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Brown row indicates the news item is "In the News" for this week
KEY: (c) Continuing Coverage • (s) Wikipedia as Source
Interest Rank Topic Source type Source name Notes
5 1900 Google earth pub blog O'Reilly Radar
8 50000 Hackers online pub IT Pro Web 2.0: a growing target for hackers
8 26000 Hackers online pub Webuser More web attacks in 2007
3 20000 Scholarpedia online pub TechNewsWorld TechNewsWorld reports on the creation of Scholarpedia, tagged the first "free peer-reviewed encyclopedia." Although it reports that "initial response may be, not another Wikipedia wannabe!...Scholarpedia could be very different." The article claims Scholarpedia "is not as elitist as Citizendium," but approval is still required. Each article has "a 'curator,' who approves all changes and ensures the article is an approved version."
2 29 Top search Mainstream BBC Wikipedia one of the top 10 google searches
8 22000 Hackers Online pub "Wikipedia ...[is] a growing phenomenon and increasingly attractive to cybercriminals."
1 900 Person of Year Mainstream Time Magazine Wikipedia was prominently mentioned as part of Time Magazine's annual Person of the Year Award. Time awarded the honor to "You" obstensibly the internet users which are creating content that is revolutionizing the dissemination and creation of information. Wikipedia was also cited as the source for the beginning of the World Wide Web. Many additional news outlets covered Time's award and wikipedia including The Boston Globe
6 600 Slang Mainstream Sydney Morning Herald Wikipediaholism makes it to a list of internet slang
6 500 Success Mainstream Wikipedia takes advantage of the "I-am-somebody" desire to be recognized in each of us.
1 1 Citing Wikipedia Mainstream Nielsen BuzzMetrics released a "Top 10 Cited Wikipedia Entries - 2006"
10 900 Wikipedia quirks Tabloid The Register The creation of a free image for Semen is used to illustrate criticism of Wikipedia's pus for copyright-free images.
1 11300 Citing Wikipedia Online pub iTWire A new study claims that Technology related topics are the most popular entries on Wikipedia, quotes Nielson Buzzmetrics.
7 700 Wikipedia as source Mainstream LA Times Wikipeda is cited as the source of the first use of "regifting".
2 69000 Women in Wikipedia Alternative news San Francisco Bay Guardian Notes formation of Wikichix,, and claims it is in response to "how male-dominated Wikipedia has become." A related mailing list was briefly hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, but is now hosted by .
7 22000 Hoaxes Online Pub American Chronicle MZ is reporting that the rumors that Halle Berry is working on a new CD appears to be a hoax which utilized Wikipedia to propogate.
4 600 Wiki searching Mainstream The Times Wikia announced a wikiesque search engine (Wikiasari) using venture capital from and others "Essentially, if you consider one of the basic tasks of a search engine, it is to make a decision: "this page is good, this page sucks" [...] Computers are notoriously bad at making such judgments, so algorithmic search has to go about it in a roundabout way."
4 5500 Bio/History Mainstream Orlando Sentenel Coverage of Wikipedia and biography of Jimmy Wales.
8 2100 Wikipeda as source Mainstream Ottawa Sun Article is attributed to AP and Wikipedia
5 600 New project Mainstream The Times "The inquisitive founder of Wikipedia is working on his next project - a free internet education for everyone." Quotes Wales as saying, "Imagine a free college education for everyone anywhere in the world with all the resources that you could ever need online," he says. "The implications for the Third World are astounding."
9 70000 Citizendium Small circ The Tyee "Larry Sanger doesn't trust the wisdom of the crowd, so he's no big fan of Wikipedia..."