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Required Infrastructure/Development:[edit]


Rail connectivity to all metro and major cities to provide direct communication to the persons who want to join the Jain Vishva Bharati Institute and visit Ladnun. Surveyed new rail line from Nokha to Sikar via Bidasar-Ladnun(190km) which was surveyed in 1997-98 and the report of the survey was put in the Lok Sabha in 1997-98, it is the shortest and the another route from Bikaner to Jaipur but till date this project has been ignored by Ministry of Railway and not included in the Rail budget, so government of Rajasthan should take special effort and try to raise this Rail line project with the Ministry of Railway. At present the gauge conversion work at Ladnun station(Degana-Ratangarh) is going on and there is the need of two platforms instead of one. Ladnun is a religious tourist place so Ministry of Railway should declare it as a model station and there should be some sort of information provided for the newcomers to know the significance of Jain Vishva Bharati and other major places. If the project will be included in next rail budget then the tourist places will be linked to each other i.e., Bikaner, Kolayat, Deshnok, Dungar Balaji, Ladnun, Salasar, Sujangarh, Sikar, Jhunjhunu, etc.


Ladnun is a religious and spiritual tourist place so there govt. should provide better communication facilities. There should be a roadways depot and start sleeper coaches from Ladnun to all major cities of Rajasthan,Delhi and Ahmdabad. Ladnun has no recognized bus stand, henceforth, the buses are standing at Rahu gate nearby Sukhdev Ashram which is a dirty and unmanaged place which distracts the minds of the tourist to visit the inner places of Ladnun which are much more better. So we want well managed and computerized central bus stand for Ladnun.


We demand the connectivity of Jain Vishva Bharati with the mega highway(Kishangarh- Hanumangarh) from Khanpur point. At present the streets of Ladnun are very narrow so the buses couldn’t reach directly at Jain Vishva Bharati. If there will be such links with the major roads then the tourist buses will be able to enter directly into Jain Vishva Bharati without passing through the city.


There is high fluctuation in voltage with 33kV & 132kV G.S., so due to increase in consumption of electricity the present distribution of electricity structure is insufficient, our demand is that there should be 220kV G.S. for proper distribution of electricity.


At present ground water level at Ladnun are going very deep and present water is consisting mainly salts, nitrate and fluoride which are the major quality problems associated with ground water. The salinity measured as electrical conductivity(EC) varies from less than 500 u/S/cm to as high as 32000 u/S/cm(Jaswantgarh; Ladnun block. Sources from water portal). The percentage of water falling in various type of water is fresh(32%), mixed(33%) and chloride type(35%). It shows the chemical character of ground water. The ground having health affecting constituents like fluoride beyond certain level(>1.5 mg/L) become unsuitable for drinking. Nearly 64.3% well waters have fluoride above 1.5 mg/L. The Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR) has recommended concentration limit of 20 mg/L nitrate in water for infants while more than 100 mg/L uf nilraie in water has not been recommended for adult consumption. Nearly, 68% ground waters have nitrate concentration above 100 mg/L. Despite of salinity problem, the city is characterized by low hardness in ground water. This is due to low percentage of calcium and magnesium in water. To provide pure drinking water to city people there should be early implementation of Nagaur lift drinking water plan phase-II which is pending with Rajasthan govt. and world bank. The ground water in the city need quality management by way of desalination, defluoridation or deniuification so as to make it suitable for human consumption.


At present farmers of Ladnun tehsil are dependent on rain water for irrigation. If Indira Gandhi Canal Plan will be implementated from Sahaba to Ladnun via Churu-Sujangarh it will provide the water for irrigation required for the cultivation of crops throughout the year. This plan has been pending for a very long time for the approval of the govt. for more than 20 years. Announce a new krishi upaj Mandi for Ladnun to give the fare price of the crops to the farmer.At present the krishi upaj Mandi is situated in another city so they sell there crops to the middlemen. As a result of that they are not getting the right amount of money that they should get. We also demand Krishi Vigyan Kendra & seed distribution center for better cultivation of crops.


