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Hello, Superegz, and welcome to Wikipedia! Thank you for your contributions. I hope you like the place and decide to stay. Here are a few links to pages you might find helpful:

Please remember to sign your messages on talk pages by typing four tildes (~~~~); this will automatically insert your username and the date. If you need help, check out Wikipedia:Questions, ask me on my talk page, or ask your question on this page and then place {{Help me}} before the question. Again, welcome!

April 2014[edit]

Hi Superegz, I've reverted your change to the main photo in the infobox for Adelaide, for a couple of reasons. The earlier image has high resolution and gives a very good indication of the city centre's layout and setting in relation to the parklands and River Torrens. Your photo is much lower res, and has a high amount of vignetting, making it technically a poorer quality image. Cheers, Bahudhara (talk) 08:18, 3 May 2014 (UTC)

I understand. It would be good to get a more recent image though. That one is nearly 10 years old now! Superegz (talk) 13:54, 3 May 2014 (UTC)

Copying within Wikipedia requires proper attribution[edit]

Information icon Thank you for your contributions to Wikipedia. It appears that you copied or moved text from Australian Senate into Parliament of Australia. While you are welcome to re-use Wikipedia's content, here or elsewhere, Wikipedia's licensing does require that you provide attribution to the original contributor(s). When copying within Wikipedia, this is supplied at minimum in an edit summary at the page into which you've copied content, disclosing the copying and linking to the copied page, e.g., copied content from [[page name]]; see that page's history for attribution. It is good practice, especially if copying is extensive, to also place a properly formatted {{copied}} template on the talk pages of the source and destination. The attribution has been provided for this situation, but if you have copied material between pages before, even if it was a long time ago, please provide attribution for that duplication. You can read more about the procedure and the reasons at Wikipedia:Copying within Wikipedia. Thank you. If you are the sole author of the prose that was moved, attribution is not required. — Diannaa 🍁 (talk) 20:49, 15 December 2016 (UTC)

I see you are still not adding the required attribution, as required under the terms of the CC-by-SA license. Please have a look at this edit summary as an example of how it is done. Please leave a message on my talk page if you still don't understand what to do or why we have to do it. Thanks, — Diannaa 🍁 (talk) 01:57, 24 February 2017 (UTC)

Double spacing[edit]

Hi Superegz. Personally, I'd rather you didn't change double spacing to single spacing after full stops and the like, as you have just done in Parliament of Australia. Double and single spacing come out just the same when published, but double spacing makes later editing easier. Some users prefer double, others single, so anyone who sets about converting is going to be awfully busy.

BTW "a bankrupt" is correct, but, since one person has found it awkward, I'm content with your addition of "person". Wikiain (talk) 01:41, 25 December 2016 (UTC)

Speedy deletion nomination of File:Hare-Clark Ballot Paper.jpg[edit]

A tag has been placed on File:Hare-Clark Ballot Paper.jpg requesting that it be speedily deleted from Wikipedia. This has been done under section F3 of the criteria for speedy deletion, because it is an image licensed as "for non-commercial use only," "non-derivative use" or "used with permission," it has not been shown to comply with the limited standards for the use of non-free content. [1], and it was either uploaded on or after 19 May 2005, or is not used in any articles. If you agree with the deletion, there is no need to do anything. If, however, you believe that this image may be retained on Wikipedia under one of the permitted conditions then:

  • state clearly the source of the image. If it has been copied from elsewhere on the web you should provide links to: the image itself, the page which uses it and the page which contains the license conditions.
  • add the relevant copyright tag.

If you think this page should not be deleted for this reason, you may contest the nomination by visiting the page and clicking the button labelled "Contest this speedy deletion". This will give you the opportunity to explain why you believe the page should not be deleted. However, be aware that once a page is tagged for speedy deletion, it may be removed without delay. Please do not remove the speedy deletion tag from the page yourself, but do not hesitate to add information in line with Wikipedia's policies and guidelines. If the page is deleted, and you wish to retrieve the deleted material for future reference or improvement, then please contact the deleting administrator, or if you have already done so, you can place a request here. Majora (talk) 03:03, 22 January 2017 (UTC)

Reference errors on 28 January[edit]

Hello, I'm ReferenceBot. I have automatically detected that an edit performed by you may have introduced errors in referencing. It is as follows:

Please check this page and fix the errors highlighted. If you think this is a false positive, you can report it to my operator. Thanks, ReferenceBot (talk) 00:23, 29 January 2017 (UTC)

Australian Conservatives[edit]

On what date have the Australian Conservatives become a political party, if indeed they have? Wikiain (talk) 13:22, 7 February 2017 (UTC)

I don't think they have been registered by the AEC yet but it is clear that Bernardi wants to do so. I am not sure how to really deal with the situation as it is. Does a party really need to be registered to actually exist? Superegz (talk) 23:04, 7 February 2017 (UTC)
Changed it to "to form", as the story says, which also fits his speech. Wikiain (talk) 00:54, 8 February 2017 (UTC)

Australian Senate[edit]

Good work on the recent edits. I was wondering whether the breakdown into Lib/Nat/LNP/CLP is correct. While Senators are indeed elected under those respective party banners, they take their seat in the Senate as either Libs or Nats. All LNP (Qld) Senators are listed as either Liberal or National - see for example Matthew Canavan's page, as well as the Seating Plan. Curiously, Nigel Scullion is listed as CLP on both his page and the Seating Plan, it is also noted that he is the Leader of the Nationals in the Senate.

