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PLEASE ADD YOUR MESSAGE AT THE BOTTOM and generally, I will reply here so please watch this page for a response. Unless it's an AfC page, where I'll usually comment there and you will get a notification for that. If I have taken time reviewing your draft, please be patient and I will get to it as I am quite busy with other tasks but am certainly willing to look at it and will not need reminding.

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13:24:38, 5 June 2017 review of submission by Rhish[edit]

I've added a range of published articles about her could you review these? —Preceding undated comment added 13:24:38, 5 June 2017

22:26:40, 19 June 2017 review of submission by Helen1921[edit]

I'm not sure why you are saying that the newspaper articles are not reliable sources. Many are too old to be found online but they definitely exist and are published sources. This organization has a very long history. What kind of sources are you looking for?

06:12:28, 21 June 2017 review of submission by Queensonu[edit]


I have submitted my Wikipedia page 28 days ago by the name "Farah Siddiqui Matin" but till now it has not been published or reviewed? can I know the reason please?

13:50:18, 28 June 2017 review of submission by Lukendo[edit]

Hi, I am confused, this has not been accepted as it does not have independent recognition. In the United Kingdom since 1901 The British Psychological Society (BPS) is the recognised body for Accrediting Psychometric Tools and Training for publishing. Identity is a Personality Profiling Tool Accredited by the British Psychological Society and as such users have to have a Level 2 Test User: Occupational Qualification to purchase and to interpret the tool. The BPS have extremely strict criteria and ongoing accreditation reviews and would not give their Accreditation if the Identity Tool did not reach their standards and verification requirements. Identity has been Assessed by and is registered with the British Psychological Society Psychological Testing Centre (PTC).

Hope this helps, many thanks.

notability criteria for page Jubilee (DJ)[edit]

Hi SwisterTwister, I wanted to ask about your comment about the page for Jubilee (DJ). I included 12 sources, 11 of which Jubilee is the primary subject (either an interview with her or a review of her music). The sources include extremely reputable publications with very large followings, most of which also have a print publication- Brooklyn Magazine, The Fader, Spin, The Guardian, and Complex.

These are some of the most reputable sources that would cover a contemporary electronic musician, and I fail to see how they don't meet the notability criteria.

Luvtoucans (talk)luvtoucans

23:35:23, 6 July 2017 review of submission by Doramensah1971[edit]

What do you mean by the subject does not meet the notability standards. All the articles I added focus on the subject. I can add 100s more. This is one of the biggest stars in the Nigerian film industry!

18:20:13, 7 July 2017 review of submission by KBVI[edit]

I am genuinely confused as to why the article I wrote about attorney Catherine M. Stanton was rejected. I have seen many similar articles about many other attorneys on Wikipedia.

I provided legitimate news sources about attorney Stanton. The article is not an advertisement. It's about an accomplished, female lawyer in the highly competitive market of New York City.

Any additional feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


18:58:36, 7 July 2017 review of submission by Poutnikl[edit]

I admit I am very confused now, if and how can I ever improve the references to meet the criteria, or if I should ever try.. :-(. Perhaps this my first attempt will be my last one. Why is the single source PC Magazine in considered better than wiki database of OpenStreetMap, combined with multiple admitedly less notable sources ?

19:05:13, 8 July 2017 review of submission by Heystack[edit]

Would you please review William M Gayton once again? We are not sure why there are other "Scouts" that have Wikipedia pages that haven't held Director of Scouting positions nor have they been involved w/ as many decisions. Thank You!

10:35:22, 9 July 2017 review of submission by Jamesrawson79[edit]

thanks for taking the time to review the draft. I have added reviews of the person practice and career written on significant, independant and mainstream news sources such as the Guardian Newspaper, Wired Magazine, Filmmaker Magazine and Creative Applications. These sources are both in their field and in mainstream media all significant third party and verifiable major sources that meet wikipedias guidelines for independance and significance. I have included references to works written about the authors work on the BBC, another significant independant news source and one such article was part of BBC's Best of 2015 list. In the exhibitions section i have included references to one of the works produced by the art group found by the person of note which was acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I have also summarised the position of these mainstream news references and included them in the article to make it clear why the works are significant. Together with the existing extensive links and references all to verifiable thrid party sites like the Independant, Creative Review, a BAFTA nomination, and extensive profiles of the individual on major news and industry sites. I trust that all these changes demonstrate sufficent notability. thanks.

