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Dear Tom, This is my first time in Wikipedia to work on a project with team and professor. My role is created a page for each member so we all can start our project and "Wiki Project " is the name. I did not read emails until this morning and it was blocked already, please reconsider so we can start working on the pages. Thanks My username is huanvo

— Preceding unsigned comment added by 2601:983:4602:C940:2C9A:AB0E:1349:3F8F (talk) 09:08, 27 October 2016 (UTC)


Deletion of Saint-Gobain, Bearings and Tolerance Rings SBU[edit]


I just noticed that you deleted the article above a few hours after it was tagged. I would like to differ with the opinion of the nom that this is an advertisement or promotional article. Considering that this is a multinational organization and that has the necessary coverage required to meet Wikipedia's notability. I would like to access the sources I had used therein, moving that to my sandbox would be helpful. TIA TushiTalk To Me 02:21, 24 June 2016 (UTC)

I've restored the whole thing and moved it to a sandbox for you, you can find it at User:Kagundu/Saint-Gobain, Bearings and Tolerance Rings SBU. If it makes you feel better, I was on the fence about this one, but deleted it after I got to the section titled NORGLIDE® Bearings, as I thought at that point it has gotten too advertisy. Good luck with the rework. (Also, on an unrelated note, you've got a very nice userpage.)
Thanks. I think the issue about the tone and phrases that incline towards advertising can be addressed to make the article fully compliant to policy. Let me work on it and probably ask for your scrutiny before republishing. Thanks TushiTalk To Me 09:32, 24 June 2016 (UTC)
Kagundu, G11 applies in userspace also, though our tolerane is greater. At the least, as already mentioned the section on NORGLIDE® is advertising; we never use the ® symbol and almost never put names of products in full caps regardless of what the manufacturer does; lists of manufacturing sites and the like are of dubious encyclopedic significance; the section on REMCOL seems a very close paraphrase from the SAE source, which is not surprising considering that the source is a barely disguised press release in the first place. Please either clean it up or I will list it for deletion. DGG ( talk ) 08:09, 28 June 2016 (UTC)
I am working on the article to rid it off the advertisement kind of wording. Also I would like to invite you DGG to assist me in working on the article to improve it to required standard even though it lives on my userspace.TushiTalk To Me 13:47, 28 June 2016 (UTC)

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/The Hip Abduction[edit]

Any chance you'd be willing to close this discussion since you already deleted the article? Thanks! --Cameron11598 (Talk) 09:31, 1 July 2016 (UTC)

WWI directory and Bugle articles[edit]

Hi there. You may have already seen my note on the MilHist talk page, but I am sending this short note to the regular writers and the editors of The Bugle to point them to a WWI projects directory that I've started (in my userspace for now). Would you be able to look and see if there is anything you might be able to add or advice on what is most useful? You'll note that I've pulled together all your timeline articles (which are wonderful, along with the op-eds). Maybe a proper index on the archive page of The Bugle would be useful, plus links allowing readers to navigate through the series? (I also dropped off notes on Nick and Ian's talk pages) Carcharoth (talk) 22:22, 1 July 2016 (UTC)

Bugle -- WWI Timeline[edit]

Hi Tom, would you be able to do this for July's issue in the next couple of days? Cheers, Ian Rose (talk) 11:53, 4 July 2016 (UTC)

Speedy for Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum[edit]

I don't remember what pasage exactly I searched for, but it was almost word-for-word from the official site. Small things were changed, like 20 -> twenty. TimothyJosephWood 13:48, 4 July 2016 (UTC)

Have a look at the "Discovery" page on the official website; it appears to have been taken from there. Hchc2009 (talk) 16:47, 4 July 2016 (UTC) (NB: and if that helps). Hchc2009 (talk) 18:33, 4 July 2016 (UTC)

The Signpost: 04 July 2016[edit]

The Bugle: Issue CXXIII, July 2016[edit]

Full front page of The Bugle
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Priceblaze Speedy Review[edit]

Hello Tom, I read the message that the page is promotional. I do not understand. Wikipedia says that if it is an entity and it exists in the market it can become part of it. Right? I have also added the references needed for the page. Plus can you point our what exactly are the promotions that are in the content so I can remove them?

