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Dear user Thomaso, I'm German and was just reading your Grassman article. I liked it and found only a number of trivial spelling errors when you are referring to German. A genius was even not recognized by the best German mathematicans of that time like Kronecker.

Cheers Günter Hibsch


The word "lineal" is wrong used. It has to be substituted by "lineare" e.g. "Lineare Ausdehnungslehre ..." and not "Linale Ausdehnungslehre ..."

The german word Lineal exists and means a ruler.

The englisch word "linear" e.g. "a linear vectorspace" is the same a the German word "linear". The German Translation of "a liner vectorspace" is: "ein linearer Vektorraum". (only the deflection has to be observed).