana is an exclusively US term for some but not all of what cannabis users consume when they take this plant as a drug. You seem to be the one who is narked not me, SqueakBox 17:25, 16 December 2006 (UTC)

Second city[edit]

Any chance you could more accurately cite the source for Nationwide? I wasn't even born at the time! I've added a [citation needed] tag by the word 'seventies' to this effect. Matthew 00:18, 18 December 2006 (UTC)

If you mean can I give a date, then no I cant. I doubt very much if there is a source but I know it happened and that it happened in the seventies and it was Michael Barratt in charge and Staurt Hall and someone whom I cant remember from Birmingham, who won. TV is a difficult one to source, though like books the fact that only one or 2 people can source it doesnt of itself illegitimise it. Shame I dont haver a date, could have been anytime between 74 and 79, 00:29, 18 December 2006 (UTC)

Thought the answer might have been something like that - after all, we've all got ready access to archives of 1970s television, haven't we? :-) I think some kind of reference - even with the vague dating - needs to be put in, in case someone comes along and changes it because he doesn't understand the context and thinks 'what was special about the 1970s?'. Matthew 01:17, 18 December 2006 (UTC)

2006 Ipswich murder investigation[edit]

No problemo! :) Guinness 22:48, 21 December 2006 (UTC)

POV edits and vandalism[edit]

Please don't call POV edits vandalism especially when they are semi-plausible (such as the recent ones you have been reverting). It helps much more if you just revert and explain to the user in question why you are reverting. JoshuaZ 21:33, 23 December 2006 (UTC)

I'm sorry, I didn't notice the presence of other socks. JoshuaZ 21:38, 23 December 2006 (UTC)


Thus is my suspicion, which now means I'll be attacked on Hivemind any day now. Do you know what IP addresses Brandt has use din the past? User:Zoe|(talk) 23:01, 24 December 2006 (UTC)

Nah, I just don't touch Brandt's page with an account identified to my personal one so Brandt doesn't go nuts on my hivemind profile. Jimmy knows who I am, the account is hardly being used in bad faith, let's leave it at that. -- Just another editor 23:14, 24 December 2006 (UTC)
Not sure I believe you. if you were to drop me a line and tell me who you were I might. If you are Daniel Brandt please can you remove me from your Hive Mind, SqueakBox 01:18, 25 December 2006 (UTC)
What's your IRC nick on freenode? -- Just another editor 01:36, 25 December 2006 (UTC)
I'm not on freenode, SqueakBox 01:38, 25 December 2006 (UTC)

I can assure you that User:Just another editor is not Brandt. I have spoken to the editor, who confirmed his identity to me. Danny 01:55, 25 December 2006 (UTC)

You too, have a good one :) -- Just another editor 02:20, 25 December 2006 (UTC)


Look, I am sorry for the false accusation, but I believe that you owe me an apology also for your heavy-handed response. If you take a look, I am here to make an effort to improve this place also, and this is probably the first mistake in my 2,000 edits since coming here. I hope that you wouldn't go after new users like this, because we should be inviting here, not self-serving. This is a collaboration, not a project of personal bests. Merry Christmas to you also. :: Colin Keigher (Talk) 10:20, 25 December 2006 (UTC)

Because people like Brandt bother me, I have taken steps to ensure that if for whatever reason he includes me in his listing of editors (I have the article watched) that he cannot use my photo in his god-awful page. :: Colin Keigher (Talk) 10:24, 25 December 2006 (UTC)


I don't appreciate you referring to me as a vandal; you may want to check out my userpage. Please read my reply to your comments and the comments on the Bong page before reverting it again. Also be aware of the WP:3RR rule. OhNoitsJamie Talk 19:31, 28 December 2006 (UTC)

It is vandalism to remove cites. Just give references, dont remove the cites as I assume it means you cant source and therefore if you remove them again I will follow policy and remove the unsourced material, SqueakBox 19:33, 28 December 2006 (UTC)

3RR (Second)[edit]

I'd quit reverting the legitimate edits to bong, you're far past 3RR, and if you continue, I WILL report you to the admins. Thank you. 20:30, 28 December 2006 (UTC)

SqueakBox is not in violation of 3RR. I only mentioned it earlier because I asked that he read my comments before reverting again. While I didn't think the cites were necessary, they meet WP:Reliable sources in the context, and it's better to err on the side of caution. OhNoitsJamie Talk 20:38, 28 December 2006 (UTC)


The sources I put in the intro, about Pinochet as a polarizing figure, mention both the condemnation and the defense. One of them is the same article you cited regarding Pinochet's motives for Operation Condor. Gazpacho 20:36, 28 December 2006 (UTC)

Hello 2[edit]

Have you ever considered archiving this talk page? It's kinda huge :) — AnemoneProjectors (talk) 00:38, 29 December 2006 (UTC)

No, I keep it deliberately that way, SqueakBox 02:38, 29 December 2006 (UTC)

Why? It just took me 25 seconds to load it. You should consider those of us who don't have the benefit of broadband. 308 kilobytes is a bit much. — AnemoneProjectors (talk) 13:39, 29 December 2006 (UTC)

25 seconds isn't a lot; if I archive then I cant find anything, my own connection isn't that fast and I have to download pages at least twice as large. I am persoanlly not in favour of archiving any talk pages and while I recognise I am in a minority I can at least control my user talk page. I have found at times that with a few items on the talk page a trollish editor can pick up on stuff and misuse it, that has stopped with my enoprmous page so its a protective mechanism too (EE isn't controversial but a lot of political articles I edit are), SqueakBox 18:11, 29 December 2006 (UTC)

Fair enough, it's your talk page, you can do whatever you want with it. It took 31 seconds to load this time though. Also, you don't have to archive by date, you could archive by subject. Do you remove unimportant messages? Do you really need to find stuff from 2004? — AnemoneProjectors (talk) 20:39, 29 December 2006 (UTC)

Your NPOV accusation[edit]

Please do not accuse and article written by thousands of Wikipedians from almost all possible countries worldwide "pro US" or "pro Western" without showing some proof. This is a frequent problem when one yells NPOV and distracts the others from working. Please, think about what I said and do not label NPOV our best articles (this is my personal view). Thank you and have a good day, (Eddie 18:50, 30 December 2006 (UTC))

I put the tag on before he was executed and have given reasons. I have also made a number of edits to NPOV. The tag is entirely legitimate, if you think it is a fair article that is fair enough but I dont. Coming not only just from a western but a por Bush point of view is not NPOV, and most press are giving this hanging a fairer coverage than wikipedia, SqueakBox 18:58, 30 December 2006 (UTC)

What are you doing?[edit]

SqueakBox, you censored the word "morons"? Calm down and evaluate what's goin on. -Yancyfry

Come on moron was a personal attack, people seemingly cant bear any criticism of the Bush approach to Iraq. And I am shocked as normally it is the poress who stitch people up but not ion this case. Wikipedia is doing a terrible job with saddam right now, removing mainstream press criticisms and calling people who try for NPOv morons, trolls, stupid, etc. Agghh! SqueakBox 20:44, 30 December 2006 (UTC)

I apologize for my recent outburst. It was unacceptable. I hope you can forgive me. -Yancyfry

inappropriate tag[edit]

How was it possible that the article was locked with an inappropriate tag? An admin should remove it, please!

SqeakBox: The article is NPOV. You have made edits in another article defending another dictator, Fidel Castro. When you write “With the West encouraging racial divisions” this strikes me as paranoia. You say you have a level 5 in Spanish. If that is true you could understand poetry. Here are the words of Octavio Paz, the main debunker in Latin America of stupid anti-West sentiments:

Cesar Tort 20:09, 30 December 2006 (UTC)


ideas ate the deities

the deities became ideas

great bladders full of bile

the bladders burst
the idols exploded

putrefaction of deities

armed ideas sprouted

ideolized ideodeities

sharpened syllogisms
cannibal deities

dogs in love with their own vomit

We have dug up Rage

The library is a nest of killer rats

The university is a muck full of frogs

The doctors dispute in a den of thieves

The dialecticians exalt the subtlety of the rope

nursing violence with dogmatic milk

The juggling ideologist

sharpener of sophisms
in his house of truncated quotations and assignations
plots Edens for industrious eunuchs
--Cesar Tort 05:06, 2 January 2007 (UTC)

Userbox vandal[edit]

Thanks for pointing that out. I hate it when that happens to new users; it's especially bad if they see it before we do. Love that cat pic on your user page, by the way. Happy new year, Antandrus (talk) 16:06, 31 December 2006 (UTC)

Third world[edit]

I don't support you in exploiting the poverty of the thirdworld, SqueakBox. (For others, see at its home page). Jahowk 16:19, 31 December 2006 (UTC)

Lol, well I'm not. How is investing in the third world supporting its poverty? SqueakBox 16:32, 31 December 2006 (UTC)

And how are you helping the Third World? By not investing in it? By spending all your money in the first world? Because if people dont invest in the Third World it just gets poorer and poorer. Have you ever been to the third world? Seriously, dont make off topic attacks against other users when things arent going your way, SqueakBox 16:35, 31 December 2006 (UTC)

The problem (the RSS topic) is that you don't provide any reason for your vote. You should. About your personal home page, I wonder what you want exactly? Strange. Jahowk 16:41, 31 December 2006 (UTC)

I'll respond to your first question at RSS. I want to build up a large offshoring business taking hundreds or thousands of jobs from the media world away from the rich first world UK, US, etc and bring them to the poorer Latin American country I am in. So far from exploiting I want to bring more money here and take it away from the UK, and if enough people do this wages will equalise and the first/third world distinctions will disappear. Still got a long way to go to get that far, SqueakBox 16:47, 31 December 2006 (UTC)

Saddam Hussein[edit]

As requested in your last edit summary, I've explained my removal of your POV edit in Talk:Saddam Hussein. Please think carefully before reinstating comments like this -- similar edits of yours have been reverted by multiple users over the past few days. -- Jim Douglas (talk) (contribs) 17:54, 1 January 2007 (UTC)

I know this won't count for anything, but I'm not American, and I'm not pro-George Bush. My interest is in writing a neutral article, and it seems apparent that your political opinions are driving your editing. I'm asking you to consider this. -- Jim Douglas (talk) (contribs) 17:59, 1 January 2007 (UTC)

"I added Discussion on to your section title as it looked like everyone was reverting edits I had made to the talk page."

Sure, that's ok. -- Jim Douglas (talk) (contribs) 19:17, 1 January 2007 (UTC)

On a completely different subject :-)[edit]

I just noticed this welcome message to a new user. Just a minor procedural suggestion; templates should usually be subst'd to (1) slightly reduce the load on the servers and (2) to make it appear more personalized to the user (so he doesn't see an obvious template on his page). I went ahead and subst'd it. -- Jim Douglas (talk) (contribs) 18:24, 1 January 2007 (UTC)

No problem, SqueakBox 18:27, 1 January 2007 (UTC)

Saddam Hussein 3RR violation[edit]

AS a courtesy, I am letting you know I just submitted a report on your 3RR violation on Saddam Hussein. Caper13 21:30, 1 January 2007 (UTC)

I have no idea of what you are talking about but I didnt revert anything 3 times, SqueakBox 22:41, 2 January 2007 (UTC)

Proposal to delete the new Rasta stub category I just made[edit]

Hi, you may have noticed that last night I made a new stub category called {{rasta-stub}}, it looks like this:

The contents are in Category:Rastafari stubs Well now I just got informed that I made the stub without permission and that it will probably be listed for deletion for that reason. I had no idea permission was required, but if you want to help make a case for the usefulness of the stub, please visit WP:WSS/D. Thanks. ፈቃደ (ውይይት) 03:34, 3 January 2007 (UTC)

Your comment on User talk:[edit]

You could have made your point without the taunt ("they already are and they are always going to be English"). -- Jim Douglas (talk) (contribs) 00:10, 4 January 2007 (UTC)

Whoops, I agree, SqueakBox 00:13, 4 January 2007 (UTC)

Please stop posting to that user's talk page. Throwing petrol on a fire is not productive. -- Jim Douglas (talk) (contribs) 00:25, 4 January 2007 (UTC)

I certainly agree I should have explained why I removed his comment from the talk page, though what I said on his talk page was clearly far less provocative than what he said at talk Falklands, and not making me deserving of this person's rascist abuse, SqueakBox 00:34, 4 January 2007 (UTC)

The problem is that you responded in kind to his initial off-topic post on the Falklands talk page. He said they're Argentinian; you said they're British. Which doesn't in any way justify his racist abuse, but it didn't help matters. You should consider using standard templates whenever possible to let people know that they have violated Wikipedia policies. That keeps everything impersonal, and reduces the likelihood of this sort of escalation. -- Jim Douglas (talk) (contribs) 00:42, 4 January 2007 (UTC)

Yes I am aware of the templates and normally I do, SqueakBox 00:54, 4 January 2007 (UTC)

Ok, thanks. I think I've got him sorted out now. He's apologized for the racist comments, and I've explained to him that continuing to compare the Brits to Hitler isn't a useful approach. -- Jim Douglas (talk) (contribs) 00:58, 4 January 2007 (UTC)


WP:AIV Greater Than WP:ANI for speed. User:Logical2uTalk 00:28, 4 January 2007 (UTC)

Little Black Sambo[edit]

I noticed you put a citation request in the introductory article of Little Black Sambo. There seems to be substantial discussion and citations later in the article - are these not sufficient for you? (John User:Jwy talk) 20:20, 7 January 2007 (UTC)

Beettr to bring the citations up, no? Thanks for drawing this to my attention, SqueakBox 20:22, 7 January 2007 (UTC)

ok, since those citations seem enough, I'll just make them more apparent up top. BTW, I intended to leave this at the bottom of the page - I must have hit an edit link on the page before it completed loading or something. . . (John User:Jwy talk) 20:30, 7 January 2007 (UTC)
Cool, I do think the citations at the top will make for a better article, SqueakBox 20:33, 7 January 2007 (UTC)
Hmm, the best citation is already there, in my opinion. The wiki page Sambo (racial term) seems to cover it. I'm not sure what else to move up. (John User:Jwy talk) 21:10, 7 January 2007 (UTC)
We cant use other wikipedia articles for citation purposes, SqueakBox 21:14, 7 January 2007 (UTC)


Perhaps that is so, but shouldn't we make some mention of his possible death and the confusion that surrounds his current state, so much so that a national television station states it as their main story on a main news bulletin? --Candlewicke Consortiums Limited 21:27, 7 January 2007 (UTC)

What you did was fine but I dont think we should mention it in the opening yet, SqueakBox 21:29, 7 January 2007 (UTC)

Selassie I's Divinity[edit]

Hey Squeak!