I would like to make changes so the article doesn't get deleted. Is there any possibility for that? Thanks Sharjeelashraf (talk) 11:45, 19 July 2016 (UTC)

The Signpost: 21 July 2016[edit]

PSK-13 page[edit]

Hey, was just wondering,

You haven't deleted my page that I've worked on but it's nominated for speedy deletion. Which I think is unfair.

The reason being, is that the artist is notable enough. I've got a few sources on him and I can find more. He's a legendary artist from Houston and has worked with bigger name artists. Also, there are other artists who have wikipedia pages that don't even have as many/good references as him.

Is there any way you can keep my page from being deleted?


Jespon (talk) 07:15, 22 July 2016 (UTC)

What could I do to ensure that it doesn't get deleted? I don't see why PSK-13 can't have a page if Ganksta NIP has one. He's another rapper from Houston with only like 4 references.

Jespon (talk) 17:23, 22 July 2016 (UTC)

Quarterly Milhist Reviewing Award[edit]

Wiki-stripe1.svg Military history reviewers' award
On behalf of the Milhist coordinators, you are hereby awarded the Milhist reviewing award (1 stripe) for reviewing a total of 2 Milhist articles during the period March to June 2016. Peacemaker67 (click to talk to me) 02:28, 23 July 2016 (UTC)

Keep track of upcoming reviews. Just copy and paste {{WPMILHIST Review alerts}} to your user space

Wolfgang Lüth[edit]

Hi, I've been thinking about reassessing the above article due to less than reliable sources being used:

Please also see: Wolfgang Lüth#In popular culture. I've tagged the article accordingly.

Since you reviewed the article back in 2009, I wanted to check in beforehand to see if there would be any concerns. If you could let me know that would be great. K.e.coffman (talk) 06:31, 23 July 2016 (UTC)


Tom, I understand about how difficult it can be to deal with COI editors, but please watch your language when leaving messages for such total neophytes. Sometimes they can become very upset by the use of even mild profanity.

Thanks. DS (talk) 17:54, 29 July 2016 (UTC)

Oh, and I've been told that RbABC is a) not the same person as Sapphireone and b) doing this at Sapphireone's request. Just so you know. DS (talk) 18:35, 29 July 2016 (UTC)

Dominik Kwolek[edit]

I was recently contacted by Dominik Kwolek to re add this article. I have improved it so that it may be suitable for Wikipedia. If you think that my draft of the article seems like it would be an acceptable addition, please tell me. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Establishment5 (talkcontribs) 20:44, 31 July 2016 (UTC)

Thank You So much[edit]

Hi TomStar81, I appreciate your suggestions. It is really great to learn from you. I am excited that I am learning something new. Though my first experience was not good as I didn't read the guideline first. But now I am understanding what is Wikipedia! So much to learn from here. I have not finished reading the last guideline you suggested me to read. I will read that in this weekend. Then I will start polishing my article as per your suggestions. After that I will ping you, probably Saturday night or Sunday Morning. Thank you so much for helping _ RbABC (talk) 10:23, 3 August 2016 (UTC)

Hi TomStar81,Thanks for your words earlier about me. I will try my best to do contribution in the fields where I am familiar with. I have modified that SapphireOne article in my Sandbox. I tried to polish it. Please give me some feedback.Thanks __RbABC (talk) 11:03, 8 August 2016 (UTC)
Hi TomStar81, I am grateful for your support. Yes, from now on I am your student here in Wikipedia :D I hope I will learn something really useful from here. ---RbABC (talk) 11:24, 12 August 2016 (UTC)

