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Kristin Kreuk[edit]

KKTW (talk) 22:14, 20 January 2015 (UTC)I am responding to the reasoning of deleting some of Kristin Kreuk's information. The information you or someone else is posting is false. Kristin Kreuk is no longer with Mark Hildreth and I would really appreciate it if whoever is putting that content on there would stop. I have admired her for over 13 years now, so I know her current status and that she no longer has Dublin. That is why I keep taking that stuff out. Hope that clears things up for you. I don't really get how Wikipedia works. So I just took all the stuff out. However, in the past I didn't write an edit summary, but no one paid any attention to it and put that incorrect info back.KKTW (talk) 22:14, 20 January 2015 (UTC)

KKTW (talk) 16:54, 21 January 2015 (UTC)Okay, now I'm being accused of having two accounts. Seriously? I think is going on here, is that someone is purposely write false information about Kristin Kreuk and I keep fixing it and someone doesn't like it. I KNOW what I have updated is true! I think I know more about KK then whoever is writing her page. Seeing as I have been following her since she as 18! I do NOT appreciate someone accusing me of doing something wrong, when all I'm doing is write the truth. I can't say the same for the person who keeps changing her page. But whatever. I'm deleting, My 'ONE' and 'ONLY' account cause I am sick of this crap. But know, that the rest of the KK fans don't appreciate her wikipedia page being incorrect!KKTW (talk) 16:54, 21 January 2015 (UTC)

Not clear on what you are getting at[edit]

I am always open to feedback---but you need to be more specific as to what aspect of my edits is harassing. I am somewhat uncertain as to what you are getting at. If you are referring to my reaction on Talk:Disney Renaissance to User:LionFosset in late December about the issue of when the Disney Renaissance ended, then you should be aware that I already recognized that using Steve Jobs' reminiscence of his green-lighting of Tin Toy in such a fashion as a rhetorical device was disproportionately harsh and I apologized on that talk page. And I will try harder to avoid overreacting that way in the future. However, if you are referring to my most recent edit on February 3, I don't know what's wrong with that edit. The grammar and style errors that I was correcting were fairly obvious. --Coolcaesar (talk) 09:38, 8 February 2015 (UTC)

Look at your edit summary. TJRC (talk) 16:50, 8 February 2015 (UTC)

TJRC, how can I improve my last (recently-removed) page addition attempt?[edit]


I appreciate what you do for the wiki community.

If I may have a brief moment for your advice... What do you recommend for adding the computer program Metes and Bounds to wiki, which is for getting a visual view from Metes and Bounds data? There is a free/shareware version available on the page I had linked to. Any recommendation would be appreciated.

The Metes and Bounds page is my 3rd time ever editing a page. Not that it matters at all, but the last one was making a citation webpage for reference #3 on and in the mid-late 2000s', I worked on the V (science fiction) page. I know it is not an impressive wiki history, so kinda stuck on what to do in this case. Thank you!

