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Issue over Camp Delta[edit]

I have had a very interesting argument with a user about Camp Delta.
During this argument, I learned a lot about Wikipedia!
Although this user might not deserves it, I give my thanks anyways as well as to Hinotori.

Still going on about that page? Several other users (including me) have already cleaned up your mess. Now you need to stalk me on other users' talk pages?

Listen, there is already a section in the article about torture. That section is where that stuff goes, and nowhere else. There is another section for US responses, and that's where that stuff goes. The article is not titled "Torture at Camp Delta", it is just "Camp Delta". Forget the torture. It is discussed at length already.

You seem to be reading strange things into the responses from other users, thinking you have support where there is none. Every objective editor who has posted has agreed that the article is better without your torture POV material. Avriette, TDC, Hinotori, and me... that's right, I am an objective editor, too. I have no stake in this page whatsoever. I don't understand what "agenda" you think I have. How many people will it take to get you to understand? How many people need to tell you that this is not a soapbox? 10? 100?

And, NO, I do not know Hinotari, I have never seen him before today. I wrote him a note to thank him for being a reasonable person, not because I knew him. I highly resent your implication that I would need to resort to calling in some friends to back me up. You not only insult me with that statement, but you insult him as well; and he at least tried to be nice to you. As far as I know, Hinotori was not even the mediator I asked for; he was just a guy who showed up and tried to help. The mediator still hasn't shown up yet. I do not know TDC either, and Avriette and I do not have the best history but we all agree on this. "Assuming good faith" only goes so far; you have now shown that your intentions are not good, and you only want to argue and make unjustified accusations. Your disrespect to other users is amazing.

There are a lot of other articles on Wikipedia. Why don't you take a break from this one for a while? Kafziel 04:51, 13 January 2006 (UTC)

Not sleeping? :-) I do not understand why you are writing "unjustified accusations". I provided external references, which you never took the pain to comment! You want to use the term "abuse" instead of torture, have it your way. Triskell
Unjustified accusations against Hanotori and me, not about your torture nonsense. Kafziel 05:02, 13 January 2006 (UTC)
Kafziel, did you actually remove my comment from your page? Sorry, but I only feel pity: I really think you were agressive and I did not understand why. Now, I see you cannot stand that someone goes against you! Or am I projecting? :-) Anyways, good night. Triskell
No response to anything else, huh? You're always changing the subject. Proved wrong at one place, you just talk about something else. No apology to Hanotori or to me, eh? Just change the subject. Fine. I removed your comment from my page because you are stalking me. You need to let this go. You brought your issues from the talk page of that article (where they belong) to the talk pages of other users, into the conversations of other people, and then to my user page as well. Just because you didn't get your way, that does not mean it is okay to follow me around and harass me. Grow up. Kafziel 05:16, 13 January 2006 (UTC)
Dear Kafziel, I learn that behaviour from you, you are the most dearing teacher! :-D I asked you 6 questions (plus 3 on your talk page), you replied with 7 personal attacks in Talk:Camp_Delta and here... Anyways, what are you doing on my user page??? ;-) Please, take Hinotori's advice and cool down a bit. Triskell 19:00, 13 January 2006 (EST)

Whoa... I just came here to notify Triskell that I clarified his misconception on my talk page. Look, you two really need to cool down a bit. As someone who fortunately isn't invested in this and can't be for a while (leaving town for four days), let me suggest that you both take some time off the article. That's not meant to be condescending in any way. Just a genuine recommendation. I'll be back in four days... if I can help mediate (in an unofficial sense, since I'm NOT an official mediator, just a third party) when I get back, I'll do what I can, ok? -- Hinotori(talk)|(ctrb) 18:42, 13 January 2006 (UTC)

Dear Hinotori, your advice is most sensible. Please, accept my deepest apologies for implying that you might have been involved with Kafziel. This will be my last comment on this issue until you get back, hopefully by that time, your mediation won't be necessary anymore! Have a safe trip. Triskell 19:00, 13 January 2006 (EST)


Hi, I was just wondering about your changes to that page. Inter is the word used in ever so many articles (a random sample: Ava Gardner, Alec Guinness, Buddy Holly, Graham Greene, Frank Zappa). Also, Friedhof is the German word for cemetery (rather than cemetry), so why have (translated) "Northern Cemetery cemetery"? All the best, <KF> 23:17, 14 April 2006 (UTC)

Hi KF, I made these changes because I felt they were more "common" English words but indeed they might not be the most appropriate. I revert my changes. (I kept cemetry in parantheses because not everyone may know that Friedhof is a cemetry :-) ) --Triskell 15:55, 15 April 2006 (UTC)