Nice to hear from you. While I understand that you and many other Rastas may feel that any besmirching of H.I.M.'s divinity is blasphemy, you must understand and recognize that there is a sizable community of people who respect Selassie, but do not consider him G*D. There is no "Ifficial" dogma of Rastafari. Selassie himself denied his divinity. That should be enough for most people.

My opinion on the matter is not important, but I feel that if he was the Messiah or Jah Incarnate, he would have fulfilled the prophecies. We haven't had 1,000 years of peace... we haven't even had one solid day of peace. And while he WAS crowned "King of Kings & Lord of Lords," he was not made King of the world.

My only statement is that there ARE quite a few people who identify themselves as Rastafarians who do not proclaim Selassie I's divinity. This is actually the fastest growing segment of the world-wide Rastafari movement. With the Emporer's dethronement and death in the mid 70's it was difficult to convince people that he was Jah. Of course, many people proclaim Jesus' divinity despite his being dead for 2,000 years and not fulfilling the prophecies of the moshiach (Messiah in hebrew).

Anyway... Jah guide, provide, and protect I-tinually! JahSun 10:57, 8 January 2007 (UTC)

Sorry to butt in, but I would most definitely dispute the assertion that he ever denied divinity. A careful analysis of his recorded statements reveals that he never clearly denied this. And by your logic, the fastest growing segment of Christians since the year 33 would have been those who deny Jesus' divinity. Wonder why that's not so? ፈቃደ (ውይይት) 13:27, 8 January 2007 (UTC)

I agree with Codex. I also dont want to get into a debate as to whether or not Selassie I, or anyone else, is divine, but I do think that those people who dont accept Selassie I's divinity arent Rastas any more than those who dont accept Jesus' divinity can really be called Christians. I am not sure what a Rasta who doesnt accept Selassie I's divinity would actually be, except not a Rasta. I also have worries that if you take on Rastafari culture without Selassie I it just becomes youthful rebellion and herb smoking, and I dont think that in itself is Rastafari, SqueakBox 16:31, 8 January 2007 (UTC)

Respect to your opinion, and I can see it comes from a good place. Still, we are now discussing semantics. These words obviously mean different things to different people. Seeing as there is no Council of Rastafari, or any recognized authority on Rasta dogma, belief, or practice... the point is fairly well moot. People will continue to identify themselves however they please. Some of them will embarrass you. This is a given. H.I.M. was an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian. Based on his repeatedly stated beliefs, he could not have been what most Jamaican Rastafari venerated him as. He was in his own words "rather confused" by this curious religion that has grown up around him. Whatever you or I think of this, the world at large will continue to view everyone with dreadlocks as a Rasta. Kids will still hang pictures of Bob Marley on their bedroom walls, and smoke until they're redder than red. That's life. The new Rastas tend to focus on Ital food, Ital living, Reasoning with bredren, and meditations on Jah. Many of them do not even smoke ganja. This is not something to be discouraged simply because they can't find it in themselves to worship a dead man as the ever living G*D. IMHO JahSun 17:49, 8 January 2007 (UTC)
Is "rather confused" really his own words? I find that hard to imagine. Do you have any cite that he said this? ፈቃደ (ውይይት) 17:57, 8 January 2007 (UTC)

One thing that strikes me is that Selassie addressed very deep spiritual and moral questions, so he certainly created a body of teaching in the same way that say The Buddha or Jesus did, and in a way that say Queen Elizabeth II or Juan Carlos of Spain haven't done. I am sure there are people out there focussing on diet, etc, but that doesnt make them Rastafari. While obviously back in the thirties declaring Selassie I divine meant something that is arguably not relevant now (eg he isn't on the world stage anymore) I believe that if Rastafari has a future (in the sense that Christianity had a future 1900 years ago though nobody could have said so for certain then) its future is absolutely bound up with the personality of Selassie I, and without Selassie I it would just become a rather irrelevant cult as memories of Marley etc fade. I also think a wider recognition of the spiritual value of cannabis would be very helpful but you donty have to identify with Rasta to use herb spiritually. Perhaps you dont find Selassie I as an individual inspiring but I do, and I also perceive that he made no deirect comments on the validity of rastafari as a way of life bound up with HIM, SqueakBox 18:19, 8 January 2007 (UTC)

I also think that what I have issues with is the idea of any human being as divine, but if we accept that idea then Selassie I is clearly a prime candidate, SqueakBox 00:15, 11 January 2007 (UTC)

True, one can also use Plato's Allegory of the cave... How can it be proved that all is not really shadows or apparitions, maya? Well, if we were to assume so, then we could say that one is definitely no ordinary apparition like all the rest, so it must "know" something...! But then he assures us that reality is real after all... cho! 00:34, 11 January 2007 (UTC)

Yes, I was educated in Plato too and his ideas of say dog and cat make me ponder a lot and make sense. What I am saying is the deep issue of whether God is an individual made divine is one I cant even begin to answer. On the other hand the symbology of what Selassie I and Rasta represents is definitely a religious inspiration. I certainly dont claim to be a Rasta, there is a bit in the Afrocentrism section that says "in order to further their identity as Ethiopian" whereas I make a lot of effort furthering my identity as a Honduran and Latino, the society which I have adopted. For me Rasta is something from much further back in my life, perhaps made more real by new married family here in Honduras, SqueakBox 01:22, 11 January 2007 (UTC)

The Malvinas War[edit]

I am slightly surprised that you consider "The Malvinas War" to be POV - how can it be POV if I supply SIX references to is, ALL from BRITISH websites including a Cambridge Universtity paper and the BBC, there are also 22,000 hits for Malvinas War on yahoo and 37,000 for Malvinas War on Google. By stating that "the Malvinas War" is POV then you are ignoring fact and simply showing your own POV. If you can explain how the alternative name of "The Malvinas War" does not exist then I will be happy to hear it but if you cant I would appriciate if you would self revert otherwise I will report you for vandalism for deleting referenced material.--Vintagekits 20:01, 8 January 2007 (UTC)

It may exist but it isn't notable enough to be included in the opening, I have never heard of it and it sounds thoroughly obscure given most people either call it The Falklands War or use spanish and call it "La guerra de las malvinas" which we do include in the opening. I am not the only one who thinks this, and the problem with Malvinas war is it gives credibility to the nname Malvinas in English, which I dont believe it has. Please dont threaten to report me for vandalsim as you will be considered acting in very por faith making what you know to be a false claim, edits need to be notable and not merely referenced, and anyway the article is protected, so much for alleged vandalism (lol), SqueakBox 20:15, 8 January 2007 (UTC)

Squeak, thanks for stading up for me in VK's talk page, I appreciate it. However, I believe it's a waste of good time. :) Sebastian Kessel Talk 16:53, 9 January 2007 (UTC)

RE: My Talk Page[edit]

Sorry, I forgot to checkmark the box not to edit user talk pages. Actually I did it one by one :) I am still new to this program. Regards.

Wiki Raja 20:25, 8 January 2007 (UTC)

Re: Evo[edit]

Thanks for the copyedit. Wishing you a happy new year, Asteriontalk 00:00, 11 January 2007 (UTC)

Pipe Smoking Merge[edit]

Sorry if I offended you. I wasn't trying to suppress your view.....I just posted the new section to go along with the suggeted merge. Peace. Zachorious 18:40, 11 January 2007 (UTC)


The message you posted on my discussion page made no sense to me, sorry. Could you please word it better? I cleared all the vandalism off the Black page, reverting it to an older version then removing the vandalism from that version. Zeuron 21:52, 11 January 2007 (UTC)

I certainly wasn't criticising in the sense that I see your intentions are 100% positive. Do you use a watchlist? Do you know how to work with diffs? This is a diff, you need to find the diff with the last unvandalised version, press on that revision and then edit that page. When you have the page to edit (and it will say you cant because it is an outdated version) eg this. You then go Ctrl A to highlight all the text and Ctrl C to copy. You then go back to the current (and vandalsied version), go Ctrl A (which will highlight all the text) and then Ctrl V which will overwrite the current version with the older pre-vandalism version, then you save the page, SqueakBox 22:11, 11 January 2007 (UTC)

Falklands War surrender: split it off or not?[edit]

This split or merge is disputed. Please see User talk:Anthony Appleyard#Falklands War. Anthony Appleyard 17:58, 12 January 2007 (UTC)


Hi, you were reported at WP:AIV by user:[19].

I removed the entry because content disputes are not vandalism. I would like to point out though, that the actions of the anon user were also not vandalism. Please read WP:VANDAL#What_vandalism_is_not, it says

Some users cannot come to agreement with others who are willing to talk to them on an article's talk page, and repeatedly make changes opposed by everyone else. This is regrettable -- you may wish to see our dispute resolution pages to get help. However, it is not vandalism.

I have posted a link to WP:V and WP:NOR to the user, and have removed the vandalism warning. Now that the user is aware of these policies I will block the user if he/she continues to reinsert the non-verified information. HighInBC (Need help? Ask me) 20:52, 13 January 2007 (UTC)

His only vandalism was sticking an NOPV tag on my talk page, not anything else. Regards, SqueakBox 21:03, 13 January 2007 (UTC)

oops, it was on your talkpage? That is vandalism hehe, sorry, I thought it was put on the article. I will return the warning. The key distinction being that on your talk page it is clearly a bad faith action, whereas on the article it is not so clear. I need some coffee. HighInBC (Need help? Ask me) 21:11, 13 January 2007 (UTC)
I returned the warning, and added a diff. I will keep an eye on the user. Sorry for the confusion. HighInBC (Need help? Ask me) 21:13, 13 January 2007 (UTC)

Get your facts right first![edit]

Your comments posted on the recent violence in Cochabamba were inaccurate. Maybe you should try doing some research before posting some un-referenced half-wit opinion. Wikipedia is about facts(or as close as possible).

Not a clue what you are on about. I made a small edit to Evo Morales correcting grammar but those opinions wern't mine. I suggest you follow your own advice, lol, SqueakBox 20:51, 14 January 2007 (UTC)

Gary Glitter[edit]

stop changing the into to Gary Glitter. You seem intent on makign his article read like tabloid junk press. Your point about Tony Blair is not valid. There is a differnce between career and private life. Your point abouit OJ Simpson is also invalid, as there was never a claim he was found guilty, but a correct statement a cival court found him liable. 00:57, 15 January 2007 (UTC)

The reversins that you've been making today to Gary Glitter have been restoring not only POV entry, but also two instances of inappropriate tone in the article (a reference to the film Spice World being "terrible" and a joke from the film Sliding Doors). Furthermore, you are violating the spirit of WP:3RR. --Stlemur 11:49, 23 April 2007 (UTC)

Whoops, SqueakBox 15:46, 23 April 2007 (UTC)

U.S. Origins of 1960s counterculture[edit]

Hi SqueakBox. While the true origins of a counterculture are difficult to pinpoint precisely (everything affects everything else), it is pretty clear that the defining characteristics of what came to be known as the 1960's counterculture were pretty much American in origin. I've added one reference, though I certainly could have added many more, a 2005 film "Rockin' at the Red Dog" that chronicles the beginnings of hippiedom, starting with Chan Laughlin III's revelation during the 1961 Cuban Missile Crisis and moving forward through the very beginnings of psychedelic awakening in 1962-63, the developing psychedelic rock scene of 1964 and early prototypical development of psychedelic rock at the Red Dog Saloon during the summer of 1965. One could argue that the Beatles became countercultural during approximately the same era, and indeed there was a cross-pollination of ideas, style and so on from one side of the Atlantic to the other; more certainly needs to be written on this theme. At this point the "Hippie" article is pretty good and offers commentary on antecedents and early history.Apostle12 23:53, 15 January 2007 (UTC)

Help and possibly instructions[edit]

Hey man, this is J.Alonso (now Dúnadan). I had participated in expanding the 1994 economic crisis in Mexico article, probaly 6 months ago. Recently, a new user pops up (two users, actually, but I really think it is the same user) and accused me of "violating ethical guidelines for intellectual honesty and offering readers an unabashedly promotional view of the group that claims to be non-partisan"". A very strong accusation. Could you please review the article and the discussion that followed up? If I have cited the work improperly, would you please fix it, and tell me how am I supposed to be paraphrasing and citing stuff (which I did). The only mistake that I possibly made is that on one particular (and controversial) section ("causes of the crisis") I only used one source (properly paraphrased and properly cited). My accuser says that by not providing more sources I engaged in copyright infringment. Could you please take a look at the article and the Talk page and help me sort this thing out? Thanks, --Dúnadan (formerly Alonso) 02:52, 17 January 2007 (UTC)

Its on my watchlist and I will keep a good eye on it, SqueakBox 17:39, 17 January 2007 (UTC)

Falkland Islands[edit]

You wrote:

Please give some good reasons fopr your attacks on me on the Falkland Island talk page, and explaion why you object to this edit so strongly.

