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Feel free to post here, especially if I made any mistakes. I am not experienced enough here and one never stops learning. Need some help with anything or perhaps an article? I generally am lazy and slow in my contributions but with a little prodding or help, I'll get encouraged to work on it.

Current status (.) - Available daily 07:55, 6 July 2016 (UTC)

Editing News #3—2016[edit]

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Did you know?

Did you know that you can easily re-arrange columns and rows in the visual editor?

Screenshot showing a dropdown menu with options for editing the table structure

Select a cell in the column or row that you want to move. Click the arrow at the start of that row or column to open the dropdown menu (shown). Choose either "Move before" or "Move after" to move the column, or "Move above" or "Move below" to move the row.

You can read and help translate the user guide, which has more information about how to use the visual editor.

Since the last newsletter, the VisualEditor Team has mainly worked on a new wikitext editor. They have also released some small features and the new map editing tool. Their workboard is available in Phabricator. You can find links to the list of work finished each week at mw:VisualEditor/Weekly triage meetings. Their current priorities are fixing bugs, releasing the 2017 wikitext editor as a beta feature, and improving language support.

Recent changes[edit]

  • You can now set text as small or big.[1]
  • Invisible templates have been shown as a puzzle icon. Now, the name of the invisible template is displayed next to the puzzle icon.[2] A similar feature will display the first part of hidden HTML comments.[3]
  • Categories are displayed at the bottom of each page. If you click on the categories, the dialog for editing categories will open.[4]
  • At many wikis, you can now add maps to pages. Go to the Insert menu and choose the "Maps" item. The Discovery department are adding more features to this area, like geoshapes. You can read more on[5]
  • The "Save" button now says "Save page" when you create a page, and "Save changes" when you change an existing page.[6] In the future, the "Save page" button will say "Publish page". This will affect both the visual and wikitext editing systems. More information is available on Meta.
  • Image galleries now use a visual mode for editing. You can see thumbnails of the images, add new files, remove unwanted images, rearrange the images by dragging and dropping, and add captions for each image. Use the "Options" tab to set the gallery's display mode, image sizes, and add a title for the gallery.[7]

Future changes[edit]

The visual editor will be offered to all editors at the remaining 10 "Phase 6" Wikipedias during the next month. The developers want to know whether typing in your language feels natural in the visual editor. Please post your comments and the language(s) that you tested at the feedback thread on This will affect several languages, including Thai, Burmese and Aramaic.

The team is working on a modern wikitext editor. The 2017 wikitext editor will look like the visual editor and be able to use the citoid service and other modern tools. This new editing system may become available as a Beta Feature on desktop devices in October 2016. You can read about this project in a general status update on the Wikimedia mailing list.

Let's work together[edit]

Do you teach new editors how to use the visual editor? Did you help set up the Citoid automatic reference feature for your wiki? Have you written or imported TemplateData for your most important citation templates? Would you be willing to help new editors and small communities with the visual editor? Please sign up for the new VisualEditor Community Taskforce.

If you aren't reading this in your preferred language, then please help us with translations! Subscribe to the Translators mailing list or contact us directly, so that we can notify you when the next issue is ready. Thank you! Whatamidoing (WMF) (talk) 18:18, 14 October 2016 (UTC)

Asian 10,000 Challenge invite[edit]

Hi. The Wikipedia:WikiProject Asia/The 10,000 Challenge has recently started, based on the UK/Ireland Wikipedia:The 10,000 Challenge and Wikipedia:WikiProject Africa/The 10,000 Challenge. The idea is not to record every minor edit, but to create a momentum to motivate editors to produce good content improvements and creations and inspire people to work on more countries than they might otherwise work on. There's also the possibility of establishing smaller country or regional challenges for places like South East Asia, Japan/China or India etc, much like Wikipedia:The 1000 Challenge (Nordic). For this to really work we need diversity and exciting content and editors from a broad range of countries regularly contributing. At some stage we hope to run some contests to benefit Asian content, a destubathon perhaps, aimed at reducing the stub count would be a good place to start, based on the current Wikipedia:WikiProject Africa/The Africa Destubathon which has produced near 200 articles in just three days. If you would like to see this happening for Asia, and see potential in this attracting more interest and editors for the country/countries you work on please sign up and being contributing to the challenge! This is a way we can target every country of Asia, and steadily vastly improve the encyclopedia. We need numbers to make this work so consider signing up as a participant! Thank you. --Ser Amantio di NicolaoChe dicono a Signa?Lo dicono a Signa. 04:48, 21 October 2016 (UTC)


WikiProject Asia Hello Ugog Nizdast. You have been invited to join WikiProject Asia/The 10,000 Challenge, a WikiProject dedicated to improving the Asia-related articles on Wikipedia. You received this invitation due to your interest in, or edits relating to or within the scope of the project. If you would like to join or just help out a bit, please visit the project page, and add your name to the particpants.

