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It might not have been your intention, but your recent edit removed content from Bat out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose. Please be careful not to remove content from Wikipedia without a valid reason, which you should specify in the edit summary or on the article's talk page. Take a look at our welcome page to learn more about contributing to this encyclopedia. Thank you. The JPStalk to me 19:53, 17 November 2006 (UTC)

Please do not remove content from Wikipedia, as you did to Bat out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose. It is considered vandalism. If you would like to experiment, please use the sandbox. Thank you. The JPStalk to me 11:18, 19 November 2006 (UTC)

Bat Out Of Hell III[edit]

Why do you keep making changes to edits done for the Bat Out Of hell III page? I have edited hundreds of entires in Wikipedia for objectiveness and accuracy, and only when I have made changes to Meat Loaf, do you want to delete everything I edit. Even things such as chart position and objective additions? What gives you the right to add your own opinion/comments such as "The original Bat Out Of hell had no hit singles" but I add two or three worda dn you delete them???? What are you some kind of Meat Loaf police that is trying to stick up for Meat Loaf's new CD? Let the facts speak for themselves. Allow the facts and objective comments to be made. STOP deleting my changes without a valid reason. If this is all you have to do with your time, get a life dude! — Preceding unsigned comment added by Stevemor909 (talkcontribs) 00:54, 28 November 2006

I will continue to remove inappropriate additions, such as "only time will tell." If you add things appropriate to an encyclopedia, that is fine. If you add opinion, or anything in an informal tone, I will revert. Your recent addition is inappropriate, so I have reverted and will continue to do so. Please do not make personal comments about other users, especially ones which could be very easily be deflected back upon you. The fact that you use the phrase "stick up for Meat Loaf's new CD" suggests that you have a POV characteristic of a certain forum. The JPStalk to me 09:30, 28 November 2006 (UTC)

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