The Signpost: 04 August 2016[edit]

WWI timeline[edit]

Hi Tom, just checking if you were doing your usual timeline for this month's Bugle as we'd like to dispatch it by the 7th... Tks/cheers, Ian Rose (talk) 06:55, 5 August 2016 (UTC)

deleted page- Semir Bajraktarević[edit]

Hi TomStar81,

I received a message that my page is deleted from you.

site that I made is about a Bosnia-Herzegovina football player, who is a public figure and athletes in our country, and that's why I thought he should have a page on Wikipedia. I will attached you several articles related to Semira Bajraktarević to get you convinced that he deserves to be on Wikipedia.

I hope my page will be returned to the still further refined.

Thanks a lot Greetings, — Preceding unsigned comment added by Avis27 (talkcontribs) 09:54, 6 August 2016 (UTC)

Deletion of Odd Lot Improv[edit]


I see that you've deleted the page Odd Lot Improv after it was tagged with the Speedy Deletion notice. If it's not too much trouble, I would like to know the exact reasons to this. I did not understand the necessity for the tag, so any information would be helpful moving forward. Mokomus (talk) 15:16, 6 August 2016 (UTC)


HI TomStar,

Can you please give this user a harder block? Based on their editing habits, they have been attacking other editors and have claimed to have administrative authority. They are clearly WP:NOTHERE. There is also an WP:AN/I discussion about this issue too. Thanks. 2607:FB90:FC4:1524:0:F:CFCC:FC01 (talk) 02:14, 7 August 2016 (UTC)

Really? That I did not know, I just spotted the name while working a csd-explanation request and assumed it was a username violation. Lemme wrap up here and then I will head over to ANI and get myself caught up on whats going on. TomStar81 (Talk) 02:17, 7 August 2016 (UTC)

The Bugle: Issue CXXIV, August 2016[edit]

Full front page of The Bugle
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help with wiki[edit]

Hi Tom Hope this finds you well. Here's the thing with this wiki I created, all references are from reliable sources with links to sites provided, all info are relevant from the sources. I don't know what's the reason it has been marked for deletion. If it's not too much trouble, Can you please help take a look? I did not understand the tag.

I've received messages from wiki editors, they asked me to pay them in order to get the wiki kept on or elsewise they'll get it removed. I also see that they've been "contributing" in getting the wiki page deleted, I don't think that's how wiki should work. would be great if you can help with this issue. many thanks.

A.L. Audreylomberg (talk) 16:58, 8 August 2016 (UTC)

Fresh Starter :D[edit]

That was really very nice of you. Thank You. Yes, I have interest in Cricket from Sports Category, outer Space , good rated ( 60% or above rating from Rotten_Tomatoes) English movies. I also have very deep interest in web programming, web-mastering staff, new technologies. I guess you are from military background , right ? I do have interest in war history. I learned this from movies namely The_Pianist_(2002_film), Schindler's_List, Inglourious_Basterds,The_Boy_in_the_Striped_Pyjamas_(film), Grave_of_the_Fireflies, The_Way_Back, Forrest_Gump and many more. I used to do blogging but it was long ago when I was a freelance web designer. I used to share html, css, php tricks. That was also helpful for me to get the potential clients :D Honestly I want to improve my writing skills now, want to learn new words, sentence structure :D From you I learned the following words & sentences - Wikipedians are schizophrenic , This highlights a little red box in my user HUD, alerting me that someone is calling my attention to a page on Wikipedia, so whats true of article retention right now may not be true in a few years,Notability, and your suggestions to write properly for SapphireOne off course :D RbABC (talk) 09:48, 13 August 2016 (UTC)

Deleted Article: Demelza Hospice Care for Children[edit]

Hello. I'm not involved with the above organisation, but am intensely aware of the incredible work that the charity does locally. Any chance that you could move the article into a sandbox for me and I will happily undertake a re-write to avoid the G11 infringement?