If you know someone who might be interested, please invite them by:

{{subst:WikiProject Asia/The 10,000 Challenge Invite (1)|~~~~}}

-- Pankaj Jain Capankajsmilyo (talk · contribs · count) 16:32, 2 November 2016 (UTC)

Rajdeep Sardesai 2[edit]

Are you denying the fact that Rajdeep Sardesai brawled in front of Madison Sq gardens and was byatch slapped? OK Maybe all the references were filled in, you know I had to wash my hair. So let me make that neutral, add reference and restore the controversies Unless you have some agenda and do not wish to see that section there. Sardesai has also quoted in the Hindusthan Times a reputed source that any enteries on his Wiki page he will have his secretary change it Thank you2602:30A:C7D7:E590:69BD:DF54:3F81:FC3A (talk) 23:10, 11 November 2016 (UTC)

Please see WP:BLP particularly WP:BLPSTYLE and WP:BLPGOSSIP. The incident is not relevant enough for his biography as discussed on Talk:Rajdeep_Sardesai#Madison_Square_Garden_Incident. Giving so much coverage to it would be WP:UNDUE weight, the onus on the content relevance lies on you, not me. If you want, start a new talk page discussion on the article talk page to get consensus for your proposed changes. Ugog Nizdast (talk) 03:11, 12 November 2016 (UTC)
PS: I've started Talk:Rajdeep_Sardesai#New_York_incident. Ugog Nizdast (talk) 07:40, 12 November 2016 (UTC)

ArbCom Elections 2016: Voting now open![edit]

Scale of justice 2.svg Hello, Ugog Nizdast. Voting in the 2016 Arbitration Committee elections is open from Monday, 00:00, 21 November through Sunday, 23:59, 4 December to all unblocked users who have registered an account before Wednesday, 00:00, 28 October 2016 and have made at least 150 mainspace edits before Sunday, 00:00, 1 November 2016.

The Arbitration Committee is the panel of editors responsible for conducting the Wikipedia arbitration process. It has the authority to impose binding solutions to disputes between editors, primarily for serious conduct disputes the community has been unable to resolve. This includes the authority to impose site bans, topic bans, editing restrictions, and other measures needed to maintain our editing environment. The arbitration policy describes the Committee's roles and responsibilities in greater detail.

If you wish to participate in the 2016 election, please review the candidates' statements and submit your choices on the voting page. MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 22:08, 21 November 2016 (UTC)

Maharashtra Images[edit]

Hello Ugog Nizdast, I checked Infoboxes for other states and countries and all of them just had the map and the flag of the respective place as images. Perhaps, we can place the images that we selected in other sections of the article. I certainly do not want to lose them but at the same it seems there is a consensus on not having pictures in that section. ThanksJonathansammy (talk) 17:17, 28 November 2016 (UTC)

Hey. That's a good idea and that was my future plan once Maharashtra was fleshed out and developed, hadn't this user not start doing this. To clarify, I personally refrain from such wars involving infoboxes and cosmetic changes, the main text and images arranged carefully throughout it is more important. However, the old talk where we agreed is being disregarded by that user. If you take a look at that disputing user's talk, we've demanded a link for any MOS stating so. Even the infobox settlement says this applies to everything except countries. There's nothing so far found stating it shouldn't. This user has been likely doing this to other state articles as well, did you check the recent history? it's just not right that someone can just edit war their way across multiple articles without even giving a decent explanation besides WP:IDONTLIKEIT. Ugog Nizdast (talk) 19:29, 28 November 2016 (UTC)


Hello. I noticed that you placed a 3RR warning on Hydloc009"s page here. I have the same issue with him. The reason I am dropping you a message is that I suspect that is he is the blocked user Kkm010. I checked their interaction and it has striking similarities and edit pattern (although no direct connection I must confess). I am tempted to initiate a SPI for this user. What do you say? Arun Kumar SINGH (Talk) 19:36, 28 November 2016 (UTC)

Hey there. Interesting. I'll take some time seeing your links and let you know what I think soon. Ugog Nizdast (talk) 19:39, 28 November 2016 (UTC)
AIV won't be likely accepted because this isn't vandalism. Regarding the SPI, go ahead and file one. Sadly, I can't find any conclusive evidence but definitely this user has edited before registering, judging by their starting edits that show prior experience. One single thing is, this new user has also made an edit in Bengali pedia with the edit summary in Bengali--kkm used to work there as well but don't if this is enough. The lengthy SPI history shows many admins who are good at spotting Kkm and they'll know what to do. Sorry but I can only help tomorrow as it's night time now and am winding up for today. Until next time, Ugog Nizdast (talk) 20:07, 28 November 2016 (UTC)
  • Ugog Nizdast, I already filed a SPI for this guy under Kkm010. Did you check his contribution log and his first edit? If indeed he is a new user, he is the only and the first user I know of who started editing with a Template..!!!??— Preceding unsigned comment added by AKS.9955 (talkcontribs) 20:14:31, 2016-11-28 (UTC)