I am not interested in ad hominem arguments, so I never discussed (let alone attacked) you but particular topics. As already explained, the idea that the islands "have been the subject of a claim to sovereignty by Argentina since the early years of Argentina's independence from Spain in 1810" is factually untrue; neither did Argentina claim independence in 1810 nor did it claim the islands in 1810. Apcbg 21:54, 17 January 2007 (UTC)

Er, I got the bit about independence from the Argentine page, where the first date under independence on the info box is 1810, I said absolutelty nothing other than that was the date of independence, I certainly made no other claim, SqueakBox 22:07, 17 January 2007 (UTC)

In your text "since the early years of Argentina's independence from Spain in 1810" the independence appears as an accomplished fact in 1810, which is untrue. You have taken '1810' out of its context; in that infobox '1810' is the date of an event (the May Revolution) that preceded even the declaration of independence (1816 as given in the infobox) let alone the recognition of that independence (wrongly given in the infobox as 1821; the treaty between Spain and Argentina recognizing Argentina's independence was only concluded in the 1860s). The year '1810' was not "the date of independence". Apcbg 22:58, 17 January 2007 (UTC)

yes, but we are hardly debating that edit that hasnt stood in the last few days anywway and certainly isnt an issue right now. What of that edit do you currently object to with such vehemence? SqueakBox 23:01, 17 January 2007 (UTC)

We already discussed that and you ended up stating that “claim implies dispute and there is no evidence of a disputed claim to sovereingty before 1833”. Well this statement of yours is untrue, for there were conflicting claims before 1833. First, Spain specifically reiterated its claim in 1811, and did not resign its sovereignty and claims in the region until 1860s; second, Britain protested against Argentina’s activities in 1829 and reiterated its own sovereignty claim which, Britain reminded, had never been given up; and thirdly, the US Government explicitly rejected the Argentine claim and the Argentine attempt to establish effective control by force in 1831, and responded by force in December 1831 - January 1832. Apcbg 23:33, 17 January 2007 (UTC)

Okay, source and add. I'm really not trying to stir controversy, my edits were in good faith. I am a Brit who lives in a Hispanc culture, and who believes that both the invasion and the war were wrong but that the first led inexorably to the second. What Galtiri was doing metiendose con Thatcher God alone knows but once she discovered that the reoccupation was politically feasible there was no stopping her, y ademas she was clearly overall a hugely positive influence on the UK. I dont feel my edits were in contrary to what you are trying to say but do think that facts are better than generalisations, I only reverted what someone else had already reverted, add it well sourced and vamos a cambiar el opening and make it better, SqueakBox 02:38, 18 January 2007 (UTC)

"... source and add ... vamos a cambiar el opening and make it better"?
I would rather not, for "Better is the Enemy of Good Enough" in this case I'm afraid. If I do it, I would be changing unilaterally the wording that was agreed as a compromise between a number of participants having different (all of them sourced) views as to what should be in the preamble.
The wording "... have been the subject of a claim to sovereignty by Argentina since the early years of Argentina's independence from Spain" is good enough for a preamble, all the (important) details about 1811, 1816, 1820, 1831, 1833, plaques, formal protests, arrests, use of force etc. have their proper place in the main text that follows the preamble.
"... but do think that facts are better than generalisations" — not in the opening of an article, which is precisely the place for generalizations rather than detailed facts.
In any case, I wouldn't support any change in the consensus text of the preamble without a new debate with more participants from among the regular contributors to this article. Apcbg

Your Help required[edit]

Hi, i hope you can help me. Im having a big problem with an administratorcalled thejps. When i joined i didnt know what i was doing and broke a few rules. I wasnt abusive but went about changing articles the wrong way. I was banned for 2 weeks which i completely agreed tp. Since i have come back i have followed all the rules, discused everything, have not edited 1 article and been overly polite to everyone. Wherever i start adiscussion on the discussion page thejps keeps following me and telling everyone to ignore me,that my POV is wrong and calling me a trol! All i want to know is how do i report him and warn him off. I enjoy reading articles and have only started a few discussions, yet i feel i am being taunted to react so he can ban me again. He has really taken it peronnaly, how do i stop him? Iwould appreciate any advice, thanks a lot. My email is cheers

Las Malvinas son argentinas (or at least many Argentinians think so)[edit]

Please read again Talk:Malvinas (disambiguation). I thought that there was enough proof that the name of all those places reflected "the Argentine claim of sovereignty over the Falklands". How can that be biased? Regards, User:Ejrrjs says What? 10:46, 20 January 2007 (UTC)

Brown people[edit]

Hey, SqueakBox, I implore you to calm down. Uncle G is a particularly fine editor, whatever your feelings on the merits of the term his rewrite reflects exactly what the sources say. Your best bet is to work with him, not attack him. Incidentally, the article on Ras Tafari is excellent, a fascinating read. Guy (Help!) 20:27, 20 January 2007 (UTC)

I do not like the article either but I agree with Guy. Please take it easy. Asteriontalk 21:51, 20 January 2007 (UTC)


Could you do me a favor and take a look at this and let me know what you think? Thanks. futurebird 00:21, 21 January 2007 (UTC)

I've put the various articles on my watchlist and that will give me a sense of what is happeniong over the next few days, SqueakBox 17:33, 21 January 2007 (UTC)


What do you mean my test worked? If it worked why was it reverted? I am sorry if I messed antything up, I just thought it would make it easier if there was only one page. 06:41, 22 January 2007 (UTC)

That was the talk page you merged inot the article page, definitely not a good idea though I hear you were well intentioned, SqueakBox 16:39, 22 January 2007 (UTC)

Regarding Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Brown people[edit]

Just FYI, I reverted this. Administrators are allowed to close AfDs, provided there is a consensus to keep. I do agree with Yuser31415's assessment of the situation; there has been substantial improvement to the article since it was nominated for deletion. Should you wish to renominate the article, perhaps on different grounds, feel free to do so, but please note that it could be viewed as continually nominating an article for deletion until you get the consensus you want, which is defeating the point of AfD. I hope you understand my actions here. Thanks. --Deskana (request backup) 20:49, 22 January 2007 (UTC)

Well I've removed it from the article now. Thanks for your participation. :-) --Deskana (request backup) 21:08, 22 January 2007 (UTC)

Blocked one week[edit]

I have blocked you for one week for violating the no-attack parole that was imposed in Wikipedia:Requests_for_arbitration/SqueakBox_and_Zapatancas. Please note that the Arbitration Committee ruled that "after 5 blocks, the maximum block shall increase to one year". Bucketsofg 23:44, 22 January 2007 (UTC)


You appear to be blocked for a week by Bucketsofg for violating your attack parole. I know this because I was on my way over to do the same thing. You are confusing two issues: I share your distaste for the term brown people, but like nigger and many other less acceptable epithets it is a verifiable term used by numerous sources, some of which are cited in the article. Unfortunately you have chosen to extend your antipathy towards the subject onto Uncle G. This is unacceptable and really terribly unfair; Uncle G is an excellent editor who has done his best to document the term in a way which does not give any impression of endorsing it, only of showing how it is used. Please use the time to calm down and consider how to work with this respected Wikipedian in order to make the encyclopaedia better, rather than making it a battleground. Guy (Help!) 23:45, 22 January 2007 (UTC)

What makes you think he is a respected wikipedian and I am not? As ever my own contributions are being mashed up. It was User:SquealingPig who took me unilaterally to arbcom, and later edited as User:BlackApe so you can imagine what I think of the arbcom, and that wont change, obviously. Perhaps you would care to watch Honduras for a week cos I know nobody else will, SqueakBox 23:50, 22 January 2007 (UTC)

Welcome back, SqueakBox. I have been keeping track of any unexplained or dubious edits at Honduras over the past week. Now that you are back, I will probably remove it from my watchlist. I just don't have enough knowledge about all things Honduras in order to be certain of content changes as opposed to simple vandalism. ju66l3r 04:14, 30 January 2007 (UTC)

Yeah I saw that and thanks, both for that and the message, SqueakBox 14:59, 30 January 2007 (UTC)

Straw man[edit]

Hey Squeak, I know you said don't leave messages, so feel free to delete this. I noticed your comment here, and it sounds like you might have misinterpreted the reference. A straw man isn't a person; it's a kind of logical argument. Anyway...I don't know what the disagreement is in the brown people article; I haven't looked at the article or the afd discussion. But, FWIW, there's a significant South Asian population here in the Vancouver area, and my niece tells me that Indian and Pakistani high school kids commonly refer to themselves as "brown people". -- Jim Douglas (talk) (contribs) 05:20, 23 January 2007 (UTC)

  • Jim beat me to it. Straw man is a rhetorical device, not a personal characterisation. See logical fallacy (interesting reading, find out the real meaning of begging the question, a phrase so routinely misused that incorrcet usage is probably more common than corrrect). Guy (Help!) 15:14, 23 January 2007 (UTC)

Here where I live (and in Mexico etc) a straw man is a "wanker", different language I guess, SqueakBox 17:11, 23 January 2007 (UTC)

Interesting! Is it Spanish slang (hombre de paja?), or does "straw man" have the same idiomatic meaning in English in Latin America? -- Jim Douglas (talk) (contribs) 17:36, 23 January 2007 (UTC)

According to the article it is the same indeed. As far as I am aware paja just means straw in Spain but in Latin America it means what I said before. Hence un hombre de paja is also a man who wanks, which in macho culture would be saying they are a straw man and not a real man (not something I agree with), SqueakBox 22:47, 29 January 2007 (UTC)

Interesting, thanks. I did notice that es:Falacia del hombre de paja doesn't mention an idiomatic meaning for hombre de paja, but that probably just means that the editors who worked on the article aren't aware of Latin American slang. If you have an account on the Spanish Wikipedia, it might be worth mentioning it on the talk page. -- Jim Douglas (talk) (contribs) 23:06, 29 January 2007 (UTC)

I had thought about that then changed my mind and added something to [paja] instead, SqueakBox 23:20, 29 January 2007 (UTC)

Bug of History Viewer[edit]

I'm sorry for bothering you. I was talking about Wikipedia:Requests for investigation of which a history view shows a buggy display including your editings. I only changed the {{vandal|Tokyo Watcher}} section, and the system displays correct differences between my edit and any revisions except the last one of mine, so I hope you would see no vandalism occured. Thanks. --Excavator 17:37, 28 January 2007 (UTC)

Lincoln Thompson[edit]

Please read WP:FUC and the copyright notice for album covers carefully. The image I removed (2nd time), is in a section devoted to the artist and not the album. True, it mentions the album, but that's not sufficient. Perhaps you might place this album down to the discography section? Rklawton 01:16, 30 January 2007 (UTC)

Question about Spanish in the Philippines[edit]

Hi! I have a question fror you, "If Spanish is not spoken in the Phlippines, where does this statistics come from ("According to the Phlippine Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, there are rouhgly 3,180,000 million speakers in the islands"). Don't tell me that all of this are fake, hey vato. And also I think 0.01% is good enough source to be added in the info_box because, Spanish is still spoken in the islands as a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th language in the population. It is however used mainly by Spanish, Latino expatriates and Filipino-Spanish mestizos despite the small percentages. It wouldn't be breaking the law, since there are percentages and total amounts to support the case. It still counts.. The arguement issue is based upon where the language are spoken; It is not about how many speaks it. There's nothing wrong with it. And besides, the Philippines is a member of the Latin Union Organisation, whether you like it or not... So what seems to be your problem about Spanish in the Philippines? Saludos. --Ramírez

Spanish language[edit]

Since I've ran out of 3RR, it's 0.01%, not 0.1%, and kindly make it "the Philippines", not "The Philippines". Thanks. --Howard the Duck 16:26, 1 February 2007 (UTC)

Done. I do agree with you but avoid 3RRing too much myself. I think Ramirez is wrong in that there is no chance of the Philippines remaining, SqueakBox 16:34, 1 February 2007 (UTC)

Bono's postnominals[edit]

Hi. Please have a good long look at the whole debate about "Paul Hewson KBE" at Talk:Bono#How to introduce Bono, and please do not delete the KBE without at least discussing your reasons with the rest of the community and gaining a consensus. Cheers. JackofOz 01:01, 2 February 2007 (UTC)

Hippie edits[edit]

Hi SqueakBox. In English (American or British) there is no such word as "spellt." "Spelt" does exist, and it refers to a certain sort of wheat grown mostly in Europe.

One can refer to the U.S. Supreme Court without assuming that all readers are American. Perhaps a good way to provide a larger perspective would be to refer to legal attitudes towards miscegenation in other parts of the globe.

Hippies did begin in the U.S., and a source is provided for that.

Thanks. Apostle12 07:19, 2 February 2007 (UTC)

Alleged sockpuppets in Mexico[edit]

Thank you for your support in the suckpuppetry case. Cheers. --Diegou 17:28, 2 February 2007 (UTC)

RE: Mexico[edit]

Thanks for your caution: I'm aware. I advise you to read the introduction to the Mexico article and related talk page again. The version you reverted to implies that Mexico is separate from Central America, despite some sources which place some or all of it in Central America (or Middle America), whereas the prior (and more accurate) version indicates that said countries in Central America lie directly to Mexico's southeast. In absence, remove mention of Central America entirely: i.e., just include Belize and Guatemala. Thanks. Corticopia 18:25, 2 February 2007 (UTC)

Thanks! I will revisit the article in the next day or so, though, since the prior revert eliminated authoritative references I added (Columbia Gazetteer) about the country's location, etc. Corticopia 18:35, 2 February 2007 (UTC)
Thanks again! I hope we can all sleep easier now. :) Corticopia 18:44, 2 February 2007 (UTC)

Mexico article and Corticopia[edit]

Hello Squeak:

I know you are a very experienced user so I want to ask for your cooperation. I believe user Corticopia is using you to start a new edit war about the issue if we should name "central american" the nations of Guatemala and Belize in the article Mexico. Why is he doing this? Well, because he wants Mexico to be included in CA for his own biased reasons (he wants Canada and US to be let alone). Both you and me know that Mexico is not considered CA and that only some geographers (not all, as he tries to show) consider that physically the region of CA starts at the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

Well, historically, geographically and geopolitically Mexico is not CA but he want to mix that with the physiographical thing. He is the one that proposed the version that says "Central American countries of Guatemala and Belize" and now it seems that he's using you to remove what he proposed. Again, why? Because he want the users to believe Mexico is considered CA.

He's a well known user and I can prove it, please read this [20], it is a message where I exposed all the evidence. Perhaps you remember the long edit wars in the article North America and Central America. Corticopia is "E Pluribus Anthony", "Ex Post Factoid" and other old accounts. Since he retired himself both articles were not involved in edit wars, I'm pretty sure you remember that. Now that he's back, everything is a mess again because of his biased edits.