Many thanks

CPBearfoot (talk) 13:41, 15 August 2016 (UTC)

Thanks Tom - it certainly needs work !!

When finished, do I submit it like an ordinary AfC or is there something else I should do?

CPBearfoot (talk) 02:05, 16 August 2016 (UTC)

Block message at User talk:Citic telecom cpc[edit]

You hard-blocked the editor, but gave only a username block message on the talk page. Was this a mistake? There are two features of the message which don't seem to fit the block: (1) the block message says "Your username is the only reason for this block", but in that case there is no justification for disabling account creation, and (2) the block message says "You are encouraged to choose a new account name that meets our policy guidelines and create the account yourself", but the editor can't do that, as you disabled account creation. In my opinion, the block was perfectly correct, but in the context of that block the block message makes no sense. The editor who uses the pseudonym "JamesBWatson" (talk) 19:57, 17 August 2016 (UTC)

The Signpost: 18 August 2016[edit]


Well that explains alot! I kept looking for an SPI page to compare to and when I couldn't find one I figured I'd just ask at the ANI post, when that evaporated I assumed there was a good reason for it, and so it does appear there is. I'm glad that little voice in my head told me to wait until I heard from both parties before drawing any conclusions. On that note, if this is going to be a problem, I can semi-protect the relevant pages for a couple of days/weeks so you and yours can get some piece. From the looks of things you do appear to need it... TomStar81 (Talk) 08:13, 20 August 2016 (UTC)

Why did you say you'd heard from both sides? You haven't spoken to me, ever. i am not banned or blocked, but this pal of yours is reverting every edit I make, just for fun apparently. if you're going to protect the pages to reinforce their vandalism, then shame on you. shame on you. (talk) 08:22, 20 August 2016 (UTC)
And so you did. That is just ridiculous. Put my post back at the noticeboard please. (talk) 08:23, 20 August 2016 (UTC)
Actually, you're blocked at, so now we can add lying to your repertoire. Alex|The|Whovian? 08:25, 20 August 2016 (UTC)

────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────I did review your edits and diffs at the ANI page before taking any action because that is something I am obliged to do under WP:AGF. Frankly I find no puritans in this matter, however this constant wheel warring needs to stop. That's why I put up protection on both pages, and may be adding to that list momentarily. And shame is something I have shouldered for a great many years, so adding a little more isn't going to kill me. As for you, my ip editing amigo, you look a little too eager to jump in and edit, and a little too quick on the revert trigger. You do show some progress in electing to discuss the matters at hand, and that is good for all parties (in fact you should be commended for that), but actions speak louder than words and in this case all those reverts are not doing you any good. TomStar81 (Talk) 08:35, 20 August 2016 (UTC)

WhereverTV related...[edit]

Thank you for taking care of this; can you also apply a block to 2013mao (talk · contribs)? They also edited the WhereverTV page claiming they were just a fan of the service, but due dilligence wasn't done and they redirected the blocked corporate account to their talk page to wool-pull (they haven't edited in three years but it's a sock still in the drawer). Thanks. Nate (chatter) 01:17, 21 August 2016 (UTC)

Need Suggestion[edit]

Hi, I hope you are fine. I am little struggling with work/job related staff that's why not visiting Wikipedia regularly. Nevertheless, I saw that one my favorite movie The Pianist has a flag for 'needs additional citations for verification'. So I tried to add relevant citation. Do you think the flag can be removed now ? Another thing I would like to mention regarding this link - Reverted to revision. Why the comment is 'This isn't the place for film recommendations.' for See also section. At least the movie Schindler's List looks relevant to me - Anatomy of a Masterpiece __RbABC (talk) 04:53, 4 September 2016 (UTC)


