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Hi, My name is Vedant Deshmukh. I am from S.Y. B.Tech(mech.).Vedant Deshmukh (talk) Vedant Deshmukh (talk)

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Copyright violation on Flywheel[edit]

Hi! I'm Manish, one of the Online Ambassadors helping clean up the India Education project.
I have noticed that the edits made by you and your classmates on Flywheel have been obviously copied from a textbook. This is a violation of copyright, not permissible on Wikipedia. Even if you cite it properly with <ref> tags (which you have done), the bottom line is that it has been copied word-to-word from another source. Here on Wikipedia, we take copyright very seriously (because of the legal issues involved). We usually read up on a topic and then write the article, sometimes paraphrasing what we have read. The only time an editor is allowed to copy-paste is when he/she is quoting something (In that case, one must use intext attributions).
For more information, refer to Wikipedia:Plagiarism#Forms_of_plagiarism_on_Wikipedia, especially the example for Copying from a source acknowledged in a well-placed citation, without in-text attribution.

For these reasons, I have removed all your edits to the page. I know that this is a graded project for you, and this removal may affect your grades badly. For now, start adding more information to the article (please don't just copy stuff this time, instead, read up on the topic and then write).
It would be preferable if you provide contact details of your professor (That way I can explain the situation to him and he can do the same for his students). I would prefer a Wikipedia username or an email address.
You can contact me via my talk page (Click the new section button up top), or via email. Please use the latter method of you want to provide your professor's email address (For privacy reasons).

Thank you, ManishEarthTalkStalk 04:55, 28 October 2011 (UTC)