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Do not use personal attacks, use positive criticism[edit]

TheBalderdasher, you personally verbally attacked me saying "your people took Iraq out of the Axis by occupying it" and that my comment "is proof America learn't nothing...". Personal attacks are banned on Wikipedia. I am not defending the use of "axis" by the U.S. plus I am not a citizen of the United States nor am I a citizen of any of the countries at war in Iraq, I don't support the war in Iraq nor the Bush Administration so your comment is very ignorant and naive. Evwen if I was an American, it would be highly offensive to say that the American people are responsible for the war and that America has a whole has learnt nothing, Barack Obama is running on a campaign to pull the U.S. out of the war in Iraq and there are efforts in the U.S. to impeach George W. Bush for war crimes and lying to the American people. You could have positively pointed out flaws with the sources on Axis Powers, I am always willing to listen to positive criticism, but instead you were negative decided to attempt to humiliate me with a personal attack based on your assumption of me being an American citizen which you look upon in a negative manner. Please present sources to back up your arguments on Axis powers so that you can back up your arguments. Also do not continue personal attacks or you will get into serious trouble with Wikipedia, I will not report your personal attack in hope that you have learned from this encounter not to attack people based on what you assume their nationality is and I invite you to look up the many sources that exist that show that large numbers of Americans themselves are actively opposed to the Iraq war and look up sources that demonstrate that there are significant numbers of Americans who want to impeach President Bush for misleading and lying to the American people about the war in Iraq, and sources on other Americans who want to send him to face a war crimes trial for endorsing torture. Send me your sources demonstrating that the term Axis powers is a propaganda term, so I can understand what you are claiming. By you looking at these and me looking at your sources this incident can be a learning experience for both of us rather than a beginning of a viscious cycle of bitterness.--R-41 (talk) 02:28, 9 September 2008 (UTC)