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June 2009[edit]

Hello, and welcome to Wikipedia!

I hope not to seem unfriendly or make you feel unwelcome, but I noticed your username, and I am concerned that it might not meet Wikipedia's username policy for the following reason: the username you have chosen is potentially offensive. After you look over that policy, could we discuss that concern here?

I'd appreciate learning your own views, for instance your reasons for wanting this particular name, and what alternative username you might accept that avoids raising this concern.

You have several options freely available to you:

Thank you. Kurt Shaped Box (talk) 11:09, 19 June 2009 (UTC)

Template:African American ethnicity[edit]

Please don't edit-war over the image in the template. Use the template's Talk page to reach a consensus. Thank you. — [[::User:Malik Shabazz|Malik Shabazz]] ([[::User talk:Malik Shabazz|talk]] · [[::Special:Contributions/Malik Shabazz|contribs]]) 17:13, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

This account, Thechode69, has been blocked indefinitely from editing Wikipedia, because your username does not meet our username policy. This block is only regarding your username—it is not a judgment of either you personally or your contributions.

Names should not be offensive, disruptive, promotional, misleading, or related to a "real-world" group or organization. Also, usernames may not end in the word "bot" unless the account is an approved bot account.

Please choose a new account name that meets our policy guidelines. However, do not create a new account if you wish to credit your existing contributions to a new name through a username change. To request a username change:

  1. Add {{unblock-un|your new username here}} on your user talk page. You should be able to edit this talk page even though you are blocked. If not, you may wish to contact the blocking administrator by clicking on "E-mail this user" on their talk page.
  2. At an administrator's discretion, you may be unblocked for 24 hours to file a request.
  3. Please note that you may only request a name that is not already in use, so please check here for a list of names that have already been taken. For more information, please see Wikipedia:Changing username.
If you feel that you were blocked in error, you may appeal this block by adding the text {{unblock|Your reason here}} below, but you should read our guide to appealing blocks first. Cirt (talk) 17:00, 9 October 2009 (UTC)