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Sakha Republic

Саха Өрөспүүбүлүкэтэ  (Yakut)
Coat of arms
Location of Sakha Republic
and largest city
Official languagesSakha
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary republic
LegislatureState Assembly (Il Tumen)
• Total
3,083,523 km2 (1,190,555 sq mi)

Yakutia, officially the Sakha Republic ( Yakut: Саха Өрөспүүбүлүкэтэ, Saxa Öröspüübülükete, IPA: [saˈxa øɾøsˈpyːbylykete]) is a sovereign state located in East Asia. It has a population of 958,528 (2010 Census),[1] consisting mainly of ethnic Yakuts and Russians.

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