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Piano-Rag Music[edit]

Hello, Thedarkestclear; I am (talk) 06:06, 1 May 2008 (UTC). On the Piano-Rag Music article which you began, you wrote:

"Compositionally, Stravinsky interprets the ragtime in a cubist way, rather than imitate the style. Stravinsky incorporates, or rather, intertwines elements from his Russian period (ostinati, shifting accents, bitonality) with rhythmic and harmonic fragments from ragtime. Furthermore, irregular metra give the piece an improvisatory character. The end, shifting through Various fast and short double thriller parts, perhaps referring more to a form of bruitism than technical capacity, eases down to a halt in a lyric relegation to his Sacre du Printemps."

As I am doing a thesis related to this subject (elements of ragtime in Piano-Rag Music), I would like to know if you would please provide me your sources for this information.

Thank you, (talk) 06:06, 1 May 2008 (UTC)

Hey! A lot of information is in the writings of Robert Craft's books with Stravinsky, hidden in the texts. However, I got my information out of a book written by a Belgian musicologist, so the book is in Dutch. I'm willing to look it up for you if you want! Good luck with your thesis, because it is a fine subject, and truely good analyses have yet to be written.
thedarkestclear Talk 09:30, 4 September 2008 (UTC)

Chick Corea[edit]

I don't get your issue. Are you pro or anti Scientology? becasue you are clearly one or the other, so what wont my change "help"? To clarify my own position, I am critical of Scientology and therefore critical of any entries which try to publicise the movement - as the Chick Corea page has attempted to do; the entries in question having since been removed for violating POV rules. Now as far as I'm concerned, Chick can do what he wants in his free time, even if this includes saying great things about a dodgy religion. From an artistic perspective, and this is the perspective a Wiki enrty on a Jazz musician should be taking (in my opinion) it is more accurate to use the heading 'Artisitic Inspiration' as a lead into a section that deals with Corea's beliefs and how they influence his music making. Using the heading 'Scientology' is, as i see it, in terms of the flow of the entry, out of context. People can make up there own minds on Scientology and I would personally like to see less reference to it here but my attempts to alter this got me nowhere. The fewer times the word Scientology appears in this article the happier will be.

I understand what you're saying and, along with the fact that I'm quite Scientology critical myself (though I don't choose sides), I agree that pro-Scientology writing in the article should be deleted. Nevertheless, by renaming this paragraph to artistic inspiration, it currently narrows down his artistic inspiration to the Scientology movement which leaves out an entire musical direction he took from the beginning of his career, all aspects of which various are already vaguely present in Life and Career section. It's merely nomenclature! Even if this section grows, it will narrow down Scientology again to a subparagraph with its head title. Unless we can think of another way.
thedarkestclear Talk 21:09, 24 September 2006 (UTC)
Yes this is true, if I knew more about his other sources of inspiration I would elaborate upon those and wittle the scientology reference down. I think a reference to scientology could be incorporated into a general discussion of his artistic inspiration without resorting to the use of an exclusive heading for this issue. I mean you don't see a heading for Buddhism on Herbie Hancocks page, or one for the Bahia faith over on Wayne Shorters spot, or for that matter there is no paragraph dedicated to Sri Chinmoy on John McLaughlins page, even though he has included dedications on a number of releases. If Coreas dedications are specifically used to promote his religion that's his business but it does not follow that we should lend attention to that issue in the entry becasue we are then aiding in the promotion.
I can see your point. And that's why we should probably even leave the Scientology stuff out of his artistic inspiration, or try to incorporate it differently. Obviously, Chick uses Scientology for promotion (with Return To Forever wanting to connect with the world). And other than that, it was merely Hubbard's fiction that inspired Chick to record To the Stars and The Ultimate Adventure, so perhaps weaving those facts a bit through the Life and Career section will be enough to mention Scientology, and more than enough?
thedarkestclear Talk 10:04, 29 September 2006 (UTC)

Fundamentals of Piano Practice[edit]

Thanks for your post at my talk page. Please see my reply there. — Pladask 14:09, 22 November 2006 (UTC)

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Women in Red World Contest[edit]

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