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Providence(religious movement)[edit]

Hi Stephen, Do not mean to trouble you, this is GIOS, I asked you for assistance with the Providence religious movement article several months ago. Not sure if you remember, but at last contact I had been temporarily blocked for edit warring.. as a newbie I unintentionally violated the 3 edit rule, which I did not know about, and just wanted to ask for basic advice before proceeding.

My primary concern with this article is that while it uses academic sources to analyze the Providence group, the article takes the accusations and reports of critics and cites them as the ACTUAL claimed beliefs of members--when in fact, there are extensive publications by the Providence group that detail members' beliefs in their own words (which would obviously be very different from what the critics would say).

    • My argument is simple: the Providence article should have the same format as other articles on controversial religious groups, which feature a section on member beliefs and also a section on criticism and controversy, so as to remain unbiased.

Sourcing some of the publications by Providence and Jung Myeong Seok, I was able to put together this brief section(would include full citations on actual article). If its not too much trouble, I was hoping you could give it a once over just to make sure I am doing everything according to Wikipedia standards.


Members of the Christian Gospel Mission ascribe to the following tenets of Christianity: belief in God as the Trinity of the “Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”; belief that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah sent by God to save a fallen humanity; and belief that Jesus will return a second time in order to fulfill God’s final Will and Testament. Members hold that the Bible itself must be interpreted, and that the events within the Biblical text do not conflict with science when understood correctly.
In his writings, Jung Myeong Seok frequently states that is not enough for individuals simply to believe or “have faith” in God. Rather, he states that in order to achieve spiritual success, faith must be “put into action” and that human beings must fulfill their own responsibilities before God. He teaches that taking action is the “law of the Heavens” and God’s “basic law of justice.” Members The following excerpts from Jung’s Heaven’s Words, My Words provide a brief example of these teachings:
“You do not transform just because you have heard the Lord’s Word of life. Only ‘those who absolutely keep and act upon the Lord’s Word’ will transform.”[6]
"Even though the air is next you, if you sit still, you cannot feel it. If you are fervent and run, then you can feel it as your clothing and hair flutter in the wind. God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son, are like that too."


Moreover, Jung teaches that the extent to which individuals put faith into action will determine success in the physical world as well. He writes:
:"The person who takes action on his thoughts is the one who fulfills his dream. The person who does not take action is the one who shatters his dream."
“A person has both a body and a spirit. Therefore, you must always believe and take action thinking about [those] two things. Then both your body and spirit will not incur losses but do well and prosper.”''

Thank you so much. If its too much trouble to ask for your assistance, just let me know and I can ask elsewhere. GIOSCali (talk) 06:24, 28 February 2015 (UTC)

Hi. Apologies for the delay in responding, but it's been a busy few days. I am really not the best person to ask about this, as my experience on these matters is extremely limited. I would suggest asking at the Help Desk for their thoughts, or if you'd rather people with more experience on religious articles, try the talk page on Portal:Religion. The help desk is constantly monitored, but by people with more general experience; the Portal will have those who are more experienced with this type of article, and the preferred tone of text to use, but it isn't as active.
Whatever you decide to do, you may find yourself with a differing opinion to other editors. The important thing to do is to follow the Dispute Resolution process, and not accidentally engage in any edit wars.
Do please let me know if there is anything else I can help out with. Stephen! Coming... 10:32, 4 March 2015 (UTC)

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