Doozer76 (talk) 21:28, 12 February 2015 (UTC)doozer76

Hi, Doozer76, thanks for your contributions. Don't apologize for how much; everyone starts somewhere, and as long as edit is a sincere attempt at improvement, it's welcome.
The issue with the EL you added is that, although the program is named "Metes and Bounds", it really is not likely to be of interest to someone looking for an explanation of what "metes and bounds" is.
If I understand your question, it comes down to "where can I add this external link to this computer program"; and I think that that's the wrong way to look at the question. Ordinarily, you don't start with a link and say, "where can I put this?" Typically, your thinking should be one of two or three things (this is all my opinion, by the way, not Wikipedia policy).
The first is when you're reading or editing an article and realizing that there must be some external sites out there worth pointing the reader to, and then finding and adding them. I'll give you an example of this from one of my recent edits, to Michelle K. Lee. She's the nominees to head up the Patent & Trademark office. When editing the article I realized that there were two links I would expect to see, so I found them and added them: 1) a link to her official bio at the USPTO; and 2) the record of her nomination(s) to the office.
Another is when you come across an external site that discusses a subject (call it "foo") and think, wow this really would be of interest to anyone reading about foo. There are two or three things you can do to the Wikipedia article on Foo, then. You can add it as an EL, or you can use it as a reference to add content to the article. (Wikipedia discourages doing both; something I personally disagree with, but that's me.) But this is distinguished from finding an interesting external site and thinking "I must find someplace in Wikipedia to link this from." If no topic really suggests itself as an appropriate topic to link from, don't. We don't want to turn Wikipedia into a link farm.
BTW, a hybrid between these two approaches is that there are some sites that really ought to always be ELs on the Wikipedia articles about them. For instance, I think every article on a movie, actor or director should have a link to the corresponding IMDb page. I think each page on a U.S. government agency or executive department should have a link to that agency's/department's official web page for example.
Anyway, I hope this helps, and remember much of it is my opinion. The key area you want to read is the guideline at Wikipedia:External links. The best summary of that guideline is in a paragraph right at the top: "Some acceptable links include those that contain further research that is accurate and on-topic, information that could not be added to the article for reasons such as copyright or amount of detail, or other meaningful, relevant content that is not suitable for inclusion in an article for reasons unrelated to its accuracy."
I hope you continue editing, and have a good time doing so. TJRC (talk) 01:23, 14 February 2015 (UTC)

The Goldbergs (TV series) edit[edit]

WHY did you undo my edit where I added another notable guest appearance? Someone hacked my password and posted the jokes on the other page that was construed as vandalism, if you look at my history I have NEVER had a history of doing something like that. If you need verification of my edit, then watch the most recent episode of The Goldbergs. Undoing my edit without first asking if I was the one that "vandalized" Wikipedia or attempting to ascertain what the situation was is VERY irresponsible of you. I have redone the edit, so please do not undo it again. Dfdemt (talk) 06:02, 6 March 2015 (UTC)

Your id has a history of vandalism and adding unsupported material. You have added unsupported material here. Please stop. Include a source. The many warnings you've been given should be very clear by now. TJRC (talk) 07:30, 6 March 2015 (UTC)

I JUST TOLD YOU THAT MY PASSWORD WAS HACKED, WHAT PART OF THAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? I have NEVER personally posted anything that could be considered "vandalism". I am going to post the edit AGAIN, please do not undo it, this time I have cited the source as best I know how. If you undo it again, you are in violation of Wikipedia policies because I have cited a source that you can check if you like. It is worth noting that NONE of the other entries in this particular section (notable guest stars) of this article have cited sources. NOT A SINGLE ONE! Stop using a double standard. If you are going to delete my edit, then by your own logic you have to delete ALL of the other entries in this section. Dfdemt (talk) 07:46, 6 March 2015 (UTC)

Thanks for adding it with a source. That was the request. Yes, the other entries are unsourced, but please see WP:OTHERCRAPEXISTS for an explanation (in a different context) of why that does not justify more additions with the same problem. And, yes, I know you say you were hacked, but there is a long list of warnings on your talk page that you do not appear to read or heed.
You qualified with "I have cited the source as best I know how". If you're unclear on how to do that, several of the comments left on your talk page include links explaining how to cite sources. You should probably read WP:Citing sources, at least.
Finally, with respect to your use of ALL CAPS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS! please see WP:SHOUT. TJRC (talk) 08:08, 6 March 2015 (UTC)

I do apologize for the caps/exclamation points, I was just extremely frustrated because I thought you were unfairly picking on me, because like I said, none of the other entries had sources cited, so it seemed completely unfair to me that I was being threatened with being banned for doing something that everyone else that added something to that section had already done. Surely you can understand my point, and I have struck those sentences as you can see to show my apology. I had tried to cite sources before, but something always got messed up, and I only just now discovered the "shortcut" key at the bottom of the editing window that puts the characters in for you where all you have to do is fill in the necessary info. As far as being hacked, I have changed my password, but I did a google search and found info that said that people have been hacked by bots that "look at" your history and enter vulgar and/or inappropriate edits on a page or pages that you have recently visited to make it appear that the user is doing it deliberately. I followed the WP recommendations for when you think your account has possibly been compromised, so hopefully that problem won't happen again. Dfdemt (talk) 08:25, 6 March 2015 (UTC)

