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This is a proposed template for ice hockey players. If wikiproject ice hockey determines that this is a good idea the template will be moved to the template space so it can be used in articles. As of now the (incomplete) template should not be used. If you have a suggestion for improving it please leave it on my talk page thanks, and (Yes I know Hasek isn't in the hall of fame, but I wanted to show what that part of the box looked like) Example on an article page here --T-rex


Date of birth January 29, 1965
Place of birth Pardubice, Czechoslovakia
Date of death
Position Goaltender
Pro Bowls {{{ProBowls}}}
Awards {{{Awards}}}
Honors {{{Honors}}}
Retired #s {{{Retired #s}}}
Records {{{Records}}}
Statistics ESPN
Statistics Sports Illustrated
Chicago Black Hawks
Buffalo Sabres
Detroit Red Wings
Ottawa Senators
Olympic Team(s)
Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Hockey Hall of Fame, 2000


   |ESPN = 
   |'Sports Illustrated = 


   |Image= dominikhasek.jpg
   |DateOfBirth= [[January 29]], [[1965]]
   |Birthplace= [[Pardubice]], [[Czechoslovakia]]
   |DateOfDeath = 
   |Position= [[Goaltender]]
   |HDB= 2187
   |ESPN = 
   |'Sports Illustrated = 
   |years= 1990-1992<BR>1992-2001<BR>2001-2004<BR>2005-
   |teams= [[Chicago Blackhawks|Chicago Black Hawks]]<BR>[[Buffalo Sabres]]<BR>[[Detroit Red Wings]]<BR>[[Ottawa Senators]]
   |OlympicTeams=[[Czech Republic]]<BR>[[Czech Republic]]
   |HOF= 2000

Mandatory Parameters[edit]

These fields will be shown regardless of whether a value is given, they Must be given

  • DateOfBirth
  • Birthplace
  • Position
  • Teams – a chronological list of teams separated by <BR>
  • Years – a list of year ranges correspoding to the listed teams, separated by <BR>

Optional Parameters[edit]

These fields will not be shown if the parameter is omitted or if no value is given

  • Image
  • DateOfDeath - Please only use this if the player is dead
  • College
  • External link for statistics. It is recommended that only one be included in an infobox
    • HDB – player identification from only include the players' reference number
    • ESPN – player identification from
    • Sports Illustrated – player identification from
  • OlympicYears - same as Years separated by <BR>
  • OlympicTeams - same as Teams separated by <BR>
  • HOF (must be omitted or empty if not a hall-of-famer)