15:13:26, 9 July 2017 review of submission by MSmuzynski[edit]

Hi SwisterTwister, Thank you for reviewing my article! Unfortunately, it was declined for lack of notability on the subject. I cited 10 articles from independent, reputable national news and international publications that wrote about the attraction/company. It has been featured in many, many more so I am happy to provide additional sources. How many would you recommend including in the article to meet notability guidelines? Thanks so much for your help! This has been a great learning experience.

I have added five more sources and additional information to the article draft to improve notability. Would you mind reviewing it again and letting me know if more improvements need to be made? Thanks again for all of your help!

Request assistance for Draft:Unigma[edit]

User:CorbuleacM (talk) - 12:20, 10 July 2017 (GMT)

Hi SwisterTwister,

I've added several more independent sources to Draft:Unigma. All of them are unique now. I've read and followed Wikipedia guidelines and I am trying for more than a year to get the page published. Please let me know.

Best regards,


14:24:31, 10 July 2017 review of submission by Bronagh1[edit]


17:41:11, 10 July 2017 review of submission by Seporche[edit]

I am confused as to how the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame, Texas Monthly, National Review, National Law Journal, D Magazine, and Dallas News are not considered significant sources for notability. The subject is a leading lawyer in her field and, although she is associated with notable persons, is an independently notable figure. Would you recommend expanding upon any certain sections of the article to better demonstrate this notability?

00:39:59, 12 July 2017 review of submission by Jamesrawson79[edit]


Hello, I dont know if you have had a chance to re review my draft submission but in lieu of your comments i have no added a series of articles that are directly about the subjects work/projects from independant and significant sources such as The Guardian, BBC, Wired Magazine, Filmmaker Magazine, The Independant, The Belfast Telegrapgh, Popular Science, Tank Magazine and IMDB in adition to the other web based references I had included previously. I trust this meets your notability criteria now. Thanks so much for your help through this process.

03:11:10, 12 July 2017 review of submission by[edit]

Hello, I Would like you to please advice me on a possible way to make my article look less like an advertisement. can you please point out some specific areas you would like me to change? Thanks

06:29:11, 12 July 2017 review of submission by Andreei[edit]

Hi! I am a user of this software that I personally find really fine. But also I found out that there is no Wiki page about it that was a little bit strange for me because the product is absolutely notable to be included into Wikipedia. That's why I decided to write an article about it. I spent more than 5-6 hours reading your guides and rules how to create a proper article. I stronly believe that the way I wrote it is neutral with no commercial or advertising nature. It's just the description that you can't write in a different way. What concerns sources. I found them in the Internet in a few minutes. It means that the product is widely presented on the Web with reviews from different people and sites. Yes, I agree that some reviews are similar. But those reviews describe the functionality of a product. If the product does have this or that feature, it won't be described differently. The description will be the same, words can differ a little bit. But still, as this tool was my reliable handler during several months and now I have some spare time, I do want to go on with creating Wikipedia page for it. Please, help me to improve it. I will appreciate it!

03:58:02, 13 July 2017 review of submission by Jamesrawson79[edit]

Thats fantastic!! Thanks so much for your patience and guidance with this. Do you mean i need to do something regarding the page move myself? Or is this now out of my hands now and I just need to wait? thanks again,

16:17:15, 14 July 2017 review of submission by[edit]

I am the person who gave the Omaha Black Music and Community Hall of Fame Awards in 2011, and was inducted for my work with many bands including Rhythm Machine. You can google Rhythm Machine Donald Harris for an interview I did years ago with Larry Grogan (music historian) on - My information on wiki was incomplete and vague. I wanted to give concise information. I have never submitted a complete list to wiki of the recipients of the awards in 2011, but would be more than happy to. I am uncertain of who provided the information you have, but it is incomplete and leaves several people unmentioned who should be reflected as honorees on wiki. Thank you

16:44:55, 14 July 2017 review of submission by Trepanationsolution[edit]

Can you provide more info on why the newspaper articles and the edited book on his work don't count as evidence of his notability? The previous editor stated that the book IT'S ALL ALLOWED wasn't appropriate as a reference, even though it is published by Intellect and the Live Art Development Agency (and by University of Chicago Press in the US) and is a peer reviewed academic publication. This evidences notability, as does the number of obituaries in broadsheet newspapers (including one that calls him the subject a "legend"). Other references are all single-focus articles in peer-reviewed scholarly publications. Are there specific aspects that require additional evidencing?