I kindly ask for your support and experience to stop this. It would be nice if you can check all his edits (since he created that account) and the info he supports in those articles. I think you didn't know what was going on. Thanks in advance for reading this. Oh and by the way, I'm sure you will have soon a message from Corticopia here because he is watching my contributions list. AlexCovarrubias Flag of Mexico.png ( Let's talk! ) 20:30, 2 February 2007 (UTC)

I believe this is referred to as an ad hominem appeal to authority, a logical fallacy. In any event, I have all pages I edit on my watchlist but won't care to otherwise comment on this user's bias. For instance, take a look at the North America article and you'll note he deleted information he falsely claimed he "checked" and tried to stir shit as a result, only to be called on it. Anyhow, thanks for your edits. Corticopia 20:37, 2 February 2007 (UTC)

Ooh err. I certainly agree CA is not Mexico, I go for a tight definition of the traditional 5 countries. My box of matches, made in Guatemala, says CA with a map of CA and definitely only includes the traditional 5 countries. I'll be keeping a careful eye on this one but will take great care before further editing the article. lets all keep civil and chilled out, eh? SqueakBox 20:43, 2 February 2007 (UTC)

Thanks, I knew you would understand. I will follow your advice. AlexCovarrubias Flag of Mexico.png ( Let's talk! ) 21:11, 2 February 2007 (UTC)

Zapatero the man[edit]

Todavia amo a Zapatero - el heroe mas grande del siglo XXI

Si, lo respeto yo tambien, su postura contra Aznar y Iraq era superfantastico cuando ultimamente estuve en Espana en el 2003, SqueakBox 20:46, 2 February 2007 (UTC)

Jar jar[edit]

I added it! do you think they will delete it? The other stuff I added was deleted... JJJamal 20:36, 3 February 2007 (UTC)

Peru Article[edit]

I want to thank you for trying to intervene in the Peru article. Unfortunately those two users have caused two articles already to be protected due to edit wars. I have warned both of them that they could be blocked if the activity continues. Hopefully they will stop this dispute immediately. Again, thanks.--Jersey Devil 00:08, 4 February 2007 (UTC)

RE: Mexico - introduction[edit]

Despite accusations above, you might be interested in weighing in on arriving at a consensus for the introduction to 'Mexico' and, thus, to unprotect it from editing. Thanks. Corticopia 03:03, 5 February 2007 (UTC)

Tony Blair[edit]

If you'd spent more than two weeks in the UK in the ten years Blairs been in power you might be qualified to have an opinion on him. As it is you just seem deeply misinformed and very confused. SmokeyTheCat 17:08, 5 February 2007 (UTC)

Err, please remain civil. I read the Brit news and listen to UK radio and speak to Brits every day. How am I confused about him? or anything else? Sounds to me like you have no arguments so you engage in personal attacks instead. Please refrain, SqueakBox 17:18, 5 February 2007 (UTC)

Hippie beginnings[edit]

SqueakBox, is the material you added regarding simultaneous development of hippie culture in the United Kingdom and elsewhere supported by the Hirsch reference, or do you need to add additional references to support this claim? We are talking specifically about the period prior to summer 1965 when U.S. hippies began to come into being as a distinct social group. "Rockin' At The Red Dog" documents this development in great detail. Apostle12 05:09, 6 February 2007 (UTC)

I neither have books nor access to them right now so am unable tor ead up the reference, and no we definitely need to reference the early UK and elesewhere development of the hippy movement, SqueakBox 16:19, 6 February 2007 (UTC)

I think you should be able to provide real references before adding the material. I have no doubt that hippies flourished in the U.K. soon after the U.S. beginning; what is in dispute is whether there was simultaneous development at the earliest stages. By the way, the film I mentioned "Rockin' at the Red Dog" is available through Netflix and Blockbuster in the U.S.--not sure about the U.K. I'll be moving this discussion to the hippie talk page and deleting the added section until you can reference it. Thanks.Apostle12 06:46, 7 February 2007 (UTC)


Thanks for participating in the poll in Talk:Mexico. We are trying to use this system to avoid an either-or voting system, that is, we want to know your opinion on all proposals, and you can support or object more than one or all. Could you please express your opinion in all possible proposals? Otherwise, your opinion could be interpreted as opposing all proposals but one. Thanks. --the Dúnadan 16:48, 6 February 2007 (UTC)

Okay, not immediately (I need to think on the other proposals) but definitely beforwe the poll shuts, SqueakBox 17:00, 6 February 2007 (UTC)

OK -- sorry, I'll correct. Thanks! :) Corticopia 18:29, 8 February 2007 (UTC)

Baron Archer[edit]


User 'One Night In Hackney' has just undone an edit I made on Jeffrey Archer. I deleted the 'of Western-super-Mare' part from his title on the opening line.

The reason I did this was to be consistent with other wikipedia pages of Life Peers.

For example, Lord Coe (of Ranmore in the County of Surrey), Lord Levy (of Mill Hill in the London Borough of Barnet), Lord Hattersley (of Sparkbrook in the County of West Midlands), Lord Attenborough (of Richmond upon Thames in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames) and Lord Puttnam (of Queensgate in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea) are all described as Baron X on the opening line of their respective pages - and not Baron X of X.

I did this to be consistent with other wikipedia articles. John Sainsbury and David Sainsbury also are inconsistent in this way with other wikipedia articles.

Yes, you seem to be right, SqueakBox 18:53, 7 February 2007 (UTC)

I came here to mention something else, but I'll mention this here too. If you check the Members of the House of Lords page, it has a full list of the members. A large number of them have the full title in the lead (I don't mean the page name, just the lead), for example:
While I fully agree Wikipedia articles should be consistent, it is possible that what you think is the correct format is incorrect so it's better to check first. The style manual states that Rule here is, "So-and-so, ordinal (if appropriate) title (of) place" for members of the hereditary Peerage, then goes on to state Life peers (ie, people who have peerages awarded exclusively for their lifetime but who neither inherit it nor pass it on to anyone else)¹ use the same standard as for hereditary peers. So by my understanding of it, we are supposed to include the place name. One Night In Hackney 20:54, 9 February 2007 (UTC)

African Americans[edit]

How do you take the "fuck African Americans" slogan off of the Afro-Latino page? Its at the very beginning but it doesn't appear in the options. 04:17, 9 February 2007 (UTC)

Well its gone now. You use the edit button, SqueakBox 15:31, 9 February 2007 (UTC)

Jeffrey Archer[edit]

Just a quick note above the move of this page for future reference. If you check what links to the page you'll see about 100 pages still link to Jeffrey Archer, Baron Archer of Weston-super-Mare. When moving a page you're supposed to fix the double redirects, as they slow the server down. Apologies if you've started doing this and I haven't spotted it, but I haven't looked through your contributions. I'll make a start on fixing them soon anyway. Thanks. One Night In Hackney 21:00, 9 February 2007 (UTC)

Those are the single redirects, I fixed the double redirects by going to that page (500 ing it) and serching for redirect and finding them all and correcting them my contributions. Cheers, SqueakBox 21:26, 9 February 2007 (UTC)

Sorry, I should read properly..... One Night In Hackney 13:00, 10 February 2007 (UTC)

Black population[edit]

Hi. The reason I was so aggressive in reverting that section is because oversimplifies a very complex question. I had proposed the following summary instead:

Estimated population[edit]

Because of the enormous inconsistency in how the term "black" is applied around the world, it is difficult to arrive at any numbers. Anthropologists who define racial categories more precisely have come to the conclusion that the human population is 55% caucasoid (West Eurasian (including South Asia) and Middle Eastern (including North African) ancestry), 33% mongoloid (East Asian and Native American ancestry), 8% negroid (sub-Saharan ancestry), and 4% australoid (Oceanic ancestry including the negritoes)[1]. The negroid figure may be a little low, for example, journalist Jon Entine, claims persons of sub-Saharan African ancestry comprise 12 percent of the world's six billion people[2] and the population of sub-Saharan Africa alone was estimated at 767 million as of 2006[3] (though some sub-Saharan countries include millions of non-indigenous people and Ethiopia includes considerable admixture from the Near East[4]) If one equates negroid with black (negroid is a modified version of Negro, the Spanish word for black) one can come to the conclusion that blacks are 8%-12% of the world's population (524-787 million people)-a figure consistent with reports that Nigeria's 120 million people are one fifth of the global black population[5]). However australoids (4% of a world population now at 6.555 billion) are also considered black in some cultural contexts (indeed anthropologists who invoked the traditional three race model didn't recognize them as a fourth race until recently and historically classified them as either negroid or an archaic form of caucasoid) so if one adds the world's 262 million australoids, the worldwide black population rises to between 786 million and 1.049 billion. However even this number may be too low for those who extend the black category to include individuals who are anthropologically caucasoid, such as many of the dark skinned peoples of Southern India (population 233 million)[6] and their descendants around the globe. In short, depending on how precisely or braodly one applies the term "black", the black population vacillates between roughly half a billion and well over a billion people worldwide. Additional problems with the above estimates is that anthropologists no longer use racial termononology so some percentages may be outdated, and despite the enormous increase in interracial mating over the last several decades, there is no multiracial category, hence huge segments of the world population were assigned to one race or another by an unspecified arbitrary rule that doesn't apply cross-culturally. Iseebias

I suggest rather than reverting that you try to edit the new material and add to it. And leave in Ed Poor's edit as well unless there is a strong reason not to, SqueakBox 22:16, 12 February 2007 (UTC)

Thanks for the hello[edit]

Hi SqueakBox

Thanks for the welcome. I'm a big fan of Wikipedia and intend to spend a lot of time contributing to the project as a publication of record. Please drop me any tips if I've overstepped - I saw on my userpage that I may have added categories to a page I created a little too eagerly. Later. Sholto.mac 04:17, 13 February 2007 (UTC)


Yeah, I know how to do it. I have a tool that automates creation of AfDs for me, and at the exact moment I submitted the AfD, the database was locked, so I had to wait about 3 minutes before I could finish submitting the Afd. I'm well aware of the process involved in nominating an article for deletion, it's just the timing got a little screwed up for technical reasons. SWATJester On Belay! 22:37, 13 February 2007 (UTC)

Okay. I read your bit in the other cannabis article and then couldnt find the afd notice or the log, chasing around looking at your contribs and then suddenly it weas sorted. An edit conflict, SqueakBox 22:39, 13 February 2007 (UTC)

Yeah and I got edit conflicted at the log page too to slow it down even further. Eh well. BTW your talk page is almost 400KB, you should consider archiving. SWATJester On Belay! 22:42, 13 February 2007 (UTC)

I deliberately keep my archive page that way but I am thinking about giving an explanation at the top of the page. I wish everyone else did as archived pages are difficult to search through. IMO while humans like short pages computers like long pages, so say in a years time I want to find what you said I just type in the word Jester and I will find your comment, SqueakBox 22:47, 13 February 2007 (UTC)


While you can easily use Ctrl F in this manner, the problem is that everytime someone loads this page, it takes almost 400kb of bandwidth to load it, and quite a bit of processor power (for instance, it takes a while to scroll through the page on a top end MacBook Pro). If you archive by year, you could cut each page into a much smaller size, and still have enough size to effectively use Ctrl+F. Trust me, archiving doesn't eliminate the ability to find things, not to mention that I generally don't get the need to look through my archives often anyway. However, your page is at the size where even the wikipedia software is complaining that it is too big. I'd very strongly consider archiving everything before June 2006 onto a seperate page....that would significantly cut down on the size of your talk page and make it much easier to navigate. SWATJester On Belay! 22:57, 13 February 2007 (UTC)

Buenos Aires[edit]

I have replied on my talk page. Cheers, Black Falcon 19:31, 14 February 2007 (UTC)

Thanks for the Welcome[edit]

Hi Squeak Box thanks for the welcome, do assist me with the Violence against men article, that someone subsequently removed. I have put it back though. --Oblong-Square 22:59, 14 February 2007 (UTC)

Bong deletion[edit]

I don't see why you deleted my "extremley exotic bong" addition. I was just trying to add some spice to the page. I've even seen two of the three that were mentioned in the addition. Pyromancer102 17:27, February 15, 2007 (EST)

Sorry for not giving an edit summary. I should have said revert unsourced please source and re-add. Please read Wikipedia:Verifiability. Thanks, SqueakBox 22:31, 15 February 2007 (UTC)


You might be interested in this discussion on the topic of removing the category of users who are not administrators. Just an FYI. Anchoress 23:36, 16 February 2007 (UTC)


A couple of weeks ago you reverted the article of Peru under the grounds that Wikipedia should not become a place for hate or bias against politicians. Very well, the same user keeps adding his POV against former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori everywhere, attacking ad hominem and using Red Herring fallacies against other wikipedians that don't agree with his POV. The dispute now is in President of Peru, and even though there is a discussion going on in the Talk Page of the article, User:Bdean1963 is disruptive the article with his intolerant behavior. If possible, I would like you to help the article to achieve a NPOV consensus. Thanks. Messhermit 17:23, 17 February 2007 (UTC)

Hi. Its on my watchlist. I am not very well informed about Peru but I do have respect for Fujimori and also believe we should keep to WP:BLP. Vamos a ver, SqueakBox 17:26, 17 February 2007 (UTC)

Thank you for your quick response. If you take a look at the recent events on the President of Peru article and the Alberto Fujimori article, you will notice that User:Bdean1963 has some sort of political agenda against the former Peruvian President and that (specially in the last one) its not respecting neutrality. It's something odd that he claims to be a University professor but in some ways he behaves even worst than a high school student. Messhermit 17:34, 17 February 2007 (UTC)

Hi SqueakBox[edit]

Thanks for welcoming me to the fray. I've added proposed edits of the Cannabis article to the discussion page, but I guess the other editors are on Spring break or something. Do you think I should wait around until they notice me, or go ahead and make the changes? Can I blame you if they get upset? LOL GeorgeLTirebiter 20:53, 19 February 2007 (UTC)

My internet is down so I cant really look at this until it is up later today but absolutely my advice is to do the edits you want, SqueakBox 15:27, 20 February 2007 (UTC)

Re: Taking care[edit]

I apologise. I simply left in the default message after clicking the "undo" option without thinking about how it might look. In case there was any confusion, I didn't think that your edit was vandalism or intend to imply that it was. EALacey 22:15, 20 February 2007 (UTC)

Zilla Huma Usman[edit]

Hi, You have to post the links at the bottom of the page. VincentG 21:49, 21 February 2007 (UTC)

You dont have to is for certain but if you want to that is fine, SqueakBox 21:51, 21 February 2007 (UTC)

Subst: ing[edit]

Thank you so much for helping fight vandalism! Hello and thank you for your participation in countervandalism. Please subst your warnings to vandals by simply adding subst: (Example {{subst:test1}} instead of just {{test1}}). Doing so will replace the contents of the template into the talk page instead of just transcluding the template. Thank you. - Hairchrm 23:43, 21 February 2007 (UTC)

Thanks for that cogent explanation. Of course I will, SqueakBox 01:28, 22 February 2007 (UTC)

Mexico and Central America... yet again.[edit]

Hello. Would you please come and help (again) in mantaining the neutrality of the article Central America? User Corticopia is again trying to include or at least give the impression that Mexico is included in CA. He's wrongly including physical and geological information in the Human Geography section, falsely arguing that geopolitically part of Mexico is in CA. We both know that geopolitically a country is never divided. Thanks! AlexCovarrubias Flag of Mexico.png ( Let's talk! ) 11:23, 22 February 2007 (UTC) AlexCovarrubias

And, again, AlexCovarrubias seems to want to complain while removing cited information from a number of reputable sources to push your viewpoint -- in addition to your prior removals of Fowler's in North America about America, you have TWICE (at least) removed references in Central America from Encyclopaedia Britannica that list the five states of Mexico that some geographers include in Central America. SqueakBox: please read the sources before jumping to any conclusions. Thanks. Corticopia 11:29, 22 February 2007 (UTC)
False. I added the citation from Britannica when I finished the moving of the info to the proper section. The information from Britannica is clearly naming the 5 states as a reference, it is not saying those states are geopolitically considered CA. That would be highly wrong, because no country in the world divide its territory to geopolitically play in two regions. States are an internal geopolitical division. International geopolitics are different. Mexico, as a whole, is not geopolitically in CA. AlexCovarrubias Flag of Mexico.png ( Let's talk! ) 12:28, 22 February 2007 (UTC)
False again. The only thing that is wrong is you -- details on talk pages. Your continuous removals of cited, verifible information leave much to be desired. And read again -- not only is Middle America used in the CIA World Factbook (alongside the map of Mexico, also from the World Factbook in the Geography of Mexico article), but the term also appears in the Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Wester's Collegiate Dictionary Next ... Corticopia 16:21, 22 February 2007 (UTC)