The present govt. hospitals are not sufficient to meet the medical needs of the people as well as it is much far away from the city, so we demand a city dispensary with 200 bed facility with all modern medical facility so that the medical need of the people will be fulfilled. As per our suggestion govt. has converted Sukhdev Netra Chikitsalya into city dispensary which is situated at the heart of the city.


At present more than 6 thousands are studying in various streams at Jain Vishva Bharati University. Our demand is that govt. and Jain Vishva Bharati Institution should set up medical and management colleges and commerce college for boys by mutual agreement. The Jain Vishva Bharati Institution can make the students available all types of facilities which will be helpful to the students of the city and the adjoining areas for higher education if the govt. allocates the above mentioned projects to be handled under Jain Vishva Bharati which will help Ladnun to become a study-hub.


Ladnun is a spiritual tourist place and there are many religious tourist places at and nearby Ladnun. If the govt. of Rajasthan and dept. of tourism(Raj) announces Ladnun under Bikaner/Jodhpur tourist circuit and arranges the famous tourist train Palace On Wheels to go through Ladnun and also provide the budget under tourism head for Ladnun like for tourist inns and other tourist attractive programmes, festivals and fairs. If the govt. do such things for the Ladnun city it will become highlighted in the whole world.


At present the helipad facility is available at Jain Vishva Bharati which is used only when the V.I.P.’s come to a visit. If the govt. provide the facility under connectivity of small towns with air connectivity scheme of Raj. Govt. then more and more tourist will be able to come here by using this facility much quicker than by using the previous facilities and govt get much revenue.


At present the main post office of Ladnun is situated far away from the city and it doesn’t have any modern facility, so we demand a well occupied and centralized post office in the city with all modern facility. We demand 3G mobile facility and high speed internet connectivity facility under the Ladnun Telephone Exchange and also a customer care in the middle of city providing STD/ISD, telefax, internet, data transferring and video chatting facilities.


At present four nationalized banks are working with limited staff and are not able to fulfill the requirements of the people Ladnun tehsil. So we demand one, two or more branches of nationalized/private banks with all modern facilities i.e., A.T.M. to fulfill the requirements of Ladnun tehsil.

Gas Agencies:-[edit]

At present Ladnun has only one gas agency under the brand name of Indane. There is a lot of irregularities in the distribution of gas to the consumer of the city. Hence, the city consumers are not satisfied with this type of service provided by the gas agency. So we demand another gas agency for Ladnun to stop the harassment of the consumers of the Ladnun city.

N.H.A.I. & P.W.D.:-[edit]

N.H. 65 and mega highway (Kishangarh-Hanumangarh) passes through Ladnun. So we demand office of National Highway Authority of India and P.W.D. office functioning under J.E.N. At present P.W.D. office of Ladnun is working under Didwana P.W.D. office. Our demand is to separate the office from that of Didwana.


If anybody wants the driving license or the registration/transfer of motor vehicles they have to go to Nagaur which almost 100km away from Ladnun. Hence, both time and money of the people are wasted. So, we demand R.T.O. office branched under Nagaur R.T.O. office.


Ladnun has many small industry. The first industry in Rajasthan is camel cart in which the old and useless tyres of the aero planes are used. This industry is very popular and for that the Ladnun man was awarded at the national level. Every year many camel carts are made in bulk quantities and there is also high demand of it throughout the Rajasthan state. The basic infrastructure is required for the expansion of the industry at the high scale. Ladnun is famous for cotta-doriya sarees alongwith dying and printing under the famous brand name Lala Modi Sarees. Its printing and colour selection is very attractive. So there is huge demand of those kind of sarees all over India. But the at present infrastructure are not fulfilling the demand as per requirements in time.Stone industry is going to develope very fast near by ladnun and village Sunari. So all basic infrastructure is required to develop that industry. Other industries are handloom blanket, khadi, home made papar, bari, khatta, churi(Sweet saffron), etc. The products are sold throughout the India as per the huge demands. The basic infrastructure(raw material, transportation, etc.) are required to develop these industries. If the above industries are developed in Ladnun by govt. then the revenue for the govt. will also increase.