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── AKS.9955, be patient. I see that you've requested checkuser, undo that. Checkuser is only when there's ample evidence and it's best to leave that to the patrolling admin to ask for it on your behalf. We do have less evidence, only thing I'm certain is that user is too experienced for a new editor. I'll post there soon enough. Ugog Nizdast (talk) 22:12, 28 November 2016 (UTC)

@AKS.9955: Another thing: See WP:NOTVAND, vandalism isn't disruptive editing or any other forms of it. Thus, using WP:ROLLBACK on such edits is wrong. Also see WP:ATWV. Ugog Nizdast (talk) 22:59, 28 November 2016 (UTC)
Yea, finally, peace at last. Though, the case is not what we expected. Back to work. Ugog Nizdast (talk) 12:49, 30 November 2016 (UTC)
  • Yup. He wasted my entire day yesterday. I wanted to complete the article, but could not. I am travelling from tomorrow morning and all thanks to him, the article will be in a messed up state for weeks (till I come back). Thanks for your understanding. Arun Kumar SINGH (Talk) 12:56, 30 November 2016 (UTC)
When I get time, I'll go through his contribs and see if anything's left worthwhile to revert.
I'm sorry about your work. I know how it feels like spending time on an article and someone just comes can hijacks it. Then we end up spending more time tackling them and creating reports on them rather than editing--a waste of time. Maybe in this case, you could have (on suspecting that he was definitely someone's sock or borderline disruptive) relaxed combating him via edit-warring/warning and just reported him once where relevant. This would minimise your time wasted. Then get back to work, either by moving that article to your userspace or working somewhere else. Editors like this (in my limited experience) often end up getting blocked themselves if they continue; those who spend time tackling such people will come. After all, how long will the main article remain like that? at most temporary and even if it stays for long, it's not the end of the world. This was just unsolicited advice for you. :) Ugog Nizdast (talk) 13:20, 30 November 2016 (UTC)
  • Ugog Nizdast, good point and I will keep that in mind. In anycase, I am photographing my notes & coin collection and uploading] them on Wikipedia. This itself is going to take months. You have a good evening. Arun Kumar SINGH (Talk) 13:26, 30 November 2016 (UTC)
Really don't waste time in bickering with him anymore on his talk. He's blocked indefinitely and is trying to reach out to anyone who would listen--I doubt anyone will. I've just unwatched his page. Ugog Nizdast (talk) 22:13, 30 November 2016 (UTC)

Merry Christmas 2016[edit]

--Tito Dutta (talk) 06:13, 25 December 2016 (UTC)

@Titodutta: wish you the same. As always, have a nice day. Ugog Nizdast (talk) 07:37, 25 December 2016 (UTC)

Yo Ho Ho[edit]

I'm also going to be cruel and suggest that you seriously think about putting yourself in harm's way. It's a dirty job but... Doug Weller talk 15:12, 25 December 2016 (UTC)

Oh hum..not you too. Yes but I'm still in the midst of considering it... Ugog Nizdast (talk) 19:30, 25 December 2016 (UTC)
And happy holidays, Ugog Nizdast (talk) 19:35, 25 December 2016 (UTC)
If "harm's way" means what I think it means, I've been meaning to suggest that, too...Oh, and happy holidays! Cheers, Vanamonde (talk) 18:25, 31 December 2016 (UTC)
Yes, this is what you admins do right? once you become one, conspire with your admin friends to pull an unsuspecting colleague into the mess as well. :(
Same to you and here's to another year! Ugog Nizdast (talk) 12:59, 1 January 2017 (UTC)

Languages with Official Status in India[edit]

Hey; I was notified you reverted my minor edit on "Languages with Official Status in India." You said, "Singular is correct," which is true, and yet you undid my edit, which changed the plural verb "range" to the singular verb "ranges." The subject of the sentence is "the number," and the verb which agrees with this singular noun is the singular verb "ranges": "the number ranges between..." is correct, not "the number range between..." Vezwyx (talk) 22:49, 10 January 2017 (UTC)

@Vezwyx: Thanks for pointing it out. I've restored it. I must have got confused because of the latter "native Hindi speakers" being plural. This question at english.stackexchange helped me. Good day. Ugog Nizdast (talk) 02:46, 11 January 2017 (UTC)
reping. Ugog Nizdast (talk) 02:47, 11 January 2017 (UTC)

Mumbai native languages[edit]


May i know why did u change the native laguage marathi to (marathi,gujrati, hindi). Do u have any source for this ? Native people are koli people , their language is marathi(kokani) this link clearly state that and this is well known research publication. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT PAGE RANDOMLY WITHOUT ANY SOURCE, REQUEST — Preceding unsigned comment added by Prshntsathe (talkcontribs) 22:50, 20 January 2017 (UTC)

@Prshntsathe: Posted at Talk:Mumbai#Native language. Please assume good faith, sign your posts, see WP:SHOUT and leave proper edit summaries (WP:EDITSUMMARY). Ugog Nizdast (talk) 00:10, 21 January 2017 (UTC)