I have problems in them office right now but willt ake a look later, CA being where my home is, SqueakBox 14:17, 22 February 2007 (UTC)

Thanks. Corticopia 16:21, 22 February 2007 (UTC)

Medical cannabis[edit]

Thanks for your good-faith and friendliness in revising this article to remove POV.Argos'Dad 18:45, 23 February 2007 (UTC)

Daniel Brandt[edit]

I share your frustrations. :: Colin Keigher (Talk) 18:53, 23 February 2007 (UTC)

By the way, if you are aware of an ArbCom or something on this, please do e-mail me. I am on a "wikibreak" because WP has sort of frustrated me as of late, but I will break out of my shell temporarily to make my comments. Thanks. :: Colin Keigher (Talk) 19:26, 23 February 2007 (UTC)


You talk about my civility? Please, if you want to talk down upon me, at least do it somewhat directly towards me, please. Thanks, Yanksox 21:00, 23 February 2007 (UTC)


I moved your page to User:SqueakBox/DB, so that it's in user space as I assume you intended. Friday (talk) 21:51, 23 February 2007 (UTC)

Thanks and of course, SqueakBox 21:52, 23 February 2007 (UTC)


Remember when I used that rude word at you? You did it again here. If you can't treat him with respect and assume his good faith, you should avoid communicating with him. I have reverted your blatent violation of WP:CIVIL. You must stop, and you must stop now. Hipocrite - «Talk» 22:10, 23 February 2007 (UTC)

Well it lookled like a joke to me., You have just made your own petition meaningless, SqueakBox 22:13, 23 February 2007 (UTC)

Blocked and unblocked[edit]

Blocked for a week for personal attacks Jaranda wat's sup 23:00, 23 February 2007 (UTC)

Per consensus on ANI, I've unblocked. Despite this, the comments you made were not helpful, and the block may be reapplied if they continue. – Steel 23:28, 23 February 2007 (UTC)

I think you got right close to the edge of the cliff here, particularly as your parole "is to be interpreted broadly to include unwarranted assumptions of bad faith." Your last comment was a bit of inappropriate cheerleading at Yanksox's desysopping; if it had gone any farther I would endorse a block, and if indeed goes farther I will block per the previous arbitration case. Fair comment is fair comment and vigorous discussion is (usually) healthy, but don't need users dancing on each others' graves, so to speak. Thatcher131 02:17, 24 February 2007 (UTC)

Sorry but what persdonal attack are you referring to? SqueakBox 15:16, 24 February 2007 (UTC)

Found it. For the record I am still in Honduras and have never edited wikipedia outsiode this country, SqueakBox 15:25, 24 February 2007 (UTC)

Daniel Brandt[edit]


At the time of the de-link the article concerned was deleted. ShakespeareFan00 00:41, 24 February 2007 (UTC)

OK seems the de-links made in good faith have been reverted.

Thanks for being 'on the ball' ShakespeareFan00 00:44, 24 February 2007 (UTC)

Your comment[edit]

Squeak, I'd appreciated it if you wouldn't make comments like this about me. He has been very irritating, yes, but he has never "got me scared," because I have no reason to be "scared" of him. Many thanks, SlimVirgin (talk) 01:52, 24 February 2007 (UTC)

I am glad he doesnt scare you. He chased one editor off wikipedia by threatening to lose them their job and the editor left! So it wasnt a personal attack as much as concern. h3e doesnt scare me either but then he cant get me sacked, SqueakBox 17:03, 24 February 2007 (UTC)

Okay, thank you. Another point worth making is that, even if he did scare me, I wouldn't vote to delete his article for that reason, or do anything else on WP because of it. But anyway, thanks for your concern. SlimVirgin (talk) 01:06, 25 February 2007 (UTC)

Your name[edit]

Sorry for misreading/mistyping your name - that was careless and rude. However, I have been made aware that 'squeeze box' can be offensive in some cultural contexts. If you have taken offence, can I assure you absolutely none was intended. Again I apologise for mistaking your name.--Docg 19:35, 24 February 2007 (UTC)

The Who's song WAS 4.250 20:14, 24 February 2007 (UTC)

No problem, SqueakBox 03:13, 25 February 2007 (UTC)

WP:BLP- Margaret Thatcher[edit]

  • Please see the Ivor Bell article- the libelous remarks about Margaret Thatcher you commented on [[21]] have been added to this article now. Astrotrain 23:23, 26 February 2007 (UTC)

re: Brandt[edit]

See WP:NPA and please don't restore a personal attack against me. Personal attacks don't help the project. Thanks, SqueakBox 23:18, 26 February 2007 (UTC)

No, they don't. But I am familiar with NPA, and censoring personal attacks is controversial to say the least; Yanksox's various lapses are relevant material to the Arbcom case and the DRV. If you wish it removed, you should ask Yanksox to retract it. --Gwern (contribs) 23:23 26 February 2007 (GMT)

I spoke to Yanksox (see his talk page) and he said I should strike the comment above (fantastico etc) which I did. Freak has re edited the comment in a way which I think is better. I dont wish to strike Yanksox's comment but nor do I believe I have to tolerate being called a prick on wikipedia. if someone wants to add it as evidence at the arbcom theyy can but I wont right now myself, SqueakBox 23:27, 26 February 2007 (UTC)

Where did Yanksox actually say that? I can find only one edit by Yanksox to User talk:SqueakBox which did not mention the comment, and two recent edits by you to User talk:Yanksox to which Yanksox has not replied. --Gwern (contribs) 23:45 26 February 2007 (GMT)

It was in an edit summary [22]. I think this is pretty clear and I responded by striking my comment and apologizing for any offence caused so I think that indeed gave the green light to act on WP:NPA, SqueakBox 01:33, 27 February 2007 (UTC)

Marijuana Policy Project[edit]

FYI, that was a quote that you edited in the first sentence, despite the comment. I reverted that part back, and fixed the ref. link. Josephgrossberg 22:43, 1 March 2007 (UTC)

Man, you are on a mission to get Americans to say "cannabis" instead of "marijuana". :) Josephgrossberg 17:01, 2 March 2007 (UTC)
I dont know about a mission but I do know that wikipedia has used the generic term cannabis since before I edited here 2 and a half years ago. The main issue I have with the word marijuana is that it only describes herbal cvannabis and cannabis also includes its preparations, particularly hashish, which is more common in Europe than marijuana is, SqueakBox 17:05, 2 March 2007 (UTC)

Use of Cannabis to mean marijuana and hashish[edit]

Please see "A good article?" section on the Cannabis (drug) talk page and leave comments. GeorgeLTirebiter 20:30, 3 March 2007 (UTC)


There's some doubt as to whether his name is truly Ryan Jordan. Gwen Gale 23:36, 4 March 2007 (UTC)


FYI; Brandt's sites were removed from the meta spam blacklist by m:User:Eloquence on March 1st. diff --Versageek 20:39, 5 March 2007 (UTC) :(

Thanks for that. They work too! SqueakBox 21:18, 5 March 2007 (UTC)

Association of Scouts in Honduras[edit]

You moved this article with the comment that we should not have Spanish titles. I am trying right now to mediate a dispute about this very point. It is more complex than you think. Please see Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Scouting/Translations mediation and the articles listed near the top of that page. Please feel free to comment on that discussion. Also please do not move any more Scout Association titles until the Scouting Project has resolved this matter. To give you an idea of the debate, how do you know it should not be translated as Association of Scouts of Honduras? Do you know whether the Honduras Scout Association uses an English title in any of its documents? --Bduke 04:45, 7 March 2007 (UTC)

I hear your letter. My interest is in Honduras. If I find anything relevant I will comment though I am intrigued. We wouldnt write Al-Qaeda in Arabic (to give an example of a different type of organisation) for obvious reasons and I am not at all sure we should be writing scout organisations in their own languages. Presumably we dont for Russian scout groups etc, SqueakBox 15:54, 7 March 2007 (UTC)

I do not have strong views. I am trying to mediate. I think we should use English where possible, but some people tell me that two different organisations in those countries that have several Scouting organisations could be translated into the same English title as the language has more than one word for Scout and often uses more than one word that we would translate to "Association". That is why I asked you whether you know if the Honduras Association uses an official English translation. If it did, we would clearly use it. Is there any way you could find out? --Bduke 07:41, 8 March 2007 (UTC)

Americas Comment[edit]

Hi Squeak. I see that you striked your comment next to your vote in the North America (Americas) article. Would you please just edit it? Because another user striked his vote and comment and I'm affraid the administrator will not count yours as a valid "keep". I don't know, I just don't want the article to be deleted because of a lack of votes. ¡Gracias! AlexCovarrubiasBlack ribbon.png ( Let's talk! ) 23:57, 7 March 2007 (UTC)

Sure thing, SqueakBox 00:05, 8 March 2007 (UTC)

Gracias, again. AlexCovarrubiasBlack ribbon.png ( Let's talk! ) 00:46, 8 March 2007 (UTC)

First of all, thanks for your words about my loss, I really appreciate it. I didn't think it was so hard for a person to get a transplant in Honduras, I'm really sorry to hear the tragedy of your friend.

Yes, I was thinking that the result of the nomination should be no concensus, due to the fact that the opinions are really divided. I really hope that the article doesn't get deleted, after all and speaking the truth, it was not the result of a POV forking. Thanks for your advice about what can be done in case it gets deleted. AlexCovarrubiasBlack ribbon.png ( Let's talk! ) 14:54, 8 March 2007 (UTC)

Hi Squeak. Finally (and sadly) the debate was closed and this admin considered the result was "delete". I think his reasons are very vague since he's obviously ignoring the fact that the article was improved a little and most importantly, several verifiable sources were included. Also he's ignoring the definition of POV fork. I just asked for a deletion review. I hope I did it ok, since this is my first time. Now what's next? AlexCovarrubiasBlack ribbon.png ( Let's talk! ) 17:23, 9 March 2007 (UTC)

Well done, looks like an out of process deletion to me with the adnmin deciding to ignore the people who want to keep the article. Lets see how the DRV goes and if that fails decide what to do then, SqueakBox 17:37, 9 March 2007 (UTC)


Saw a recent edit on the Cannabis (drug) article where the edit notes are:

"much beter hashish ref that makes it clear is a resin and estimates 2 thirds of UK cannabis consumed is hash hence we need hash in opening"

Do you really think that is a good reference? It is chalked full of Google Ads and appears to be a for profit witness firm for court proceedings? A paid witness/expert company is a good, neutral, reliable reference? I really don't think it is. I do think Hashish must be mentioned in this article and be more accurately described, particularly it's relevance in Europe. I'm working on several revisions of this article and hopefully they will encompass much of what we all want to see. In the mean time, be well, and I too will try to remember that at the end of the day, it is only a wiki article. After all, I'm a dog lover too. be well- Testerer 05:23, 8 March 2007 (UTC)

Nothin wrong with Google ads or for profit IMO, the ref seemed much clearrer and refenced very clearly that it is perceived as resin within the UK, something very obvious to any Brit. I've been around the cannabis articles longer than anyone and have seen what changes and what doesnt. And I am very happy to see your input, SqueakBox 05:27, 8 March 2007 (UTC)


Amanda Dowler[edit]

Would you like to have a go at trying to insert the relevant information as stated in the discussion about Dowler.--Lucy-marie 00:15, 9 March 2007 (UTC)

Okay I'll look at this one and try to sort it over the weekend (looks too concentrated a task for while I am working), SqueakBox 17:40, 9 March 2007 (UTC)


Your assertion that British people dont know how to spell is an attack. Please remain civil, SqueakBox 19:02, 9 March 2007 (UTC)

Lighten up, its Friday :) I was kidding, gesh.--Tom 19:04, 9 March 2007 (UTC)
Okay, it was just a thought, SqueakBox 19:07, 9 March 2007 (UTC)
Sounds good. Take care as well! --Tom 19:23, 9 March 2007 (UTC)

Japanese Peruvians[edit]

I was hoping we could discuss this. I've seen some of your work on the Spanish language page and like what you say.

Frankly, I am new to Wikipedia and it has been a frustrating experience. When trying to make something accurate it seems to be quickly reverted just because someone feels like it. I mention this not to accuse you of such, but because I feel relieved that I can sensibly discuss something with you.

The only reason this is important to me is because I've tried very hard to make the geographic distribution section as accurate as possible. To that end, I have painstakingly searched the internet for citations to justify my revisions. The Japanese Peruvian section is not something I wrote, by the way, but in terms of Asia I feel a cited notation of 50,000 is worth at least the one sentence mention. Perhaps it and the Philippines should not have subsections but instead be merged into one "Asia" heading, but I still think that sentence should be included. I hope that we can discuss it further via message or the talk page.

Also, if you have any additional input on the map I know I personally would appreciate another reasoned voice. I may leave certain academic sections of Wikipedia shortly after this and limit myself to the less controversial pop culture articles. Thanks. SpiderMMB 01:50, 11 March 2007 (UTC)

Aah, to me controversy is the spice of life at wikipedia! Yes, I agree that if you merge the subsections the sentence can go back in. I'll try to weigh in on the map tomorrow, SqueakBox 01:53, 11 March 2007 (UTC)

German version[edit]

Hi!, do you read german ? according this google translation [23] are some sentences quiet interesting: remember is an automatic translation :)

  • The fact that Argentina was equipped with French war material, was a large load for the British, since the Frenchmen were already at that time very closely allied with the British in Europe. Also France was in the dilemma, since it had to watch, how the own war material caused large damage with one the best allied one (the Britisher). That was also a reason that many Europeans did not take position clearly for the British.
  • Among other things resolution for the resumption of British-Argentine negotiations over the future of the archipelago, supported brought in from Argentina in the UN-general assembly on 4 November 1982, by the USA, caused disappointment in the British government and is considered as the first diplomatic defeat in the conflict.
  • At the end of January 1983 granted Great Britain of the Argentine government a credit over 170 million Pound.