Regarding IP hopping vandal[edit]

In this particular case there unfortunately isn't a good range to block, whack a mole is the best option. NativeForeigner Talk 01:35, 7 March 2015 (UTC)

Boilerplate (text)[edit]

I think you missed the point of my edit to boilerplate text, which you have reverted. The boiler plate in question here is the stuff boilers are made of, not the plate on a boiler that has the maker's mark. A similar kind of plate: boilerplate, was used to print the unvarying parts of the page, while moveable type would be used for the rest. Maybe my edit comment wasn't clear on this. So basically, I think the part about the boilermaker's name plate is out of place. Maybe there's a form of words that satisfies all of this...

Edit: Actually, now I'm starting to doubt myself. We really need an authoritative source to make it clear whether the printing boilerplate was like boiler plate or the boiler maker's plate. The only example linked from the article is just an example of the latter, without any printing reference.

Dominic Cronin (talk) 20:28, 17 March 2015 (UTC)

Wow, that was a long time ago. If it really bothers you, remove it again. I'm looking at the OED now, and I'm not sure the OED cite now in the article really supports it. The first two entries are with reference to actual boilers, and don't mention labels:
1860 W. Fordyce Hist. Coal 112 Various descriptions of Iron, such as nail-rods, boiler-plates, hoop and sheet iron.
1875 R. Hunt & F. W. Rudler Ure's Dict. Arts (ed. 7) I. 410 The average resistance of boiler plates is reckoned at 20 tons to the square inch.
The use as text is not until 1893, and does not draw the connection:
1893 Congress. Rec. Aug. 465/1 The country weeklies have been sent tons of ‘boiler plates’ accompanied by..letters asking the editors to use the matter as news.
I agree with you on needing an authoritative source that actually speaks to whether the reference is to the boiler structural material, or to its metal label. TJRC (talk) 20:38, 17 March 2015 (UTC)
Hmm.... this book, and some other sources, suggest that there is some disagreement on the origin of the term; and perhaps the Wikipedia article should not try to sound so conclusive. TJRC (talk) 20:47, 17 March 2015 (UTC)

Sorry about that[edit]

Looks like when I speedy deleted User Talk:Sharkcomputers, Twinkle got confused and sent you the warning for some reason. Joseph2302 (talk) 20:45, 20 March 2015 (UTC)

No problem at all, that's what I figured. TJRC (talk) 20:46, 20 March 2015 (UTC)

Leo T Mccarthy[edit]

Leo T McCarthy is a Democrat not a republican as stated on the list of the states lieutenant governors. i know this because he was the state assembly speaker when democrats had the majority back in the day. in addition, he ran against barbara boxer, the current junior california senator, in 1992 for the senate, ie Democratic Primary. Please a change needs to be made. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 01:20, 11 April 2015 (UTC)

I'll take another look, but you were making a lot of random edits there; changing Wilson to Democratic, and changing McCarthy back and forth. It looked like you were just playing, at times adding clearly erroneous info. If it was just a series of botched edits while struggling to get it right, I apologize for misreading you, but if that's the case, please look into using a sandbox to test your editing; or just use the "Show Preview" button to review and confirm your edits before saving; please don't test-edit on a live article. TJRC (talk) 04:12, 11 April 2015 (UTC)
(postscript) Okay, I've changed his party affiliation and background color here. Note that in your last edit, you'd gotten the color correctly blue, but listed him as "Republican" (although the word "Republican" linked to Democratic Party (United States)).
I've noted a couple further problems, though. Changing him to blue changed Deukmejian to pink; and what's more, McCarthy served under two governors: Deukmejian and Wilson. I've opened a Talk:List of lieutenant governors of California#Need help from someone good with the table syntax, entry for Leo T. McCarthy discussion on the talk page seeking assistance from someone who is a better with the intricaies of Wikipedia table formatting than I am. TJRC (talk) 18:49, 11 April 2015 (UTC)