TomStar81, I assume I don't need to reintroduce myself. I contact you today because I believe I may have mislead you when being vitriol towards other Wikipedia users. And I apologize for that. I attempt to try other methods to improving Wikipedia. My main goal is to bring a golden age to Wikipedia. So you can cross me off WP:NOTHERE. I recommend you join my crusade and hopefully together we can save Wikipedia from the Wikipedia Destruction. - NoahTheValiant (talk) 19:22, 4 September 2016 (UTC)

WWI timeline[edit]

Hi Tom, just checking if you were doing your usual timeline for this month's Bugle as we'd like to dispatch it by the 7th... Tks/cheers, Ian Rose (talk) 11:48, 5 September 2016 (UTC)

The Signpost: 06 September 2016[edit]

The Bugle: Issue CXXV, September 2016[edit]

Full front page of The Bugle
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POS Billing Solutions[edit]

Care to speedy this copyvio again? The creator has recreated it, complete with the original speedy request. Meters (talk) 08:04, 10 September 2016 (UTC)

Deletion of Rajkumar Misra[edit]

Hi, This morning I noticed that you have deleted the page Rajkumar Misra. I don't agree with the reason that the importance of the subject is not enough. Rajkumar Misra is one of the reputed artist and Tabla teacher based in London. He is resident faculty at The Bhavan, London dedicated to preserve Indian Art & Culture. He has been teaching & performing Tabla for more than 30 years in India, UK and other parts of the world. He has performed at major Indian cultural / musical festivals as a solo or accompanying performer. He accompanied legends like Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Ustad Shahid Parvez etc. He belongs to a family of reowned muscial lineage and his family - wife, daughter, sister all are reowned in their field of music. He recently completed the tour of India where is performed solo & accompanied at major cities like Kolkata, Jaipur, Delhi & Chandigarh. Just to highlight his importance and mastery of the subject, he performed for The Queen at Buckingham Palace in 2005. He will performing with Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt on 1st & 2nd Oct 2016 at Liverpool and London respectively. Please advise and guide me towards the next steps. I created this page not to advertise or glorify Rajkumar Misra but to highlight the work he is doing towards the field of Tabla to preserve and pass on the know to next generations. Thanks. Ashutosh. Jhureley1977 (talk) 09:24, 13 September 2016 (UTC)

Hi TomStar81 (Talk) , Please advise. How do I get this page created complying wiki guidelines / by laws. Thanks. Ashutosh. Jhureley1977 (talk) 10:29, 14 September 2016 (UTC)

List of songs written by J. Roel Lungay[edit]

Hi NeilN ,TomStar81 (Talk). I believe this article shoul also be deleted, in relation to the main article. Raabbustamante (talk) 10:10, 14 September 2016 (UTC)

Military history WikiProject coordinator election[edit]

Greetings from the Military history WikiProject! Elections for the Military history WikiProject Coordinators are currently underway, and as a member of the WikiProject you are cordially invited to take part by casting your vote(s) for the candidates on the election page. This year's election will conclude at 23:59 UTC 23 September. For the Coordinators, MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 06:00, 16 September 2016 (UTC)

Deletion of Internet Computer Bureau[edit]

Hi TomStar81, hope you're doing well :) could you please restore Internet Computer Bureau to Draft:Internet Computer Bureau as I intend to continue to work on it. Many thanks! -- samtar talk or stalk 16:34, 17 September 2016 (UTC)

Toshitaka Enomoto[edit]

I was wondering what brought about the Deletetion of the page Toshitaka Enomoto [1] page. I was wondering if you can userfy the article for me. Thank you BlackAmerican (talk) 22:09, 17 September 2016 (UTC)

Here is fine [[2]] BlackAmerican (talk) 14:11, 18 September 2016 (UTC)

Deletion of Uplet article[edit]

Hi, you have recently deleted and its talk page. But, I has contested the speedy deletion and addressed the reasons of it. I have indicated on the Talk page that I added more reliable sources for the article references and edited the text to make it more encyclopedic. Why my arguments were not considered or replied? Thank you. Alex.C.U (talk) 08:22, 19 September 2016 (UTC) (talk) 16:21, 19 September 2016 (UTC)

Extended confirmed protection[edit]

Padlock-blue.svg Hello, TomStar81. This message is intended to notify administrators of important changes to the protection policy.