Jor70 18:22, 12 March 2007 (UTC)

I dont read German, no, only French, Portuguese and Spanish, SqueakBox 18:32, 12 March 2007 (UTC)

Do you know what that section is for??[edit]

Do you know who and why people are aloud sign that section?--Vintagekits 22:59, 12 March 2007 (UTC)

It doesnt violate anything in wikipedia policies as a part of Kitty's user space, to the best of my knowledge, and if you think there is anything in her user space that violates policies go to WP:ANI. If it were outside her user space it would be different. The best thing to do in this situation is to remain as calm as possible as that is the only way you'll get sympathy etc. Regards, SqueakBox 23:03, 12 March 2007 (UTC)
Thanks for signing it by the way - I shall not forget your kindness!--Vintagekits 23:05, 12 March 2007 (UTC)
Well do chill out, I am certainly not into hounding you and it isnt yyet in the wikipedia space, SqueakBox 23:07, 12 March 2007 (UTC)

that was quick[edit]

you censored my comments about Cameron pretty darn quick. I take my hat off to you.but you have admit it is the truth? I have read your page, you seem decent chap? (animal lover and all that)so i will not hold it against you. the trouble is the young dont rebel anymore, so i have to carry the torch, otherwise we are turning into automatons accepting this crap as so called politicians btw sorry about your dog. I know just how you felt.

User talk:[edit]

I noticed you put a warning against user

It appears to me that this user is introducing subtle, but intention vandalism on Bukharan People's Soviet Republic by changing the dates ever so slightly. (I assume it's vandalism, but I'm not 100% sure, since I'm not an expert on this country.)

I'm not sure how to go about warning or banning this user... 21:31, 14 March 2007 (UTC)


What you wrote was purely POV, you had no references, and UnCut is by know means known privatly as AOLs rip of of YouTUBE. I am more then aware of AOL UKs existance as I actually do work for them, and have done for some time know. I used the revert system to its proper intention, to revert an unneeded, unreferenced, POV edit.

Just a good will note, you may want to consider archiving your page, feel free to ask if your not sure of the proper protocol for Achival. Ferdia O'Brien The Archiver And The Vandal Watchman 23:14, 14 March 2007 (UTC)

What? Your response, other than its poor grammar ("have done for some time know") makes no sense to me but anti-vandalism tools are not to be used to roll back good faith edits even when you happen to think they are POV. Its a way of saying to other users, look at this person's contribs, they are a vandal, and that is a personal attack. It was clearly an improper use of that technology and I am concerned at your failure to see that. What POV was I pushing? If you know AOL UK exists what are trying to achieve?
I deliberately dont archive my page but do know how to, but thanks for the offer of help, SqueakBox 23:25, 14 March 2007 (UTC)
Check your own edit my friend, the edit I reverted had nothing what so ever to do with the existance of AOL UK, and I am more then aware of its existance, because if it doesn't exist then I really cannot fathom were my payslips come from. The edit I reverted claimed that UnCut is known privately as AOLs rip off of YouTUBE, and made allogations as to the dissatisfaction of users on the same service, this is unreferenced, and Purely POV based. I apologise for the grammer of my last message but I have more to be getting on with then responding to messages on my Talk, that don't even reference the revert I made, visa-vi the above. Oh, and likewise on the grammer, from your edit to my talk: "You treared me" "AOL UK still xists". Ferdia O'Brien The Archiver And The Vandal Watchman 03:17, 15 March 2007 (UTC)

Huh? That is not so. My edit was this, that sounds like someone else's edit, ie this. Your reversion of mine to which I refer is this. If you workl for ASOL we are on the same side, SqueakBox 14:52, 15 March 2007 (UTC)

Misunderstanding understood, your message came after the one I reverted so I hope you can see where I was coming from with the edit I thought we where discussing, because that one was purely POV based. You have my apologies. (Although they did buy the entirety of the company, AOL UK merely remained an independent operation, under CPW's ownership.)
Ferdia O'Brien The Archiver And The Vandal Watchman 16:50, 15 March 2007 (UTC)

Edit War at Spanish language[edit]

Octagon-warning.svg You have been temporarily blocked for violation of the three revert rule in regard to the article Spanish language. Other users in violation have also been blocked. The timing of this block is coincidental, and does not represent an endorsement of the current article revision. Please feel free to return after the block expires, but also please make an effort to discuss your changes further in the future on the article's talk page (Talk:Spanish language).

--Asteriontalk 22:03, 19 March 2007 (UTC)

Well that is odd as I certainly did not revert more than 3 times nor have I been involved in the extended edit wars, precisely because I respect the 3RR rule. I can t see the point of a block that achieves nothing as I am not edit warring, SqueakBox 22:06, 19 March 2007 (UTC)

I counted 4 in the last 24 hours, quite a few more if we count the previous days. I have gone through the entire edit history of the article for the last 72 hours. Please remember that reverts do not necessarily have to be of the same part to be counted. Regards, --Asteriontalk 22:13, 19 March 2007 (UTC)
Okay, thanks for your response. It would be nice if you were to unblock me or to shortern the block as I have no intention of further edit warring but that is really up to you. otherwise I'll just go and edit conservapedia, eswikipedia etc, SqueakBox 22:15, 19 March 2007 (UTC)
I would gladly unblock or shorten the block for any user who is willing to give calmed discussion a chance. You are a veteran wikipedian indeed. Could you then please give Requests for Comments a try? Thanks, --Asteriontalk 22:21, 19 March 2007 (UTC)
Okay, SqueakBox 22:36, 19 March 2007 (UTC)
Fair enough. You should be unblocked now. I have left a note at the article talk page about all this. Off to bed now. Thanks, --Asteriontalk 22:47, 19 March 2007 (UTC)
Replace this template with one of the following:
File:Orologio rosso or File:Orologio verde DOT SVG (red clock or green clock icon, from Wikimedia Commons)
This blocked user's unblock request has been reviewed by an administrator, who declined the request. Other administrators may also review this block, but should not override the decision without good reason (see the blocking policy). Do not remove this unblock review while you are blocked.

RichardWeiss (block logactive blocksglobal blocksautoblockscontribs deleted contribscreation log change block settingsunblockfilter log)

Request reason:

as I have been unblocked but am still unable to edit due to ip autoblock I think as can edit other office machines

Decline reason:

Please try now. I believe you were autoblocked. — Yamla 22:59, 19 March 2007 (UTC)

If you want to make any further unblock requests, please read the guide to appealing blocks first, then use the {{unblock}} template again. If you make too many unconvincing or disruptive unblock requests, you may be prevented from editing this page until your block has expired.

Your IP address is probably auto-blocked, Squeak. -- Jim Douglas (talk) (contribs) 23:01, 19 March 2007 (UTC)
Its fixed now, SqueakBox 23:19, 19 March 2007 (UTC)

Respect Guettarda's wishes[edit]

As far as I can tell, Guettarda put a departure message on his user page, then redirected his talk page there so that people would see it. He subsequently blanked his user page; perhaps he forgot about the user talk page redirect, or perhaps he didn't care. Either way, I think it exceedingly unlikely that he wishes his user page to be used as a talk page henceforth. And I also think it unlikely that Jimbo was aware he was posting on a user page - how about respecting Jimbo's wishes by reposting his message where it will trigger a big orange "you have new messages" bar for Guettarda? Hesperian 22:50, 20 March 2007 (UTC)

It doesnt look like that to me, it looks like Guettarda wanted to redirect his talk page, which he did, and that Jimbo wished to respect that which is why he put the message on the user page. We should make our suppositrionsd at least fitt he facts and not just our hypothesis. Finally Guettarda will get an orange message anyway if he chooses to come back. Why not write and ask him as he is email contactable. Cheers, SqueakBox 22:55, 20 March 2007 (UTC)
He will now that we've both edited his user talk page. But in general, an edit to your user page does not trigger an orange message box, irrespective of whether or not your user talk page redirects to it. Hesperian 22:57, 20 March 2007 (UTC)
Which is a bad thing in my opinion, SqueakBox 22:59, 20 March 2007 (UTC)


Gave yourself away! "rv anon blanking"! You're bloody biased against anonymous editors! You're absolutely bloody biased like all the other [censored] on this encyclopaedia! You can have your bloody McKinnon article if this is the way you're going to play it. Didn't even look at the bloody talk page either, did you. -- 22:59, 20 March 2007 (UTC)

I created an account in October 2004 but I shouldn't have to log into it just to satisfy your ridiculous prejudice. I no longer care about McKinnon, since I can see progress isn't forthcoming with you around. And if you're going to quote policies at me, then WP:AGF is a cracker of a read, Squeaky. -- 23:37, 20 March 2007 (UTC)
You are wrong in that I dont hold prejudices against you or other so-called anon editors (though only editors with user names can actually be anonymous, I know where the copmputer you are using is located) nor have I assumed bad faith on your part, it was not a bad faith edit. Progress means a better article and I dont see how removing information will achieve that. Thanks, SqueakBox 23:46, 20 March 2007 (UTC)

Haile Selassie I[edit]

Actualy he was removed because he didn't found the Rastafari movement, he wasn't even ever a member. Zazaban 00:37, 22 March 2007 (UTC)

Absolutely. Jesus wasnt a Christian either as the movement only founded after his death, SqueakBox 15:01, 22 March 2007 (UTC)


Rastafari movement is a UK spelling article so you shouldnt have changed the correct imposter to the incorrect impostor. Thanks, SqueakBox 22:52, 22 March 2007 (UTC)

Ah, my apologies. I didn't realise this was one of those cases where British and American English differ. I've removed that rule from my bot, thanks for pointing it out. Cheers, CmdrObot 22:58, 22 March 2007 (UTC)
No problem I thought that might be the caswe. i didnt know it was spelled like that in American myself, SqueakBox 23:00, 22 March 2007 (UTC)


Thanks very much. Much appreciated. Guettarda 23:08, 22 March 2007 (UTC)

Hippie Edits[edit]

Please stop adding unsourced, tendentious material. Adding perspective is fine, but making stuff up seems counterproductive to this and other editors. Apostle12 22:35, 23 March 2007 (UTC)

Stop making ridiculous allegations purely in order to promote your own POV, SqueakBox 03:35, 24 March 2007 (UTC)

No hard feelings?[edit]

I just wanted to let you know I am sorry if it seemed like I was singling you out-- I wasn't... the frustration of (seeming) double standards re the banning/blocking situations as the last piece of the previous drama had just gotten to me somewhat. I hope you aren't mad at me and look forward to working with you later, Squeak. - Denny 05:59, 24 March 2007 (UTC)

Thank you/Gracias![edit]

Hello! Thank you for you welcome message. I'll write you if I need some help. Thank you again! Sincerely, Zoltan 16:24, 25 March 2007 (UTC)

Pete Townshend[edit]

Nuvola apps important.svg

You currently appear to be engaged in an edit war. Note that the three-revert rule prohibits making more than three reversions in a content dispute within a 24 hour period. Additionally, users who perform a large number of reversions in content disputes may be blocked for edit warring, even if they do not technically violate the three-revert rule. If you continue, you may be blocked from editing. Please do not repeatedly revert edits, but use the talk page to work towards wording and content which gains a consensus among editors. Thank you. --Guinnog 18:12, 26 March 2007 (UTC)

Pete Townshend - "soft-ban" on fixated editors[edit]

I am hereby banning SqueakBox (talk · contribs), Davidpatrick (talk · contribs) and Pigsonthewing (talk · contribs) from editing this article; I am implementing here a "soft-ban" - as the article history shows the edit war exists only between these three participants, and thus the article may be unprotected in the event of these users being banned from editing. Upon the event of these users violating this soft-ban, administrators may, at their discretion, implement blocks from editing Wikipedia in enforcement of this. This is made in line with ArbCom precedent that editors who perform fixated edit warring upon an article may be banned from editing that article, such as in Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Regarding The Bogdanov Affair. Should anyone have any questions or concerns relating to this, please do contact me. --NicholasTurnbull | (talk) 01:09, 27 March 2007 (UTC)

Please archive[edit]

Sign up for werdnabot or something. Holy cow! That is a lot. -- The Hybrid 04:27, 27 March 2007 (UTC)

I'm resisting, deliberately nothing to do with not being bothered etc, SqueakBox 15:25, 27 March 2007 (UTC)
Dude, really, archive this. Out of courtesy to fellow editors. It's ridiculous to get through your Table of Contents. DoomsDay349 23:50, 28 March 2007 (UTC)
Dude(s), really, if editors didn't post here with signatures longer than their comments his frappin talk page wouldn't be so big. ;-))) Anchoress 09:09, 3 April 2007 (UTC)
Well isnt that what the scroll bar is for. My issue is with the whole way archiving is done here at wikipedia. Its not transparent and it buries things. I have a slow third world connection but even so it only takes a few seconds tillt he page loads. As far as I ma aware there is no policy on archiving, and if my talk page could encourage such a discussion that would be great. I could argue I am showing respect to other editors precisely by allowing easyy search of my talk page, and certainly that is why I have left the message envelope at the top, SqueakBox 01:16, 29 March 2007 (UTC)
Have you seen User talk:Ed g2s? His archives aren't entirely buried. In fact, their headers are quite visible on the page. Anyone who wants to see a discussion and click on the header and go there. Or you can take the time to write a page summarizing discussions in archives. That is, having a table filled with information like the number of the archive, a link to it, and a summary of the discussion. There are alternatives, believe me. GracenotesT § 02:07, 4 April 2007 (UTC)
Wikipedia likes to keep things at around 30 kilobytes a page if at all possible. You talk pages is 418 kilobytes long. That is precisely 13.9333... times longer than recommended. Peace, -- The Hybrid 02:19, 4 April 2007 (UTC)

Peace indeed! I really feel uncomfortable with the whole wikipedia attitude to archiving. If my talk page can spark a debate about that, and a really solid, non-acrimonious debate, that is something I would welcome. My approach to internet/computing is entirely based on search (and I work for a search engine as well) and I would like to see archives that were search friendly, which is not the case right now. I am being transparent to the extent that whatever irregular expressions you pump into searching on my page will give a good result. Its images and especially videos not text that create real digital space issues so one way and another you could say my talk page is a statement. And very happy to receive any kind of feedback re this issue and to engage in deabte. What do you think?, SqueakBox 03:28, 4 April 2007 (UTC)

Archives exist to prevent clutter for many technical reasons. First, generic subsection headings like Reply are commonly used, and when duplicates exist the links in the table of contents may become confused. This may happen even if there are only 2 of that name, so when people leave messages on their talk pages, to a level such as your page especially, if duplicates are used then there is almost no chance of hitting the correct area of the page. It is also difficult to navigate manually. The scroll bar in inefficient for navigating a page of this length. Simply pulling the bar is inaccurate, and using the arrows is slow. Second, people such as yourself with primitive internet connection may have trouble as the user in question acquires barnstars and other such items containing images, videos, ect. You must also remember that there are far more primitive connections being used. In some cases entire regions are served through one server and/or IP address through an unreliable internet provider. 418 kilobytes of memory may be more than they have on their computer itself, even. Third, the majority of Wikipedia understand how to navigate archives. There are many different ways to organize them, name them, ect. You can name them by date, topic, user(s) who sent the messages, ect. You can even do combinations. You are the one who decides how convenient your archives are to navigate. Also, you will learn how to navigate other people’s archives by setting yours up. That is how I learned to do it. Experience is the best teacher. Cheers, -- The Hybrid 04:07, 4 April 2007 (UTC)