Pleasantville_(film) deaths[edit]

Re your 2013 edit discussion: Talk:Pleasantville_(film)#Hershman_death_and_lawsuit

Now 21apr15 the last sentence of a short lede of Pleasantville_(film) reads:

"This film is dedicated to the memories of camera assistant Brent Lon Hershman, director Ross' mother Gail, and actor J. T. Walsh, all of whom died before the film's release."

There is currently no other mention of the lives of these three people, or why their deaths may be relevant to this film and worth mentioning, so prominently. It seems like this sentence should be moved down, or left out.

The previously suggested sentence:

"Cameraman Brent Hershman's death, when he fell asleep driving home after a 19-hour workday on the set of the film, resulted in a wrongful death suit, claiming that New Line Cinema, New Line Productions and Juno Pix Inc. were responsible for the death as a result of the lengthy work hours imposed on the set."

has the advantage of more apparent relevance. I guess I am voting for a short paragraph along these lines, much later in the article.

If there were a separate article for Brent, the circumstances of his death could be explored there, and we could just link to that -- but he does not seem notable enough for this to be a likely solution.

This seems like a case of a messy little aspect getting minimalized to such bland emptiness that it no longer makes sense to mention? Please improve this aspect of the article.- (talk) 13:35, 21 April 2015 (UTC)

Thanks for the input. I've made the edit, see [1] and the talk page. TJRC (talk) 00:42, 24 April 2015 (UTC)

Copyright symbol/All Rights Reserved/Copyright Formalities[edit]

Any reason not to just merge Copyright symbol and All Rights Reserved into Copyright formalities? Really neither of them are long enough to justify an article, IMHO, and I've looked for better sources on both of them :/ —Luis (talk) 23:32, 23 April 2015 (UTC)

I think Copyright symbol needs to stand alone. For one thing, I think it has enough detail in it to justify that. For another, it's an article about typography (note the Wikiproject entry on its talk page, and the prominent {{Punctuation marks}} template on the article itself) as much as it is about a legal subject. A person researching various typographical symbols from that aspect would not be well-served by being directed to an article about copyright formalities, and I think the good folks over at WikiProject Typography would howl about that.
Also Copyright symbol is close to being US-specific. Yes, the Universal Copyright Convention has it, but it's the U.S. that put it there. The UCC was a stopgap because the the U.S. and the rest of the world wanted a multilateral copyright treaty with the U.S., but the U.S. insistence on formalities at the time precluded it from joining Berne. As a result, most of the content in Copyright symbol is likely to be US-centric, and would rightfully raise objections that the resulting combined article did not contain a world-wide view.
All Rights Reserved ? I lean against it, but not as strongly. But if it were to be merged, Buenos Aires Convention is, I think, a much better target.
I'd rather see Copyright formalities (which had been pretty much off my radar screen, although I see I made a tweak to it a couple years ago) beefed up. That article really hasn't been updated significantly since Lquilter (talk · contribs) created it a couple years ago. But I'd rather see it grow organically, rather than just merging in other articles (which invariably get cut down in the spirit of WP:UNDUE).
There are at least four species of formalities, each of which should have a paragraph in this article: copyright notice; copyright registration; copyright deposit; and copyright renewal (now technically registration of renewal).
I'm always a little wary of merging a large article into a smaller target. It generally results in the subarticle material absorbing the parent, and then a reaction by trimming the merged material, losing good content. When I see a large article merged upward, it usually suggests that the target article deserves a little more work.
Maybe I'll take a crack at that next week. It will be US-centric, not only because I know mostly only US copyright law, but because the US has historically been more prominent in its use of formalities than any other country. TJRC (talk) 00:07, 24 April 2015 (UTC)
  • I agree w/ TJRC -- better not to merge, and better to beef up. Each type of formality has separate legal significance -- law review articles, legal cases, etc. -- and varying levels of public and creator awareness. These are all highly notable concepts within copyright law, and the individual formalities are often the only thing non-copyright people recognize about copyright, even as what they know about them is completely wrong. So, if anything, we definitely need these articles. If someone searches "all rights reserved" and gets redirected to Buenos Aires Convention they are likely to stop reading right away -- the content will be there but embedded in a large article about a complex legal document. The copyright symbol -- someone looking this up is likely to be thinking it is still important and wanting to know the form of it, or curious about the typographic aspects. In either case, they are curious about the symbol qua symbol and its legal significance -- not its role as part of "formalities" per se.
There are lots of sources, LuisVilla, I'm curious where did you look? Did you look in legal literature and to a lesser extent in the creative industries' trade literature? --Lquilter (talk) 10:52, 25 April 2015 (UTC)
There was a talk at Berkeley, The Curious Case of Copyright Formalities, given by Register of Copyrights Maria Pallante in 2013. I'd like to get my hands on it. It's apparently been published (Maria A. Pallante, The Curious Case of Copyright Formalities, 28 Berkeley Tech. L.J. (2013)., but the direct page for it 404s. I'm sure that would be a rich source. Unfortunately, I have no Lexis access without charging my employer, and keeping my job ranks just a little above updating Wikipedia. TJRC (talk) 14:53, 25 April 2015 (UTC)

