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Gnana SarGuru TiruSivaSelvaraj

ArutPerum Jothi ArutPerum Jothi ThaniPerum Karunai ArutPerum Jothi -Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai KanyaKumari

This section is about our Guru. Thiru. Siva Selvaraj. This information has been extracted and translated from the 34 books that he has written and published so for. From Guru about himself: . Welcome. Thanks for all. Let only good and noble things prevail. By the grace of Almighty supreme lord of the infinite supreme divine grace light, by the grace of Sarguru Thiru ArutPrakasa Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal and by the mercy of Tiruchy Gnana Siddhar Jothi Ramaswamy Desikar I got my Deekshai and stepped in to spirituality. They showed me the way and guided me in my spiritual journey. I became dignified. I got the way to overcome the hurdles in the path of Gnanam. . In KanyaKumari District in a place called ThamathuKoonam, a saint Thiru. Arugampul Siddhar is in deep divine rest. I got the greatest opportunity to arrange JeevaSamadhi of this saint. I also gave 6 Cent of Land to this saint and got Punniya (good merits). I was with him for quite some time and with his grace i got to know lot of stages in Divine Wisdom. This saint only told me about Thiru.Peer Mohammed. I sung his praises too. He also showered me his blessings. . It is my Deeksha Guru Gnana Sitthar Thiru.Jyothi Ramaswamy Desikar who showed me the divine path for divine wisdom. I got Thiruvadi Deekshai from him in the year 1980. Till he was there i served him and became mature in spirituality. Before he took JeevaSamadhi he called me and made me as Guru. I also got the greatest grace by arranging the Jeevasamadhi of my Guru. Thiru.Arutprakasa Vallalar gave me lot of spiritual experience and polished and enlightened me. . In a place called Therur which is in KanyaKumari District and which is the birth place of Kavimani Desika Vinayagam pillai (Famous Tamil Poet) and which is the place where lord vinayaka and graceful lord SriVidhya Hanuman has temple, there is a ashramam in which a holy person by the name Thiru.GuruMahadev is serving. I had the opportunity to listen to his discourses. The love we had for both of us is immense. His grace is responsible for me to get the grace of graceful and immortal saint Anjaneyar(Hanuman). I also got the opportunity to arrange JeevaSamadhi of this saint also. This is a great righteousness for me. . From 1980 to 1992 because of my severe and sincere penance and by the grace of Vallalar I wrote and published a great spiritual book titled “KanMani Maalai” which started the spiritual revolution. It was published by of the grace of great Siddhars. The Supreme lord who is our father and mother showered his grace. This book bought out all the divine secrets that has been kept hidden so for. . There are so many saints, seers and Siddhars in India who have got the great divine blissful life of deathlessness. Realizing the supreme incomparable lord great saints has achieved the spiritual body of divine light. This is the greatness of our country india. . In my life there are so many great saints who have increased my grace and have guided me in my path. Without me knowing anything about him, the great saint Sarguru. Govinda Swamigal guided me and showered his grace upon me. It is this saint Govinda Swamigal who is responsible for me to get the grace and blessings of mother goddess Bhagavathi Amman also called Vaalai. . Saint Govinda Swamigal gave me his darshan in the temple of KanyaKumari and it is with his blessings and grace that I am sitting in GuruPeeta and able to guide many people in the path of spirituality. The great Saint Thiru ArutPrakasa Vallalar is always with me and is guiding me. From the Astral state the saint Govinda Swamigal’s only duty is to make the people of the world realize the spirituality and guide them. I sang songs in honor of this great Saint Govinda Swamigal who has attained the divine light body. These songs I have organized and published as book titled “Sarguru Govinda Swamigal”. . The Lord SenthilAaandavan residing in Tiruchendur and Suchintram Aanjaneyar and mother Goddess KanyaKumari Bhagavathi Amman has saved my life and gave me this noble state and shaped me as guru for this world to respect me. I got the attainments of this birth. . It is Goddess Kanyakumari Bhagavathi Amman who gave birth to this universe! She is the mother of all the souls! She is the one shining inside everyone’s soul as shakthi (power)! Maha Maayai ! She is the Power from the beginning of everything! She is the one who is filled everywhere as Agilaandeswari! She is the one who is worshipped by Siddhars as Vaalai! She is the goddess who is virgin always! She is the one who gave her darshan (vision) to me and shaped me and made me to sit in the honorable seat of Guru. . Saint ThiruVarutPrakasa Vallalar overwhelmed me with his grace. Right from my childhood without me realizing, it is this great saint who protected and guided me. By completely overwhelming me with his grace it is this saint vallalar who made me as Sarguru and making me to impart the knowledge of Thiruvadi (Thiruvadi Upadesam) and give Deekshai. Whatever I am telling were the words of this saint vallalar who is revealing it from within me. It is this Mei Gnana Sarguru Vallalar who is protecting and showering his grace on me, my family and my disciples. . By the grace of Saint ThiruArutPrakasa Vallalar I have so for written and published about 34 books. All these books talk about Gnanam (divine wisdom) only. All the books reveal openly the divine secrets about the self and about the supreme lord. These books include explanations for the songs written in great works of ThiruMantiram, ThiruVasagam, ThiruVarutpa, NalayiraDivyaPrabandam and Siddhar Songs. I have written a book explaining the songs written by Islamic Gnanai Thiru Peer Mohammed Oliyulla. Also I have published the book explaining the divine meanings in the teachings of Jesus Christ. . These books have clearly established the fact that the divine wisdom (Gnanam) told by all the saints were same and they have taught to the world that the way for divinity or to the self is through our eyes – light of the eyes only. All the hidden divine secrets were bought out openly in these books. I am imparting this teachings and giving Deekshai and managing the Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai in Kanyakumari. I am living by the offerings from my beloved disciples. By the grace of Saint Vallalar I am leading a blissful, happy and complete life. . Inorder for one to get divine blissful life of deathlessness first one should get Thiruvadi Upadesam. The next thing is one needs to get Deekshai and learn how to do penance. . It is Saint Vallalar who is doing all these through me and I am just a tool for this purpose. So Come. You too can get and realize Gnanam. . I thank the supreme lord for making me to do this Spiritual work. I surrender to the golden feet of mother Goddess Vaalai who made and shaped me as noble person.