17:27:13, 14 July 2017 review of submission by Vlaurentius[edit]

Thank you very much for your clear explanation. Would it be better if I write an article about his ancient nobility background? and leave out any business related activities. Maybe I could just mention his advisory role to key politicians?

20:08:22, 17 July 2017 review of submission by Gospitt[edit]

Hi there regarding

I have used 3 references that detail reviews of James's work

Milton, Giles (Nov 2013). "Route to Riches". Literary Review. Retrieved 17 July 2017.

Jump up ^ Finlayson, Ian (28 Sept 2013). "Merchant Adventurers". The Times. Retrieved 17 July 2017. Check date values in: |date= (help) Jump up ^ Gulliver, Katerina (8 July 2017). "How the Puritans, not the Pilgrims, colonised America". The Spectator. Retrieved 17 July 2017.

These are 3 reviews from 3 of the most eminent publications in the United Kingdom.

Do I need to include further reviews?

As I could include.

and he is featured at multiple literary festivals.

Your input is appreciated.



08:04:01, 18 July 2017 review of submission by Captterra[edit]

Hi SwisterTwister, I saw that you declined my page on Basement Pong because I do not have any references. In fact, this is a game invented by me and some friends, we play it a lot. Therefore, there are (for the moment) no official references that exist. How can we solve this problem?


14:08:58, 18 July 2017 review of submission by Coverdale1234[edit]

Please could you let me know which references are troubling you? I have sourced neutral and credible websites to back up my article. Please clarify what you mean by 'notability can not be inherited'.


19:15:39, 19 July 2017 review of submission by Rebeccaswanson[edit]

I wanted a rereview because I want the notoriety of Michael Toombs examined as more of a community figure versus an artist, as he participates in more community upbringing projects and art projects that benefit Kansas City as a whole versus primarily contributing to his own personal practice, hence why his work is not in a museum's collection, but instead it is found as public art and murals around Kansas City.

Draft:Visar Mulliqi decline[edit]

Dear David,

The issue about the decline is, you will not be able to find any Balkans (South-Eastern Europe) artist with world-renowned Museums containing their art collections. Moreover, there is no major art review that can be cited as for any of them, since all the WikiPedia articles of the artists in the Balkans are based on local sources.

The source that you have declined is an Academic Personnel at the main University of the Republic of Kosovo, in the Faculty of Arts section. Moreover, he has recently held 2 exhibitions in Paris, which are well-sourced and documented, with a lot of pictures in the sources, text and even the Galleries confirming the events.

Please be aware of the circumstances before coming up with such decisions.

I have added another source from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Kosovo (Governmental official source), and resubmitted the article.

Thank you.

P.S. The person in the article (Visar Mulliqi, painter) has also held an exhibition in the Museum of Kosovo in 2011, if that helps. It is cited in the CV of the official website of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Prishtina, where he currently lectures 'Painting'.

06:04:04, 20 July 2017 review of submission by Asmita93[edit]

Hello sir, Please help me in improving this article.

12:39:16, 20 July 2017 review of submission by Jogideep[edit]


I have updated my article as per wiki guidelines. It would be great if you can review my draft again.