Extended confirmed protection (also known as "30/500 protection") is a new level of page protection that only allows edits from accounts at least 30 days old and with 500 edits. The automatically assigned "extended confirmed" user right was created for this purpose. The protection level was created following this community discussion with the primary intention of enforcing various arbitration remedies that prohibited editors under the "30 days/500 edits" threshold to edit certain topic areas.

In July and August 2016, a request for comment established consensus for community use of the new protection level. Administrators are authorized to apply extended confirmed protection to combat any form of disruption (e.g. vandalism, sock puppetry, edit warring, etc.) on any topic, subject to the following conditions:

  • Extended confirmed protection may only be used in cases where semi-protection has proven ineffective. It should not be used as a first resort.
  • A bot will post a notification at Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard of each use. MusikBot currently does this by updating a report, which is transcluded onto the noticeboard.
Please review the protection policy carefully before using this new level of protection on pages. Thank you.
This message was sent to the administrators' mass message list. To opt-out of future messages, please remove yourself from the list. 17:49, 23 September 2016 (UTC)

Need an article undeleted[edit]

Can you userfy these 2 articles at and They were deleted and I wanted to get sources from these articles and anything I can salvage. Both individuals who deleted them are not on wikipedia anymore. Thank you. BlackAmerican (talk) 01:11, 24 September 2016 (UTC)

deleted page,[edit]

Man in India

Was paid to write article

Yet, I am still real

2605:A601:F203:3400:9D1A:5964:6ECB:F50D (talk) 13:25, 26 September 2016 (UTC)Clint Sears

In all honesty, I am Clint Sears, and the reason I care about having a wiki is that the last nine months of my life have been creating an immersive theater piece that won't show up on my IMDB, so I thought wiki might be a nice place to hold that credit. The recourses on my page were real. Any tips on how to keep my page up? Thank you for any and all help you might have.

The sad truth of the matter is that at present there isn't enough information to justify having a page for Clint Sears. Ordinarily, to justify having a page here, a person needs to have won a major award (like a Nobel prize), changed the world with some new idea or theorem (such as the E=mc2 theorem), served or been president of a major nation, corporation, etc, or otherwise already be fabulously famous before they can get a page here. Clint Sears is therefore by this bar ineligible for inclusion on the present time. This is a case of what Wikipedians call WP:TOOSOON: there is a potential that one day the person in question will warrant having an independent article on site, but right now there is insufficient notability to justify the creation of an article for the person at present. The best I could do for you under the circumstances would be to userfy the article, but as there is no account associated with it at the moment I would have no place to put it, which means I can not entertain the idea of un-deletion at the moment. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, its just the hand that we were both dealt at the moment. TomStar81 (Talk) 23:11, 26 September 2016 (UTC)[edit]

Hi TomStar81, thank you for your helpful link about article deletion with reference to: I will post in the article's discussion page ( about why I believe this is a valid entry. I'm new to this so I hope to be able to persuade the community of my points!

I would just ask one question of you, if I may... Stratajet is a similar business model to the likes of but launched more recently. Stratajet has had a significant impact on the private aviation industry from a business perspective in the last six months and is now fully operational across Europe and the U.S. - with access to more aircraft than the PrivateFly offering. As such, is there a specific Stratajet proposition that can be referenced to make it compare to PrivateFly? e.g. level of funding, number of available aircraft, number of airfields covered, etc, etc. I appreciate your advice and look forward to hearing from you. Jamesgwinnett (talk) 11:10, 27 September 2016 (UTC)

The Signpost: 29 September 2016[edit]