                                 Let all the Living Beings live a blissful life.

Yours Truthfully Siva Selvaraj

Tiruvadi Deekshai (Baptizing with Fire)[edit]

Tiruvadi Deekshai (Baptizing with Fire)

Deekshai is the combination of two words. Deekshai = Thee + Akshai. “Thee” means fire and “Akshai” or “Aksham” means eyes. So Deekshai implies Simulating or Kindling the divine light or divine fire present in our eyes by a qualified Gnana Sarguru using the divine light and divine fire from his eyes. Tiruvadi means holy feet of the Lord. The holy feet of the lord in our body are the divine light present in our eyes. By the way of Deekshai a disciple get divine consciousness in the pupil of his eyes. For a normal person the divine light in the eyes is idle and a person acts as per his Karma(s). By acting as per his whims which is influenced by his Karma’s a person keeps accumulating the Karmas and will always undergo repeated birth(s) and death(s). When the divine light is Kindled after Deekshai and does Penance on this divine light the light will increase and so do the divine consciousness and divine fire which will burn out one’s karmas. Only after Deekshai in which the divine light present in the pupil of eyes of disciple is rekindled, will a disciple be able to do penance by keeping his mind on this divine consciousness that is got after deekshai. Deekshai is what getting baptized by divine fire and holy spirit. The divine light in our eyes can only be induced by the divine light from the qualified Gnana SarGuru. Today our SarGuru SivaSelvaraj by the grace of all saints and Gnanis has been seated on the GuruPeedam and providing Tiruvadi Deekshai to the People coming to him. In fact through him it is TiruArutprakasa Vallalar who is giving this Tiruvadi Deekshai. By the way of Deekshai Saint Vallalar will be with our soul helping and guiding us. Jesus said “Eyes were the lamp of our body and the Lord is as divine light and if one walks in the light he can reach the lord”. The Eyes which were the lamp of our body can be lit only by other lamp that is already lit and which is capable of lighting other eyes. Only a qualified SatGuru who is made as Guru by great Gnanis and Saints can lit the divine light of one’s eyes. After getting Deekshai one can go inside within them using the divine light of their eyes and then realize the lord. During Deekshai one has to first open his eyes and see the Eyes of the Guru. Penance has to be done by keeping the eyes open and thinking on the divine consciousness that is got. As we seen earlier Karma is the one that hides the divinity within us. There is a small hole of the size of needle tip in the center of the Pupil of the eyes. This hole is covered by Karma as 7 layers. Soul is present in the center of the head in the place where our two eyes meet internally. The characteristics of the soul is divine light and divine fire. This divine light of soul is displaying itself in our two eyes and this divine light in our eyes is what covered by the layer of Karma mentioned above. Do Understand clearly the divine light of our soul is not the outside light that we are able to see. This divine light of our soul cannot be induced by any materialistic thing. This can be kindled only by the divine light of other Soul by the way of eyes. This can be done only by a SarGuru. During Deekshai Sadguru pierces the layer of karma and lits the divine light of our eyes by his divine light present in his eyes. This process is what is called as taking birth again. One who has taken Deekshai is called as Twice born. So it is important for any person who has taken birth in the human body to see a guru and get Tiruvadi Deekshai. Every person gets father and mother automatically and only by his efforts and search he can get a Guru. It is very important to get a Guru and get bapitized by him. Only after getting deekshai one can do penance , burn out his karmas and realize himself and then realize the Supreme Lord. Qualification for Getting Deekshai Any one who is born as human and living as human get Deekshai. One should never eat Non-Veg food which involves bringing sufferings to other creatures. Only pure vegetarian food has to be taken. One should never take Alcohol, Durgs, Cigarettes or any thing that spoils our intelligence and bring unconsciousness. One should never have illegal lust. For attaining the Lord other then their spouse every other people should be seen as brothers and sisters. By Leaving all these habbits and taking oath of not doing it again one needs to meet the SarGuru, humble before him offering one’s respects and then take Tiruvaid Deekshai from him.

ArutPerum Jothi ArutPerum Jothi ThaniPerum Karnunai ArutPerum Jothi.

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