IMHO most users neither know how to navigate archives or the internet properly. This opinion is based on an abundance of evidence. Most people still use their eyes in order to search. I did archive in the past until I concluded this was a better system. And if my "primitive" connection still downloads the page in under 10 seconds I cant see a problem, SqueakBox 16:58, 4 April 2007 (UTC)

You're the one who called it "Third World", so I paraphrased. Anyway, I haven't seen anyone who has had a problem, even brand new users. For the reasons previously stated archives is a better system. The problem is having all of it bunched together. The index can't function correctly in this situation, and having to use the scroll bar takes more time than flipping through archives. That is not an exaggeration. I'm dead serious. -- The Hybrid 23:46, 4 April 2007 (UTC)
I can see you are serious. And yes I would describe where I live as Third World. For me it is the ability to search through the one document that makes it so easy. Essentially having 7 archives disables search ability, and that is a tendency I oppose believeing that we should encourgae people to use search buittons more not less, SqueakBox 00:19, 5 April 2007 (UTC)
I believe that America should use the metric system and switch to Celsius. However, that will never happen. The English systems of measurement have been the standard for a long time, so I conform to it in order to fit in. On Wikipedia, archives have always been the standard way to organize past discussions. This is due to the technical limitations mentioned earlier. It will cause problems as this page gets longer. Peace, -- The Hybrid 01:15, 5 April 2007 (UTC)
Dont agree with your example. IMO people will learn to search documents much more as search is something that is growing considerably on the internet all the time. Whereas Centigrade/Fahrenheit is an either/or thing. I learnt fahrenheit as a child and then switched age 12 to centigrade and immediately forgot fahrenheit and continue not to understand it but actually both are just different ways of interpreting the skill of understanding temperature using a number system whereas learning to search using the computer is a new skill that more people are adopting day by day, hence my comment at the top about using Ctrl F, SqueakBox 03:17, 5 April 2007 (UTC)
I know and understand both, but I believe that America should conform to the ways the world works, just as I have to conform to the way America works. I believe that you should conform to the way Wikipedia works, as I do with America, even though you think that it should conform to the way the internet works. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Also, the technical limitations of Wikipedia prevent long pages like this from working successfully as the page grows over time. It may work for you now, though it doesn't work for me who hasn't seen this page grow from one message to its current size, but eventually it will just stop working entirely. Wikipedia has its limitations. -- The Hybrid 05:30, 5 April 2007 (UTC)
I am aware of what you say. I was wondering last night if there is a list of big articles in wikipedia, and if there are number bigger than this talk page, SqueakBox 14:08, 5 April 2007 (UTC)
Articles are divided up into multiple pages long before they reach this size. I don't think that there is a list, as those who edit the articles regularly are trusted to maintain the articles in this matter. Peace, -- The Hybrid 22:45, 5 April 2007 (UTC)
Hm. Maybe you could have one archive for all old posts, followed by {{User talk:SqueakBox}}? In my humble opinion, that would be amicable (and better than the current set-up). GracenotesT § 04:00, 4 April 2007 (UTC)

"Getting away with murder"[edit]

I saw your request on AN/I. Did you honestly not know what "to get away with murder" meant? It's a valid idiom in pretty much every version of English. I tried to assume good faith but ended up thinking you were just trying to be difficult with a person who did not agree with what you were trying to do. Mike H. I did "That's hot" first! 07:50, 3 April 2007 (UTC)

Not sure what exactly you mean by that. A valid idiom for what, and especially given the context. If you look here it doesnt help so perhaps you would care to source your claim. If not then do assume good faith on my part and contemplate how you would feel if someone said murder has been committed and you had got away with it etc, SqueakBox 15:26, 3 April 2007 (UTC)


Sorry, wrong user (i.e. You). Regards, El_C 01:14, 5 April 2007 (UTC)

Tom Mabe[edit]

I'm curious about your removal of the speedy tag here. You may be convinced of this guy's notability, but the article still makes no claim of it. Even if it weren't a speedy candidate for no assertion of notability under WP:CSD#A7 (and I still think it is), it's obviously still speedy-able under WP:CSD#A1 (no context). I'm holding off on re-applying the tag for now, but I see no reason not to do so. --Finngall talk 15:26, 5 April 2007 (UTC)

I just followed speedy tag instructions. I have tried to imporve the article and Mabe does appear notable, SqueakBox 15:31, 5 April 2007 (UTC)
Could you have at least bleepin' waited until I got the AfD formatted via the template before you stepped on it? Jeez... --Finngall talk 17:34, 5 April 2007 (UTC)

Not while my comments were being misrepresented no I cant. Format properly and re-add to the log, SqueakBox 17:35, 5 April 2007 (UTC)


I protected rather than semi-protecting firstly because the way ChrisO's solution was set up means that it doesn't actually stop anyone from participating in talkpage discussion, and secondly because I suspect that the anonymous editor is in any case a sockpuppet of Gibnews. --ⁿɡ͡b Nick Boalch\talk 19:08, 5 April 2007 (UTC)

Re: Deleting my comments[edit]

Heh, I didn't notice that. Must've been accident. I'll reinstate your comments. Signed, your friendly neighborhood MessedRocker. 18:02, 6 April 2007 (UTC)

David Boothroyd[edit]

David Boothroyd is a regular editor on Wikipedia, whose name I won't reveal though you can find it in the history. David has repeatedly edited his own article, so if he wasn't gay he would probably have removed the two LGBT related categories which are there. The entire talkpage was deleted because David keeps changing his name on Wikipedia so that his username is not associated with his real one - apparently he keeps being abused offline because of what he does here. So I was pointing out that if he really wants to keep his identities separate, he really ought to stop editing his own article with edit summaries indicating its his article. Dev920 (Have a nice day!) 16:43, 7 April 2007 (UTC)

What David does as a user is not relevant as we are talking about a main space bio subject to BLP. This is not his user talk page it is a page on wikipedia and there is no evidence that he is gay on that page. if you can source that he is gay that would be fine but till then we casnnot make that assumption based on what he does as a wikipedia user (one I am familair with), SqueakBox 16:56, 7 April 2007 (UTC)

Who's assuming anything? If David wasn't gay he would have removed those categories, as he has removed and updated much of his article. So that's not a problem. It's not against WP:BLP to put up information about a person which is true and which the subject has actually looked over himself. WP:AUTO says "you should feel free to correct mistaken or out-of-date facts about yourself", and David hasn't. Dev920 (Have a nice day!) 17:04, 7 April 2007 (UTC)

I strongly disagree. We need a source for this, and that is that. BLP says "Unsourced or poorly sourced contentious material — whether negative, positive, or just highly questionable — about living persons should be removed immediately and without discussion from Wikipedia articles[2], talk pages, user pages, and project space." so please provide a source. Boothroyd cannot work from personal experience any more than the rest of us and his failure top remove the cats means precisely nothing. Please source, SqueakBox 17:10, 7 April 2007 (UTC)

SqueakBox, what are you on here? I can't go on personal experience of me being gay to confirm where it says in my biography that I am? Utterly bizarre. But Dev920, please don't accuse me of constantly changing my account name. I took a decision last summer that I wanted privacy and a separation between my real life identity and my wikipedia name. As I was also going through the ArbCom trouble I also wanted a separate account which would remain unblocked just in case I needed to correct errors of fact in my biography. This was accepted at the time as legitimate. Once I had reached a settlement in the ArbCom case I then arranged to change my usual editing name once, and once only.
This has not been entirely successful as people continue to break privacy policy and connect my real life identity to my username, which is why my contributions are limited. I am trying to resist this connection being made. The reason this talk page was started again was that it was deleted by an admin because an IP editor had persisted in adding a link. The previous deleted page included some of my comments on sources which might be used in the article. I would ask you to acknowledge that I have not broken WP:COI (which did not exist then) on the page. DavidBoothroyd 00:10, 8 April 2007 (UTC)

Hello David, I am certainly aware of your arbcom run-in and for me there certainly has been no conflict of interest. I support the subject of any BLP article being able to contribute in a healthy way. I didnt know you were gay and was being cautious. Best wishes! SqueakBox 02:31, 8 April 2007 (UTC)


Yes, what I wrote did make sence... I would know. I AM ONE OF THE PEOPLE OF NEW CHRISTENDOM!!!! Please understand when I say. America is evil.

Oh I understand that, I had thought you were supporting America, SqueakBox 18:13, 7 April 2007 (UTC) ok no harm done.

Alice Bailey[edit]

Why was it allowed to remove the "Criticisms" section from the Alice Bailey article?

Bailey's anti-Jewish views should not be hidden because they are not a trivial matter. If the paragraph needs to be rewritten, I will undertake to rewrite it. kwork

You have to source the criticism, SqueakBox 19:41, 7 April 2007 (UTC)

Okay. Thanks. By the way, my daughter brought this keyboard back from Denmark, and it does not have "squiggles". kwork

I just took another look at the "Criticisms" section that you removed, and there ARE sources, although it could have been done a little tighter. All but what I copy below (from Criticisms) was just rebuttals to the one single paragraph of criticism. kwork  : <Bailey wrote that the Nazi atrocities against the Jews had come about because "The Jewish race, who loved the possessions of the world more than they loved the service of Light, joined ranks with the rebels against God" and therefore "... the law of racial karma is working and the Jews are paying the price, factually and symbolically, for all they have done in the past." She further claimed that "the Jews are the reincarnation of spiritual failures or residues from another planet..." and that "the word 'love' for others is lacking in Judaism... The Jew has never grasped the love of God." (Esoteric Healing, 1949) She also wrote that only "when selfishness in business relations and the pronounced manipulative tendencies of the Hebrew people are exchanged for more selfless and honest forms of activity" would anti-Semitism cease and that "the Jewish problem will be solved by intermarriage; that of the Negro will not." (Esoteric Healing, p. 263 et. seq.)>


<You havent referenced yourself and this wholoe section is likely to be removed if you dont do so pronto. Original research is unacceptable in this encyclopedia, SqueakBox 15:38, 7 April 2007 (UTC)>

What now? Everything there is sourced. Everything. There may have been a problem using the computer commands which I do not really understand, and that may confuse what are the sources that I do have there.

I am starting to think that the questions of AAB's antisemitism may really belong elsewhere than together with the article on her. Perhaps together with the Antisemitism article. I understand that her present followers want this to be dignified and as good as possible and. Putting criticism of Bailey elsewhere, for those who are actually interested in the problem, might be the better plan. What do you think?

As for removing what I wrote, I have it saved. But I do not understand what you want, or what needs to be changed. There are many quotes, and every one has a source. If you have some time to explain I would really appreciate it.



Tom Mabe[edit]

Many thanks - yes, I do have a bit of an obsession with switchins s for z... A good Easter Day with your parents and others...JJulien Foster 23:45, 8 April 2007 (UTC)

Mark Langford[edit]

Since when? The man was a prat.--Crestville 19:46, 10 April 2007 (UTC)

Charlatan? Tax Cheat? Embezzeler? Murderer? C'mon He's worse that Maxwell! It's people like this who make the West an ocassionally unpalletable place to live. It's entirely for us to say, and I'm pretty sure that we've just to be neutral in the actual article. Admit it, my Carrabian ex-pat friend, you're glad kharma got him in the end.--Crestville 20:00, 10 April 2007 (UTC)
Yeah, that always made me wonder to. I think it was Eddie Izzard who pondered why that happens. Pol Pot too I think. All I can think of is a) Stalin's bed was really really uncomfortable; b) he was really nice in private; c) Kharma is too busy killing London buisnessmen in ironic ways; or d) Stalin IS kharma. Each one worth its weight in gold.--Crestville 20:05, 10 April 2007 (UTC)


Thanks for the greeting and the links, will come in handy. btw if you spot any screw ups can you let me know stat? Thanks again Sparkyboi 01:31, 11 April 2007 (UTC)

arbitration requested - you are named[edit]

User:Mangoe has filed for arbitration about Wikipedia:Attack sites at this address. We are named parties. - Denny (talk) 21:15, 11 April 2007 (UTC)


I did try to find somewhere simple to put the photo but there wasn't anywhere obvious, and if you check the talk page I was making a note of it so someone else could restore it. One Night In Hackney303 17:16, 12 April 2007 (UTC)


Wil you agree to mediation, given this completely out of order accusation it is, IMO, entirely necessary, SqueakBox 17:49, 12 April 2007 (UTC)

The only mediation needed is that you stop challenging everything I write all over Wikipedia endlessly. Re: my harassment statement -- I posted a question on the BLP page. You per the edit logs had never touched that page before you replied to me minutes later, your first edit ever there. I don't care if you're following my contributions to contest me at every step of everything I do--your right, I suppose. But be honest about. :) And don't be surprised if it goes on for weeks or months if you find yourself on the other end of arbitration/ANI for harassment. Your jousting against anything I do lately is amusing but if you keep this up much longer it will not be. - Denny (talk) 17:59, 12 April 2007 (UTC)
Is that a yes or a no? You suddenly start attacking me with serious accusations and I have not been attacking you. Please calm down and answer the question. I've had BLP on my watchlist for longer than you have been editing here and you have no right to claim I cannot edit there. Your aggressive thrreat in your response and your failure to answer my question are not shoiwiung any good faith towards me, SqueakBox 18:04, 12 April 2007 (UTC)
I am concerned that every single time I write a single sentence related to the Brandt or attack site issues, you swiftly come after what I wrote. For the BLP page. You've had it a long time watchlisted, ok. Why did you NEVER touch the BLP talk page until I posted THAT question? Please answer that question. And please, please, please start doing indents like everyone else on WP does. You don't need to outdent every four seconds. - Denny (talk) 18:09, 12 April 2007 (UTC)

I take it you are refusing mediation then? SqueakBox 18:06, 12 April 2007 (UTC)

I will address any mediation questions after you answer my question about the BLP page, based on your answer. Why did you NEVER touch the BLP talk page until I posted THAT question? - Denny (talk) 18:09, 12 April 2007 (UTC)

You what? I can make no sense of your question. I watch BNP because of Brandt, and I only post when I have something to say, SqueakBox 18:11, 12 April 2007 (UTC)