14:54:31, 20 July 2017 review of submission by Minerva567[edit]

Hi SwisterTwister, Thank you for reviewing my submission so quickly. I am submitting this draft for re-review after taking into account your edits. I looked at your comments and saw some flaws in the draft with the references, as there were some interviews and two paragraph profiles. I have since taken those sources out and replaced them with reliable sources or deleted them entirely if they weren't able to be backed-up by clear evidence. In your comments you said, "Overly suggestive of an advertised business profile both in information and sources", I hope my edits show that I improved the draft in this area. I searched many other CEO profiles such as "Jeff Immelt" and believe this article is of the same notability as far as sources and has the same tone as many CEO and President pages. I understand that the business executive articles are tough pages to write as they often come off as advertised business profiles because of the type of information. Hopefully the updated version is strong enough, let me know. Otherwise, I am willing to do more edits as I believe Isaac Rodriguez is extremely notable and others would like to know about more about him, as I see his name everywhere. Any advice on how to improve this article is greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Submission by Furious.lion declined on 17 July 2017 by SwisterTwister[edit]

Hi SwisterTwister. I am learning the process and sorry for multiple resubmission. Regarding your comments, I've edited the reference section and added several 3rd party sources such TV channels, newspapers, magazines that cite Oktay Arslan's work. Since this is my first wikipedia page creation, I've mainly inspired from similar Kurdish scholars' wikipedia pages such as Azad_Bonni, Nadir_Nadirov etc.

12:51:16, 25 July 2017 review of submission by Tkhandelwal[edit]

Thank you for reviewing Electrical Transient Analyzer Program Page. I tried to make this page based on the content that seems to be approved for Ansys. Can you please let me know which parts need to be deleted and improved in order for this article to remain on Wikipedia? My goal is to link all references and resources for ETAP software to this page.

13:40:57, 27 July 2017 review of submission by Trainkid4449[edit]

Hi, I would just like clarification on what sources are reliable and can prove notability. I tried to used other motorsports venues as a guide, but they seem to be using sources similar to those I used, or in some cases no references as all. Here are a few that I used: (No Refrences)

Could you give me an example, perhaps from another track, of a reference that proves notability?

Thanks, Michael

23:27:19, 27 July 2017 review of submission by El Capitano81[edit]

I am a Newbie and the instructions have a lot of jargon that i am not familiar with could you please explain exactly what is wrong?

15:54:26, 29 July 2017 review of submission by Narayanan, Ananth[edit]

Could you please define what is meant by "not suitable for Wikipedia?" Does it mean that Wikipedia does not list such people? We have gone through a number of revisions from notability to technical fixes. However, this comment that "This submission is not suitable for Wikipedia" does not indicate the requirement for any specific fix as the criteria.

The section on what Wikipedia is not is very broad: 2.1 Wikipedia is not a dictionary 2.2 Wikipedia is not a publisher of original thought 2.3 Wikipedia is not a soapbox or means of promotion 2.4 Wikipedia is not a mirror or a repository of links, images, or media files 2.5 Wikipedia is not a blog, web hosting service, social networking service, or memorial site 2.6 Wikipedia is not a directory 2.7 Wikipedia is not a manual, guidebook, textbook, or scientific journal 2.8 Wikipedia is not a crystal ball 2.9 Wikipedia is not a newspaper 2.10 Wikipedia is not an indiscriminate collection of information 2.11 Wikipedia is not censored

Please identify which section in your opinion this content does not meet?

Thank you for your time and effort.

14:38:41, 1 August 2017 review of submission by Jakemadoff210[edit]

I need clarification on the word "significant'.

I have linked to notable sources that cover this company. Another company of the same pedigree, "Birchbox" has a Wikipedia page with similar content and quality links.

Thank you.

15:34:05, 2 August 2017 review of submission by UpsideLMS[edit]

Dear SwisterTwister,

Thank you for such a quick review. Very much appreciated. However, sad to know that our page got declined.

Also, after review noticed that the Awards Section went missing. UpsideLMS has won a lot of awards and has a lot of valuable resources indicating the same. Request you to review once again and if still any changes are required, please guide us exactly what needs to be changed so that we can incorporate the suggested changes and get the draft approved from your side.

Awaiting response. And many thanks once again.

17:25:30, 2 August 2017 review of submission by Kaityrobertspr[edit]

I'm not sure why the references aren't considered adequate. Did I enter them incorrectly? There are links to Elle, HuffingtonPost, etc. Please help me understand so that I can resubmit.