Sewage & Drainage:-[edit]

At present there is no proper sewage and drainage system at Ladnun. So, therefore, water logging problems in the street 6th patty in front of Jain Vishva Bharati Gate, near Sukhdev Ashram, Rahu gate, bus stand, behind Mangalam Hospital, Station Road and nearby Railway station and many other places faces the same problem of mudding. So city people and other tourist who come to Ladnun faces the problem of passing through those areas. So we demand proper sewage and drainage system to be implementated at Ladnun and sanction the proper amount for this purpose. This will help to maintain the hygiene and Cleanliness of the city.

Ponds & Wells:-[edit]

The main old and ancient ponds are Chota talaab, better known as Majisa ka talaab, it is situated at magra near Hariram Baba Mandir but at present the sources of rain water are unauthorisedly occupied by the people, therefore, the last couple of years it was not upto its water level and it is now used as a drainage place. So we demand to maintain its natural beauty by allowing the clogged water ways to be opened. Other one are chipolia it is also a pound and tourist and attractive place for Ladnun people but it is also facing the same problem of improper management. So we demand the state govt. to announce them as the heritage scheme and maintain its real and natural place.


We demand the state govt. to make a plan for the beautification of Ladnun city and for that to accept our suggestion that there should be 3 pillars at the beginning of the Ladnun city through Sujangarh, Didwana and Nimbijodha with mentioning the famous personalities and places of Ladnun.

Court & Other Govt. Offices:-[edit]

At present Ladnun has one S.D.M.(CJ) Court. We demand A.D.M(ADJ) Court for Ladnun and we also demand D.S.P. and S.D.M.(Sub-division Collector) and a treasury office, necessary for better development and peace and time and money saving of the people of Ladnun.


We want to make Ladnun a district which will be helpful for the proper development of Ladnun. The state govt. formed a committee for the formation of new districts which strongly recommended that Ladnun should also be a district. Henceforth, we want the govt. of Raj. and other associated bodies alongwith the help of the Central govt. to prepare a proper development plan for Ladnun cities including our above mentioned suggestions within a certain time frame.

Dharma Ram[edit]

Nickname(s): सबस्युं प्यारौ सबस्युं न्यारौ म्हारॊ मरुधरदैस
Sunari is located in Rajasthan
Location in Rajasthan, India
Coordinates: 27°38′12.60″N 74°19′57.88″E / 27.6368333°N 74.3327444°E / 27.6368333; 74.3327444Coordinates: 27°38′12.60″N 74°19′57.88″E / 27.6368333°N 74.3327444°E / 27.6368333; 74.3327444
Country  India
State Rajasthan
District Nagaur
 • Sarpanch Bhanwar Lal Birda
Population (2010)
 • Total 4,844
 • Official Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 341306[1]
Telephone code 01581
Vehicle registration RJ-21

Ladnun Tehsil lies on the very edge of the Thar Desert and is the last link between the semi arid land and the harsh inhospitable desert. According to legends, the area of Marwar was once a sea called Drumkulya, it became a desert when one the fire bound arrow of Lord Rama burnt a large part of the sea and converted it into a desert. Since then, the area is known as Maru Mandal, Marudhara, Maruwad, Maru Desh and Marwad.The people of Marwar, however, didn't let the inhospitable terrain of the region dampen their spirit. Sunari (सुनारी), is a village in Ladnun Tehsil, Nagaur District, Rajasthan, India. It is situated 24 kilometres (15 mi) from Nagaur on the Nagaur to Ladnun road.[2]


The village is subdivided into various 'Baas' (subsectors), such as 'Kuve wala Baas’,Shankhala Baas,Unchala Baas'(the upper sub-sector),Godara Baas, Mandir wala Baas, Aathuna Baas, Ratda Baas,Balai Baas. 'Nadiay Baas' and 'Bawari Baas’.