Regarding crucifixion[edit]

I had no source stating specifically what I wrote, but there are many examples currently on wikipedia of sanctioned crucifixions, notably in the case of , and elsewhere used extensively during the repressions of pagans, heretics, and Jews. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 00:23, 28 April 2015 (UTC)

Deriv. Works[edit]

I commented on your comment on my Talk page, immediately following your comment. Thank yoiu. PraeceptorIP (talk) 02:04, 5 May 2015 (UTC)

Cyborg the Wikipedian[edit]

What made you remove my minor edit on the Copyright infringement article? Don't worry, I'm not upset. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Cyborg the Wikipedian (talkcontribs) 17:08, 11 May 2015 (UTC)

I mentioned in my edit summary: WP:OVERLINK. TJRC (talk) 17:14, 11 May 2015 (UTC)

Question about Lake City, TN and Rocky Top, TN[edit]


I'm trying to figure out how to correct the Lake City / Rocky Top connection. Lake City, TN forwards to Rocky Top, TN -- which is great. But services like Facebook utilize Wikipedia for their location data. Our city changed its' name from Lake City, TN to Rocky Top, TN in June 2014. Facebook utilized Wikipedia but comes up with Lake City as the ONLY destination for zip 37769. How do I correct this? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Askgriff (talkcontribs) 00:15, 13 May 2015 (UTC)

I don't know how Facebook gets its data. Wikipedia does not have a function to go from zip code to town name, so I doubt it uses Wikipedia. If it did, Rocky Top, Tennessee properly lists 37769 as the zip code.
Perhaps Facebook just has an old copy of the Lake City article. You should probably ask on Facebook. Looks like an error on their part. TJRC (talk) 00:21, 13 May 2015 (UTC)

Hi from Zombienaic... Regarding edits on Vincent Dowling.[edit]

Hi from Zombienaic... Regarding edits on Vincent Dowling.

Yea he was my Dad... he died on May 9, 2013 at 11:29pm in Boston, Ma.

Cian Dowling — Preceding unsigned comment added by Zombienaic (talkcontribs) 02:56, 25 May 2015 (UTC)

Nomination for merging of Template:LoC catalog record[edit]

Template:LoC catalog record has been nominated for merging with Template:LCCN. You are invited to comment on the discussion at the template's entry on the Templates for discussion page. Thank you.

See "this discussion" for how a similar situation was easily handled. Knife-in-the-drawer (talk) 12:45, 25 June 2015 (UTC)


Ok thanks for the tip. Next time I will use this features. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Joeyc91 (talkcontribs) 17:29, 26 June 2015 (UTC)