I've added myself and User:Crum375 to the case, based upon this diff. Mangoe 03:35, 15 April 2007 (UTC)
It appears that DennyColt has left Wikipedia for the time being. — MichaelLinnear 04:13, 17 April 2007 (UTC)
That's what i figured to. My feeling is if he doesnt edit wiklipedia within the 7 day mediation limit that I absolutely will not take thaty as a rejection of mediation. Though actually I wish him the best and dont believe he is coming from a bad space, ie for me asking for mediation was not a hostile act but a genuinne wanting to resolve differences, SqueakBox 04:18, 17 April 2007 (UTC)

You, more than anyone else, deserve this one[edit]

And it's the first ever "baer"star I have awarded. —AldeBaer user:Kncyu38 19:03, 12 April 2007 (UTC)

Looks good on your user page, and I regard it as an honour you put it up there. —AldeBaer user:Kncyu38 22:20, 12 April 2007 (UTC)

Departments of Honduras[edit]

If you notice on the first table, there are table controls where a user can sort by any of the columns (including population)... therefore, the second table is redundant and unnecessary. Cheers. Rarelibra 21:03, 12 April 2007 (UTC)

Edit summary[edit]

Of course it is only 'unexplained blanking' if you ignore the explanation I just wrote on the talk page. And of course 'rv - don't edit-war' is an edit summary that just can't be beat. Tom Harrison Talk 17:15, 13 April 2007 (UTC)

False claims[edit]

Please check history log on Theodore Kaczynski

I did not described Kaczynski as being anarcho-primitivist in the "see also" section

I did not add the current "anarchist" term in the beginning of the article

Daniel Brandt[edit]

We are negotiating with him. Please do not modify his user pages. Fred Bauder 21:07, 16 April 2007 (UTC)


"All I can tell you is that he's a male" - [24] - O^O 21:59, 16 April 2007 (UTC)

Illustrated Guide to dressing like a hippie[edit]

I dunno; I clicked the link and it pretty much matches my memories (and some of my current wardrobe). Is it really spam? --Orange Mike 03:45, 17 April 2007 (UTC)

okay put it back if you want. By the time I was a hippy the dress code was somewhat different (mostly just scruffy and hairy, both of which I was good at), SqueakBox 03:47, 17 April 2007 (UTC)

about- Teddie Kaczynski[edit]

Hi! I'm John Doe.

Your reverted article Theodore Kaczynski is not found of JAWP. I undid revision. Sicerely, --ゲド戦記よりも悪いゲドのクソ野郎へクソをこめて。sage。 04:56, 17 April 2007 (UTC)

Len Fitzgerald[edit]

Hi SqueakBox. Please see my message at the Deaths in 2007 Talk page, here. Cheers JackofOz 05:15, 17 April 2007 (UTC)

Sovereignty of the Falkland Islands‎;[edit]

1. Replaced removed referenced material is not considerd a revert, 2. Even if it was the first edit was an edit not a revert., 3. Stop removing referenced material to push you British POV and bias - it can be considered vandalism and I am getting pretty tired of it to be honest.--Vintagekits 22:37, 17 April 2007 (UTC)

Of course it is covered by 3RR because Malvinas is such an obscure term in English thta it isnt common usage (ie 99 out of 100 wouldnt even have heard of the word) and other editors clearly agree with me that the only one POV pushing is yourself. Make all the vandalism claims you want, it wont do you asny good as generally when people claim that sopmething they disagree with is vandalsim they get ignored. And IMO you are far too experienced a user for this mkind of POV pushing with fake claims, SqueakBox 22:42, 17 April 2007 (UTC)
Not if the first edit is an edit not a revert! Secondly the Falklands may be the majority term used by British people but the Malvinas is a common term used for the islands by English speakers outside of the British spectrum. How many referenced do you want added before you leave your POV to one side - just name a number!--Vintagekits 22:50, 17 April 2007 (UTC)
Well right now you inserted the info once and reverted it three times so I am sure you will agree it is best not to revert again. You tried this before and it diodnt happen and I dont believe it will this time either. Give me a ref that Malvinas is a common usage English term (which you havent managed till now )and I will reconsider. I would remind you I dont live within the British spectrum, and of the English speakers here I am the only Brit, SqueakBox 22:56, 17 April 2007 (UTC)
Dont you line in a former colony?--Vintagekits 22:58, 17 April 2007 (UTC)
I live in a former Spanish colony in Central America, SqueakBox 22:59, 17 April 2007 (UTC)

I will add that I am a historian living in the Americas, well outside the "British spectrum" (indeed, I have been accused of Anglophobia once or twice), and the only time I ever hear the archipelago referred to as the Malvinas is when someone is explaining the former Argentine government's position on the occupation. --Orange Mike 15:58, 18 April 2007 (UTC)

One result of living here is that I watch a lot of US television, SqueakBox 16:05, 18 April 2007 (UTC)

Re: Another case[edit]

I think it would be good would you like to help on the article. I think the new trial which opened today (19/5/2007), should also be incorporated in to the article. I think the easiest way would be either as the case is going or at the case conclusion.--Lucy-marie 17:04, 19 April 2007 (UTC)

His visit to Jamaica[edit]

where are you getting this info that there were 200,000 Rastas at Norman Manly Airport. Many sources including Frommers guide, Rasta Heart, and the film Bob Marley and the Wailers all say there was between 1000 and 2000 people there. Video I have seen clearly shows that there could not of been that many people and since the population of Jamaica is currently a liitle over two million and it was much less back then. It would have ment there was over ten percent of the population of the island at the airport (which is'nt and was'nt that large. Also only about 1 to 2 percent of the population even claims to be Rasta. I want to change all the pages that sight this number to the correct one.

Then you should add a solid reference. See Wikipedia:Attribution, SqueakBox 02:31, 20 April 2007 (UTC)

Your edit to Nappy (disambiguation)[edit]

You merged the two definitions but they are distinct. One refers to distinctly African American hair and the other is general and refers to any race. African Americans aren't the only ones who can have "Nappy" hair. The 3rd definition covers all bases by also pointing that out. Can you change it back?Wikidudeman (talk) 03:39, 20 April 2007 (UTC)

Brandt paragraph[edit]

In addition to Brandt's PIR, other privacy and civil rights organisations including the Australian Privacy Foundation, Consumer Federation of America, and Katherine Albrecht's CASPIAN, have endorsed an open letter drafted by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse and the World Privacy Forum requesting that Google suspend their Gmail service on account of privacy concerns, such as "the unlimited period for data retention that Google’s current policies allow."[7]

It's related, but it's not really about Brandt is it? More of a see also, in my opinion. Maybe move it to Google watch or Gmail?

PS. It's time you archived your talk page.

Regards, Ben Aveling 03:56, 21 April 2007 (UTC)

Request for Mediation[edit]

Info-icon.svg A Request for Mediation to which you are a party was not accepted and has been delisted. You can find more information on the mediation subpage, Wikipedia:Requests for mediation/Wikipedia:Attack Sites.
For the Mediation Committee, ^demon[omg plz]
This message delivered by MediationBot, an automated bot account operated by the Mediation Committee to perform case management. If you have questions about this bot, please contact the Mediation Committee directly.
This message delivered: 18:29, 23 April 2007 (UTC).

re status of WP:BADSITES[edit]

At this point Wikipedia:Attack Sites needs to be left as a proposal. MONGO isn't letting it go rejected (which I think is a problem, but after a few days we can address that again); it obviously isn't accepted; and back when it was an essay, it was being used as if it were a guideline anyway. If someone goes and rewrites it in the form of an essay, it can be relabelled that way; but at the moment nobody is editing the text of the proposal, so it should stay proposed. Frankly, I think the essay route is being taken to avoid admission that there is no consensus and isn't going to be any. Therefore it should really be labelled "rejected". Mangoe 18:40, 23 April 2007 (UTC)

Pete Townshend[edit]

I notice that you're back editing this article. This is okay as far as I'm concerned as long as you don't engage in disruptive editing again. --Tony Sidaway 02:58, 24 April 2007 (UTC)

Thanks, I am quite happy for you to be following my edits, and especially to pull me over if I get overly frustrated, contentious, etc. Regards, SqueakBox 03:30, 24 April 2007 (UTC)
Well just so you know, I'm not tracking your edits, but I did notice your recent edits on the article which is on my watchlist. --Tony Sidaway 04:11, 24 April 2007 (UTC)
Cheers. I noticed you had edited Townshend and didnt mean to imply anything more specific, SqueakBox 04:27, 24 April 2007 (UTC)


I am trying to take a discreet administrative action to protect real human being from distress and harassment and danger in real life. I am acting in accordance with the MONGO ArbCom ruling, which said that this action could be done without regard for 3RR, and that people who persisted in undoing it could be blocked. If you undo it once more, or if you persist in drawing attention to something that may lead to real life harassment of your fellow Wikipedians (you may not mind for yourself, but you do not have the right to expose others to that risk) I am going to block you. If you wish to protest that you have the right to violate the ArbCom ruling, please do so in a private e-mail to the ArbCom. Thank you. Musical Linguist 18:22, 24 April 2007 (UTC)

Reply to messages on my talk page and at signpost[edit]

Hello, SqueakBox. First of all, with regard to my message that you removed, you're welcome to do so (though I would have liked to change "human being" to "human beings", as that was a typo), but I think it's ironic that you would do so, when you talk so much about censorship. Which is worse — having a message displayed on your talk page where an administrator threatens you with a block, or having a link displayed on another page, read by hundreds of people, which may enable someone to find out the address of someone and start stalking her?

Now, I'm sure you'll point out first that that site doesn't contain the hivemind pages any more, and secondly that you were listed there yourself. I am aware of both those facts. I think you know, as I've mentioned it elsewhere, that I have been a victim of a mentally ill, sexually deviant stalker for over a year. It's not going on right now, but sometimes there's a break for a month or two, and then it starts again. He had some kind of obsessive fixation with me, and seemed to spend long hours every day researching me and everyone connected to me. He gathered and publicized information (including addresses and phone numbers) about my parents, my colleagues at work, my teachers, my pupils, my father's pupils, etc. There were phonecalls to my workplace, and phonecalls to what was then my parents' house. There were e-mails about me to public figures in Ireland. There were numerous pornographic, threatening messages to me. Now this man occasionally took down his pages about me, or removed my name from his website, then, a few weeks later, he'd decide to put them back. During the time that they weren't there, I still did not want links to his site posted on Wikipedia. (The site has been taken down now, perhaps as a result of a complaint to his ISP.)

By far the creepiest stuff on his site related to me, but he also had things about other female admins. I'm thinking of one in particular about whom he posted of his fascination with her teeth, and his speculation about her menstrual cycle. I do not think that she would have had the right to oppose the removal of links, just by pointing out that he was targetting her as well. If she had been the only one targetted, she could have said that it's okay to link to it, but she did not have the right to authorize the publicizing of personal information about me. (I hasten to add that she never tried to.) In the same way, I don't think that you can take the decision that it was okay to link to stuff that had the names, photos, and contact details of other victims, just because you're a victim yourself. Different people are affected in different ways. Not all the people who have been "outed" were sexually stalked. Some had their jobs threatened. I was embarrassed by the numerous calls to my superior, the director, her secretary, the office girls, the porters, but my job was never in any danger. That wouldn't give me the right to say that it was okay to have other people's work details publicized — "if I can put up with it they can".

The WR people seem to think that harassing people and violating their privacy is okay, because they have to be answerable for their crimes. I did not deserve what happened, and even if I had, other people close to me, but with nothing to do with Wikipedia, were also targetted. I was not in any way a trigger happy administrator. I wasn't controversial. Nearly all my blocks are for vandalism, stalking, or obvious sockpuppetry from a banned user. In all my time as an administrator, I think I've made one personal attack block, and have made fewer then ten 3RR blocks. I never blocked my stalker until he started stalking me, was banned, and came back with numerous IPs and sockpuppets. The campaign against me was not because I was an abusive admin; it was because, according to him, I was "beautiful" and "kind", and he couldn't help falling in love with me. The people at one of the so-called "attack sites" encouraged him; one member even suggested a way to taunt me.

That I was on Brandt's site was of little significance. Brandt, I believe, got my details from my stalker. I had already been "outed". It matter greatly, little, or not at all to others that they were listed there. Some of the people there were my friends; others were even people I disliked. But there was not one person whose identity I wouldn't have wanted to keep private, assuming that the person himself/herself was not voluntarily revealing it.

As I said, I had every intention of coming to the talk page after I had reverted. You reverted again before I had a chance, and in full knowledge that there is considerable controversy over linking to Brandt's site. Regarding rollback, I never use it in content disputes, but I do use it for such things as violation (not ignorant, innocent violation) of an arbcom ruling. Your edit summary didn't say that the site wasn't an attack site; it said that WP:BADSITES was not policy. I knew you to be already familiar with the Brandt controversy, and with the ArbCom ruling. If the ArbCom ruled that editors could be blocked for linking to attack sites, I think I can certainly use rollback to revert such edits. It didn't imply that your edit was vandalism, but it did imply that this was more than just a disagreement about whether the link was relevant or not.

Opposing making WP:BADSITES a policy is fine. Opposing the removal of links to websites that harass editors is not fine. I have removed many harassing links and PI edits in the past, in an extremely discreet way, as I mentioned elsewhere — a quiet removal, an e-mail to the innocent user who put it there, everything ending amicably. But when editors insist on reverting removal of links, while knowing that they are being removed because the person removing them considers them to attack or endanger other editors, they make it very difficult to be discreet. Remember that I have followed your comments on this issue, and I know that you keep opposing the removal of sites that out editors, and point out that you're on one such site. As I've said, you may have the right to expose yourself to risks, but there are others on Wikipedia who are affected by this and who do not want links to remain. Since you were aware of the background of removal of links, and have actively opposed it, I didn't think of you as an innocent newbie who posts something without realizing the damage it can cause, and who then sends back a polite apology in response to my friendly e-mail alerting him as to why I've deleted something he posted from a page history. If you think there's any way that I could have removed the link discreetly, after you reverted twice, I'd be interested to know. My feeling is that you made it impossible for me to do it discreetly. You knew from the previous editor's summary why it was being removed.

I find it interesting that you say you don't really have issues with the link not being in the article. Yet you reverted the editor who removed it on the basis that it was an attack site. Do you not understand that there are people here who feel threatened and violated when people post those links? And I don't mean "threatened and violated" the way you might feel over being told that you could be blocked for linking to a site run by someone who has made it his business for over a year to publicize the personal details of our administrators. I mean threatened and violated by the fact that this is the website of a man who has used that website to harass them. I think i