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Bell article disruptions[edit]

Why are you disrupting any page related to the Bell System, Verizon, AT&T, American Telephone & Telegraph, etc.? For example - recently you moved SBC Long Distance to AT&T Long Distance, LLC, an action which was not warranted in any way. First off, WP:NAME states that suffixes such as "LLC" should not be attached to the page's name; and regardless, SBC Long Distance LLC has never changed its legal name to AT&T Long Distance. In the case of AT&T Labs, why is it that if AT&T claims so then it is so? Does that mean I can go around telling people I was born the same year as my grandparents, even though the birth certificates would say they would be much older? KansasCity (talk) 03:10, 8 June 2008 (UTC)

Telling people your were born the same year as your grandparents has no merit to it at all. Are you saying that the corporation that owns the company is wrong? Are you saying that a companies web site isn't verifiable information. You posted a Missouri Secretary of State Web Site, that said AT&T Labs was founded in 1988 and I respected that and reverted the founding date. That same web site also states AT&T Corp is doing business in Missouri but you are ignoring that. You should try looking at other people's contibutions in an objective way and stop dismissing what other's have found and verified. Just by what you just wrote calling it disruptions shows a lack of repect for what other's have contributed, researched, and verified.

Companies can manipulate information on a website to advance their PR position. Just because AT&T says it has been doing business for over 100 years doesn't mean that the entity AT&T Inc. has. Its subsidiaries Pacific Bell, Southwestern Bell, etc. have been, though. It makes the public think of AT&T in whole as a much more prestigious company, even though it is technically just a Baby Bell that has grown in big size. You still are not recognizing that there are hundreds of other companies in Wikipedia that too are owned by a bigger holding company. Even though they may still exist, on the bigger scale of things it is defunct just like Westinghouse Electric (1886), Lucent Technologies (old company), Chris-Craft Television, New World Communications, etc. They have been recognized without problem for years as a defunct entity. Do you happen to be an employee of AT&T? If so, that would be a WP:Conflict of Interest. There seems to be an underlying theme behind all of your edits, and that is to make things seem different than they really are, such as in the case of AT&T Labs and last year on the AT&T page - using AT&T's web site as proven fact because they "claim the old company's history". As I stated in the beginning of this paragraph, companies can say whatever they want if it isn't legally binding, and in this case I think that is what is happening, especially since legal documents prove otherwise. KansasCity (talk) 22:09, 9 June 2008 (UTC)
You fail to mention that AT&T, Inc is the merger of several companies. It is SBC. It is AT&T, It is BellSouth and all associated companies. That means it also has the HISTORY of all of those companies. On top of all of that the Baby Bells were formed and incorporated by AT&T. These companies all have a history that stretches back over 100 years. The only legal documentation you have shown is that a the current holding company was incorporated in 1983. No one is arguing that point. There has also been legal documentation showing AT&T, Corp as a legal subsidiary of AT&T, Inc but you fail to recognize that (even using your OWN website info you sent). As for insinuating that I am an employee of AT&T, well that is just par for the course. You have always shown a very insulting and condescending tone to those who disagree with you. No I don't work for AT&T. Do you work for one of their competitors? I have no idea why you think you "own" these pages. Once again, others including myself have contributed work that is backed up with documentation. By the way there are laws against "false advertisement". I doubt AT&T is lying about their history. It is very easy to trace it back. Yes maybe the big corporate "holding company" incorporated in 1983 but most of their company has a history that dates back over 100 years ago!! I stand by all edits until they are disproven!