09:09:27, 4 August 2017 review of submission by UpsideLMS[edit]

Hello SwisterTwister,

Thank you for your suggestions although I am not quite convinced with the "credible source" comment you have made for the awards as the references mentioned are those of the Awarding bodies itself, which is the most credible source.

Also regd. the "promotional content" comment, while it has not been our intent to do so (and we have referred to and written in line with many competition pages with approved Wiki pages to see how the content is to be written) I am happy to know how we can change/tweak it to make it fit for approval.

Thanks in advance.

20:48:04, 7 August 2017 review of submission by SpokenReasonsFF[edit]

Hello, I am requesting a re-review because information on John Brenkus is factual, and to my knowledge, complete. If there is anymore that needs to be added, I would love to know what that would be. Thank you in advance.

17:06:51, 10 August 2017 review of submission by Acmetoys[edit]

Thanks for your notes. Friedman's work was produced in the pre-internet period where artists were alternative video artists were largley ignored by main stream media sources. Thereafter stalwart museums such as MOMA have exhibited his work in major shows such as Pacific Standard time

Per your recomendation I have added several references re art galleries, shows, and exhibition reviews of Friedman work (see below) Each one of these articles mentions Friedman's work by name. I have also included several link to U Tube videos that Friedman created for Berlin, Stacy Q, and several other bands. Each band that Friedman directed had a number #1 hit after Friedman directed videos for them.

In addition the LA times also reviews Friedmans's work as follows "Bradley Friedman directed an 111/2-minute video of the Screamers in 1981 performing "Eva Braun," a synth-punk song named for Hitler's mistress, in front of TV monitors. He also shot the stern and synthesized Anti-Sex League in 1980 playing a song with an unpublishable title enhanced with blurred-out images from a porn film. It directly related to the name of the band and the lyrics of the song and the performance, and the video was a response to a perceptions of sexual restrictions at the time," says Hyman. "Filmmakers were [manipulating video] to add to the music or add political commentary with the alternative imagery they were bringing. The period between Nixon's resignation and Reagan's inauguration is unique for more than artistic experimentation, but for an overlap between visual arts and music not seen since the Dada movement of the '20s," says MOCA chief curator Paul Schimmel. "I think the punk generation and the artists came through the Vietnam War and Watergate having a very different relationship with the government. There was this antiart art and that was also true with the punk bands … it wasn't intended to be stylish, but to capture raw energy."



16:53:33, 11 August 2017 review of submission by 1398Hygeia[edit]

Hi, just looking for more direction on this feedback "we actually need significant independent news, but the kind we need is rarer in company executives. Also, notability cannot be inherited. "

Having a hard time understanding notability as inherited here.

06:55:22, 14 August 2017 review of submission by Valuation1997[edit]

I am requesting a re-review because this is not an advertisement. This is a page to make peple aware of the organisation which is a government body and provides help to public at large.Accordingly the idea is to disseminate the information on this office of the government to peaple at large. Kidnly note that this wikipage is for awarness not for any commercial prupose as it is related to a governmetn agency. Its a nascent governmetn body so it can not be termed as advertisement. This will certainly enrich wikipedia by adding information on government bodies. hope you will re-review this. Incase of any query i will be glad to provide the same.

14:34:00, 14 August 2017 review of submission by Jakemadoff210[edit]

Hey SwisterTwister, just following up this. I made the necessary changes. Let me know. Thank you!

23:28:04, 15 August 2017 review of submission by LaLoo[edit]

I edited the product description to include reliable news sources that support it. Hope this helps.

08:43:33, 16 August 2017 review of submission by Jogideep[edit]


Thanks for reviewing my submission. As you said '3 of the sources are repeated announcements', it would be great if you can tell me which one you are referring to. As my resources are unique and from reputated sites giving different pieces of information

ET realty M&N Acritique India Infoline Other are two sources are citing company info having good authority. I have seen in other wiki articles citing info from Bloomberg.