The political composition of the Senate is really reflected by which party room a Senator attends. For all intents and purposes, there is nothing separating Canavan from Nash. Note also that the Nat Senators (including Scullion) are seated separately. Portwalrus (talk) 07:57, 10 February 2017 (UTC)

Non-free image use[edit]

Thank you for contributing to Wikipedia. We always appreciate when users upload new images. However, it appears that one or more of the images you have recently uploaded or added to a page, specifically Premier of South Australia, may fail our non-free image policy. Most often, this involves editors uploading or using a copyrighted image of a living person. For other possible reasons, please read up on our Non-free image criteria. If you have any questions please ask them at the Media copyright questions page. Thank you. -- Marchjuly (talk) 00:28, 13 March 2017 (UTC)

Hi Superegz. Both File:Don dunstan.jpg and File:FrankWalsh.jpg are non-free images and Wikipedia's non-free content use policy requires that all 10 non-free content criteria be satisfied for each use of a non-free image on Wikipedia. Premier of South Australia is essentially a list article and decorative use of non-free images (i.e., simply to show the image) is generally not allowed for individual list entries per WP:NFLISTS. Moreover, the non-free use of the Walsh image was previously discussed at Wikipedia:Non-free content review/Archive 70#File:FrankWalsh.jpg and the consensus was that non-free use is only acceptable in the article about Walsh himself. Although the community does consider non-free images of deceased individuals to be acceptable in certain cases (item 10 of WP:NFCI), a much stronger justification for non-free use typically needs to be provided for articles other that stand-alone articles about the person in question. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask for help at WP:MCQ. -- Marchjuly (talk) 00:36, 13 March 2017 (UTC)

Material you included in the above article appears to have been copied from the copyright web page here. This webpage is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia licence, which is not a compatible license. Unfortunately, for copyright reasons, the content had to be removed. Please leave a message on my talk page if you have any questions or if you think I made a mistake. — Diannaa 🍁 (talk) 18:18, 18 March 2017 (UTC)

WA LegCo[edit]

Hey, just letting you know I've had to undo your updates here for the time being - the new Legislative Council doesn't start until May, a rather bizarre fact of WA politics. Frickeg (talk) 05:34, 25 March 2017 (UTC)

Senate lists[edit]

I've mostly thought your changes to the various Senate lists have been great, but there's one major problem: as at Members of the Australian Senate, 2016–2019, they're completely scrambling the section on subsequent changes to the Senate's composition: so Bernardi is listed first, then Conroy, Culleton and Singh. This is quite important to the page being intelligible - can it be fixed? The Drover's Wife (talk) 21:12, 30 March 2017 (UTC)

The Drover's Wife, I don't see the issue, its in alphabetical order. Those notes are in that order because the people they refer to are in alphabetical order. Quite intelligible to me. Superegz (talk) 22:44, 30 March 2017 (UTC)

Every parliamentary list (of which there are hundreds) has always been in chronological order, so that you can follow changes as they unfolded. Can you please fix it - or get a consensus to change it? The Drover's Wife (talk) 23:25, 30 March 2017 (UTC)
Chronological is definitely much better here. There's no value to having it alphabetical, but chronological makes the changes much clearer throughout the term. Frickeg (talk) 08:26, 31 March 2017 (UTC)

Orphaned non-free image File:ABC News logo.jpg[edit]


Thanks for uploading File:ABC News logo.jpg. The image description page currently specifies that the image is non-free and may only be used on Wikipedia under a claim of fair use. However, the image is currently not used in any articles on Wikipedia. If the image was previously in an article, please go to the article and see why it was removed. You may add it back if you think that that will be useful. However, please note that images for which a replacement could be created are not acceptable for use on Wikipedia (see our policy for non-free media).

