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Good work![edit]

I have to commend you on your contributions to the Soundstream page, good work! Thank you for extending and adding more info on them (especially regarding their computerized audio editing system, I've always wondered what the details were for that, considering it was the only one of its kind in those days!).

(BTW, just curious, were the hard disks used for that system also DEC equipment, or were they specially made by Soundstream or custom-made for them by DEC, since I assume most hard disks at the time that were generally available commercially did not have the capacity or speed to handle a 16-bit 50 KHz digital audio stream...?)

I have to say, this is an article that could always use more and more information, considering the paucity & dearth of info elsewhere about Soundstream Inc. elsewhere on the net, and considering the importance of their pioneering & ground-breaking contributions to the art of audio recording.

And about their merger with DRC, funny you should elaborate on that, because I have a book from 1980 called "Video Discs: The Technology, the Applications, And The Future" that mentions that exact same photographic card format they developed (although the book mentions the format as being more of a general purpose format for general digital info storage and/or video than for digital audio, I assume the book was written just slightly before DRC's merger with Soundstream, or the author wasn't aware of the merger at the time).

You've added info that is only accessible in print form (therefore proving that the internet isn't a complete compendium of info, especially regarding information on older technologies like Soundstream's system). Many kudos to you for taking this extra step, and this has always proved to me and in general that public/academic libraries (such as ones that carry the back issues of magazines or older books like the ones you cited for this article) will always have their place in the world of information. The 'net doesn't have everything, especially info from the past (save for archives of Usenet on Google News :) ) :). Wikipedia needs more people like you.

In closing, excellent work, on an article that could always use more elaboration. Keep it up! :) misternuvistor 07:26, 12 April 2006 (UTC)