Sunari is under Churu constituency for the Lok Sabha (lower house).

Sunari is an administrative unit and has a democratically elected panchayat samiti (local council). Sunari has been assigned to Ladnun Tehsil and Ladnun-I block, sometimes to Ladnun Vidhan Sabha constituency in Nagaur District, and at other times Sunari has been assigned to the 'no reserved for candidates' of Vidhan Sabha constituency in Ladnun.

Currently, Sunari is under Nagaur Zilla Panchayat, Ladnun-I Intermediate panchayat, and has its own unreserved Gram Panchayat under Gram Panchayat code and census village code There is a Patwari (government land record officer), an ADO (Agriculture Development Officer),[3] a Rural Health Officer (RHO), and an Anganbadi Worker based at Sunari.


As per a July 2010 official report,[4] Sunari has 1,147 households with a total population of 5,733 with 1,196 Scheduled Caste inhabitants.

All of the people living in the village are Hindus. The majority of people living in the village are Jats. There are Brahmins, Lohar, Khati, Darjis, Nai, Swami(Pujari), Kumhar, Daroga(Rawana Rajput), Rajput , Meghwal, Harijans, Sansi and other Hindu castes.

As per 2001 census, Sunari had 896 households and a population of 5,119. There were 2,712 males and 2,407 females. 835 people were below the age of 6. The number literate were 2,655, of which 1,739 were male and 916 were female. The working popultation was 2,581.[5]

Sunari is covered by The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act and 135 Job cards were issued under this legislation as of July 2010.[6]

Geography, climate and irrigation[edit]

South of Sunari is desert, but the rest of the surrounding area is fertile plains. Sunari has Four large ponds: Nadiya, Chhapli, Kacholiya and Urlai. The fields are irrigated by the Tubewells water level is 400~600 fit.

Sunari has a continental climate, with very hot summers and relatively cool winters. Summer starts in April and lasts till the middle of October. May is the hottest month, with the maximum day temperatures in the 48 °C (118 °F) range. Sunari experiences a weak monsoon, from late June to September, with about 15 inches (380 mm) of rain. Winter starts in November and is mild and sunny, although temperatures may reach freezing on some nights.

The climate of the district is characterised by its dryness and extremes of temperature. It is a semi-arid region and agriculture is supported mainly by canals and ground water irrigation. Nagaur lies in the Thar Desert. Hot winds, locally known as Loo, are strong and frequent from May to July. Intermittent dust storms are common. In the winter some rain is received due to western disturbances.

Transport connectivity[edit]

Sunari is well connected by road. It lies 82 km from Nagaur to the norhteast, 9 km from Ladnun, 21 km from Sujangarh, and 42 km from Didwana and 12 km from Nimbi Jodha to the Northwest on the Nagaur-Ladnun National High Way No-65


Sunari has a two government schools and two Rajeev Gandhi Primary School

  • Primary Government school
  • Senior Secondary Government school
  • Rajeev Gandhi Primary school kacholiya
  • Rajeev Gandhi Primary school Urlai
  • Sharda Bal Vidyamandir is Secondary schhol and Veer Teja is Middle School in Private Sector.

Gyani Ram Harakh Chand P.G. is a Government Degree college at Sujala Point (17 km from Sunari) and a Tapadiya ITI Collage 15 km From sunari. There are many more educational institutes at Nagaur.

Jat gotras[edit]

The following Jat gotras are found in the village.

Non-Jat gotras[edit]

Notable residents and people with roots in Sunari[edit]

  • J&K Shaheed Dharma Ram Beerda
  • Shri Lanka Shaheed Mota Ram Beerda


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