Note that any non-free images not used in any articles will be deleted after seven days, as described in section F5 of the criteria for speedy deletion. Thank you. --B-bot (talk) 17:05, 12 April 2017 (UTC)

File:ABC News Channel.png listed for discussion[edit]


A file that you uploaded or altered, File:ABC News Channel.png, has been listed at Wikipedia:Files for discussion. Please see the discussion to see why it has been listed (you may have to search for the title of the image to find its entry). Feel free to add your opinion on the matter below the nomination. Thank you. ShakespeareFan00 (talk) 16:27, 2 July 2017 (UTC)


I can't understand why the image layout was mutilated. - Because it looked really bad on my screen, whereas what I changed it to (I assume it was me - it could have been someone else) should look at least halfway acceptable on everybody's screen, not just yours and mine. What you've change it to isn't ideal, but it's no worse than what I changed it to, (i.e. I can't see that you've achieved anything), and is still a whole lot better than the disaster it looked like before I, in your words, "mutilated" it.
In future, if you "can't understand" something, ask - don't assume. If/when you assume, you will almost certainly be wrong. Pdfpdf (talk) 12:57, 1 August 2017 (UTC)

Reflist template[edit]

Thanks for converting <references/ to {{reflist}}! I see you are manually adding a column-width, |30em, but the documentation for {{reflist}} says that is the default anyway. So you can save yourself some work, and leave things more flexible if Wikipedia's overall layout standards ever change, but not bothering to add that detail. DMacks (talk) 04:36, 26 October 2017 (UTC)

+1 to this. The template now automatically sorts into columns if there are more than 10 references, so there's no need to add |30em. If there are fewer than 10, it's often not a good idea to force it into columns. Cheers, Number 57 10:05, 26 October 2017 (UTC)

ArbCom 2017 election voter message[edit]

Scale of justice 2.svgHello, Superegz. Voting in the 2017 Arbitration Committee elections is now open until 23.59 on Sunday, 10 December. All users who registered an account before Saturday, 28 October 2017, made at least 150 mainspace edits before Wednesday, 1 November 2017 and are not currently blocked are eligible to vote. Users with alternate accounts may only vote once.

The Arbitration Committee is the panel of editors responsible for conducting the Wikipedia arbitration process. It has the authority to impose binding solutions to disputes between editors, primarily for serious conduct disputes the community has been unable to resolve. This includes the authority to impose site bans, topic bans, editing restrictions, and other measures needed to maintain our editing environment. The arbitration policy describes the Committee's roles and responsibilities in greater detail.

If you wish to participate in the 2017 election, please review the candidates and submit your choices on the voting page. MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 18:42, 3 December 2017 (UTC)

Your GA nomination of Parliament of Australia[edit]

Hi there, I'm pleased to inform you that I've begun reviewing the article Parliament of Australia you nominated for GA-status according to the criteria. Time2wait.svg This process may take up to 7 days. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you might have during this period. Message delivered by Legobot, on behalf of Mike Christie -- Mike Christie (talk) 23:40, 15 January 2018 (UTC)

Your GA nomination of Single transferable vote[edit]

Hi there, I'm pleased to inform you that I've begun reviewing the article Single transferable vote you nominated for GA-status according to the criteria. Time2wait.svg This process may take up to 7 days. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you might have during this period. Message delivered by Legobot, on behalf of David Eppstein -- David Eppstein (talk) 07:20, 28 January 2018 (UTC)

Your GA nomination of Single transferable vote[edit]

The article Single transferable vote you nominated as a good article has failed Symbol oppose vote.svg; see Talk:Single transferable vote for reasons why the nomination failed. If or when these points have been taken care of, you may apply for a new nomination of the article. Message delivered by Legobot, on behalf of David Eppstein -- David Eppstein (talk) 07:41, 28 January 2018 (UTC)

Your GA nomination of Parliament of Australia[edit]

The article Parliament of Australia you nominated as a good article has failed Symbol oppose vote.svg; see Talk:Parliament of Australia for reasons why the nomination failed. If or when these points have been taken care of, you may apply for a new nomination of the article. Message delivered by Legobot, on behalf of Mike Christie -- Mike Christie (talk) 13:21, 3 February 2018 (UTC)

File:Raid on Celtic Wood Cover.jpg[edit]

Hi, I'm RonBot, a script that checks new non-free file uploads. I have found that the subject image that you recently uploaded was more than 5% in excess of the Non-free content guideline size of 100,000 pixels. I have tagged the image for a standard reduction, which (for jpg/gif/png/svg files) normally happens within a day. Please check the reduced image, and make sure that the image is not excessively corrupted. Other files will be added to Category:Wikipedia non-free file size reduction requests for manual processing. There is a full seven-day period before the original oversized image will be hidden; during that time you might want to consider editing the original image yourself (perhaps an initial crop to allow a smaller reduction or none at all). A formula for calculation the desired size can be found at WP:Image resolution, along with instructions on how to tag the image in the rare cases that it requires an oversized image (typically about 0.2% of non-free uploads are tagged as necessarily oversized). Please contact the bot owner if you have any questions, or you can ask them at Wikipedia talk:Non-free content. RonBot (talk) 17:51, 16 October 2018 (UTC)