Coordinator of the Military History Project, September 2016 – September 2017

In recognition of your successful re-election as a co-ordinator of the Military History Project, Tom, I hereby present you with these co-ord stars. All the best for the year ahead and I look forward to continuing to work with you. Regards, AustralianRupert (talk) 00:37, 30 September 2016 (UTC)


Hi, The Whatculture Pro Wrestling Page was deleted this morning for not having notability. I'll say now it wasn't my page, but I did a lot of work on it. As this promotion is growing quickly ([[3]] puts it at 98,500 subscribers, and it has gained those in 3 months) it is having a huge impact on the British Wrestling scene. While I am hunting more cites, most will be obviously be on British and Indie Wrestling news sites.

The problem with notability is that this promotion is young, so it is notable for news breaking at the moment e.g. this morning I got up to find they had launched a subscription service which in the UK will show Loaded at the same time as TNA on Fridays nights, and for the conflict going on with local promotions. (I am a fan, but I am trying to be even-handed which is why I added sections about the commentary problems and the underselling ticket price claims. Their effect on the regional promotion where I live has been mixed). Is it possible to restore the page, pending a check in a month that it is still notable once the London territory controversy has been resolved and the effects are known? Thanks for reading. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Readslots (talkcontribs) 08:03, 30 September 2016 (UTC)

@Readslots: There is already a draft present here. I saw what was there on the main space article and it was written totally as an advertisement, and that was why it was deleted - not notability. You'd be better off working on the draft, and remember the rules of sourcing (no You Tube and independent reliable sourcing) and the rules of advertising (the page is about the promotion and not about it's storylines and so forth). (talk) 09:53, 30 September 2016 (UTC)

GAR: Joachim Helbig[edit]

Hi, since you participated in the review of the article Joachim Helbig, I'm letting you know about the community reassessment that I initiated.

The discussion is at GAR:Joachim Helbig, with the goal to reach a consensus whether the article satisfies the good article criteria. Any input would be welcome. K.e.coffman (talk) 23:51, 30 September 2016 (UTC)


This has been deleted and locked by admins long time ago. But a lot has changed since then. CupcakKe currently has her own issue of Fader Magazine. A very well known magazine usually making issues with high profile celebrities. You can check her interview and see it for yourself.

She also has been covered on known magazines such as Paper Mag, Complex Mag, Rolling Stones. I think she meets the "Has been the subject of multiple, non-trivial, published works appearing in sources that are reliable, not self-published, and are independent of the musician or ensemble itself." criteria and deserves her own page. Thanks.

None of which demonstrate even the tiniest bit of notability under its Wikipedia-based definition. Now when CupcakKe has won an academy award, or a Nobel prize, or gotten 500 chart topping hits, or so forth in that manner then we can entertain the idea of having an article for the artist here. Until then, this repeated attempt to add CupcakKe here are likely going to be construed as anything from a misguided attempt to help to vandalism for repeatedly recreating material the community has decided doesn't have a place here at the moment. (Also please sign you post with four tildes [these things: ~~~~] because I like to know whose leaving me a message and when said message was left.) TomStar81 (Talk) 01:09, 2 October 2016 (UTC)

Shaze Tempain[edit]

Need to startup the article "Shaze Tempain" — Preceding unsigned comment added by SriLankanProductions (talkcontribs) 20:59, 2 October 2016 (UTC)

You've Been Thunderstruck![edit] (talk) 03:39, 5 October 2016 (UTC) (talk) 19:49, 6 October 2016 (UTC)

The Bugle: Issue CXXVI, October 2016[edit]

Full front page of The Bugle
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Precious anniversary[edit]

Two years ago ...
Cornflower blue Yogo sapphire.jpg
... you were recipient
no. 999 of Precious,
a prize of QAI!