21:01:16, 17 August 2017 review of submission by AlfredGoodach[edit]

Hi, I am requesting a re-review as the artist related to this page (Papamitrou) has performed some notable acts. The album that his music is part off called: "Wins and Losses" by Meek Mill, was No. 3 on Billboard 200 the first week it was released (7/21/17). Also, the 1st song of the album is the tile of the album and it is one of the songs that Nik Papamitrou produced. According to the Wikipedia rules of a notable song writer/producer, this should satisfy that requirement as this song made the top 100 hot song list on the Billboard also. Please review and notify us of your decision.

Thank you, Alfred.

05:01:22, 19 August 2017 review of submission by Siddhesht[edit]

Anil Lamba is published author by one of the well-established publishers [HarperCollins] Can you point out specific content which should be removed? [Anil Lamba] falls under notable person [1] under section Creative Professional. Refer point 2. He has created concept of 'Finance for non-finance people' I will appreciate your help, suggestions to improve this article to suit wiki guidelines.


12:08:45, 21 August 2017 review of submission by Dugbrink[edit]

I do not understand why the article was rejected. There are multiple examples of listings that have no external sources or significantly fewer (e.g.,,, yet they were published.

It seems ironic Wikipedia only wants to publish articles about topics that are already widely notable. I would expect readership would like to learn about more diverse topics.

Please reconsider.

16:38:44, 25 August 2017 review of submission by Mrwonton06[edit]

Wondering what sources would be less trivial than a pair of separate Rolling Stone articles. There are several other sources on the band I can dig up if need be. They charted multiple times on the Americana Radio charts, so I feel like they're fairly notable -- enough to warrant a Wiki article anyway.

15:47:00, 31 August 2017 review of submission by Jakemadoff210[edit]

Gotcha. So I can see tangible examples of what you mean, can you please tell me what sources in this article ( make it worthy of publishing. This is a company in the same vertical and my post has similar sources.

Thank you.

I've been working on this for awhile and would really like to get this published.

20:08:24, 21 September 2017 review of submission by Drpcgalle[edit]

14:32, 28 August 2017 (UTC) review of submission by djgilbert[edit]

Incorrect message: Please do not add promotional material to Wikipedia. While objective prose about beliefs, organisations, people, products or services is acceptable, Wikipedia is not intended to be a vehicle for soapboxing, advertising or promotion. Thank you. SwisterTwister talk 14:32, 28 August 2017 (UTC)


Totally wrong and off base to make your assertion. Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence is a part of the network leading to the U.S. Presidential Quality Award, termed the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award established 30 years ago. The article provided information on the Rocky Mountain Mountain Performance Excellence nonprofit that allows organizations a pathway to the Baldrige Award. Please read the Wikipedia article to understand the context:

Your logic would cause the deletion of all websites of state and local governmental affiliated organizations. Totally wrong and misguided. Please un-delete.

15:12:23, 11 October 2017 review of submission by NatalieRoss[edit]

Please assist with anything I need to improve to get my submission approved. Thank you.

12:48:13, 1 November 2017 review of submission by Traci Morgan[edit]

References and citations are added and edited. They follow the instructions and are much the same as I have seen in many other biographies. Can you look at the specific citations/references and advise which are acceptable and which are not acceptable.

Review my article[edit]

Assalam-o-Alaikum, I have heard that you review many pages in a day and that, you are an intelligent reviewer. Can you please review my page, Draft:Bilal Abbas Khan, if you are interested. 😞 Or else, your wish but you shall refuse me by replying. 😔 (talk) 10:02, 3 December 2017 (UTC)

Review my article[edit]

Assalam-o-Alaikum, I have heard that you review many pages in a day and that, you are an intelligent reviewer. Can you please review my page, Draft:Bilal Abbas Khan, if you are interested. 😞 Or else, your wish but you shall refuse me by replying. This draft is approximately 5 days old but no-one has reviewed it. (talk) 10:08, 3 December 2017 (UTC)

ArbCom 2017 election voter message[edit]

Scale of justice 2.svg Hello, SwisterTwister. Voting in the 2017 Arbitration Committee elections is now open until 23.59 on Sunday, 10 December. All users who registered an account before Saturday, 28 October 2017, made at least 150 mainspace edits before Wednesday, 1 November 2017 and are not currently blocked are eligible to vote. Users with alternate accounts may only vote once.