--Gerda Arendt (talk) 06:16, 11 October 2016 (UTC)

Hi there i would like ideashua taylor added[edit]

Hey so can you add ideashua Taylor, and grandma Anna bae Jenkins to wiki. Johnnydept4 (talk) 21:42, 11 October 2016 (UTC)

Hey there ! :D How are you. I'm a writer and i published 2 well sources articles on wikipedia one is Grandma Anna Bae JenKins and the other is Ideashua Taylor. you sent me a message saying you can add them back if i ping you not sure what that means. but if I can have them back on the database please. Johnnydept4 (talk) 16:06, 12 October 2016 (UTC)Johnnydept4

Chris Schambacher Wikipedia Page[edit]

Good Morning TomStar81,

The following Wikipedia page for Chris Schambacher has been deleted. If possible could deletion please be reconsidered? Chris is a highly recognized global music producer and DJ in the electronic music scene. He's had global TV, Radio and Media Coverage. Currently tours over 100 shows worldwide including major festivals. He appeared on Above & Beyond's Group Therapy Episode 160 to 25 Million viewers in over 30 countries. His music has charted more than 34 days on Beatport's Top 100 releases. He has a major product endorsement with JLab Audio with his signature headphones sold worldwide in stores such as Target and Best Buy. He's shared the stage with major artists such as Tiesto, Cosmic Gate, Porter Robinson, BT, actor Ansel Elgort (Ansolo) & more. He currently has a following of more than 54,000 fans on Facebook, and over 100,000 streams on Spotify. I've included some more links about Chris. Thank you for the possible consideration and for willing to review deleted submissions.


[4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 14:15, 13 October 2016 (UTC)

  • None of which demonstrates notability by Wikipedia standards. In order for Chris to stay here on Wikipedia he needs to have won a Grammy, or an Oscar, or a Nobel Prize, or had a well documented impact on music by creating a whole new genre, or something else internationally ground shaking. Having a product endorsement doesn't cut it, and the references provided are not up to a standard whereby they could establish notability for Chris. Also, when discussing people on Wikipedia in a "please let them stay" sense, you never want to bring up facebook, or instagram, or twitter, or my space, or spotify, or so forth in that manner because the second the admin corps lays eyes on that its an instant red flag that the person is only out to advertise for themselves or to misuse Wikipedia as a web host or social media site. Now if you want, I can restore the page to the draft space, where you can work on the article under the watchful eyes people who know what an article that can remain on Wikipedia looks like and can help guide you to that point. Alternatively, I can restore the article to the article space, but I am then obliged to nominate it for deletion as the issues in the article need to be addressed. Finally, you can always start over from scratch and rebuild the article to address it's previous issues. Your call. TomStar81 (Talk) 22:40, 13 October 2016 (UTC)

  • Thank you for your help, guidance and educating on good Wikipedia practices. Can you please restore to Draft so that the article can be worked on? Thank you for your help! — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 15:09, 14 October 2016 (UTC)

CSD for Tribeca Shortlist Page[edit]

Hi Tom,

We fixed the page so

Copyright issues are gone.

Please restore our page.

Pyrasical (talk) 20:36, 13 October 2016 (UTC)

Hey Tom,

Thanks for getting back to me. Is there a way to contact the admin/CCU people? I'm pretty certain that all the copyright issues that you cited have been fixed. There should be no other issues with the page now.

Pyrasical (talk) 19:29, 25 October 2016 (UTC)

The Signpost: 14 October 2016[edit]


Hi Tom,

I understand that you deleted my page "The IGWC Slammy Awards" last night/this morning due to the fact that the person putting it up for 'speedy deletion' thought it was not genuine. I can assure you, using the link below, that these awards are genuine within the community and deserve recognition.

I also note that you're a fan of Haiku's, so here's one I made to make you change your mind:

Dedication, man, hard work deserves a reward, Hundred percent real.

Have a good day and I hope you reverse your decision! — Preceding unsigned comment added by Bigbrojd (talkcontribs) 12:44, 26 October 2016 (UTC)