The Arbitration Committee is the panel of editors responsible for conducting the Wikipedia arbitration process. It has the authority to impose binding solutions to disputes between editors, primarily for serious conduct disputes the community has been unable to resolve. This includes the authority to impose site bans, topic bans, editing restrictions, and other measures needed to maintain our editing environment. The arbitration policy describes the Committee's roles and responsibilities in greater detail.

If you wish to participate in the 2017 election, please review the candidates and submit your choices on the voting page. MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 18:42, 3 December 2017 (UTC)

Just because[edit]

Small hedgehog.jpg some cuteness
I'm almost as fond of hedgehogs as I am dogs and cats. So here's one for your talkpage to cute things up around here - thought you might need it :) Shearonink (talk) 07:53, 5 December 2017 (UTC)

Kesar Da Dhaba[edit]

Please note that A Culinary Pilgrimage to Punjab By SHIVANI VORA, New York Times, MARCH 18, 2014 is the source for for "It is cooked slowly in large steel caldron from 4 a.m. to 1 PM. Salt, red chile powder, masala containing onion, ghee, turmeric and asafetida is added just before serving. 220 pounds of daal is used a day feed 700 customers". Obviously a reference citation cannot be added after every single sentence. Malaiya (talk) 01:37, 8 December 2017 (UTC)

Notice of Edit warring noticeboard discussion[edit]

Information icon Hello. This message is being sent to inform you that there is currently a discussion involving you at Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Edit warring regarding a possible violation of Wikipedia's policy on edit warring. Thank you. North America1000 17:23, 10 December 2017 (UTC)


You area solid editor I believe nothing should boomerang back to NA1000 if both can drop it. What you did was not vandalism, simply a misunderstanding, when it comes to notable coverage written in a promotional way, it inherently will happen to capitalist based consumerist products. We understand the difference of their personal definition of notability is unique. The subject which you reverted are absolutely not C7 and will survive AfD. But the issue is certain sources can simply be bias due to the form of notability of the subject. i hope we can agree at least in some form. Valoem talk contrib 17:47, 11 December 2017 (UTC)

Request on 16:42:16, 12 December 2017 for assistance on AfC submission by Humorousrobot[edit]

Hello SwisterTwister, hope you are doing well. I received your rejection notice and took the appropriate steps to edit the content from the International TypeFounders, Inc. draft. The new draft, I believe, includes the required inherited notability from independent sources. Please review the submission, and if you have any comments let me know. Humorousrobot (talk) 16:42, 12 December 2017 (UTC)

Draft question[edit]

Hi SwisterTwister, thanks ahead of time with my general question. I have a question about a page you have reviewed before - Rachael Hanfling. I have just started in the last several months with taking the Wiki challenge, learning to edit, create pages, etc. and want to contribute when I have the time. I am in a forum where someone (2 people removed) knows I am starting to do this has asked me about what the deal is with their page marked saying it is an autobiography or somebody close and what is wrong with that. I took a look at their page, and from what I can tell it has a lot of promotional language, and just brags about a list of accomplishments, not just states the facts. And I think it was created by an unregistered user if I remember correctly. When I told them this, (of course I told them I am no expert but that is what I could tell) they asked me if I can fix it. I do not mind trying to fix it-I don't think there is too too much, and I would like to work with biographies, and even though I know somebody who knows them I have no personal interest in the page so it should not be a conflict. My question is how? Just because I get in there and fix the promotional language, references, etc. there is still the label. Do I then ask you to re-review and see about changing labels or do I go back through a different forum? Another question is-is that all that is wrong with it or is there more that I am not seeing because I am so new? Thanks!Jrayewrites (talk) 16:18, 13 December 2017 (UTC)jrayewrites

22:30:22, 13 December 2017 review of submission by Sam.wainer[edit]

I added some additional citations (web and print) and linked to a few outside websites. There is ample coverage within wikipedia of other key military specifications ( for example) and MIL-DTL-15024 probably should be there too. Let me know if you think adding more is required. The topic is "notable" although perhaps not exciting... — Preceding unsigned comment added by Sam.wainer (talkcontribs) 22:30, 13 December 2017 (UTC)